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Author Dustin Pizzolto (2 months)
good ole days

Author John LeFebre (1 year)
i miss cm

Author Benoit Girard (1 year)
just to see if you worth something

Author Benoit Girard (1 year)
just come and try hardcore, I dare you

Author bladeclanhalo3 (1 year)
my dh. 50 mill. 45k life and 180k dps. cant do mp10 very well. wizard. 2
million. 33k life. 120k dps...can do mp10

Author Atheist269 (1 year)
I can't fucking believe how terrible this game used to be around release.
Look at this. Why did that faggot Jay Wilson think it's fun to spend 15
minutes on an elite pack?

You can't even compare this game to Reaper of Souls.

Author Benoit Girard (1 year)
But overall the idea is pretty good

Author Benoit Girard (1 year)
dude make an updated video cause for me in hardcore just starting with the
weapon it's a minimum of 1,000,000 so for the rest it's already busted

Author Felix Horvat (2 years)
got a working equip on eu for 350 k :D

Author Ouroboros (2 years)
I just hit my screen so hard cause of that spider on your no pic there,
good one..

Author slayer94QC (2 years)
im also wondering which runes? and how does it work?

Author Aradysh (2 years)
With 3 mill i made a wizard by this guide that can easily solo MP4. Thank
you very much!

Author Guan Wonh (2 years)
slot ( DPS) , Atk speed ( freeze more often) DPS is always more expensive.

Author Alexon Asaf (2 years)
1.7 just buffs the wizard in some spells. no nerf.

Author crasher3550 .Rikami (2 years)
hi , can u help me build a cm wizard to that can do MP10 quite easy?
please! waiting for yr reply ! ^^

Author Bertie Wheen (2 years)
(A) What's PoE? (B) Why are you watching D3 videos...?

Author KingLies (2 years)
Check out my channel for an mp10 build for those with a little more than

Author Alexon Asaf (2 years)
lol that game sucks, totally bad. pls dno#t recommend that again -.-"

Author howbad4545 (2 years)
except he does say uhh a few times so youre wrong there

Author Squishyprobe (2 years)
butt hurt much?

Author UndeadTwix (2 years)
Any chance of seeing what gear you personally use, and why you choose that
along with correlated pricing to each item?

Author stanleyy121 (2 years)
can you do a 50 mil version of this like the archon one?

Author TheNicolaiwow (2 years)
I have Thinked What server u play on like us or eu?

Author cerv92 (2 years)
aww im so poor, im lucky if i ever get 1 mill :(

Author Shu L.Light (2 years)
thx man!! this vid is awesome and i've learned a lot (*noobpowaaaahh*) can
i make a video-respone with my result? :D

Author vinnie 888 (2 years)
does this work with 1.06 wil it workwith 1.7?

Author beatdownlondonv2 (2 years)
The US is bad too. Be sure to search by buyout or you won't find shit it's
really simple. if you can't find anything at a decent price then I don't
know what to tell you.

Author CheqmateWoW (2 years)
I was lucky. Was able to get a decent intelligence Mempo of Twilight for my
wizard for 16k bid.

Author adrenaline (2 years)

Author mahe4 (2 years)
actually some minor "uhhs" are there, but only because he is talking,
evaluating the gear, and thinking about what to say at the same time. and
it's pretty amazing, that he doesn't make more mistakes with that kind of
multitasking. :)

Author MGT (2 years)
You my friend, are a total retard.

Author alchemical garden at the edge of time (2 years)
Incorrect choice of words to formulate a meaningful reply. I'd be pissed
off if I had your brain as well--try harder.

Author campwoolf (2 years)
D3 has died, no point in posting such videos

Author MrZerobun (2 years)
Dafuq. :D

Author Ivan Yanchev (2 years)
Diablo is a much better game than Path of Exile up to the point when you
actually win on Inferno. The mechanics of the game, the graphics, the story
line, the actual gameplay is much better. And don't forget you will aren't
through PoE yet, you might reconsider after you complete the game... RPG's
don't really have an ultimate goal if there's nothing to compete with other
ppl on, other than completing the questline itself. Diablo is sooooooooooo
much better than PoE in that regard.

Author Tschentscher (2 years)
2:18 NONONO!!! Take number 2!! It got lifesteal as well!! :(

Author Anders Thomsen (2 years)
Well if you looked through the video he says "you wouldn't actually want to
do MP10, because it is ridicolously slow"...

Author Criticismisgood (2 years)
Really amazing and veeery helpful video. You got my Subscription!

Author Lee Sin (2 years)
Still for 100k on AH...

Author Chen Jialu (2 years)
is it still work in 1.0.7?

Author luca novello (2 years)
it work for 1.0.8 ?

Author Maffler3288 (2 years)
20m? try to get a cheap chantodos set staff and off hand. if u look
carefully u can get both for about 4m. then the rest like he builded up his
wizzard. only look for the parts to have more int minimum 175 per part. the
rest take the stats he has.suit maybe a tal rasha. helmet a stormcrow,
bracers are lacuni. boots ice climbers will work great. belt hmm try to get
a cheap witching hour if not then look for one with int vita ar and maybe
armor. should work

Author SunhoaXD (2 years)
Hell no

Author YThuber Yaugh (2 years)
how does he got so low cooldown i mean like the diamond skin and frost nova
or what ever he can spam them all the time

Author donatshabani (2 years)

Author JoshL (2 years)
google: cm wiz diablo 3 and that will give you the answer

Author Varox (2 years)
You would get a lot better pieces if you searched for 60+ all resist
instead of this weird 68/69 all resist.....

Author Liangshi Xu (2 years)
chrome out your background in vid!

Author kylemenos (2 years)
Anyone know if chantodo's will is a black weapon?

Author Szafka Domowa (1 year)
Yes, he's serious. I don't heard that before i read his comment. Now it's

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