How to fix OpenGL on Counter Strike (Nvidia Users)

This video goes only for NVIDIA users, if you got the same problem with different graphic card you gotta download your own ones.

Nvidia -
Intel drivers can be found here -

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Author funny gamering (20 days)
taj lin neradi -_-

Author funny gamering (20 days)

Author uran kastrati (1 year)
ot diki

Author greg oliveira (4 years)
link dont work no more find new one plz

Author hallofgunit (5 years)
i think it will work... :/

Author Todor Sepultura (4 years)
tnx dude!!! the link doesn't work but you told me how to do that ! tnx:)

Author Fatjon Sutaj (2 years)
ykastrioti une e kom Ati Radeon x1200 Series qka me bo me ndreq sw.dll n
counter strike PRO Long horn edhe open GL pzz?

Author HamitShala (4 years)
Po nuk e di pse spo bon ! se edhe une kam ni qisi problemi amo un se kom
GeForce !

Author jjgproductionz (3 years)
tumb up if you want opengl only for hacks :P

Author Dhanesh Rajiah (4 years)
after the download wat to do?

Author RiddeLcss (3 years)
i cant join any server plzz help me! :D

Author nikazify (3 years)
My product is ATI RADEON what to do please? help

Author hnsvnclan (4 years)
my chip is Intel(R) Can't use NVIDIA graphic Have to use Intel(R) graphic
card ??

Author Derrick Nguyen (4 years)
this is only if you jhave an nvidia driver, if you have anything else thins
dodesn't work. this is basically updating your driver... this video is dumb

Author gresabesholli (3 years)
thanks man it works 5/5 :)

Author ragejayden (1 year)
Look at dxdiag for ur exact video card and google the drivers.

Author jjgproductionz (3 years)
i have 100/200 mx what i need to click ??

Author jjgproductionz (3 years)
listen mate 1 question i have 2 mx and 2mx is nhot there what to do?

Author B2PG - AKKI (4 years)
i dont have graphic card....... how its work?????

Author Kostas Twoface (3 years)

Author WindowsSanAndreas (3 years)
kkasstriOtt1 said i Comment so i Did

Author jjgproductionz (3 years)
oops sorry i have 100/200 mx what should i click?

Author escluka (3 years)
thank you very,very much!!!WORK!!! tnx !!!

Author nikazify (3 years)
@HACKMINDvideo its ok my i have repair the problm

Author hagglefaen (4 years)
I have a Nvidia graphic card, updated the driver, and it did not work.
Would be very weird if it did tho, it doesn't make any sence how a driver
update would help for this game.

Author Abdul Hafeez Humza (3 years)
ThanX man This Works........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Author 31Dimitar (3 years)
than you:)))

Author romarioanisa (4 years)
i have : NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i and there doesn't show
that :@

Author martinpz97 (2 years)

Author Ahmada2b (5 years)
after Search , shall I download or what?

Author avseq501 (4 years)
heyy i musing old sis 300/305 video card can u help me ???

Author PrinZe444 (4 years)
The link doesn't work.. :p

Author yxa17sbcsrb (3 years)

Author Jimmy Markström (5 years)
My product type is Ati Radeon HD 5440 cant I do this?

Author Kasim Shaikh (4 years)
link is dead Xb lol

Author KiNgBr0s (4 years)
iam not sure to download this sounds like a viruss....

Author xitorrito (5 years)
thanks thanks!!

Author crakheaD (4 years)
duuuude i have intel r how im supposed to use nvidia driver dum dum?

Author ncistony479 (4 years)
link is dead!

Author muhammad mutahar (2 years)
but i dont have Nvidia

Author XHEMAJL BYTYQI (3 years)
Thanks :p

Author drilo0o0nnnn (3 years)
hej o ti kastrioti qysh bre mu spo me bon kur pe lshoj CS po ma qet could
not load sw.dll

Author Nemu noizu (2 years)

Author LiridonLahu (4 years)
bravo kass i fort jee

Author vladimir GROBAR (3 years)
my chip type is 8600 gt what to do? help pleaseeeeeeeee

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