Budget CM Wizard Guide - MP10 for Under 1 Mil! (1.0.5)

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If you're not familiar with the CM Build, watch this video first:

I walk you through step by step how to build a critical mass wizard gear set on the AH for less than 1 million gold. We then test out the build and see it can handle MP 10 inferno and farm efficiently in MP 2.

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Author Psycho Unicorn (UncutVids) ( ago)
good ole days

Author John LeFebre ( ago)
i miss cm

Author Atheist269 ( ago)
I can't fucking believe how terrible this game used to be around release.
Look at this. Why did that faggot Jay Wilson think it's fun to spend 15
minutes on an elite pack?

You can't even compare this game to Reaper of Souls.

Author Benoit Girard ( ago)
just to see if you worth something

Author Benoit Girard ( ago)
just come and try hardcore, I dare you

Author Benoit Girard ( ago)
But overall the idea is pretty good

Author Benoit Girard ( ago)
dude make an updated video cause for me in hardcore just starting with the
weapon it's a minimum of 1,000,000 so for the rest it's already busted

Author bladeclanhalo3 ( ago)
my dh. 50 mill. 45k life and 180k dps. cant do mp10 very well. wizard. 2
million. 33k life. 120k dps...can do mp10

Author Jamie R ( ago)
Thanks for this! I'm breezing through MP3-4 with a 1 mil build on my
freshly dinged wiz. So much fun :)

Author HectorCruzSuarezOnYT ( ago)
I think attack speed got nerfed somewhere between this video and 1.0.8

Author NasUvsNaxiS ( ago)
i spent like 3 mil on eu server and got like 70 dmg thanks buddy u rock

Author Szafka Domowa ( ago)
Yes, he's serious. I don't heard that before i read his comment. Now it's

Author Spark197 ( ago)
it works pretty well

Author Str8rAim ( ago)
A really cool thing to have with these build videos would be a list on
ranges of stats in the about section. For example. Health 30k-40k+ Armor
3.5k-5k+ Attack Speed 2.2 - 3.19+ etc,etc. I know you say some of that in
your vids but it would be helpful to also read what is needed and then
people could apply that to maybe a 50mil - 1bil build. Awesome vids, keep
them coming.

Author Alan West ( ago)
by using your guide and I had more then a mill to spend but my build just
kill the spider queen with 140mil life on mp10 inferno thank you so much
great advie

Author SNLTCH ( ago)
lol are you serious?

Author GamerDanCam ( ago)
I made a bit of a different set on July 10th, 2013, patch 1.08 for less
than 10 million which can handle MP10 - even has almost a decent trash mob
kill speed.. and can probably do ~mp5-mp6 efficiently. Click my name and
find the "MP10 Critical Mass Freeze Wizard for 10 Million Gold - 1.08 -
July 10th, 2013 HD" video if you want to check it out. Also heavily
annotated to help skip to parts you care about, as well as has many notes
in the description. =)

Author nnim ( ago)
stop doing that strange lip/mouth side effect sounds. this
*blibblablswallowbreakplbb* made me quit the video

Author João Monteiro ( ago)

Author chainfloats ( ago)
AH is not bugged. Minimum damage and Maximum damage DO inflict your average
damage equally. for example: you do 400-800 damage, average damage
=(400+800)/2 = 600 AD you gain 100 MAXIMUM damage: (400+900)/2 = 650 AD you
gain 100 MINIMUM damage: (500+800)/2 = 650 AD You see: there is no DPS
difference between minimum and maximum damage. the only case where minimum
damage would be more beneficial is when your minimum damage passes beyond
your maximum damage (400-500 damage and you get 200 min dmg)

Author Russell Miller ( ago)
thank you! your videos are great

Author KingLies ( ago)
Check out my channel for an mp10 build for those with a little more than

Author Axalot onetwo ( ago)
if you're not "FAMILIAR" with the archon build. Get it? FAMILIAR?

Author SunhoaXD ( ago)
Hell no

Author JoshL ( ago)
google: cm wiz diablo 3 and that will give you the answer

Author JoshL ( ago)
the vid is over 6month old dude... so no, price in AH are way higher now,
you can get decent gear for about 150mil (and will get you to about 200k
dps), solo farm mp9 easily, and easily farm with a good group in mp10 (btw
'farm' as you can kill a pack of mobs in under 3- 5 seconds, not 10hours)

Author MrZerobun ( ago)
Dafuq. :D

Author Senpai's Secretary ( ago)
I used about 700k for it

Author Senpai's Secretary ( ago)
I can get up to 3.02 attack speed with my cm wizard when i have frenzied

Author Aradysh ( ago)
With 3 mill i made a wizard by this guide that can easily solo MP4. Thank
you very much!

Author Qck420 ( ago)

Author Psycoholic2008 ( ago)
the build is called Critical Mass, which is a passive for wizards every
critical reduces cool downs by 1 Sec.

Author luca novello ( ago)
it work for 1.0.8 ?

Author nugent359 ( ago)
Critical Mass, he mentioned it around 3:30

Author YThuber Yaugh ( ago)
how does he got so low cooldown i mean like the diamond skin and frost nova
or what ever he can spam them all the time

Author Stefan de Jong ( ago)
He's using it for the stream to remove the background.

Author CNDProductionsTV ( ago)
what is the point of you beeing alive?

Author Emil Hansen ( ago)
What is the point of having a greenscreen if u are not using it anyway?

Author Zark ( ago)
POE = path of exile! A game that desync's 24/7 and they don't even try and
fix the main problems they just add shit.

Author Zark ( ago)
poe is boring and buggy as shit.

Author TheNicolaiwow ( ago)
I have Thinked What server u play on like us or eu?

Author Eunsol Park ( ago)
Yo son , u are a fking retard ^^ , go study son , dun make a fool out of
yourself , nerd. -'-

Author MGT ( ago)
You my friend, are a total retard.

Author clebando ( ago)
Path of Exile, and don`t listen to him D3 is way better

Author Bertie Wheen ( ago)
(A) What's PoE? (B) Why are you watching D3 videos...?

Author Brian Erlandson ( ago)
As a new player, I learned a great deal. TY.

Author Squishyprobe ( ago)
butt hurt much?

Author Ondkorven ( ago)
Suprised people still play D3 when PoE can offer so much more even in its
beta stage.

Author mickey rape ( ago)
thanks for for your cm build i like it alot then the arcan built

Author Patrik Lundgren ( ago)
Thanks 0bongo

Author Maffler3288 ( ago)
20m? try to get a cheap chantodos set staff and off hand. if u look
carefully u can get both for about 4m. then the rest like he builded up his
wizzard. only look for the parts to have more int minimum 175 per part. the
rest take the stats he has.suit maybe a tal rasha. helmet a stormcrow,
bracers are lacuni. boots ice climbers will work great. belt hmm try to get
a cheap witching hour if not then look for one with int vita ar and maybe
armor. should work

Author Maffler3288 ( ago)
thx to this retarded guide so much people in europe are running around and
think they are the greatest and can beat infernal machine at mp10 and so
on. good job to confuse little kiddies and at least u are nooby playing
that softcore shit. i wanna see a boomsorc build for hardcore from u. and
at least its not called critical mass its called boomsorc! critical mass is
only the passiv ability u use to negate ur skill cool time

Author Eunsol Park ( ago)
hi , can u help me build a cm wizard to that can do MP10 quite easy?
please! waiting for yr reply ! ^^

Author HALF MASK ( ago)
i want u 2 build my wiz! i have 20mil to spend nowwww. will keep it handy
if u reply!, hope u do so ASAP AS OF THIS DATE!......hope 2 hear from u

Author MaraudingMaster ( ago)
Is this still viable to go for? I am a very new player just trying to feel
my surroundings, wondering if this is an option because I am around the 1
mil point.

Author Ouroboros ( ago)
I just hit my screen so hard cause of that spider on your no pic there,
good one..

Author Spookzor ( ago)
EU AH pricing is kinda insane.

Author CheqmateWoW ( ago)
I was lucky. Was able to get a decent intelligence Mempo of Twilight for my
wizard for 16k bid.

Author Julian Mann ( ago)
thanks for this man! subscribed.

Author Luthlan ( ago)
Oh btw I'm on EU server

Author Luthlan ( ago)
A good cheap helm to get this build up and going is Andariel's Visage. Crit
chance and attack speed + int very cheap. I'm pretty new but with the help
of your guide managed to get my AS to 2.31 + about the same as your stats
on this set for around a mil. Many thanks

Author Anders Thomsen ( ago)
Well if you looked through the video he says "you wouldn't actually want to
do MP10, because it is ridicolously slow"...

Author tatarjj2007 ( ago)
Sorry, but taking 20 minutes to kill one elite pack because your DPS is
pathetically low is not "handling" MP10. There's a lot of idiots out there
that farm MP10 just because it's MP10. It takes them forever to kill stuff,
and they are too dumb to realize that they would find WAY more loot if they
just set the difficulty to like, MP5. You should farm the highest
difficulty that you QUICKLY kill things in.

Author NoTenJakMuTam ( ago)
look when did i post that

Author Daniel S ( ago)
not realy, he picks gloves without int or vit ot anithing. i rebuilded this
and the priced are like this. ty :)

Author Peter Enis ( ago)
minimum demage is not avarage deamge

Author Sam Woolley ( ago)
why didn't he take the rings etc.. with the sockets he could have gotten
max dmg and 35 int + thanks to a gem.....

Author Peter Nyedro ( ago)

Author beatdownlondonv2 ( ago)
The US is bad too. Be sure to search by buyout or you won't find shit it's
really simple. if you can't find anything at a decent price then I don't
know what to tell you.

Author Guan Wonh ( ago)
slot ( DPS) , Atk speed ( freeze more often) DPS is always more expensive.

Author Kamil Chmielewski ( ago)
What chantodo will is better? with attackspeed or with slot?

Author joshCtheking ( ago)
faggot, if only you knew how wrong you are. pretentious shitheads like you
piss me off

Author gohullboy ( ago)
Please do a build for CM wiz in the upcoming update 1.0.8 because APOC
actually has a bug right now that doubles the amount of procs it can get.
thanks for the help Archon!

Author MRglamza ( ago)
thx for movie

Author jdr4444able ( ago)
Thanks for videos Archon, helped soo much!

Author MrDobby5406 ( ago)
Nice thanks for this build

Author The Alpine RS ( ago)
Amazing info. Built an mp10 uber cm wiz with this info . Thanks a lot sir

Author adrenaline ( ago)
thanks to the uploader i built a CM wiz based on this vid and i can survive
any MP level. i was getting my ass handed to me before i saw this vid and i
wanna thank you u made d3 fun agani for me :)

Author adrenaline ( ago)

Author Chen Jialu ( ago)
is it still work in 1.0.7?

Author drinkyourtea ( ago)
the asian one is just as bad if not worse than the EU one like I literally
almost can't afford any of the good stuff on there and it's only if someone
underprices it that I am able to get good stuff so annoying

Author Adam Tj ( ago)
I don't know. It's just always been like that.

Author Tai Trieu ( ago)
I just started playing again and I need help with building a CM wiz!
Taibo#1527 Thank you.

Author Mark Portman ( ago)
That's unfortunate. How come?

Author Zach Frank ( ago)

Author Lee Sin ( ago)
Still for 100k on AH...

Author BeaTHaZaRD2k59 ( ago)
may i add you :) ? i really like your vids and they helped me very much :D
! My BattleTag is Roxxer#2242

Author Michał Pawłowski ( ago)
when im looking for build for about 1 mil gold, i know that i will have to
spend about 20m on europe its damn true :)

Author Adam Tj ( ago)
The EU auction house is so much more expensive.........

Author eric311 ( ago)
34:25 the gob says holy shit I actually get to keep my treasure

Author Samir Lebbad ( ago)
You need some water bro :D

Author jeuray sandoval ( ago)
well right when u bought the boots u had spent 1003602 so with the gem put
u over to 1048080 just saying lol also the second time u added it was wrong
but ya just saying

Author NZbobNZ ( ago)
this is quite an old video now and even though he dose indeed have a high
paragon, gear these days is much cheaper and you are able replicate what he
has done regardless of your paragon.

Author ExgTeclas ( ago)
This was great! Thanks so much! I didn't have 1kk budget, but managed to
really improve my stats. Helps understanding what's importating when
gearing. Also added magic find on some items as I'm a fresh lvl60 so no
paragon boost. Keep up the good work!

Author Angel Yotov ( ago)
No i dont play it lol :D just mad coz i w8 for the game to come out for so
long to be a epic fail

Author ElegyForTheMasses ( ago)
Thanks for the guide. Budget isn't too big of an issue, but decided to try
this out just to see how the auction house is doing, and it seems prices
must have skyrocketed since this guide. I'm lucky if I get one or two items
meeting our minimum needs for this vid based on limiting to the current
prices. I couldn't find any weapons with 9% attack speed and the other
stats for under 200,000. :(

Author Shu L.Light ( ago)
thx man!! this vid is awesome and i've learned a lot (*noobpowaaaahh*) can
i make a video-respone with my result? :D

Author Liangshi Xu ( ago)
try to macro out all the keyspam......i just 1 button to play this
build...which is sleepy....

Author Liangshi Xu ( ago)
chrome out your background in vid!

Author Brian Steen ( ago)
i love you and your stream. a lil homo

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