christine 2

fake movie trailer.
based on the 1983 john carpenter classic.

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Author marcus colvin ( ago)
It took her a LONG ass time to fix her self

Author MayhemXMotorsports ( ago)

Author johnny gat ( ago)
I hope when your eating you chocke and your gay ass friend has to jump
outta the shower and give you the himelick monover man go to KFC you
fucking pussy!!

Author johnny gat ( ago)
wrong COB_241

Author Tomas Jorge' ( ago)
I agree ! Make a sequel ! "Christine...The Revenge !"

Author johnny gat ( ago)

Author johnny gat ( ago)

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
it's the stroll by the diamonds

Author johnny gat ( ago)
does anyone know what song this is

Author HelloImTheDoctor1 ( ago)
Please... If you get contacted.. Make sure they use replicas... Cars like
that are hard to come by.. The Plymouth Fury, and I think the Belvedere is
a bit hard to come by too... They can use replicas... Who likes oldies but
goldies get demolished?

Author Armorbeast ( ago)
I don't think Stephen King will ever do a sequel to this even though it was
certainly left off for one to pick up from. Maybe someone will buy the
rights to do a sequel some day.

Author Benjamin Connoly ( ago)
oo===v===oo there's no escape

Author crifoter69 ( ago)
Goddamn sexy automobile. And her cube bit a guy in the salvage yard. She
will make elderly dennis pay, but my money is on Dennis.

Author wacaze ( ago)
Yeah but only if they don't wreck real cars this time.

Author Stephaniey Nikole Payton-Sanders ( ago)
OMG, Christine 2!

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
cool I would love to see the script.

Author Jason Hughes- Horror Author ( ago)
I have a script for II called Immortal Fury. I have talked to Keith Gordon
about it. If there are any Producers out there, get in touch. It stays true
to the original film, and the novel.

Author Joffrey Verbeeck ( ago)
I can remember Christine sitting higher on her springs. That was better for
the purpose Arnie bought her for, as a car faces lots of chassis crushers
when used as everyday transport (speed bumps, high kerbs, ...). But this
looks way better: all factory original, just sitting lower.

Author Hazernomical ( ago)
actually in the book christine does a lot more killing after Arnie dies and
dennis is having nightmares about her, so as far as content there is
definitely a lot let from the book to transfer to a sequel although i doubt
judging by the crappy remakes anyone could do it just with the exception of
John Carpenter of maybe Keith Gordon "Arnie"he's a pretty good director now.

Author cowgal jazzy ( ago)
Mr King said the first book gave him a hard time so he's not going to write
a sequel but I think someone should do a christine 2 though.

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
yes we need a real movie. please write to mr. king and ask him for one.

Author MrA7X117 ( ago)
I see what you're saying. Make a remake with the up to date graphics and
use that to branch the sequel off of it. We need to get Mr. Stephen King to
write a sequel.

Author MrA7X117 ( ago)
Get Stuffed! You don't know good movies if you thing this movie is crap.
Ass hat.

Author MrA7X117 ( ago)
If I remember correctly there was, at some point, a book sequel to
Christine in the writing stages but, was never finished.

Author blackwunk ( ago)
If you would like a part 2 for this marvelous horror story, you'd have a
better chance asking Mr. Stephen King as he's the author of the "CHRISTINE"
novel that gave birth to this frighteningly well-done movie. Give credit
where it's due and you may get your wish. John Carpenter was simply a
director who put his movie-spin on the work of a great writer, which is
what film-makers are pressured to do. That's how Hollywood works to this
day. I also would love to see MORE of the Christine story.

Author steve williams ( ago)
did u lower it.... lokks badass

Author MrWilburforce500 ( ago)
incorrect hubcaps............

Author Randy Gardner ( ago)
He made a movie stephen king made up christine.

Author Randy Gardner ( ago)
Best movie ever i dont think they will unless theres another book!

Author brisa romero martinez ( ago)
i like cristine

Author les faust ( ago)
i think thay melted her down and put her in my fucked up phone!!!

Author DodgeD100Sweptline65 ( ago)
honestly i dont think they should. look how many times they've messed up
classics. :\ movies arent as good as they use to be... :\ i dont want to
see another classic get wrecked. and this is coming from a 17 year old.

Author MrTrollerVision ( ago)
What a truly epic car

Author MrSKingma ( ago)
i mean i wont get killed by her!

Author miamifiction ( ago)
I would love to see a second part, this has been my favorite movie for
years. Today it could be easier and more scary to make those scenes in
which she comes back to live. Regars from the 80s...

Author isaac dyer ( ago)
'Thought it'd be,-say you oughta' watch that new video they got out called
the "Isac dyer art museum movie", -that thing shows some stuff that'd
REALLY make a good film.

Author isaac dyer ( ago)
'Glad to hear it....-'Funny thing is,(And i wouldn't get hopes up for
it),-but i heard somewhere where there was this new hotshot author actually
trying to write this 'ticular story. 'Lets just hope MR King don't get word
of it,-he might sue!

Author TheMonsterHighVideos (1624 years ago)
Im only 12 and i love this movie

Author Christopher Wray ( ago)
Well there is the prequel they made last year.

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)

Author isaac dyer ( ago)
imagine this: The night Chirstine is supposedly killed, there is a scene
prior to it where there is a new character added to the Cunningham family,
and just before it makes it out of the oven Christine kills his mother,
Regina C. Flash forward 18 years, have the character go thru more tragedy,
then have him run into the daughter of Arnie's freind dennis. then bring
christine around seeking revenge. mix well, and it might be a hit!

Author MrSKingma ( ago)
my dream car :) (a versions that's not alive ofcourse)

Author horrorman1980 (341 year ago)
me too I keep hoping.

Author ian8354 ( ago)
Stuff that ! Need need a sequel to ''The Thing''

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
yeah they do.

Author MrA7X117 ( ago)
we need a sequel to this movie. dear john carpenter, you were a genious,
please make another :)

Author raiyan rahman ( ago)
i wish a new haunted car movie whould came out this 2012

Author Izad Lim ( ago)
GO To Movie2k to see Christine 1

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
@kcdw73 that would be awsome!

Author kcdw73 ( ago)
Yeah I guess I was wanting more of part 2 since you saw the car at the end
with the grill trying to repair itself! But a remake of the 1st one be good
but it building up to a second on in the remake be awesome how about that!

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
@kcdw73 sadly no but I keep hoping they might remake the first one.

Author kcdw73 ( ago)
love to see Christine 2!Seriously though has anyone worked on it or thought
about it?

Author Justin Non yah ( ago)
the car looks sick with the tinted glass all way around

Author CBRHurricane6 ( ago)
i wish they would do this

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
@argonautica4970 I'm glad youre not mad. thanks!

Author argonautica4970 ( ago)
Ha ha ha... these are my renders !!! I'm honored that you used them for
this.... Maybe you should see my animation too. Check: Christine 3d
animation Hope you like it.

Author horrorman1980 ( ago)
@Fradias11 well thank you, it's a labor of love.

Author Fradias11 ( ago)
wow very nice sir, they should really do that! congrats for the awesome
idea :P

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