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Author LouSaydus (8 months)
>nobody uses this still

Author XxDoYouEvenYouTube_118Xx (24 days)
I bet you a hundred that this is how hair product companies make ppls hair
look so good in the commercials

Author muggy ate (2 months)
how do i get this??? is it doable in unity??

Author ♥MissPeppermint♥ (3 days)
How to run that without any lag:
Get a NASA Alien high-tec computer.

Author Dr Shaym (4 months)
1:17, hair clips through the nose.

Author imthetube44 (4 months)
Is there a collider on the nose? The hair seems to be going through it.

Author Elizaveta Dedova (3 months)
Very good !

Author Pedro filipe (3 months)

hair curled ??? making

Author Pancerny Wiatrak (5 months)
Lol i want this in Skyrim 

Author Maiken Roskilde (1 month)
Can you show an example in Unity 5 with statistics enabled?

Author Alphacitrick (7 months)
Metalhead hair :)

Author SpeckyNation (4 months)
5 years later, way better gfx cards out, no one still uses this. And the
odd game that actually does, has glitchse, or it just looks like a bunch of
shitty strings, and barely show volume...

Author JosephSeraph (7 months)
WendyVanity does better

Author Miagi Fodder (2 months)
moves good looks abit dry

Author DuartChannel (10 months)
too soft!

Author vuurmark (10 months)
Also look how they represent the 18000 strands of hair in a fully modeled
scene such as it would appear in a game. Oh wait it doesn't, that is why
the hair would actually work...

Author that one girl (8 months)
you guys are so goddamn pessimistic! i don't think our grumbling grandads
thought it could get any better than freaking pong man because "oh my god
when you move the stick down the line goes down on the screen holy shit
theres no way they could possibly improve this shit its as technologically
advanced as it gets" lol

Author syafickix (1 year)
i cant open this demo, i got gtx 750m SLI on my laptop. is it because my
GPU is still weak???

Author eat@medve's (7 months)
how is this realistic

Author TheSergioART (10 months)
It's far away from realistic look. Remind me some spaghetti :)

Author Matti Liipola (10 months)
one must expect lots of spinning

Author kitebabe05 (10 months)
thats great!

Author Luis Pica (11 months)
have the download?

Author Huskyfish14 (9 months)
oh, shut the fuck up, Nvidia, as if this will ever be used EVER. Its the
future of realistic game graphix! No its not, it looks like shit

Author CatroiOz (1 year)
and this is why consoles need to die off

Author Aabhijeet Kharat (1 year)

Author DrDeadCow (8 months)
I once bombed the world center with sand on your Severe PVP Minecraft

Author MEEDIAMONGER rox (1 year)
Respomd wen u can

Author Lloyd Sargent (1 year)
I beg to differ. Latest Tomb Raider for the PS4 has really good hair
simulation for Lara Croft character.

Author Aytuğ ŞAŞAL (1 year)
amazing!!!my opinion this looks better than TressFX

Author Stupid Face (1 year)
Yeah, sorry...but it's 4 years later and hair still isn't like this in ANY
game. This would kill performance. That's why they show you rendered
stuff. Your best bet is to use layered, alpha textured meshes, then apply
bone rigs to pieces of hair you want to animate. 

Author divonzir cordeiro (1 year)

Author Gabu - San (1 year)
No gravity rensponse along with a HUGE impact in performance. To all ya
saying TressFX is bad, just remember it's just been lauched, while Physx is
old technology. Also, no single strand collision check.

Author Daniel Ramirez (1 year)
This looks better than TressFX. 

Author Peter Kupt (1 year)
What about self-collision?

Author MiyariShirou (2 years)

Author Raiu Tekken (2 years)
What kind of application do you use to make the hair?

Author Hoopology (1 year)
The PS4 and X1 wont do a thing, they wont be able to handle this stuff, the
hardware isn't good enough. Someone should make a PC exclusive game, at
least then they wouldn't have to worry about dumbing it down for consoles
and can just go nuts on the graphics.

Author Milan Doležal (2 years)
tornadotwins are everywhere

Author Usul573 (1 year)
Don't be so certain. Given all the types of technology they will support,
if they can get some of it running efficiently and not be overly taxing
they could do it.

Author PatronPPatron (2 years)
OH my, want!

Author Ysuoni Hamagushi (1 year)
3 years later AMD "creates" Tress FX

Author Michał M (1 year)
super super ale pod linuxa niebedzie dzialać :(

Author Sid Gautama (2 years)
Please... Headbang!

Author lyrics4u06 (3 years)
thumbs up if you were YouTube surfing and you stumbled upon this!

Author Russia San (2 years)

Author Chibi Usa (2 years)
Key component for games, maybe that's a bit crazy to say... it will look
nice, yes. However limiting these things to expensive NVidia hardware, i
fail to see how could that be a fantastic global experience.

Author TheSupafly777 (3 years)
didn't say I could do better hair. I'm sure a lot of energy has put into
creating this animation and its definately a leap forward. I just said that
it still doesn't look realistic or convincing like being said in the video.

Author Muffie (2 years)
tessalation rapes my 5770 =[

Author pingyone (2 years)

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