Happy Feet 2 - Penguins Riverdance - Lord of the Dance

Video by DJ Zeraph

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Author Paul Simbeck-Hampson (7 months)
*How Penguins Keep Warm*

#TrueStory ;)

Author Milagros Serrano (6 months)
Fantàstica.... Espectàcular!!!!!!!!

Author Melina Romeo (1 year)
Pinguini ballano con musica celtica :-))

Author Edward Hara (4 months)
This is great! I love this! Nice work!

Author Lenka Strejcová (1 year)
Michael Flatley ve fráčku ;-)

Author francisco josé carazo coronado (1 month)
I had many, many tears over my face when I saw this lovely video . . . Its
perfect and fantastic !!!

Author K Irthum (4 months)

Author Tova V (5 months)

Author Jorge Rios (6 months)
Your video has become a classic in my home, mi niece loves it :-)

Author Bernd Strobel (8 months)
hot feet !

Author Catherine H (1 year)
Happy Feet 2 - Penguins Riverdance - Lord of the Dance :))

Author spyroXcynder1000 (1 month)
the title is wrong, it should be "Happy Feet" not "Happy Feet 2"

Author barry howard (1 month)

To William from Barry & margret

Author Myrna Sanchez (2 months)

Author Patric- Marcel Krüger (3 months)
Great Video!!

Author Josep Sole (11 months)

Author Elżbieta Karolina (1 year)

Author barry howard (1 month)
To Willian from Barry & Margret

Author Josep Sole (11 months)

Author Teresa Lis (8 months)
I love irish dances and this one is absolutely fantastic!!!!!

Author boatbusboy (7 months)
brilliant :-)

Author James Green (1 month)
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Author calum thesecretwriter (1 year)
This should make you smile!!! :-)

Author MissTyrain Monaghan (10 months)
I love this :D I think it's great~

Author angel angelov (8 months)
syper izpalnenie

Author DJZeraph (1 year)
thx nathalie ;)

Author FrozenMemories (2 years)
Awesome!!!! Congratulation from Italy :D

Author sweta zweiundzwanzig (10 months)

Author Ana Oproiu (1 year)
Very beautiful! Thank you very much!

Author masterbilldj (2 years)
i would like to thank you for one of the best video films of lord of the
dance i have ever seen... well done.. and please do more.. we need good
video films like this in Ireland.. keep up the good work

Author Brenda Dickens (1 year)
So cute.

Author super17a (2 years)
hail to the king baby

Author La Fée Bleue Prince Licorne (1 year)
BONS DANSEURS.....hihihi

Author OisinMacGaelach (1 year)
I love Lord of the Dance and now I love also this fantastic video XD Thx :)

Author Gwenifar100 (9 months)
How sweet!!!

Author DJZeraph (2 years)
@xativo1408 THX :)

Author Виктор Жебин (2 years)

Author Paul Flick (1 year)
Just .... stunning ! I love it !

Author Keith Marshall (11 months)
Seriously funny

Author Patricia Brenan (2 years)
Bravo! I watch this every morning and start my day with a smile and song.

Author pixelicious (3 years)
well done =)

Author Love Angels (1 year)
Awesome vid! Thanks!

Author DJZeraph (1 year)
thx paul :)

Author lucena127 (2 years)
How truly wonderful!

Author DJZeraph (2 years)
@LauraBlue98 : Lord of the Dance

Author владимир гень (1 year)

Author ewa Hansson magnusson (1 year)
Love this...makes me Happy

Author poppylv21 (1 year)
This just makes me insanely happy every time I watch it :-)

Author Ieda de Paula (2 years)
wonderful... hugs from Brazil!

Author Georgie Wilkinson (9 months)
This is pure genius

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