Realistic Character Hair

GeForce GTX 480 Realistic Character Hair

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Author Yasmri t ( ago)
this is the kind of hair I'm learning to make

Author Elza Vilka ( ago)
Fully simulatet (nop) the hair passes fruu itsellf all the time...

Author Marcus_Mravik ( ago)
So um... why the FUCK have we not gotten this in our games yet?

Author Xcogames Co ( ago)
NVIDIA hook me up I will build you an amazing game! :D

Author Тралл Вождь-Орды ( ago)
10/10 fps

Author Justin Biggs ( ago)
That hair needs more weight to it and the animation needs to be faster.
Right now it seems like she's on the moon with very little gravity.

Author ♥MissPeppermint♥ (547 years ago)
How to run that without any lag:
Get a NASA Alien high-tec computer.

Author XxDoYouEvenYouTube101xX ( ago)
I bet you a hundred that this is how hair product companies make ppls hair
look so good in the commercials

Author Maiken Roskilde ( ago)
Can you show an example in Unity 5 with statistics enabled?

Author muggy ate ( ago)
how do i get this??? is it doable in unity??

Author Miagi Fodder ( ago)
moves good looks abit dry

Author Pedro filipe (907 years ago)

hair curled ??? making

Author Elizaveta Dedova ( ago)
Very good !

Author SpeckyNation ( ago)
5 years later, way better gfx cards out, no one still uses this. And the
odd game that actually does, has glitchse, or it just looks like a bunch of
shitty strings, and barely show volume...

Author imthetube44 ( ago)
Is there a collider on the nose? The hair seems to be going through it.

Author Dr Shaym ( ago)
1:17, hair clips through the nose.

Author Pancerny Wiatrak ( ago)
Lol i want this in Skyrim 

Author Ysuoni Hamagushi ( ago)
3 years later AMD "creates" Tress FX

Author elafranco ( ago)
though I would certainly get a laugh if someone designed a game with in low
poly but the hair was highly detailed such as this. lol

Author elafranco ( ago)
Disagree. I think it would take even longer than that. I just stumbled on
this and from what I'm going on this is real time. It was a bit slow to
render it on real time. Not completely slow but it was noticeable. There
was only geometry for a face and partial upper body with no arms. And it
looked pretty basic too. Now just imagine everything that needs to load as
well such as world and other models and particles. It looks like its using
all its got just to run the hair simulation.

Author grassknotoko ( ago)
Loreal because you're worth it.

Author kenonerboy ( ago)
so ppl play nfs or forza because they cant drive....

Author Michał M ( ago)
super super ale pod linuxa niebedzie dzialać :(

Author Sphynk ( ago)
Amen! Hair does not typically respond as individual strands, it usually
moves like a loosely coupled mass, like the strands are bound to each other
with some electrostatic force. Sometimes I think they are too bent on
showing the capability of the technology. If you let the hair fall and
respond naturally, it doesnt show the strengths of the simulator. So they
have to make it wash and flutter all about the place like you are
constantly in a wind tunnel.

Author Hoopology ( ago)
Tress FX is impressive, don't get me wrong. But if this demo was a 5 star
restaurant, Tress FX would just be McDonalds.

Author Atomic Monkey ( ago)
... Tomb Raider on PC. Enough said.

Author Kenneth Hall ( ago)
i love all of these stuff, infact they make me feel i can do a lot of
really cool stuff over here in the GH

Author Usul573 ( ago)
Don't be so certain. Given all the types of technology they will support,
if they can get some of it running efficiently and not be overly taxing
they could do it.

Author Hoopology ( ago)
The PS4 and X1 wont do a thing, they wont be able to handle this stuff, the
hardware isn't good enough. Someone should make a PC exclusive game, at
least then they wouldn't have to worry about dumbing it down for consoles
and can just go nuts on the graphics.

Author Usul573 ( ago)
I think we have hit a few walls. Demos are great, but actually having an
entire game running the technology is a different matter. I'm curious how
the PS4/X1 will shake things up, PS3/360 games can have decent looking hair
but still.

Author Michael Walsh ( ago)
And yet the only game that has ever used it was Tomb Raider, which was
designed with AMD. Their equivalent is called Tress-FX.

Author Jacob Dixon ( ago)
FINALLY! We can have satisfyingly realistic spaghetti. Assassin's Creed V,
you're going back to Italy.

Author Josh Maines ( ago)
It's not the engine at fault. The animators can make the hair react to any
kind of physics data they want, from different amounts of gravity and
friction to wind forces and collision objects. The more they have to
calculate, however, the slower the hair will be rendered and moved, so the
real problem is that you need a very powerful GPU in conjunction with a
powerful CPU in order to get decent framerates.

Author Denmon ( ago)
The problem with all of these hair engines is that they still don't look
very realistic, It's almost as if the hair moves in slow motion! While it's
a step in the right direction they definetly need to add more weight to it.

Author Lokino Magra ( ago)
Oooooh wait you were implying that you're sick of all the breast focus and
flipped it to point out the double standard didn't you...

Author Lokino Magra ( ago)
Now, I WILL grant you that while it's not complicated, real time physics
are just bit wishful. Running, walking, jumping, swimming and falling would
all need different animations. I can't imagine realistic real time
animation of them, unless of course you just make a musculoskeletal rig
that allows for the shifting and size changing implicit with these types of
matter. Not exactly simple, but doable.

Author Lokino Magra ( ago)
What's so complicated about penis or breast physics? Breasts only need two
bones (1 per breast) for pretty much all movement, and the penis, while a
bit more complicated, is essentially only a couple of spheres and a fancy
cylinder. For complete accuracy you'd still need around half a dozen bones
in your rig plus weight painting, but both of these subjects are normally
constrained by clothing which allows for much less movement and more
simplistic rigs. No rig, in the case of our phallic friend.

Author Sid Gautama ( ago)
Please... Headbang!

Author Milan Doležal ( ago)
tornadotwins are everywhere

Author Сергей Викторович ( ago)
пиздец. слов нету

Author Igor Almeida ( ago)
<3 just beautiful

Author Neo Conker ( ago)
Yeh, systems and engines just aren't powerful enough to use these types of
things yet. Most hair in games is usually made by flat tufts of polygons
with transparency, driven by bones and exported into the game engine. Then
if the engine is powerful enough it has its own dynamics that can drive
your bones. It works perfectly good enough for now, and still is

Author U Chan ( ago)
oh my ! thats cool!

Author NortonHortron ( ago)
yeah, like the girl with a million billion triangles for her hair physics
walks by and you get a million billion triangle animated boner.

Author MongrelArchitect ( ago)
Hahah..penis physics. Now that would be interesting.

Author Shiyai ( ago)
So that's why the hair in Fusion Fall is weird sometimes...

Author InceptionOfPhazon G ( ago)
The reason why it's not used a lot is because it kills performance.

Author jackipack98 ( ago)
Hope this will be in more games :D

Author Vladimir Kufeld ( ago)
wow good!

Author Snuvin ( ago)
True story :D

Author pingyone ( ago)

Author Baleine des sables ( ago)
TressFX in Tomb Raider... made by AMD, lol.

Author SammichThyme ( ago)
3 year old tech, still not incorporated anywhere.

Author Trovao Lerdo ( ago)
i came from the future to say,nothing so far,the hair still being a box of

Author Asin Skye ( ago)
@Ai Lin Hon I'm glad some people can get past virtualization of boobs. Or
we wouldn't even have the advancements we do or AI. Not to mention if all
you want to see is fake boobs. Go watch porn.

Author Dominik F ( ago)
id still like to see them more often.. and what you said is true i noticed
it swell while playing it glitches around and sometimes goes through the
head or blurs etc its sad they couldn't optimize it in the last 3 years.. i
hope upcoming games will do a better job

Author Jason Bieberle ( ago)
it took devs to use it. and as he said, it is very hard to do, so no one
put that much effort till now, and tomb raiders tessellation so bad, the
hair literally goes nuts when you turn the character

Author Stephen Wilt ( ago)
nice weave

Author Dominik F ( ago)
we have 2013 and the first game i actually saw this in was tomb raider
2013.. it took you 3 years?

Author D'metrix ( ago)
Magic of head&shoulder lol

Author TheXboxGamesBrasil ॐ ( ago)
I do not get tired myself to see this… Dream that one day this will be
possible in the games

Author Hoopology ( ago)
3 years later...

Author Serol Lores ( ago)
Why is it always looks as if the characters swim? -. -

Author José Miguel Rodríguez Marchena ( ago)
This is only a simple use of PhysX, not anything new.

Author halfhalo33 ( ago)
Lol keep dreaming.

Author Fickle Master ( ago)
that hair looks good, if it was underwater:P

Author SkytraxBoyz ( ago)
can you make Final Fantasy hair for example Lightning?

Author yamakbat's YouTube ( ago)

Author PatronPPatron ( ago)
OH my, want!

Author Erica Agnew ( ago)
does that system have be just for gaming, or can you do 3D art, animation,
or just that gaming?

Author hamitaksln ( ago)
OMG :)

Author Marianna Star ( ago)
Looks like Alice's hair from Alice: Madness Returns! ^_^

Author ReviewsInHQ ( ago)
Is this actually used in any games?

Author Ali Alawami ( ago)
FUCK Console :@

Author Spook59812 ( ago)
No, no it wasn't annoying, haha. Also, yes, I do make games, well more like
demos. I've never actually finished anything or came close it. And just
like you said, I tried using Blender but was so overwhelmed by the options
I didn't know what to do first. I can only imagine what the learning curve
would be like. Currently, I don't use any 3D software, but I do still plan
on learning Blender.

Author XGamer ( ago)
predator tecnology make it in divas boobs at wwe'12 (i think in wwe'13 too)

Author kheath580 ( ago)
That doesnt really look real though. Maybe if she were underwater.

Author michelle leman ( ago)
can you upload with out the head?

Author SkytraxBoyz ( ago)
can you make hair just like final fantasy??

Author NothernLight0 ( ago)
flicking. flicking everywhere. but nice

Author tormentor309 ( ago)
"Invents software that can simulate physics on any level... ...only uses to
make boobs."

Author Spook59812 ( ago)
Yes, yes I was. :)

Author Spook59812 ( ago)
No, I don't have a girlfriend; in fact, I'm a hetero female. While I
appreciate the female form, I'm not NEARLY desperate enough to learn
Blender just to see breast. The other people, however...

Author Dina Adham ( ago)
its amazing how do you make this what is the name of program ?

Author Raiu Tekken ( ago)
What kind of application do you use to make the hair?

Author Mike M (1586 years ago)
and this is probably only possible in this scale. If it had to run this and
a whole terrain and people, it would not be able to.

Author murtisoft ( ago)
Dx 2011 is not yet widely used

Author Camilla Gunborg Pedersen ( ago)
realistic? if it's under water perhaps..

Author MiyariShirou ( ago)

Author xTasogare ( ago)
Physics! Physics! Physics! Physics!

Author Spook59812 ( ago)
With a side of penis, yes?

Author Spook59812 ( ago)
Always boobs... I want realistic penis physics.

Author Windkind0 ( ago)
You see its extrapolated from fewer hairs. But awesome though.

Author RosaryRazumi (948 years ago)
This looks like the hair represented in Tekken :DD

Author Mike M ( ago)
comes out 2010, haven't seen it once.

Author Anderson Soares ( ago)

Author ErikNorth ( ago)
does this work with a GeForce GT 650m?

Author Kelsybabe-P ( ago)
3ds studio max or maya or something from Autodesk i guess.

Author thanksfernuthin ( ago)
What is only available on expensive hardware now becomes common place on
cheap cards in a few years. That's how progress works. Enjoy it!

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