Windmills Homemade

To view more mini-films visit Converting wind power into electricity seems like an ideal way of helping to solve our energy problems. Here we demonstrate three different types of home made electricity generating windmills.

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Author ri3wan1 ( ago)

Author S Dew ( ago)
you do not have to turn the wind TURBINE to follow the wind just put it on
a rotating disc the once you can also use for a TV and give the wind
turbine a tale so it will automaticly follow the wind direction!

Author S Dew ( ago)
its NOT a windmill it is a wind turbine if it charges things!! do NOT call
it a windmill it isnt crushing weeds into flour...

Author Vince Harrison, Sr ( ago)
Good video. I like the vertical axis and the last generator. I'm surprised
at some of the comments.

Author M Duggan ( ago)
I had been thinking of how trees could be used to generate power. The
Fluttergen seems pretty close to the mark!

Author thra5herxb12s ( ago)
Thats not a windmill if it's not milling. Do you mean it's a wind charger
or wind turbine. A wind mill makes flour by milling it.

Author Dodgy Dave ( ago)
The last one is pretty cool.

Author Banjo Marla ( ago)
nice one , thanks mate.

Author x2malandy ( ago)
I am still offended in that I was the first person to comment on this video
6+ years ago and my nice comment has been removed. I hope your stinkin
generator is broke.

Author Walter Baldemor ( ago)
Very nice, the 3rd one is very creative, this makes an omni directional for
wind power:)

Author Mahir Ibrahimov (522 years ago)

Author Ahmed Kaleem ( ago)

Author Debbie Maddox ( ago)
I am sorry but I was unable to hear a lot of what you said due to the
volume. seemed your fluctuation of your voice was not picked up very well
on the video volume. i feel i missed some interesting info

Author Михаил Балашов ( ago)


Author fastfreddy3000 (27 years ago)
What's the pitch on propeller blades if I make my own ?

Author Myron Helton ( ago)
Here is how one compares torque to horsepower. A large windmill blade with
little wind will yank your arm off dtarting out, which is torque. With
small blades, it needs a lot of wwind to move, that is horsepower. The
Toyota trucks with a v8 produces 90 percent of its torque, right above
idle, due to light weight engine parts, and cubic inches. I read a roadtest
where a toyota had 800 pounds of plywood in its bed and it kept up with a
same size empty bed Chevy thru the quarter mile. Anyway , for the punks out
there torque will outrun horsepower. A smaller engine will outrun a bigger
engine. Power to pull hills without changing gears with torque is what
counts, Horsepower will not make a car go faster on takeoff.

Author Myron Helton ( ago)
Someone told me that mennonites didnt believe in using the modern
convenience of pollutung wasteful electricity. So they dont believe in a
windmill using electricity, but if a windmill has chains and sprockets
leading dowwn to a well pulling the water up. Then that is ok. Why should
it make any difference which way to do it.

Author Julie Tenajeros ( ago)
where do you buy the generator? :) .useful video. ;)

Author JT Bear ( ago)
I used to watch this guy on Rough Science! He's pretty cool, nice to see
him doing a proper demo of the concepts!

Author julio perez ( ago)

Author stelley08 ( ago)
every home should have a windmill on it, store the power in batteries under
the house

Author Andrew frimpong ( ago)
thats stunning, i love that

Author Sameekshya Acharya ( ago)

Author александр пушкин ( ago)

Author Soumya Medepalli ( ago)
second wind mill which rotates irrespective of direction of wind is really

Author TolgaCakiroglu ( ago)
I haven't never seen anything like the last one, but it looks nice and
really simple. Hundred sails can be designed in a short time which could
provide high current.

Author PayWithLawv ( ago)
which ones the bester tho bra!

Author ian pennack ( ago)
I want a Mickey Mouse sawing wood windmill. They must be very rare, because
I cannot find the plans anywhere on internet.

Author Sandra Dahl ( ago)
Very good information video. Your voice is perfect for the screen.

Author Victor Landerets ( ago)
There is a solar and wind guide by that provide in depth green
energy info on these.

Author CrapPolice ( ago)
Missouri Wind and solar has some great small turbines made in usa

Author Cord Tennyson ( ago)
check mine out

Author Raphael Jan Cañete Ferraris ( ago)
do you have DIY? for all three?

Author فهد المسحمي ( ago)
عشره يعني ناين

Author vibe3d ( ago)
I see windmills can be used as temporary power source during a storm.
There's lots of wind and if the power company cuts off or the electricity
just goes off then there's an alternative,

Author TCreatorO ( ago)
holy shit!, a website dedicated to my family! lol

Author carot2003 ( ago)
Very interesting. Cheers..

Author Jahan Zeb ( ago)
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work. Money by clicking and internet survey all are scams. Don't waste your
time. Regards,

Author Ozzie Wozzie Original ( ago)
I think the verticle windmill which rotates independent of the wind
direction would be my choice for fixing near the home. But we still needs
storage batterys to store the energy because there is no place on earth
where the wind blows continuously

Author Gomez william c ( ago)

Author Tim MacDowall ( ago)
I have always wondered, what degree are the blades set at?

Author Martin Gosvig ( ago)
thats some great models you have made.. very cool..

Author richard smith ( ago)
god you windmill guys are fing pooring as hell 7th video so far all
diffrent channels everyone boring as hell

Author Glenn Hough ( ago)
Nice video...the biggest things to look out for, I'll definitely try this
at home..

Author TheAAbck ( ago)
can you hook this up to a house

Author Bart vandenbeuken ( ago)

Author BrennanAndrewWittig ( ago)
If I want some spam, I'll go to the grocery store and buy myself a can.

Author conradmiller92 ( ago)
Unfortunately the problem with the vertical axis turbine is that half of
the assembly is moving against the wind as it turns. Obviously the rotor is
cupped to avoid this partially but on the horizontal axis turbine the
blades are actually airfoil shaped just like an airplane wing & so once its
spinning a certain speed the blades create lift & pull themselves along,
speeding up the rotor & producing more power.... the rotor size to power
produced ratio is much better on horizontal axis turbines..

Author Los Angeles ( ago)
nice vid bro. informative Thanks

Author Prashanth Gowda ( ago)
best economic way of power generation!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ильдар Хайдаров ( ago)
я всё ждал когда этот ветряк ему по роже заедет.

Author hellsbaby127 ( ago)
Kin smart!

Author SuperFastGuy7 ( ago)
Windmill windmill for the land Turn forever hand in hand, taking all in on
your stride, it is taking, falling down...

Author JayGB87 ( ago)
windmill gonna wind

Author ecosto2 ( ago)
Thank you very much for posting this. Simple ideas such as these help our
planet get greener.

Author Steve Alino ( ago)
The windmill that does not require to be moved to face the wind, brilliant
design, why are they putting big propeller blade wind turbines every where?

Author Jack Leytech ( ago)
How do you make the first one!

Author robieb0i ( ago)
Its not a mill as it is not grinding corn... Its a turbine. Im 17 and I'm
telling you this?

Author ADHD ( ago)
i was wondering how to build that generator, does anyone have any
suggestions as far as where i could buy one or a website to build one

Author carlo calusor ( ago)

Author Nemanja Bojanic ( ago)
I know how to build windmill, but I do not know how to use it. :) How to
connect it with system and use it for example at home?? Please help me!!

Author Luis Bentancur ( ago)

Author Madhu B ( ago)
awesome video. wat r the materials u use to make the first one??

Author samuelzelda1 ( ago)
I needed to know how the generater generates electricity, I understand the
movement though.

Author Luis Bentancur ( ago)

Author x2malandy ( ago)
You took me away VegaScienceTrust I was your first commenter.

Author Christian Youtube ( ago)
Hello. A freind and I are working on a school project were we are supposed
to build a windmill with stuff from a recycle center, but we are able to
buy stuff if we need them. We got inspiration from your Vertical axle
windmill. Do you got any good designs or plans to build a generator?

Author Shanita Winnemund ( ago)
yes, you made it right boss.

Author NIKM21 ( ago)
So when that 2012 stuff starts. You should find a way to harness the energy
from the 2012 stuff.

Author Elphin Andy ( ago)
Wind power rocks!

Author Damon Marrison (24 years ago)
Im not a big fan...

Author jhon jairo ovalle ( ago)
este videoesta muy curcyy sabra manbru lo que ese señor dice porque no
habla en español so pendejo

Author the1realanalogman ( ago)
Nice video! Kudos to keyofdavid888 for mentioning the phenomenal Nikola
Tesla! Every time someone throws a light switch or plugs in an appliance,
you can thank Tesla for the Poly-Phase A/C power system that is delivering
the juice. Were he living in this time, the technology available to him
would have made his quest for wireless power delivery across the entire
planet feasible! Politics would still of course be an HUGE issue, but the
technical requirements would have been at his disposal...

Author adzidowo007 ( ago)
well done JONATHAN

Author toasteh ( ago)
Considering that electricity is an extremely necessary commodity around the
world, it should be free, and not left to private industries to cash in on.
Nor should Wall Street be allowed to speculate with its pricing for its own
gain. What it would cost to run a power plant should be covered by taxes
and run by the government. I can promise you it would be A LOT cheaper that

Author lordwimpy588702 ( ago)
oww oz93666 is a Dom Dutch man

Author oz93666 ( ago)
This is not a windmill !!! A mill is a device to grind grain into flower !!!

Author rodger cropper ( ago)
i windmilled your mum last night!

Author MrWatlow ( ago)
Wait a minute, I know that voice...... Ah Ha, he's the guy whose behind the
voice of the geko on the GEICO comercials!!!!

Author J. ESPINOZA ( ago)
good good muy buena

Author J'veux des POOTIS ( ago)

Author rjravaz ( ago)
lol I Know I was being cynical the whole time =)

Author SCECountZero ( ago)
Oh no, that little windmills generator will make a little power, probobly
enough to power a lightbulb. Hes gonna need a windmill big as his house
witha big generator to get alot of enough power to power his house. though
he can charge a battery with his little windmill, another way of powering a
battery for your tv remote.

Author Ivo Colon (1095 years ago)
i like the video good job . :)

Author Vishal Bhatt ( ago)
nice one

Author Andrew Walsh ( ago)
using your scaled model sized turbines, which ones would would typically
create a larger moment at a constant wind velocity, the vertical or
horizontal axis turbine?

Author Griffin9857 ( ago)
I'm nearly done watching it, starting a few plans already :D

Author FactualSolutions ( ago)
Thanks for the link pal, i already know the site and the guy that produced
it - he was on V-radio show another day - i've watched the frist bit though
- 13 hours is quite some time, ins't it? Take care :) FS

Author Griffin9857 ( ago)
Here's another one, visit * to see what people are thinking
about along these lines. Warning though, the documentary can't be watched
in one hit as it is 13 hours long but WOW

Author FactualSolutions ( ago)
The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) has been showing that we have the ability to
generate energy, food, housing, health and education for everyone in the
world, while, at the same time, we are able to ELIMINATE OUR ECONOMICAL,
SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS along with corruption, poverty, abuse of power,
unemployment, social stratification, and other factors that hinder the life
and sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants.To know more about it,
watch: "Zeitgeist Addendum" - It is on youtube :) FS

Author losttreasure hunt ( ago)
Coool showing ,what he isn't telling u is it would take some 10 or 20 times
the size of the windmills in this video ,more or less great yard art which
is very enjoyable to see.Tha

Author losttreasure hunt ( ago)
Coool showing ,what he isn't telling u is it would take some 10 or 20 times
the size of the windmills in this video ,more or less great yard art which
is very enjoyable to see.Thanks for the showing

Author sujaysukumar123 ( ago)
wow wonderful....u must make a video of using the windmill to aerate a pond
mechanically, without generators

Author rsgirl10 ( ago)
This is all really nice, but how do you actually do something useful with
these things, like charge a battery or connect it to your house?

Author artistpw ( ago)
It would be really helpful to make a video for what is used to make a
magnetic generator for a little wind turbine. I have neodymium magnets and
very thin copper wire (about .006 inch diameter), but not having an
electronics background, I don't really know the other components, and that
would help. Also, there is a two part sculpture compound called Magic
Sculpt that you can hand mix and form and it becomes extremely rigid - you
might be able to use that to form some of your moving pieces.

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