Lee C.W. v Lin Dan |MS-F| Yonex BWF World Champ. 2011

Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei plays Lin Dan of China in the Men’s Singles finals of the Yonex BWF World Championships 2011.
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Author ThePoignancy ( ago)
When I watch this and then watch Lin Dan now... :(

Author Brandon Lee ( ago)
This view of the court is much better than the standard top down view from
a slight angle.. This is more up close and personal IMO..

Author Jack Power ( ago)
still the best video

Author Jittrind S. ( ago)
lin dan my idol

Author CreepyHandedMan ( ago)
"Heartbreaking", "Lee C. W. plays the best", "he deserved to win"... Of
course, that's why he lost. A match isn't to show who really deserves it in
the end, Lin Dan just had some luck.
Biased commentators.

Author Quang Pham ( ago)
Both LD and LCW might not be at their best form ever in this match. But
this is the best men's singles match that I've ever seen.

Author Gianni Rüegg (1341 year ago)
How is the background music at the introduction called?

Author バドミントン トレーニング動画 Badminton Training Video ( ago)

Author Badminton Trick Shots ( ago)
Best badminton trick shots in my channel

Author Jittrind S. ( ago)
lin dan the best

Author Johnkent Zhang ( ago)
lee chong wei! the never give up warrior!!!

Author Thanh Dong Vu (424 years ago)
LCW loses because he thinks, hes the best, actually he's only the world nr.
1 ( which does not mean world best player ) ^^ LD wins because he plays
with full respect again LCW

Author MicrosoftTech US ( ago)
Lin Dan was a scrub, after he won the match. Lee Chong Wei would not have
shown that much filthy ego.

Author Alpha Oxytocin ( ago)
This stupid commentator acting like he knows it all. He always acts like
he's so good that he can predict the game. Then turns out he's wrong. Acts
like he's some God or something. Like @ 29:35 where he says "cross" and
turns out it wasn't a cross-court smash

Author He Jack ( ago)
One of the best games ever, a very good crowd, the best 2 players in the
world, what do you ask more. 21:53 26:58 32:12 44:20 49:55 53:58 1:09:16
1:11:11 However I think Lee really has a mental thing, when he plays with
Lin Dan and the game has reached the second part of third set, he starts to
make mistakes, and this happens a lot of times. 1:22:33 1:24:15 and on.

Author Jin Lei ( ago)
I have never seen Chongwei slapping his own face (3rd set 18:18) before.
Never seen how regretful Super Dan felt after he lost a point at 19:19 in
the 3rd set. They both wanted to win this match.

Author ünal çakar ( ago)
Dislike atanin babanesi kaşar

Author stephen jhon tapnio ( ago)
Its OK Lee chong Wei still your my idol

Author Bo Yuan ( ago)
If you move slowly from 1:22:58 to 1:22:59 it is clear that Lin Dan's
racket was over the net

Author radhy gusti ( ago)
Super dan mentaly

Author Bright Ma ( ago)
lcw's mental strength is not as strong as his skills, especially in the
last few points.

Author Roy Hung ( ago)
Lin Dan is just winning by ridiculous luck. Lee Chong Wei could have won.

Author PS04 MILAS. ( ago)
2 of the best players in top form! best match ever. eveeryone knows LD was
nervous at 1st

Author Seth Keo ( ago)
1.26.44 lee chong wei coach just praying for him\

Author epicyodudes ( ago)
lets face it, lin dan is better than lee chong wei. they met 25 times and
lcw only won 8 of them.the commentators say that lc is a better than lin
dan, and he's the favored one to win the olympics. thats just bias right

Author epicyodudes ( ago)
one of the commentators is so biased, siding with LCW. and he talks
nonsense about strategies, like "LCWs got to push it and push it". with is
that supposed to mean? and he never talks good of lin dan

Author Cookie Storm ( ago)
does anyone know where i can watch denmark 2003 final

Author luf4rall ( ago)
+Liju KV
It's not a fault. If the racket meets the shuttlecock at the receiving side
of the net then it can proceed over the net in one motion. It's only a
fault if Lin Dan reached over to meet the shuttle before it came over to
his side.

Author luf4rall ( ago)
LCW seems to have these moments of lapse of judgement where he just goes
with the flow of the rally which plays to Lin Dan's killer instinct. For
example near the end he continues the straight net return, when Lin Dan is
just waiting to pounce on it. Other times, LCW just lifts with indecision.

Author Mohammad Ridzuan ( ago)
What a welcoming entrance woahhh

Author NIKHIL MITTAL ( ago)
Bestest singles match ever! Priceless Pleasure to eyes and senses! (p.s-
commentators were biased, not giving lin dan his due credit) 

Author 신승우 ( ago)
보고또봐도안질린다 클라스영원하네요.

Author henry fong ( ago)

Author sweetzel anne Neri ( ago)
can't believe they featured the big red bus :) well, kinda laughed a bit,
but Lin Dan's moves is amazing.. but Lee is also great , matter of fact
they are both great. I admire them both.

Author Sam Moss ( ago)
LCW supposedly the best player in the world, yet they still talk about him
like he's the underdog. That's because Lin Dan is the better player ;)

Author lleeeo2626 ( ago)
要我說的話 Lin Dan 是個精準的砲台 Lee Chong Wei 是個馬力十足的跑車 Always like Lee Chong Wei!!!

Author 詹 育融 ( ago)
bckjdndl fdfdgnbf

Author D Wu ( ago)
That guy is clearly double standard. No dignity,. Do not understand how
such low moral people can come to be a commentator.

Author captaintang1 ( ago)
commentator is so bias, lin dan towels off at 22-21 says he shouldnt get
away with, peter gade does the same thing, says its good mind game to play,
the fuk

Author rikuinuka ( ago)
↓何ていってます? 中国語わかんないです...

Author henry fong ( ago)

Author Dumree Shivam ( ago)
:like: lee

Author ngoc thuc dinh van ( ago)
Thua là sứng đáng đơn giản vì anh ta không biết mình đang đối đầu là ai,
huấn luyện viên vui vẻ quá đôi lúc cũng làm mất tâm lý thi đấu của học trò

Author Brock Levine ( ago)

Author ดุจดาว บุญญฤทธิ์ ( ago)

Author Tina Lung ( ago)

Author ATOZ6634 ( ago)
We like L C W

Author kimani M-I ( ago)
Lin Dan the master of badminton

Author วัชรพล ห้วยกบ ( ago)

Author enumkam ( ago)
yeah... he's not aware of how to win against Lin Dan who in my opinion is
the world's greatest player ever (Peter Gade agrees with me). In response
to your other question, the shuttle has to be lifted as high and as far
back close to the baseline as possible to make it difficult to attack and
to give oneself the time to get back into position... makes sense?

Author eirikrl ( ago)
They just played in August in a finals match against each other.

Author Prakash S ( ago)
ok thank you for ur kind comments

Author stallionspride ( ago)
Even tho i am a LCW fan boy, ur a little bit stupid in ur comment. If you
read the statistics for this game. LCW won over 80% of his points off Lin
Dan Mistakes, where as Lin dan won less than 40% off LCW mistakes.
Contradicting the essence of what you said.

Author Prakash S ( ago)
ok agreed :) thanks man

Author lmiol ( ago)
Jump+Leg to Shoulder height+racket height = 0.5m+1.7m+0.675m(depend on the
manufacturer) = 2.875m reachable height or more depending on the players
height, etc

Author lmiol ( ago)
A little lower will result their opponent to smash back plus to recover
their own stance

Author Jesuan 包 ( ago)
Pity we don't see Super Dan vs LCW any more, this was an era on its own.

Author Prakash S ( ago)
LCW literally gifted the 2nd game to Lin Dan ..So many blunders ..silly
mistakes for his standard . should have been a cakewalk victory for LCW .
Lin Dan was just plain lucky to have won this riding on LCW's mistakes.

Author Prakash S ( ago)
i wonder what more extra thing LCW coach is trying to say to the best
player in the world ? is there anything left in badminton which LCW is not
aware of ??

Author Prakash S ( ago)
why is it that they toss the birdie so high up in the air to give a chance
to the opponent to power smash ...!! cant they toss it a little lower.. ??
just asking out of curiosity .

Author Shinhwa Changjo ( ago)
Malaysia just lack of luck. Both of them really brilliant. World legends.

Author Nam Dương ( ago)
Lin Dan quá tài năng,

Author stallionspride ( ago)
By Far One of the best Games I've ever seen (and one of the first) ;p. This
and the 2011 all england championships are in my opinion Lin dan / lee
chung wei's best matches against each other and probs best matches in the
history of the sport <3

Author Ace Vendetta ( ago)
It was probably a bot that gave it thumbs so it could be shown as top
rated. That way more people would see and (possibly) more people would go
to his link so he could earn some money. :L

Author Dasril Mawardi ( ago)
MALAYSIA not good mentality.

Author Uyên Vũ ( ago)
i am left handed and i love lindan <3 ^^

Author shiauji40074 ( ago)
WTF of this comment gains so many thumbs???

Author henry fong ( ago)

Author henry fong ( ago)

Author typhooonn ( ago)
haha were you serious brother? don't be stupid

Author typhooonn ( ago)
hey anyone know who's the guest commentator in this video ?

Author typhooonn ( ago)
you are full of shit, I have 6 pack before kill anything.

Author vinu sebastian ( ago)
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Author typhooonn ( ago)
Lin is the best badminton player of all time.

Author D Wu ( ago)
This time no air-con problem, no biased referee. Lee Chong Wei played a
easy 2-game semi final in the afternoon. Lin Dan played tiring 3-game semi
final at night and had less time to rest.

Author romanceh55 ( ago)
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your age to kill your belly. Between do you know about the 7 odd foods that
kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. have a look

Author 2001spacenuts ( ago)
i want the asian guy to win

Author gundam zaku ( ago)
yay, no a/c problem, no dehydration, just good o' beating from LD. too bad
LCW lost the 2013WC and he's second best again...always the bridesmaid
never the bride. huhu

Author gundam zaku ( ago)
morten frost was one of the best player of his time and he did played like
he described against none other than LD's coach.

Author gundam zaku ( ago)
mayor of london, they said it right there.

Author thai nam ( ago)
its World Champion 2011..maybe Tien Minh the Legend of Vietnam

Author redzone lala ( ago)
haha relax

Author Duong Nguyen ( ago)
where tien minh ?

Author kakavoodoo ( ago)

Author Lasse Hallberg ( ago)
wow super cool dude. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from
this website on behalf of me. its not a joke, make sure you tell the
address and email properly to send the giftbox. dont run away have a try
now -->

Author Unknown Unknown ( ago)
Peter grade lee chong Wei Lin dan taufik hidayat Chen long alllll!!!!!

Author D Wu ( ago)
I agree, the commentator is an idiot. He ended like an idiot in the end. I
somehow enjoyed his bitterness.

Author Happy Chan ( ago)
What the fuck in this match? Are they super man.

Author typhooonn ( ago)
Who is that blonde guy in the audience at 1:17:01 ?

Author Frostbite Allen ( ago)

Author typhooonn ( ago)
wtf, I thought this is 2013 championship, which I just realized it's 2011
match after I watched almost 1 hour lol

Author Tom Fang ( ago)
lol, during the match, there were a total 7 ads, just might as well, it was
the 30 second long nike ad. Fuck you too nike

Author sam chow ( ago)
lee chong wei vs lin dan in world championship 2013 finals tmw!! at 817
starts around 5 oclock

Author Nathan Zhang ( ago)
Lee CW's greatest complain:"After every match with this Chinese man, he
takes shirt off."

Author Jaclyn Lim ( ago)
鹿死谁手 还不知道 先别口臭

Author Jay-jay Lacerna ( ago)
both players are the Best lf their geneartion. but i do like LD more than
LCW.. ;) i have respect for both players, but i think LD is more better
than LCW.. ;) i have no doubt that LD can win the BWF WC 2013.. he is
waiting for the Semi-finals now after beating chen long earlier. ;) Go LD..
win it once again! ;)

Author Dahn Nguyen ( ago)
27:18 A brilliant between-the-legs shot of Lee to save the rally !

Author Nguyễn Đăng Phúc ( ago)

Author sittichai wongpan ( ago)

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