Harley Crash !

Harley Crash Section from Hogg Mania vol. 4 "All Star Edition"

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Author rastagoon (3 months)
man, too bad all these fools leaving all these racial comments and shit
dont know what it is to be a biker. nigger this, and nigger that, smh, this
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Author Thatsrightboy Thenwegobackandgetfletcher (3 months)
Dumbasses just like rocket riders can be.

Author RWEZIE (1 year)
1st song is Gold Child - playa Hater

Author djknucklez1 (1 year)

Author bow13400 (1 year)
A better singer than a driver

Author Freddie Tempora (6 months)
Shut up nigga

Author Tim Fitzgerald (11 months)
i don't beleeeeee dat ! lol

Author moparbrent760 (1 year)
Best bleeedat

Author paulr78ma (1 year)
The first guy actually had some skills - just pushed it a little too far

Author xsilviadrifterx (2 years)
No fuckin wonder they were crashing because they are dumb ass apes acting
like typical niggers

Author alanyojas (2 years)
putos negros

Author GUMMYBEAYUH (1 year)
I don't care what race you are, Lol, that's actually a funny observation.

Author RWEZIE (1 year)
1st song is Gold Child - playa Hater

Author Christopher Peterson (2 years)
Poor Harleys. Very sad...

Author TheReddragon64 (1 year)
Epic phail, just like the rapping in the background. xD

Author tcclaviger (1 year)
Thankfully no real motorcycles were harmed in the making of this vid.

Author tvguides (2 years)
The first guy had the clutch slip out of his hand from the chicken grease.

Author turboturbine666 (1 year)
ride, not really only crashing

Author RWEZIE (1 year)
1st song is Gold Child - playa Hater

Author 1EvilScooterKitty (2 years)
Sad shit.

Author Jarrodspeedtrip (1 year)
At least they're only Harley's.

Author ThePoneronic (1 year)
Poor bikes, hope they ok just the bikes.....

Author TheOutdoorfiend (1 year)
Stick to the gsxr and cbr and stop embarrassing every one

Author 340rps (9 months)
.. don't forget the white sneakers .. he's so badass!

Author turboturbine666 (1 year)
since when do black people ride a bike?

Author yamatweaker (1 year)
what the fuck did i just watch?

Author principiarex (6 months)
dumb ass nigger!

Author cjhmarine0621 (1 year)
There go all the brothas cds

Author lrgeiger82 (1 year)
awwwwwww shiiiiit niggeeeeee

Author olegade1 (1 year)
First song??

Author CrudeDude (6 months)
Porchmonkeys on Parade!

Author MxAxRxK (2 years)
fools lucky he had a full face on

Author SODMGx TGOD (1 year)
most embrasin moment on mybike when i did wat the first dude did i wasnt
even worryin bout me i wanted to see how much my bike was fucked up

Author Dmitry Nazarov (1 year)
Could you please contact me and send the 1st song? Thanks in advance.

Author italoarubiano (1 year)
i'm white and italian, but i lived my whole life in the carribean so i'm
open enough to appreciate every race for their ups and hate all races for
their downs.....this isnt hating nor loving, its just a big question mark
with a laugh.

Author medranos211 (9 months)
Put them training wheels on son

Author Fourtycalfrank (2 years)
Hot damn That was hella clean till it got mad at him

Author poldsmobile (1 year)
at 1:00 DUDE.......calm down..

Author Ivano DCshoe (1 year)
where can I download it? thanks for answer

Author NvRDiE19 (7 months)
how come i can't find the song on the internet ?

Author Curt8153 (2 years)

Author Clint Rockfist (9 months)
Over confidence = accidets

Author gto364 (11 months)
Every Harley that goes down, noise pollution is dropped a few decibels!

Author Juan Jimenez (1 year)
Big mouth, tiny brain.

Author George Washington (1 year)
ride safe

Author Salkani Badr (8 months)
niggaz can't ride a shit hahahahahahah

Author italoarubiano (1 year)
i mean, lol, i dont want to be racist, but a black guy in bell bottoms is
already weird, a black guy with bell bottoms on a harley is funny as hell,
but a black guy with bell bottoms on a harley doing a burnout is just
ridicuolous!!!!!!! its like a redneck on an escalade with gold rims and

Author Clint Rockfist (9 months)
I cannot fault your thinking there!

Author rakkerdebom (1 year)
Anyone knows the name of the song?

Author Pete Dooley (6 months)
Why the nigger music?

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