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Author Shan Khaitsa ( ago)
Wow,great song

Author sandra mukasa ( ago)
This song really taught me

Author Parisha Musisi ( ago)
Nice message

Author kabuye abudul hakimu ( ago)
nice song

Author Samson Paul ( ago)
Nyc song kyagulanye,wetegerezeeeee??

Author John Byenkya (1089 years ago)
My life was not good if was not good and bliver in him I was already ded
because I was not any sport from binging know one help me it's only God
help me my father and my mother did when I was still young boy I was fast
bon in family I was lucky god help me and give me friends to help me at
least know am okay I have job I can luka my self and my brother I give
thanks to God am bleve sevend 

Author nanziri mary ( ago)
Nice msg 

Author Namuli Zaituni (1938 years ago)
Wow!! nyc song.

Author Namuli Zaituni (1941 year ago)
Wow!! nyc song.

Author Matt Dathew ( ago)
i luv this song..

Author Katungi Shirley ( ago)
mnange obela nempisa naye bigana.

Author otamanya jairo ( ago)
lucrative characters if any God change them

Author Sandra Nakimuli ( ago)
very nice music!

Author matovu hanny ( ago)
I can stop Listen 2 your Music..Thx God Bless you

Author Oloyaj ( ago)
Let truth be told......Ladies audit yourselves!

Author flo joan ( ago)
Syliver u narrated and sung so well,thanks.

Author Martins Jose ( ago)
i rather be wth kasenya nku than namagwatala!

Author rmbabazi ( ago)
@somewanka Vote up!!!

Author rmbabazi ( ago)
@julietdesire me too. thanks syliver

Author rmbabazi ( ago)
@preezo007 somebody say home sick

Author rmbabazi ( ago)
@Mupenzi oh oh

Author rmbabazi ( ago)
@rosettebn vote up!!! I agree

Author Secrets Unlocked Ministry ( ago)
Nakawanga ne Namagwatala LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Author shamirah256 ( ago)
mwegederezeeeeeeeeeeee mwetegerezeee!!!!

Author Lily flower ( ago)
Wabula ffe abakazi abalina Empisa tetulemwa maka, Kyagulanyi you are the
best mwana you can sing stuff that is so very constructive to the society

Author Swalz ( ago)
ahahhahahhaha.....ZIBA MPISA........nebwaba
mulungi.....TOGWIRANA.......kika....those r many around.......this is wt i
ws talking abt.......MUWASE NJU

Author 222shaggy ( ago)
sure!! Come 2 to the west, the moment our sisters smell jet fuel then they
gain 1-5 traits of the above! nice video

Author y0utubewdc ( ago)

Author imauzan ( ago)
Very educative song..we should borrow a leaf from the msge sent out...

Author imauzan ( ago)
HAHAHAH...i know some women who are like the characters in the
video.....God help them

Author rciru ( ago)
I wish I knew the meanin of this song. LMAO.

Author imauzan ( ago)
too late...he just wedded....u will find hisbro or

Author Ugandangirl ( ago)
Ok,, taking this off my mind... It looks like Ugandan guys can't bend half
way to meet u.. This video displays the extreme... but LADIES remain
empowe(RED) this is your only life

Author Ugandangirl ( ago)
I think the message is WRONG... Women have to be empowe(RED)

Author rutnab ( ago)
you shouild see the fat lady in, "the inhabitant"

Author rutnab ( ago)

Author Jsemanda ( ago)
What an observation - you mean to tell me Silver (and all his cute self)
was a seminarian!!). Thank God, he quit in time, othewise he would surely
end up in that "unfaithful" band of former priests. He is simply the BEST
when it comes to composing! What a talent!

Author renamb03 ( ago)
This is hilarious!!!!! And it has a lovely message too!

Author Winniedagal ( ago)
kyekyo OB Kasasa, u still rock as in da school dayz. Bravo!

Author thinnah ( ago)
no his not but his songs r good

Author labermon ( ago)

Author nasmiha ( ago)
hahahaha. Your funny. I really thought you wouold pick.

Author Zacht BGentle (1368 years ago)
I like the fat dirty one, she intends to be friendly. I just dont get why
she is itching always

Author preezo007 ( ago)
i luv my country uganda luv the song. nothing gets me happy than listening
music from my country

Author ugandangal ( ago)
Webale Silver kuwana bakazi. You are right abakazi abalina empisa tebalemwa

Author ariyealege ( ago)
Your are my future man, wait for me. I'm coming to uganda,dam u are really
man hottttttttttttt.

Author okorewq ( ago)
I prefer none but if I were forced by court to pick one as my SENTENCE, I
would rather have....uuuummm...well none of these. I would appeal to a
higher court.

Author miramben ( ago)
It is perfect and lovely silver tell the ladies. Ladies are you
offended?!!! hope no it is advise!! take care

Author nasmiha ( ago)
Better to have Lugambo than dirt, cheating, or quarrelsome.

Author Pitinaloves ( ago)
that is right man and it a real it

Author ugandangal ( ago)
Silver you are such a talented guy ela kitufu wayimba nnyo nti abakazi
abamanyi omwano tebalemwa makka! You are right. Thanx

Author ehyyyo ( ago)
so funny mbu abagaga nabo bayomba

Author krookroorocket ( ago)
No offence meant to anybody, obufumbo buzibu! Naye abakazi abamanyi
omukwaano, ogezaako obutalemwa maka!!!!! Let somebody be as brave as
Kyagulanyi, abulirile abassajja.

Author zeasha ( ago)
sylver you are so talented and a gentleman too. your wife should really
thank God and congs i wish you a happy marriage full of God's blessings

Author rwemaed ( ago)
Sliver u brave All girlz should listern for the warn

Author Kahimakazi ( ago)
Good one sylver but there is no need for a papple tie on a the same colour

Author Beth Namara ( ago)
Sliver Kyagulanyi,i have one word for you man.STAR you are

Author somewanka ( ago)
Silver, I thhik u should be called Gold instead of Silver. I love u.

Author kisnak ( ago)
Banange the namagwats did a good job of irritating, eeeeeh!

Author nasmiha ( ago)
I loooooooooove this song!! Oh my Gosh!! He has to sing at my wedding!

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