mattuvadala niddara mattu vadalara in ntr sree krishna paandaveeyam


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Author jeksani prabhakar ( ago)
awesome song with lots of good in it! indeed it alerts you from laziness.

Author nani baswa ( ago)
this song tells how to face life in 3 mins. yes we sleep half our life time
and the rest we dont use our common sense.

Author Sunderam P T ( ago)
This song speaks the law of truth of centuries across every culture and
every age

Author Hari Prasad sp ( ago)

Author GANESH PRASAD ( ago)
very famous song i am interested favour of andhra ntr 9989014113

Author venkeyv88 ( ago)
It is really cute

Author Pusuloori Pnrao ( ago)
very lucky having gantasala......

Author Soundarya Valli ( ago)
e kalam lo elanti songs ravu salute to ghantasala

Author Premchand Surapaneni ( ago)
goldenhit song with amessagemeaningfulsong with 2 greats

Author Rama ( ago)
Timeless Classic. RIP NTR n GHANTASALA.

Author Rajgopal N ( ago)
Follow the advice by the Lord through Master Ghantasala

Author sharath chandra ( ago)

Author Venkat Raghavendran ( ago)
The difficulties around you can make you slink away to sleep Put your
cowardice away and face your situations bravely When you do your duty and
step up, I will save you Advising you is my righteous duty, if you don’t
listen it is your fate

Author Venkat Raghavendran ( ago)
Half the lifetime is already spent in sleeping. If you are lazy, the
remaining half will also be without self control An excessively sleepy and
soporific person is a mindless idiot He doesn’t get the knowledge and
realization and will waste away As long as possible you might say there is
nobody more capable When you don’t succeed, you fall quiet and feel
despondent Just being physically strong will not help solve hard problems
When you bring along a sharp mind, you can garner the victory

Author Venkat Raghavendran ( ago)
Here is my attempt at translating. It still doesn't bring the richness of
the words in the song. To get through a difficult/dangerous situation have
a plan When there is darkness, you should search for the light One without
forethought will not always succeed Lazy/superficial person will not be
able to grasp the nuances Let go off the stupor of sleep, let go off the
stupor If you fall in that stupor you will senselessly lose yourself

Author Jayendran C ( ago)
Can you please post the meaning of this song? Please spare some time

Author Jayendran C ( ago)
Can you please post the meaning of this song. Please?

Author Mulpuri venkata ranga prasad ( ago)
Meaningful song

Author Chandrakanth Reddy ( ago)
Great song!

Author addlcommrparks ( ago)
100% real truth in this song

Author Jsramaiah Jallipeta ( ago)

Author DeepKadiyala ( ago)
kartavyam nee vantu...kapaduta na vantu...excellent line.

Author Krishna Chaitanya ( ago)
Good Morning

Author Veerasekhar Jagarlamudi ( ago)
no words.Excellent NTR.

Author pr kankipati ( ago)
" సాగినంతకాలం నా అంతవాడు లేడందురు.. సాగకపోతే ఊరక చతికిలబడి పోదురు..
కండబలముతోటే ఘనకార్యము సాధించలేరు.. బుద్ధిబలము తోడైతే విజయమ్ము వరించగలరు.."
జానపద కవిరాజు కొసరాజు గారి అమ్ములపొదిలో నుండి అతివేగంగా వచ్చి గుండెలో
గుచ్చుకొనే మాటల బాణాలు.. అక్షర లక్షలు.. ఘంటసాల మాస్టారి గంభీర గాత్రం..
సినిమాదేవుడు N.T.R. నటన + దర్శక ప్రతిభ.. వాహ్... పి.ఆర్.కంకిపాటి..

Author phani kumar Aachalla ( ago)
yadardham anduke cheyalem

Author Sailaxmiprasana Padigela ( ago)
Great Meaning Ful Song

Author Satya Komatineni ( ago)
A tour de force

Author Himanshu Pandey ( ago)
inspires me everyday to lead a better life. thank you NTR!

Author bad boy ( ago)
great superb lyrics.

Author Ajay Eragam ( ago)
this is not just a song. it tells how to lead life.

Author Anujasweety ( ago)
five star rating good inspirational and devotional movie song thats NTR all
time Immortal king of Tollywood.

Author Bart ( ago)
Best song of all time

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