Visual Basic - Digital Clock Widget

Learn how to make a very easy, and simple digital clock widget in visual basic.

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Author Weirdnes222222222222 (5 years)

Author Mitchel IT (3 years)
@ninetailsnaruto78 Go to Properties>Background Image

Author mikethedj4 (3 years)
@ninetailsnaruto78 I don't develop desktop software anymore, sorry can't
help you there.

Author venomsaad (1 year)
nice program :) new sub

Author mikethedj4 (3 years)
It should. You sure you did the steps correctly?

Author mikethedj4 (3 years)
You're very welcome

Author Ikk200 (3 years)
Thanks :)

Author mikethedj4 (3 years)
@afker553 Glad I could help :)

Author mikethedj4 (4 years)
@shinja0z sure the same way actually

Author Soap N Cabbage (4 years)
Hey mikethedj4... Ive seen this in alot of you videos for visual basic...
to exit an application the only code you have to add is "End" btw your
tutorials are great

Author Ikk200 (3 years)
Where can I download the Icon you use for the program?

Author FishPlatiunum (3 years)
:( this doesn't work in VB 2010 Express

Author mikethedj4 (2 years)

Author Jonathan jones (2 years)
what is the code

Author mikethedj4 (3 years)
I never backed up the image, but you can download the program (link in
descr.) then download Resource Hacker (also known as ResHacker) and get the
icon from there. Then open the icon in GIMP and make any modifications you

Author FishPlatiunum (3 years)
oops, I had two tabs about this open... I might've posted this on the wrong
one :(

Author SurrealSentiment (3 years)
how do i add an image to my widget?

Author mikethedj4 (3 years)
I've done that a couple times, post a comment in the wrong tab lol It's all
good bro

Author yenthex007 (2 years)
really good tutorial, i've made it with a alarm :) cheers

Author Brickman619 (2 years)
To get rid of the pixelation, make the background color and transparency
key a higher constrast color from the text color. For example, a black
clock with a white background would not have any pixelation around the edge.

Author shinja0z (4 years)
This is pretty interesting.. I'm a beginner in VB. Can I put this in
another program as an extra? If yes, then how?

Author yenthex007 (2 years)
but.... what do you use as screen-recorder? i want to record a tutorial

Author mikethedj4 (2 years)
READ THE DESCRIPTION!!! Or just watch the video!!!!!!

Author mikethedj4 (4 years)
@Franneldort You'r'e Very Welcome

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