Happy Feet 2 - Penguins Riverdance - Lord of the Dance

Video by DJ Zeraph

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Author Mary Chris (27 days)
*✩☾♥☼♫ Lord of the Dance ~ Penguins Riverdance ✩☾♥☼♫*
...✩☾♥ we deserve to feel little happiness! ✩☾♥...

Author Sergey Nazarenko (1 month)
Приятного Настроения !!!!

Author Martin Willmin (1 month)
And who could forget Riverdance on St. Patrick's Day!!!

Author Tania Russowsky (1 month)

Author Sergey Nazarenko (12 days)

Author Carol Roland (3 months)
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

Author Mary Chris (2 months)
*✩☾♥♫ Penguins Riverdance ~ Lord of the Dance ✩☾♥♫*
...♥♥♥... "Happy Feet 2"

Author Poppy M (13 days)
If this doesn't make you smile you're dead inside

Author Ruhaya Oz (3 months)
Good Day Mate, come and meet the penguins in Philip Island Victoria
Australia :)

Author Maria Daly (1 month)

Author Marina Esposito (3 months)
Un saluto all'ultima domenica dell'anno, forse la più "fresca"...

Author MzSonqz (2 months)
This put such a big smile on my face. This is brilliant!! Oh I love it. 

Author Tibor Dancs (5 months)
Kicsit felvidított ezen a zűrös estén...

Author pat lynch (19 days)

Author boszka22 (5 months)
Happy Feet 2 - Penguins Riverdance - Lord of the Dance


Author Gary Gooley (3 months)
like this..

Author M. Vincent McBride (2 months)
Ha ha, Paddy Penguins, my granddaughter will love it. Thanks for posting.

Author Erick Cramm (1 month)

Author Vicky Clevenger (3 months)
Good Day Mate, come and meet the penguins in Philip Island Victoria
Australia :)

Author Shaïli Gnazar (2 months)
Vous aimez Riverdance et vous avez froid ... Rires... Faites comme les
pingouins de la banquise......

Author Bernie Langer (8 months)
Creators of happy feet chose penguins to represent Lord of the dance.. that
means in order to be free (& happy) from the tyrany of proprietary systems,
one must go linux right?

Author Paul Moyer (4 months)

Author valerik88ify (1 month)
MERAVIGLIOSO VIDEO !!!!! CIAO AMICI !!!!!....valerik88ify...

Author Kelly Bermuda (2 months)
That's hysterical!! Thanks!

Author Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating (3 months)
Good Day Mate, come and meet the penguins in Philip Island Victoria
Australia :)

Author 朮翔 (4 months)

Author Rozalia Iriza (2 months)
12 Febr.2015 - Superb !

Author pibo -maria-margareta (3 months)

Author neddy laddy (4 months)
Training one penguin to dance is difficult, but thousands ?

Author Sigitas Kalinas (2 months)

Author brian morgan (5 months)
Aw shucks,that was awesome.

Author Elżbieta Hebda (7 months)

Author Luna harrison (8 months)
its not fucking river dance!

Author Rajvir Singh (3 months)
Good Day Mate, come and meet the penguins in Philip Island Victoria
Australia :)

Author muziektoontje (6 months)

Author Michele Ascione (3 months)

Author MATHEW MCNAMEE (3 months)

Author Kevin Connolly (6 months)
Lord of the Dance has nothing to do with Riverdance.

Author TheAwkardTurtle aka-NatNguyen (4 months)
this is not real

Author Chapel Tibet (4 months)
This has got to be one of the cutest, happiest vids in the universe.

Author angel shterev (6 months)

Author Stefano Ja (10 months)

Author Ulysses H (11 months)
Evidemment, pour croiser les jambes c'est un peu juste, mais c'est un petit
bijou d'humour !

Author Josephine de Blasis (4 months)

Author Serena Hewitt (1 year)

Author barry howard (10 months)
To Willian from Barry & Margret

Author Mario de filippis (11 months)

Author Julie Rice (3 months)
Good Day Mate, come and meet the penguins in Philip Island Victoria
Australia :)

Author Gary Gooley (3 months)
like this

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