How Sugar is made, in a Sugar Factory of Pakistan. Canon Legria vixia hg g10

here, i will show you a series of unedited clips from my visit to Shab Qadar in Mid Dec 2011. this is a place north of Peshawar, deep in the land of tribal patans.
in this video, i show you how the "ghannay" juice is transformed into sugar, what Pakistani's call "ghur" or "ghura". the juice is boiled in a large plate, constantly stirred and the froth removed for impurity. and then i go on to show you the massive "tandoor" or oven, where the heat is provided to this massive plate on where the juice is being boiled.
at the end, they put the machine on, so that i can video the initial extraction process of the juice from its source.
due to the climate, these sugar canes grow here really well, its a 10 month process for them to grow, therefore no other crops can be grown on the land.
this is one of the many examples you will observe in Pakistan of simplicity and nature of the people. the Administration is corrupt, yet life goes on the the villages all across Pakistan.

a point for the conspiracists! these people who eat this form of pure sugar all day long never suffer from diabetes, yet we in the west and across the globe, who consume white powdered sugar, which we buy from our local supermarkets, seems to be coming down from diabetes all the time. what do they put in sugar that causes this?? what indeed!
I hope you enjoy the Video.

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choose every time. They use sugar Caine I see, as sugar beat is just the
same principal. Interesting video nonetheless.

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