A TWERKING CAN! - Prop Hunt #5

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Author Brooklyn Boyed ( ago)
I just love how pewds has ten times the amount of subscribers as New
Zealand has total population

Author Purple Tulip ( ago)
pewds did 911

Author Jade Longley ( ago)
To me pewdiepie sounds like seth rollins

Author Oscar Soto ( ago)
call me 775 412 8177

Author beastofthenet ( ago)
I felt really bad for max

Author kimi norasuo ( ago)
this video make me happy (:

Author Makayla Beauparlant ( ago)
is Minx a girl?

Author patrick susulin ( ago)
best part 2:05 - 2:55 the jukes are real. also I love Minx`s reaction.

Author wlovly ( ago)
their laughs is everything, specially Minx's

Author Eleanor Stypula ( ago)
Damn, time flies. It's already been 2 years since this series and I
remember waiting each day for a new one to be uploaded. I can't believe it,
it's a good feeling though.

Author Crystal Bennett ( ago)
Well Felix it helps when you're not a freaking file cabinet

Author Jyllian Searcy ( ago)
pewds needs to do more prop hunt, these make my day

Author Tori Everdeen ( ago)
Jesus. Pewds has more subscribers than the population of Canada

Author Neda Nesakysiu ( ago)
uncle.donal.3 IM WHCHING U

Author hyper1 girl ( ago)
ye and I watching in the year 200000000000015

Author JustTheCool001 MSP ( ago)

Author shrclma ( ago)
i wanna play too.

Author Trevor Reese ( ago)
Can anyone help me with downloading Prop Hunt maps correctly? Whenever I
download them, they appear black and purple with 'ERROR' flashing in bright
red. The videos I looked up don't help.

Author Stephano MC pewds ( ago)
That microwave had a butt hole.

Author Mustache Gamer (Syarif Gaming) ( ago)
Please more Prop Hunt

Author Jonathan Delgado ( ago)
the stealth chair

Author Jonathan Delgado ( ago)
the toilet paper had a nice place huh

Author Jonathan Delgado ( ago)
pewdepie naild it

Author kianna walton ( ago)
hey Pewdiepie, play dis game called 'Sisters'

Author thegamerdude 109 ( ago)

Author Kid Alchmist ( ago)
poker face


Author Fabian Barcenas ( ago)
I miss when he was funny like these days

Author Jessica Zhang ( ago)
Who else thinks minx and pewds would be a cute/great/fab/perfect couple?
Like if u agree lawl (Like there is a chance)

Author I heart Pittsburgh and Pewds ( ago)
Prop hunt is the best please do much

Author Aphmau lady Aphmau ( ago)
no one likes me or my channel.

Author Aphmau lady Aphmau ( ago)
brofist 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊. 💞💜💞💜💞💜💞💜💞💜💞💜💞💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 💔
😞 my heart is broken now :'(

Author Kendos Nagasaki ( ago)
Omg I never knew poods knew maxmoefoe!

Author Tanner Patterson ( ago)
Does Minx have a YouTube channel

Author Tanner Patterson ( ago)
What are tall talking about I'm watching in 3075

Author gladys caillo ( ago)
just mor videos i wil gana wah you

Author Hailee Major ( ago)
lol i alwase wanted to do a prop hunt

Author Karmyn Gibbs ( ago)

Author Caylie Christensen ( ago)
How does a pokerface help you pewds?

Author Judge The Acer ( ago)
"Hide and Seek for adults".

Author Faith Jacobson-blanchette ( ago)
6:13. Nobody else noticed that the bag of chips by Minx said "Tasty Toms"?
So what I'm trying to say, is that Tom (Syndicate) was playing this?

Author Warriors Cats Fan ( ago)
Listen to 0:18-0:21 with your eyes closed! XD

Author That Moose ( ago)
Is minx female or just really high pitched?

Author DeadlyDerpTime In Da House ( ago)
To everyone who wants to download this game: It is called Gmod and can be
purchased off the Steam store for 10 bucks

Author Rachel Manzelli ( ago)
Thanks for making me smile. Sometimes that's all I could ask for. You're a
blessing :)

Author Extreme Player ( ago)
Guys pause at 8:57 look at pewds face

Author Aiden Hidasey ( ago)
+PewDiePie where do u buy prop hunt and how much plz respond thx

Author Toby Alduz Pinlac ( ago)

Author Jasmine Normark ( ago)

Author Maggie Galindo ( ago)
Im watching in 2019

Author arctic seal8989 ( ago)
Lmao(laugh my ass off) >-)

Author Andrea Montoya ( ago)
i am downloading steam right now lol

Author TINikito ( ago)
+faisal alessa Like if you don't give a f*ck if you're watching in 2015.

Author Kelsey Cummens ( ago)
More please pewds please

Author Shelby Stephens ( ago)
omg max really

Author Royal Pranks Tv ( ago)
I loveeee his videos they make my day does anyone agreee

Author Stan XCX ( ago)
Sing this Tom... Tommm... ??? What the heck hahahaaa... Lol

Author TheGameing Toitle ( ago)
Every time my friend watches a prop hunt of yours he laughs so hard he
farts it's so annoying but so funny

Author Samantha Allen ( ago)
Do more videos like this


Author Carmen C ( ago)

Author Davidson Lincoln ( ago)
Is prop hunt on Xbox or computer. Just asking don't be All mean.

Author Dawn Weinberg ( ago)

Author Feike Leemkuil ( ago)
Minx sound like mikey mouse

Author Arham Nasir ( ago)
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
BROFIST ...........

Author CrystalClown96 ( ago)
Lol, look at the fan art, to the bottom right of the dragon, there is a
white faced, black eyed person... IT CRY! From Jacksepticeye!

Author Relz Mendez ( ago)
Where can you play this?

Author Skyllama ( ago)
"A cup just violated me"

Author Britt M Argueta ( ago)
why do ppl say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Brandi Joseph ( ago)
Pewdiepie do you know who maxmoefoe is😃😃😃😃😃

Author Nelly Sings/Flash Note oc ( ago)
This is like minecraft hide n seek where you are a block and you blend with
the surrounding

Author GucioG ( ago)
Why doesn't he understand that when you shoot something and you lose
health, than it's not a person?

Author North Italy ( ago)
A metal pipe should be an option for a weapon, da? ^J^

Author Shawn Wise ( ago)
Lol it's so nerve racking !!

Author Uncle.dolan3 ( ago)
Dont like if your watching in 1843.

Author Jacob Vigileos ( ago)
Twerking Can Poodz ~2013

Author Estevan Ramirez ( ago)

Author Joseph Guercio ( ago)

Author Jessica Warth ( ago)
Can I join you guys playing this i'm a good gamer lol

Author Drew Ramirs ( ago)
i can't stop laughing xD xD

Author Kawaii Gummy Bears ( ago)
i love u pewds//

Author Drogba Crnac ( ago)

Author Twilight053 ( ago)
Pewds: sing the sooong tooom

I died.

Author Dwaylon Chillcott ( ago)
xD hes so sneaky

Author waryar shidori ( ago)
pls guys how to download garrys mod just put the link pls

Author TeamFlamingWings ( ago)
You should just stay in one spot under a desk in prop hunt

Author Justin Gelderen ( ago)
Is minx a girl or boy?

Author Joanne Brown ( ago)

Author Geeky Princess ( ago)
Is this a PC game

Author Zaca free 480 ( ago)

Author MasterGamer021 ( ago)
Is minx a girl or a boy?

Author Nathan Schiller ( ago)
make more prophunt vids

Author Tenille Towler ( ago)
Pewds were did u get your shirt I would like to know thx.

Author Razel Poof ( ago)
almost 36 000 000sub

Author Yovaflex Nightshade ( ago)
My two favourite youtubers, pewds and syndi

Author Sonya Dunn ( ago)
+Daragh Walker *She

Author sarah lacey ( ago)
a microwave?? really pewdiepie

Author Julian Arguelles ( ago)
hey pewdie this game is so fun

Author Anjail Johnson ( ago)
Why are you so retarded and you can be mature but one thing when you were a
coffee cup that was funny how could you so well in a joke about those funny

Author Drago Fire Ball (1885 years ago)
Play call of duty

Author DaZe ( ago)
Not minds dumb iPad I said minx

Author DaZe ( ago)
Im sorry I just really like minds (love)

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