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Author Anthony Culanag (1 year)
Howard Hughes' Jet Pilot

Author CaptainNomura (2 years)
I don't know why so many critics (no doubt non-flying) slammed this movie.
I thought it was pretty good for 1950s standards. Seeing many vintage
aircrafts were a treat, being an USAF veteran myself.

Author gwalker173 (2 years)
flying's cool

Author Setebos (2 years)
As an aviation buff I like this film as well. Perhaps some people didn't
like the notion of John Wayne going over to the Reds (even as part of a

Author ant co (1 year)
"A woman"great scene ,typical Howard hughes film with suprises breaking
convention, plus real life action flight scenes vey realistic,okay cheesy
dialougue and better attempt at russian accent by Janet leigh would have
made film work better. But this movie not as bad as critics make out.There
are a couple of sub plots going on that are way ahead of the time this
movie was made for, can a woman be as good as a man pilot or even better?

Author kiltedvampire (1 year)
Thanks I enjoyed it and posted on fb.

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