ABBA "Our Last Summer"

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From: Super Trouper Album. Album was completed in November 1980,recordings at Polor Music Studios Stockholm Sweden, & Wembley Arena in London. It was ABBA'S 7th album.

The summer air was soft and warm
The feeling right, the Paris night
Did it's best to please us
And strolling down the Elysee
We had a drink in each cafe
And you
You talked of politics, philosophy and I
Smiled like Mona Lisa
We had our chance
It was a fine and true romance
I can still recall our last summer
I still see it all
Walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain
We made our way along the river
And we sat down in the grass
By the Eiffel tower
I was so happy we had met
It was the age of no regret
Oh yes
Those crazy years, that was the time
Of the flower-power
But underneath we had a fear of flying
Of getting old, a fear of slowly dying
We took the chance
Like we were dancing our last dance
I can still recall our last summer
I still see it all
In the tourist jam, round the Notre Dame
Our last summer
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Walking hand in hand
Paris restaurants
Our last summer
Morning croissants
Living for the day, worries far away
Our last summer
We could laugh and play
And now you're working in a bank
The family man, the football fan
And your name is Harry
How dull it seems
Yet you're the hero of my dreams
I can still recall our last summer
I still see it all
Walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain
I can still recall our last summer
I still see it all
In the tourist jam, round the Notre Dame
Our last summer
Walking hand in hand
Paris restaurants
Our last summer
Morning croissants
Living for the day, worries far away...

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Author Md.Enayet Karim (1836 years ago)
Remembering me last Summer.

Author Kloiber Andreas ( ago)
I can still recall,
*Our Last Summer*

Author Ignacio Rufas ( ago)
Thanks Elena, but no the last one ok? A kiss

Author Stian Jensen ( ago)
For me - this is not a happy song

Author Eric Kriel ( ago)

Author Palal Vaiphei ( ago)
Oh! what a song...helps me to recall my ex..#gf

Dear TheAustrius
With all my respect SO I GOT IT!
JULY 4, 2015

Author Louise Man ( ago)
This was our childhood, so innocent and never ending so we thought. How
wrong we were:)

Author getnasty08 ( ago)
I'd love so so so much for Abba to play one final live concert. As someone
born in 1985 I feel like time has robbed me of my chance to see one of the
greatest bands of all time. Having said that I do respect Bjorn's wishes
that Abba be remembered to infinity for what the were and still are, and
that none of them ever want to do something that could possibly undo their
place in history.

Sometimes you just have to accept that something is already perfect in it's
completion. Thank you Abba, for everything.

Author Elena Morones ( ago)
Have a wonderful summer all MY friends!!!!❤

Author Exxima Associates ( ago)
Magical song. Love the lyrics and tune.

Author odd gunnar Efraimsen ( ago)
er her nå =)

Author Yves Foucart ( ago)
summer of 89 ... Paris ; Le bi-centenaire with Kristien :-) Always a fine
memory , thank you Kristien !

Author Dave Shields ( ago)
Visited Paris for the first time for a U2 concert in September 2010, the
weather was brilliant, the whole experience was priceless, never too be

Author 山田太郎 ( ago)
Very very beautiful song !

Author Davy Blackburn ( ago)
Bet that was a hard song to record seeing as they had all split by then
from their romances

Author Dominik Němček ( ago)

Author Carlos Abba ( ago)
The best ABBA fan , EVER... Great person; miss you.

Author Long Pham Tu ( ago)
Happy weekend to All my closed friends! PTL

Author aCurious Hippie ( ago)
Reminds me of the Summer of 1978 that was great. A time that will never be
forgotten, but never repeated. The things and ways a 15 year old boy
learns of the world was way different back then. This song brought crystal
clear memories back to me.

Author Vinicius De Coninck ( ago)

Author Tony Silverio ( ago)
A touching and beautiful song by the Fab Four. Although it was one of the
lesser known songs, it is nonetheless a wonderful song. Check out ABBA's
popular website at: Bjornulvaeus. com

Author Dustshoe ( ago)
Why does a big store not play this kind of song, this kind of music? Is it
because the marketing gurus think that by playing in-store such a song,
such music, is liable to steer the customer's thought processes away from
the task of choosing and purchasing items on display? And that the customer
may linger too long in the aisles?
Perhaps all that techno-beat-garbage output that you get in-store these
days, with the asinine lyrics (if you can call them that), is perhaps the
very means to get the customer in and then out. And keeps the staff
in-store in misery, with nerves daily shredded.

Author Art Royo ( ago)
Thank you for the upload..never get sick and tired of listening to ABBA
songs..Forevermore..Blessings !!!

Author Theo Roma ( ago)
No wonder that I miss them so much. The quality of voice and lyrics cannot
be repeated. ABBA forever.

Author TheAstrius ( ago)
Strange ABBA sort of helped lay the foundation for New Wave really, I
remember clearly ABBA breaking some kind of 4th wall that the 70s hipsters
didnt like, I remember being 3 and watching their videos, to me it was
surreal since most of the stuff on the radio was at the time southern
classic rock, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac etc. Then I would see this video
with two pop princesses who for all I knew were from another planet.

I mean watching this in high def on todays media is one thing, just try to
imagine ABBA coming on the TV on those HUGE wooden floor level TVs with low
definition grainy look on one of those really odd late night best of sales
adds, on top of Avacodo colored shag carpet in one of those 70s painted
houses everything was green and yellow, .. I remember wooden spoons on the

By the way, what the fuck was it with those wooden spoons and paddles on
the walls back then, that really confused the shit out of me as a kid.

Author drinndrann ( ago)
Abba is my love of my childhood and it's still <3
I was born in 1993 but I love it

Author George Vreeland Hill ( ago)
ABBA - Our Last Summer

Author George Vreeland Hill ( ago)
This song is about life and memories.
Oh what memories. 

Author Claudio Fabián Gomez ( ago)
yo tenia 10 años y este tema marco un verano en mi vida

Author Dustshoe ( ago)
The slightly faded look of these photos of Abba in the 70s just adds to
their mystique and appeal. The last photo of them here on the water's edge,
turning round to look into the camera lens, is my favourite: it's just the
sort of surprise-type pose you once asked your own parents to adopt when
you decided to surprise them by taking their photo. It's so natural and
does not have the ugliness of the selfie look about it.

Author erien budhiyanto ( ago)
perfecto for you abba.... 

Author Artyem Korchan ( ago)
this is it!!!!! is nothing moore!!!

Author Mary Perry ( ago)
Abba is still the best, 

Author MrGallan50 ( ago)
powerful and lovely

Author chelseacharger ( ago)
Great song and those soaring vocals at 3:53. Hair-raising. The original
and best. No contest.

Author marty3888 ( ago)
I must admit, the first time I heard this song was "mamma MIa" with Colin
and Pierce singing. Both versions are great. ABBA has said they will never
tour again. I have tickets to see "ABBA the concert." For ABBA fans who
never got to see them live, even ABBA has said this is the closest you're
going to get to see them. I have seentwo tribute bands and they are both
good. The one I'm going to see is ABBA the concert. Now some of you might
say it's either the freal ABBA or nothing. This makes you feel like you're
at one of their shows. You're missing out.

Author 9thangle ( ago)
still the best group. ever.

Author Nicolas Jean Marc Pietri ( ago)
I cab still recall.

Author xPuRe CluTCHz ( ago)

Author Kenny boy ( ago)
Why do i feel that i have traveled the whole of Paris thru this

Author Floriana Pierucci ( ago)
ABBA "Our Last Summer":

Author Joakim B ( ago)
Melodies that speaks directly to the prefrontal cortex are often considered
timeless and rightly so. I can think of a few artists besides ABBA that
really accomplish that (regardless of personal preference). Vince Clarke is
one. McCartney/Lennon definitely. We should be grateful living in such an
exciting era melodically. TLDR; Music's good innit

Author Dimitris ULTRA' Bianconero ( ago)

Author fengfipe ( ago)
I love those Paris summer nights too!!

Author Ioan Kleszken ( ago)

Author Sandor Haraszti ( ago)

Author lovelifetothefull1 ( ago)
One of ABBA's best, love the guitar solo, love the song, love ABBA. Just

Author Bill The Snake Charmer ( ago)
This is really full of memories...

Author Seashore Girl ( ago)
My favorite ABBA song,so beautiful- such a loving sentimental memory of a
long ago summer love.

Author Brandon Clark ( ago)
The harmonies are perfect. It's sad that new music these days lacks the
substance that ABBA's music had. You feel as though you are told a story,
or that you get a lot from listening to their tracks, unlike the
repetitious songs produced today.

Author Зарета Альборова ( ago)
ABBA "Our Last Summer":

Author Stanislav T ( ago)
Стольько лет прошло- а миллионы людей по всему миру Любят АВВА!
Приходят сюда и наслаждаются вокалом и музыкой несравненной АББы...

Author Сергей Богданов ( ago)
Я искренне люблю "АВВА",они подарили столько света и любви этому

Author Dan Stenberg ( ago)
INTERRAILING in Grecce :-)

Author Gianluca Pignatelli ( ago)
La nostra ultima estate.......un tempo era semplice ...ho sprecato tutta
l'energia per il ritorno...

Author Ramon Medina ( ago)
Aquí la bella Frida demuestra su grandeza como interprete.Hay que concluir
diciendo que esta es una bella canción magistralmente interpretada por la
inigualable Frida.Bendiciones mil!

Author naomi broekaert ( ago)
ABBA is with no doubt the best group ever, they don't make such music no
more these days :) sad, but i'm glad their songs keep living nowadays 

Author Britischen Adligen ( ago)
I can still recall
Our last summer

Author 零天宇(skylinezero120) ( ago)
What's a lovely song!I can still recall my last summer.When I heard this
song, I suddenly was very moved.Reminds me of old times.I understand we
must cherish every moment.Only once, do not go to waste.

Author erika stocker-brummer ( ago)
ICH LIBE ABBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Jim Jamieson ( ago)
Every now & again I come back to ABBA true artists whose music has spanned
the decades & always will I suspect. 

Author darren dorion ( ago)
love this song ay better times back in the 70's

Author Sandra Pearson Widenhouse ( ago)
I love Abba, no matter what they sing and i love this!

Author Arranadam Sheikh ( ago)

Author Domenico Varenna ( ago)
Non abbiatene a male , l'estate stà finendo...e le vacanze pure,
conservatene un buon ricordo fino al prossimo anno , ma senza nostalgia : <
ABBA > " Our Last Summer ".

Author Marian Motyl ( ago)

Author Jimmy De ( ago)
Was not feeling this song..:( but I still love ABBA

Author Tony Silverio ( ago)
A touching and beautiful song by the Fab Four. Although it was one of the
lesser known songs, it is nonetheless a wonderful song. Check out ABBA's
popular website at: Bjornulvaeus. com

Probably the best group Sweden ever produced so far... 

Author Frozen Frost ( ago)
Best group ever

Author Tyler Catton (1547 years ago)
like dis if u love abba <3

Author ChasingTheStorm ( ago)
such a beautiful song

Author Patricia Meunier (606 years ago)
Beaucoup de souvenirs... Paris/NYC are the same;;;

Author rogerio araujo ( ago)
ABBA Forever

Author David Fiala ( ago)

Author Rogerio Araujo ( ago)
linda música não canso de ouvi-la. quem sabe um dia em Paris durante o
verão. Não custa sonhar.

Author Catarina Lapa ( ago)
melhor só abba

Author Aleksandra Wójcik ( ago)
I love ABBA!!!

Author Isabel Morgado ( ago)
Abba grande grupo com músicas lindíssimas

Author Leoke Picqueur ( ago)
love it xxx

Author Gusdocs1 ( ago)
Benny and Bjorn are the greatest song-writers of all time , Agnetha and
Frida are the greatest female duo of all time

Author Matthew Wilkes ( ago)
Simply brilliant! I have listened to this a hundred times over the past
twenty years and it never fails to evoke an emotional response! fantastic!

Author Hank Rearden ( ago)
What a gloriously elegiac song. It's beauty doesn't really shine until
you're a late 30 something and then it all comes crashing in. 

Author piv pa ( ago)
To my mind, this is another splendid example of my marvelous recall...

Author Marie Piekarski ( ago)
Amazing even after all these years! one of my big influences

Author Ewa Brylant ( ago)
cóż mogę napisać miła melodia ,ciągle wracam..może kostiumy powinny się

Author Curtiss Hines ( ago)
ABBA still rules, they're songs are timeless and we will never see anything
like again

Author Cecus UdeS ( ago)
Ce qui est drôle, c'est que cela parle d'un cliché monstre, une histoire
d'amour. où ?, à Paris!

What is funny about this song, it is the fact that the theme is a huge
cliché, a lovestory. Where? In paris!

Author Stuart Smith ( ago)
A haunting, majestic triumph, simply outrageously good, Frida gave perhaps
her finest performance, words fail me; i'm completely in awe as to the
quality of this track, one of the best they ever made. God bless you ABBA 

Author Joe Ng ( ago)
as much as the world wants a reunion with a small fortune, myself included
and God willing, I know it is unlikely coz the dilemma lies with Agnetha.
It is due to the Illuminati!

Author lightube12 ( ago)
2014 and i thought time was standing still 

Author Daniela Ursu ( ago)
This song is just wonderful. And yes, I agree: young people must listen
ABBA. It's their loss, if don't.

hermosa canción

Author Tyler1993aug ( ago)
I'm 20 and I <3 ABBA

Author jackpark7927 ( ago)
Great lyrics ,,, next to "Thank You For The Music" this is my favorite ABBA

Author forumtarget ( ago)
I love this song. I decided to play this video on a whim, I've heard this
song many times before not knowing the artists. Abba brings me to a happy

Author Júlio César ( ago)
Maravilha esse grupo.

Author Majidah Hashim ( ago)

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