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Author jesseg1699 (2 years)
dont over analize poetry, thats a big mistake

Author CharlesMOfficial (2 years)
If you're not dead yet Mrs Bela Wilhelm, poetry is subjective meaning that
if Scott Lechleiter wants to post simplistic symbols and cartoons he can.
No one is entitled to your shit opinion so back off you useless old prick
the internet is not your territory.

Author Be Nice I Am Your Mom (3 years)
I really disagree with your interpretation, but I do like that you took
"press an ear against its hive" as listening to the sounds of the poem :)

Author Mushyrulez (2 years)
Of course Mr. Lechleiter is entitled to his own opinion whereas Mr. Wilhelm
isn't. I like your logic.

Author DEE SPUTIN (3 years)
thanks for the simple description of your interpretation of the poem.

Author Bonnie Rudolph (3 years)
I agree! There is a lot of intellectual snobbery in poetry! There are so
many fads, and older forms passe. And yet folks like Shakespeare are very
old , as well as the type and form used, yet quite superlative. I am glad
you champion your voice in poetry. Your popularity and success will shake
the ivory towers a little, very necessary.

Author carol anderson (2 years)
WOW!!! where have I been all your life Billy!!!

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