Windmills Homemade

To view more mini-films visit Converting wind power into electricity seems like an ideal way of helping to solve our energy problems. Here we demonstrate three different types of home made electricity generating windmills.

For answers to some of the questions on this video see

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Author Timo Yannopoulos (1 month)
Windmills Homemade:

Author Banjo Marla (11 hours)
nice one , thanks mate.

Author x2malandy (2 days)
I am still offended in that I was the first person to comment on this video
6+ years ago and my nice comment has been removed. I hope your stinkin
generator is broke.

Author Debbie Maddox (3 months)
I am sorry but I was unable to hear a lot of what you said due to the
volume. seemed your fluctuation of your voice was not picked up very well
on the video volume. i feel i missed some interesting info

Author Myron Helton (4 months)
Here is how one compares torque to horsepower. A large windmill blade with
little wind will yank your arm off dtarting out, which is torque. With
small blades, it needs a lot of wwind to move, that is horsepower. The
Toyota trucks with a v8 produces 90 percent of its torque, right above
idle, due to light weight engine parts, and cubic inches. I read a roadtest
where a toyota had 800 pounds of plywood in its bed and it kept up with a
same size empty bed Chevy thru the quarter mile. Anyway , for the punks out
there torque will outrun horsepower. A smaller engine will outrun a bigger
engine. Power to pull hills without changing gears with torque is what
counts, Horsepower will not make a car go faster on takeoff.

Author Mahir Ibrahimov (1 month)

Author Walter Baldemor (1 month)
Very nice, the 3rd one is very creative, this makes an omni directional for
wind power:)

Author SWAPNIL MAYEKAR (6 months)

Author SWAPNIL MAYEKAR (6 months)

Author fastfreddy3000 (4 months)
What's the pitch on propeller blades if I make my own ?

Author Михаил Балашов (3 months)


Author Myron Helton (4 months)
Someone told me that mennonites didnt believe in using the modern
convenience of pollutung wasteful electricity. So they dont believe in a
windmill using electricity, but if a windmill has chains and sprockets
leading dowwn to a well pulling the water up. Then that is ok. Why should
it make any difference which way to do it.

Author Maraky (7 months)
where do you get the materials

Author Helder Ladeira (10 months)
hi there amazing stuff. i just would like to know wich motor u used and if
possible where can i get the design for it (vertical axis windmill).thank

Author TrueBlogge777 (6 months)
China have perfected the small VA windmill, they are actually using mini
ones to charge
batteries, they have started putting them into production, they may only
give low amp but they are ideal for battery charging.

Author Ahmed Kaleem (2 months)

Author Mohammed Rasul Rasul (9 months)

Author girl112791 (1 year)
I have a couple of design ideas that I want to try to make. BUT I'm still
looking for information on generators and how I actually put it to use. Any
information will be appreciated!!

Author Angelia Odiame (6 months)
Windmills Homemade:

Author suhail khan (11 months)

Author Grant Simpson (10 months)
Thats great Man, i really enjoyed your video and its thumbs up for sure!
the Wee flutter generator looks like one that any one can make with the
most basic of tools, just a question of where to get the linear generators
or i guess these can be hand made too........ 

Author Behram Aslanov (11 months)
Who know? 3blade turbin or 8blade turbin good works?

Author bhanu prakash (1 year)

Author Wardo (1 year)
1:30, thats why you build the mill on top of a rotary base and have a fin
attached behind the wind mill that will line the windmill up with the
direction of the wind

Author Elizeu Ramos (1 year)

Author Vamshi Dasari (1 year)
How much current does it produce when the vertical wind mill rotates nearly

Author swaroop lon (1 year)
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to build a solar panel and have advanced in knowledge and think make money
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Author stelley08 (1 year)
every home should have a windmill on it, store the power in batteries under
the house

Author Losttreasure Hunt (3 years)
Coool showing ,what he isn't telling u is it would take some 10 or 20 times
the size of the windmills in this video ,more or less great yard art which
is very enjoyable to see.Tha

Author Chuckychopstik (3 years)
I have a few windmills.

Author sialor blaufuss (3 years)
hay i have to do this project for school and since the econemy is becoming
crapy i thought itd be nice to make one of these for my house to power some
little devises to at least make somewhat of a difference in my parents bill
can u explain to me how to build one or just telll me wat site to visit

Author Joey Vigil (4 years)
wow did you even test that, twice the wind speed is 8x the power. That only
works in theory.

Author FactualSolutions (3 years)
Thanks for the link pal, i already know the site and the guy that produced
it - he was on V-radio show another day - i've watched the frist bit though
- 13 hours is quite some time, ins't it? Take care :) FS

Author Joey Lydon (3 years)
so what is the windmill spinning that generates electric , like a generator
but where can i get one and can i sell the energy to the power company?

Author guila1001 (3 years)

Author CrapPolice (1 year)
Missouri Wind and solar has some great small turbines made in usa

Author LuiNJae (3 years)
Do you have Build Plans?

Author hellsbaby127 (2 years)
Kin smart!

Author cut3s4t4n (3 years)
really nice work.

Author Baldev Chaudhry (3 years)

Author BrennanAndrewWittig (2 years)
If I want some spam, I'll go to the grocery store and buy myself a can.

Author Kameron Park (3 years)
how did u build it e-mail me thx

Author mattnjen32608 (3 years)
@VegaScienceTrust hello im really interested in wind electricty and i have
a idea that could make this world a better place and if you could please
email me at i will send you my idea than you

Author Tim MacDowall (1 year)
I have always wondered, what degree are the blades set at?

Author eric jayjay (3 years)
love the video really good

Author VegaScienceTrust (4 years)
the details of the second windmill (the one with the blue turbine) are on
the Creative Science web site, the the things to make section etc. Easy to
find on google. It was 1mm platic sheet as sold in art shops etc. Thanks
for watching. Jonathan

Author vibe3d (1 year)
I see windmills can be used as temporary power source during a storm.
There's lots of wind and if the power company cuts off or the electricity
just goes off then there's an alternative,

Author Cord Tennyson (1 year)
check mine out

Author siddharth chauhan (4 years)
With the traditional windmill one does not have to turn the blades in the
direction of the wind. All you have to do is fit the back half of the
windmill with a Tail (like in a plane). However what you have to make sure
is that the wind mill is mounted on vertical shaft that allows it to turn
in any direction. Also the shaft should be connected a little off center of
the windmill, slightly more towards the blades that will allow the tail to
swing, making the blades face the wind at all times. thx

Author Vilibrato (3 years)
Very cool! Anywhere I can download schematics for these?

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