Nacht Der Untoten Round 311 TheRelaxingEnd Solo - Call of Duty World at War Zombies

The Flamethrower strategy. Full gameplay proof here:

This is the highest round record in the first zombies map that can be fully proven. Insta-kill rounds start to appear in a certain pattern after round 163. World at War Zombies maps Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt and Shi No Numa have one horde of 24 zombies each round in solo mode. Flamethrower is the best gun in Nacht similar to Jet Gun in Black Ops 2 Zombies TranZit.

Second channel:

Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies Nacht Der Untoten Round 300 +. Played on PS3 to avoid the game from freezing like it does on Xbox360. World at War Zombies Round 100. Round 100 Nacht Der Untoten. First Zombies Map Round 100. The Legit World Record.

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Author Luis Silva (1 month)
Why do they sound like dogs?

Author zigg baur (1 month)
Fake it would take more bullets

Author Prince Cyanide (4 months)
Extremely fake, it would take an hour or so to get past a single round in
the 300s

Author Bossingitsobossly (5 months)
If u look he is getting points even when he ain't killing dem zombies. And
on round 305 it doesn't take 1 second to kill a zombie wit a flamethrower.
Nice try do. I am a fan of yows. Respect. No hate.

Author Jeremy Hellard (15 days)
How come your ps3 didn't burn out

Author bill Smith (1 day)
how lond did that take you?

Author Miko Umarov (22 days)
wtf u cant get a flamethrower or can or is he hacking

Author Fum Yea (6 months)
It is legit. WaW maps (Exception: Der Riese) could only handle 24 zombies
at a time. After round 100, the health values would glitch out and lower
quite drastically, to the point of 1 hit kills. If you still don't believe
it, he has rounds 1-311 in the description of the video. Don't think you
know everything about zombies just because you played BO2.

Author MATT WESTHACKZ (13 days)
fake ive made it to that round on a glitch and there way stronger and
theres o unlimited insta kill and theres way more zombies

Author EducatedRebel1945 (1 month)
this guy must have hacked. the flame thrower would take an hour to kill one
zombie in rounds 100 and up.

Author Brandon Thomas (3 months)
How u get this map

Author Youssef Abdelsamad (26 days)

Author Mitchell Wright (27 days)
YOU TOTALY CHEATED youve got a stating pistolf!! LAL

Author vKaz Gaming (25 days)
Is this on bo2? Because if it is how did you get a bonus round?

Author John Jackson (1 month)
He is playing call of duty world at war nacht der untoten. But I can tell
you right now, that this Vedic is total bull shit. Here's how. Is is
correct the only 24 zombies can spawn in at a time. At a time, so their
would be WAY more zombies coming in waves. Also how in the fuck did he make
it to that high of a round with the colt?! Theirs no way. Also the
flamethrower is NOT that good, even with insta-kill. And their is no such
thing as "insta-kill rounds". All zombie games are required to be able to
go up to round 99,999 without bugs. Another reason we know that this is
fake, the gibs aren't glowing green. And even sprinters will not and cannot
spawn on that fast. FAKE.

Author Luis Clark (1 month)
ok so let me bust this gameplay 1. the door to the box isnt open and only
one of the barriers are so there is no way he could of got a flamethrower..
2. if it was insta kill rounds dont you think his pistol would be killing
them instantly so fuck you all theres your proof 

Author Levitecus (4 months)
can anyone link me to a tutorial to how he gets to where he is at the
beginning of the video? I know he is playing tranzit that's all I know :|

Author brandon p (1 month)
That is not on ps3 if it is your a major hacker and should be consol banned
but if it's on PC and your customizing the map just for fun you should open
up the map more 

Author NathanShankle (1 month)
No way this is real. You telling me you didn't even open the door to the
Box? So you didn't get a "good weapon"? 

Author Amelia Dencker (1 month)
He didn't get the box

Author Mt G (26 days)
This map is too easy for me☺

Author Aron David (1 month)
fake fake fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Manuel Horvath (1 month)
nice gameplay (:
pretty nice, but why oyu keep you colt?

Author James Fleming (2 months)

Author Eric Hernandez (1 month)
Cuz how the fuck you get the Flamethrower with the help door still closed
for the mystery box faggit 

Author Philip Duda (4 months)
Relaxing end is without a doubt the best zombies and cod player ever

Author stefano guida (1 month)
He has a flaming thrower and he hasn't even opens the first doe to the box 

Author creepermaster (1 month)
Thear should be more zombs

Author salvatore barba (2 months)

Author XxBobCatxX (1 month)

Author GutsyGamers (1 month)
if its round 311 how come zombies died so fast by the flamethrower it takes
long to kill zombies with the flamethrower in a high round

Author Eric Palmer (1 month)
Hacked the fkame thrower doesnt kill that easily on round 10 let alown
round 300

Author Roesmary Carey (1 month)
Fake is right,luv ur other vids like die rise relaxin end but this is a
complete fake.Good job though on die rise.

Author Daniel Steinke (2 months)
It's obviously fake he just has the round changer and damage mod and how do
I know this. Because I got it

Author Kirk Garland (1 month)
The flam thrower tacks a lot more damage to kill them 

Author TBC apollo (2 months)
Fake you killed them all on wave 302 in seconds you cheat

Author Wrongwaycryer4 (1 month)
How did he get the flamethrower if he didn't open any doors? 

Author Bastian Fonseca (1 month)
This is FAKE!!!!!!!!

Author Kool Cactus (2 months)
U have the weapon damage hack

Author Amelia Dencker (1 month)
And plus how did he get the flamethrower

Author Ghosts289 (2 months)
You guys are all fucking idiots look at the font of the 300s and it's the
wrong font unless your an idiot and which most of whos watching this video
are looks like font on round 53

Author Sam Woodwind (2 months)
H A C K E R 😡

Author Pauls Bude (2 months)
You......wrong basthard!Thats a Fake!

Author Villager (3 months)
This is gay. There are like 20 zombies on a high round and insta kill and
how dufuq can you hack on ps3

Author HMK NorwayHD (2 months)
Why is it so easy to kill zombies in so high round? Are there bonus rounds
or something?

Author TheBlue Husky (2 months)
you wore on waw 

Author Crazy x Spike (2 months)
Manage if this was Syndicate in a diffrent channell

Author MaerosMind (3 months)
I heard of something called an insta round or something but what is it? I'm
confused why he kills so quick.

Author MrPlunderify (3 months)
Audio is off, even on world at war there is more than one horde in the
later rounds, and they all spawn way too fast. Any later round zombies
player knows this is false

Author shawn christopher (4 hours)
There is no Call Of Duty five.

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