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Lord You're holy, Lord You're holy and we lift You up and magnify Your Name (twice)

Verse 1:
I look around and I see, all the works Your hands have made, the awesomeness of You, and how Your love will never fade, mere words cannot express what I feel inside, I can't describe Your glory divine, but as a token of my love, this is what I'll do, I lift my hands and cry, Lord

Lord You're holy, Lord You're holy and we lift You up and magnify Your Name (twice)

Verse 2:
There's not enough words that I can say, to tell You how much, I appreciate, all the wonderful things, You've given me, Your love and kindness, Your tender mercies,

Choir: It's my desire, to praise You
Lead: I want to praise You Lord
Choir: And to tell You how much, I love You

Lead: Cause You're worthy of all, all the glory

Choir: You're worthy of all, the praise

And You're worthy of all the praise, I don't know why You would love me, why You would show me, so much mercy, why You would suffer, and die for me, way back, way back, on Calvary, but I

Choir: But I, I thank You
Lead: I thank You, somebody help me thank Him
Choir: I thank You
Lead: Jesus, I thank You Lord
Choir: I thank You
Lead: My heart cries thank You, and I give You all... the praise...

Choir & Lead:
Wonderful, Glorious, Holy and Righteous, Victorious, Conqueror, Triumphant and Mighty, Healer, Deliver, Shield and Defense, Strong Tower and My Best Friend, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Soon Coming King, Alpha, Omega, Lord of Everything

Choir: Holy, Holy, Holy is Your Name
Sopranos: Wonderful, Glorious, Holy and Righteous

Altos: Victorious, Conqueror, Triumphant and Mighty

Tenors: Healer, Deliver, Shield and Defense

All: Strong Tower and My Best Friend, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Soon Coming King, Alpha, Omega, Lord of Everything

Choir: Holy, Holy, Holy is Your Name...

Wonderful, Glorious, Holy and Righteous, Victorious, Conqueror, Triumphant and Mighty, Healer, Deliver, Shield and Defense, Strong Tower and My Best Friend, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Soon Coming King, Alpha, Omega, Lord of Everything
Holy, Holy, Holy is Your Name...

Choir: Holy
Lead: My God is Holy
Choir: Holy
Lead: The Angels cry Holy
Choir: Holy is Your Name... Holy
Lead: My heart cries Holy
Choir: Holy
Lead: So Holy, Holy, Holy is Your Name...
Choir: Holy is Your Name...

Its all about YOU LORD JESUS


Video made by Arendientje (Ineke Beumer)

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Author mamaofIII (671 year ago)
This song has blessed me beyond words.

Author Toi Barnett ( ago)
The video slide presentation is absolutely stunning...
To God Be The Glory!

Author Beverly Dalton ( ago)
I like her version better! sing it sister!

Author LoveTheMusic765 (734 years ago)
Alpha omega,

Author Melvin Lusterio ( ago)
Nice song & video! Thanks for sharing, Karen & Arendientje! <3 O:) * (Y)

Author johann Kifouni ( ago)
Glory to the Mighty God of Heaven, I worship the Holy one of Israel, I
praise the Lord Jesus. Allelujah

Let us prepare wisely for the glorious coming of the Messiah. Let us
prepare in absolute repentance, in righteousness and holiness of God. For
the Lord is Holy and He hates sin; we also have to be holy, for it is
written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”
( 1 Peter 1 : 13-25 ).

Be blessed.

Author Lewis Joel ( ago)
Very helpful vidoe!!

Author Marie Francois ( ago)
This song is such a inspiration to me. It made me realize how blessed I am.
I thank the lord for all his blessings. May God bless

Author Julia Rivera ( ago)
Praise the king of kings!

Author Carrieann Welton ( ago)
Wow..thank u Jesus

Author Vianni ThatsIt ( ago)
Beautiful Song

Author allhope8 ( ago)

Author Tata Allo ( ago)
love it

Author Sara T. ( ago)
amazing song !!!!!!!

Author Laura Wilson ( ago)
I mime to this song at church sometimes

Author Andrew Whitaker ( ago)
I love this song, its so powerful especially the second half. I love to see
how these songs travel the world and end up being the songs of the church
world wide. If anyone's interested please see this version from the church
I go to just outside London (Essex) England -­4&list=FLAYwif4003UqPH5424jCPI­Q

Author Jelani Carter ( ago)

Author Connie Payton-Nevels ( ago)

Author Amanda McGee ( ago)
Brings me to tears. EVERY word is true. My God is good all the time and HE
is Love.

Author Ariel Bartolome ( ago)
Amazing Worship Song to Our God

Author PurpleSting ( ago)
i can feel his spirit moving through me as i listen to this song here @
work. God is a glorious God an He is worthy of all honour, glory n

Author BornAgain090912 ( ago)
This song is sooooo amazing.

Author szijjártó erzsébet ( ago)

Author Topasio Magma ( ago)
O so powerfull nice God bless this song

Author EXALTEDDIRT ( ago)
Are you good enough to go to Heaven? Ever told a lie? Ever stolen? Ever
looked at a woman with Lust? Ever hated anyone? If so, God sees you as a
Lying, Thieving, Adulterer, and murderer at heart and you must face God on
Judgment day.God will judge you by his Law's. Will you be Innocent or
Guilty? Heaven or Hell? Revelation 21v8 says; "All liars will have their
part in the lake of fire" No thief or Adulterer will enter Heaven.You broke
God's Law's but Jesus paid your fine! Trust in Christ alone

Author Donna MacCrossan ( ago)
If it wasn't for a sister in Christ in Paul Begley's "live" streaming
Friday requesting this song, I never would have heard this. I agree it is
awesome praise and worship song and I have listened to a few times today.
God bless

Author Donna MacCrossan ( ago)
Maybe I should try this because it might help me sleep since I don't sleep
well. God bless

Author Donna MacCrossan ( ago)
Pastor Paul Begley played this during his "live" streaming on Friday that
was requested by a sister in the chat room. I thank God for her requesting
this song because it is so anointed and blesses me so much. Beautiful song
and video. God bless you

Author thejatamansi ( ago)
HELL IS ETERNAL, No Mercy seat after death, ONLY JUDGEMENT (no way to
bargain) Matthew [25:41] Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand,
Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil
and his angels: Matthew [18:8] Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend
thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter
into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be
cast into everlasting fire.

Author thejatamansi ( ago)
Wonderful, Glorious, Holy and Righteous, Victorious, Conqueror, Triumphant
and Mighty, Healer, Deliver, Shield and Defense, Strong Tower and My Best
Friend, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Soon Coming King, Alpha, Omega, Lord of
Everything ......... I AM THAT I AM

Author Jonathan Silva ( ago)
I cry everytime I hear this wonderful song. This is my anthem.

Author Eric Hathaway ( ago)
Thank you Jesus for a church to worship with and being blessed to be in
your presence despite all my failures!

Author Peter Myers ( ago)
power full...Just god can hele us thats why the people that smoke they
don't know that is powerful that why i am crying that jesus died on

Author CoupDeLangue1 ( ago)

Author tafri ochuko ( ago)
This song brings healing to my soul. it gives me a fore taste of heaven.

Author rickroni ( ago)
I listen to this song with my earphones every night in bed before I sleep.
I never get tired of it.

Author luis white ( ago)
i love this song, i lift my brother, luis, to you lord, hold him, rock him,
wrap your arms ,everlasting, round him, hold him, and whisper in his ears,
that everythings gonna be alright!!! amen

Author lesa kimbrow ( ago)
One of my favorite songs! Makes me want to stand up and cheer Him on!

Author Sandra Escobar ( ago)
bless his name our lord jesus live for every god bless you‚

Author Ashley Dyer ( ago)
This song is amazing!! My church is doing a skit on it! && its really good.

Author lozanochristopher24 ( ago)
Praise the Lord all mighty3

Author lozanochristopher24 ( ago)
Beautiful song3

Author Stephanie Lewis ( ago)
Praise the Lord, this song has blessed my soul for He is Holy and He is my
Lord. Not only does this worship song bkesses me but it ministers to the
very depth of who God is more then we can evn or ever comprehend who He is
but Karen Wheaton allow the Spirit of God to move upon her to minister in
song. Amen!!! Awsome and a beautiful powerful song.

Author victoriousladyone ( ago)
Yes, to GOD be all the glory!

Author Autumn Godfrey ( ago)
God bless this woman with her amazing voice! She is deft using her gift for
our amazing God!!! Thank you lord for such a powerful song!!!

Author notsoplainme ( ago)
this gives me the goosebumps. i can feel God's presence as i listen to
this. to God be all the glory!

Author Mike Scherer ( ago)
In my opinion, the greatest praise and worship song ever recorded! I never
get tired of it. I'll never forget about 15 years ago Karen sang it live at
our church. No other song ever moved me so much. Sometimes I have this song
on loud in traffic and almost always get a thumbs up from another driver.

Author Aamia Watkins ( ago)
Who could dislike this song ?

Author erica oducayen ( ago)
i like GOD song

Author Esther Buckner ( ago)
This... I can't even describe it! This is amazing! God is everything! :)

Author Francis Whalen (1496 years ago)
I cant wait to hear this during our Praise and Worship Service at my
Church! Awesome Job!

Author Gomer ofNazareth ( ago)
He's not outside, He's in the attic.

Author darlene edwards ( ago)
I can't believe this was happening to someone else too.......I though I was
actually in heaven in my sleep singing this song to our heavenly father.

Author birdiesfouris ( ago)
gets me everytime.

Author cam ducilon ( ago)
A group of girls were doing an amazing praise dance to this song and I was
hooked! This song is just amazing and powerful! I love it!

Author cam ducilon ( ago)
May God continue to keep you in His grace. God is faithful, He'll never
leave us.

Author darlene edwards ( ago)
This song stays in my head

Author REDDCELLOUSA ( ago)
If you can't feel the presents of god when you hear this, then something's

Author bastorguy ( ago)

Author Lori Harris ( ago)
<3 I absolutly love this song!!! You did a great job, Karen! It gives me
chills everytime I listen to it. My husband and I just rededicted our lives
together. The best feeling in the world! Give him all the praise and
glory.. :)

Author birdiesfouris ( ago)
such an anointed song. Praise God! he is worthy.

Author Yanet Rios ( ago)
It's sad that some people won't and don't believe. God is coming soon. He
is knocking at your door. Will you believe? Will ypu open? Don't be like
others who hear the knock and his voice, but when they look through the
window they don't see anyone so they walk away... If you want to really see
him, ask him to reveal himself. God never rejects a broken spirit. You
don't understand him because you don't know him.

Author Yanet Rios ( ago)
LeCoCoCarousel, have YOU met the Lord? If you haven't, you wouldn't
understand what this is about. Hell was meant for Satan because he wanted
to be more than God. He wanted to be God. Sin entered into humanity
starting with Adam. Every one sins. God wanted to put an end to everyone
going to hell. God wants all of us to be with Him in heaven. That is the
whole reason for John 3:16. God sent his ONLY son as a sacrifice for
EVERYONE's sins. He didn't send his son to condemn the world, but to saveit

Author TwistedZepher ( ago)
Been looking for this song ever since I heard it at my old church's Easter
Production. So glad to hear this song once again <3 Thank you for posting!
God bless.

Author dosh nayroc ( ago)
It is great not being sick any more.. or that is how I see it anyway...
good to hear someone else is free too =P Enjoy your life and God Bless

Author dosh nayroc ( ago)
I was Gay up until about a week before the woman I am married to in the
sight of the Lord Almighty said 'hey I like you and I want to give you my
number. God has blessed me with her and I will never have to go back- Greg,
where you Lonely as well? I still remember it- i had felt that feeling from
the age of 10 when I got addicted to porn. The Lord set me free from that
about 6 months into her and I's relationship. I am just now trusting myself
to be on the internet without her having a block on

Author dosh nayroc ( ago)
1st) God lives in heaven which is a city in the Northern heaven where there
are no galixies 2nd) If you made a building and people where tossing bombs
at it and you had a way to stop them you would to- this is why the 10
commands where given- and everyone messes up on them- you only Die if you
do not ask forgiveness Hell is not Eternal, and most humans will not be
suffer for all of eternity- the fallen angels will and all the people who
spit an nash their teath at Yeshuah when he returns will.

Author dosh nayroc ( ago)
I have met The Lord, He speeks to me daily and I listen to what he says. Do
you know how to love the person who Hates your? Can you Love someone who
wants to Kill you? Do you know how to Forgive? I know how, because he has
explained to me how. What does your Master do for you?

Author shelmith Gitahi ( ago)
This is a wonderful song.

Author Viktor Thomas ( ago)
have you met god?

Author Bryant Simmons ( ago)
Amazing and powerful song.

Author p3achjuic3 ( ago)
I love this song soo much!!!

Author Christian Adventure Films ( ago)
Powerful song of worship. Praise God. You put together a very nice slide
show as well.....God bless

Author Yolanda Austin ( ago)
An awesome outpouring of God's Spirit. Beautiful worship.

Author gregory lopez ( ago)
That's really great xgaygreg ^_^

Author Dede Haislip ( ago)
I used to be gay, but over 6 years ago Jesus set me FREE! That's the name
of my video on you tube. Also I've been married to a beautiful woman for
over 18 months who is now pregnant. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! I am no longer a
slave to the sin of homosexuality, HALLELUJAH!! Lord save our very sinful
President - President Obama!

Author jes riv ( ago)

Author Kimberly Tije ( ago)

Author dimplez1ish ( ago)
Somebody said 'omnipotent' today and I immediately thought of this song!!
Wow, I never cease to get goosebumps :)

Author Ashley Pinto ( ago)
Glory to God!! My fav part!!!

Author Ashley Pinto ( ago)

Author Ashley Pinto ( ago)
sucha powerful song. i cannot resist getting nonstop chills and feeling
gods presence. this is a great atmosphere setter!

Author 2012Cherubim ( ago)

Author Kevon Alexander ( ago)
Ignorant people. We have to pray for them.

Author angel Santiago ( ago)

Author David Hur ( ago)
Great job!  The Lord Is Smiling on you. God Bless. Please check out
my missionary training video. It's awesome.

Author HeavensSunrise1 (1286 years ago)
Thank you for posting the lyrics. God Bless!

Author Danielle Desvariste ( ago)

Author Sergelane ( ago)

Author MrPennykiller ( ago)
U mean mime

Author princeatdot ( ago)
simply beautiful..

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