Nacht Der Untoten Round 311 TheRelaxingEnd Solo - Call of Duty World at War Zombies

The Flamethrower strategy. Full gameplay proof here:

This is the highest round record in the first zombies map that can be fully proven. Insta-kill rounds start to appear in a certain pattern after round 163. World at War Zombies maps Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt and Shi No Numa have one horde of 24 zombies each round in solo mode. Flamethrower is the best gun in Nacht similar to Jet Gun in Black Ops 2 Zombies TranZit.

Second channel:

Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies Nacht Der Untoten Round 300 +. Played on PS3 to avoid the game from freezing like it does on Xbox360. World at War Zombies Round 100. Round 100 Nacht Der Untoten. First Zombies Map Round 100. The Legit World Record.

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Author sonzz02 (3 months)
This is Legit. People saying this is fake obviously hasn't played WaW (Best
CoD ever) after 163 the rounds reset zombie health, its not a bug treyarch
didn't want zombies to be impossible after you got that far (In Nacht der
Untoten there were no perks or pack a punch) and every round 24 zombies
come in and since its 300+ they all come in cause they're super fast, also
the flamethrower is insanely good on rounds 1-15 and since it reset the
flamethrower is amazing and instakill rounds come in patterns so they would
die slowly.

Author Tom Selby (1 month)
RelaxingEnd, possibly the best zombie player of all time...

Author DMB GaLe HG (3 months)
Me hacen gracia los que dicen que es fake. Se nota que no han jugado WaW en
su vida. En algunas rondas los zombis mueren facil, porque a partir de la
ronda 163, hay algunas rondas que la vida de los zombis es la de la ronda
uno. Lo de que solo tiene la pistola, para juntar obviamente. Las 6000
kills solo, es porque en WaW, las rondas son solo de 24 zombis por ronda.
Ale, volved.

Author Ultimate Trophy Hunter (29 days)
How You're not getting bored after this? Like holly shit, this would peace
me off after round 100 (I got to round 83 in Ascension but dear God at
round 40 I was dying of boredom. Anyway, You're Sick Relax, thats why
You're awesome, great job.

Author RelaxedMoose (5 months)
Why Don't you play Bo1 Nacht and do something that is more impressive,

Author Blake Pfannenstein (1 month)
this honestly looks like a waist of time and it would get boring

Author Mr. Mystery (3 months)
1.Highlight the numbers.
2.Press Ctrl+F.
3.Press 9.
4.Read the message

Author GamingIsKeyFtw Call Of Duty&MineCraft (1 month)
This is legit! For u people saying its fake its not! Cause in WAW after 100
rounds the zombies health reset so u ask me! 

Author Purplederple (1 month)
every godamn idiot comment do your fucking research little boys

Author Ivo Gonzalez (17 days)
I haven't played was zombies yet but why did he still had the colt on
round 301? Isn't that the starting weapon?

Author Awesome Gamez (15 days)
FAKE there is like 3,000,000 zombies on round 302 but you have like 15

Author Matt Harris (1 month)
Only 24 zombies spawn per round so this is totally legit

Author Can Buldan (11 days)
is that normal that he gots to round 311 and the coming zombie number is
too low

Author crispybacon257 (16 days)
I wonder why the flamethrower is so powerful. Problem cause his other
weapon is the colt

Author Jayden Colon (21 day)
The zombies' health resets after round 163 I believe 

Author drew vrba (10 days)
hold up the sounds are different and the numbers

Author Dakota Buckler (3 months)
that's photo shop u lire none can survive to round 311 with a fucking

Author freezingpools (2 days)
Dumbasses, the box doors not even open and he has the flamethrower. What
the fuck

Author Randy Munoz (21 day)
FAKE😂 a nuke would not end the round at 302.... And a flame thrower would
NOT! kill a group in less then 2 seconds...

Author ThreeDog (1 month)
I come back to watch this just to remember to good times

Author Matthew Senkiw (1 month)
Thats bo2 bus depo or tranzit if u like fake ass motherfucker I have
bo1,bo2 and waw so I shoyld know

Author Alejandro Mcgee (1 month)
That was pretty awsome, I feel like trying out that strategy.

Author Nerd´re Good (1 month)
Also , on this map are 20 zombies to each horde

Author Max Luty (16 days)
More like round 11 not 311 flamethrower is good not that good and on round
331 there would be like 1000 zombies each round u photo shopper😡

Author RaaZVan99 (2 months)
How did he not open the ''Help'' door but still got his weapons ? *I didn't
watch all the episodes* 

Author ahmad samer zuhd (15 hours)
Ps2 game or xbox360 ???

Author jack lohrey (20 days)
If this is fake, who cares? A lot of youtube is. If this is real, then this
person has just wasted 10-15 hours doing something that gets you nothing.
Either way, a waste of time.

Author David Dolk (15 days)
I think its true beacuse on twitch I watche one guy that died at round
213;) so why cant this be true???

Author Teutius (1 month)
Masterful train

Author R3v0LuT10Ns8D (1 month)
Honestly, WaW Zombies is a lot more difficult. I don't care what weapons
you have or what perks there are. In WaW, if you're hit, it almost feels as
if they grab onto you and pull you in, when in BO1 this was patched. More
graphical and geometry bugs exist in WaW as well, so that's another thing
to look at. Also, there's glitches AND mods in BO1 as opposed to there
being just mods in the WaW version of Nacht der Untoten because all
glitches were patched.

Author Vestaking (1 month)
i have a new world record der riese wave 163

Author drew vrba (10 days)
his name is player when he died and why did that nuke kill that hoard

Author Ocram 34 (28 days)

Author CaribeGamer (2 months)
What ?? The flamethrower is very powerful o.O

Author Nicholas Owen (14 days)
The zombie numbers and health reset at like round 165 so this is legit

Author Bobby Hunter (4 months)
I love all the 12 year old saying that it's impossible to get that far and
there should be more zombies it was the first map after round like 30 all
they zombies health goes back to as it was on round one and they is on like
40 zombies per round on solo man it cracks me up

Author Steven Whitaker (12 days)
fake one shot kill

Author Robbie Perry (24 days)
Why dosent he just shoot them with his pistol if it's insta kill

Author Nymph Angeloid (1 month)
This is impossible on Black Ops 1 DLC.

Author Gummybearzxr aw/gta/zombies (1 month)
Only 6000 kills on round 311 what!?!?

Author bvlynx23 (24 days)
At that moment he knew, he fucked up.

Author Aeddy35 (1 month)
Clueless noobs everywhere...

Author Joseph Guasco (14 days)
What a terrible way to die

Author H2O Broz (19 days)
I Can Get more Kills on Round 30 7,300

Author Masson Jeco (1 month)
I love homo at all. Your jus.. Godlike when it comes to zombies you
are sooo amazing. Y U NO MAKE NEW VIDEO!! make one. Pls

Author Joseph Certo (1 month)
Why can u get a million points in bo1 or waw but in bo2 u can only get a

Author maria soWavii (26 days)
your like the best player in the whole world

Author Michael Marquez (16 days)
Thats call of duty world blackops 2

Author - Lalaoz - (4 months)
O..k it's fake, my proof? Zombie health, his points, zombie count, starting
pistol?, zombies only spawned downstairs even though the stairs were open,
(not 100% sure) nuke drop chance, and the fact that the drops were missing
their green glow. Let me know if I missed any. :)

Author Blaze . Fork (3 months)
That one zombie at the end that killed him was like "GO TO HELL, I'VE HAD

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