BBQ smoker, cutting the door of a propane tank

we cut out our door using nothing but cheap tools, no torch or plasma cutters. we were going to leave the door attached by a few tabs so it would be easier to mount hinges and stuff, but after the first cut it was crazy how it bowed up, so we scraped that idea and just cut the whole thing out. 1 cutting disk, 1 circular saw disk and 3 saws all blades

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Author motoxchris ( ago)
that exhaust can be just as flammable I think pumping argon gas in it would
be a little safer

Author John Smith ( ago)
Meanwhile in Texas the BBQ Ribs are ready for Sauce and beers cheers

Author Walter Sigona ( ago)
Do you think a 100 volt plasma cutter would work for cutting tanks?

Author Phil Lowman ( ago)
I've used water, and diesel fuel tanks mostly for making my smokers. When I
cut the thinner walled tanks like hot water heater tanks in the same cut
you did the door wants to spring back flatter and doesn't fit the rolled
contour of the tank it was just cut from. I have heated the whole area red
hot to relieve the stress in the steel before cutting out the door. That
uses a lot of gasses though and seems a costly waist. Do these thick walled
propane tanks do the same or do they hold their shape when cut? I ask
because I have a tank about the same size as yours that will soon be a
grill for the church. If it springs back it may be to thick to squeeze back
to shape. I would like to make pig legs, ears, snout, and for his mouth a
flip up mouth to open to scrape out ashes. But the door loosing it's rolled
shape has me concerned and hope you can reply on how this one held to its
shape. Thank You. 

Author daniel mcvey52ford ( ago)
If that was my friend cutting it,,About 2min into it I would have already
lit an m-80 Fire cracker....LOL "but thats just me"....

btw...Great job...

Author Butch Wright ( ago)
Used dry ice fellows i have cut over 10 tanks rinse with water several
times, then put in about 40 lbs of dry ice , it takes all the oxgen out of
the tank and a safe cut always.

Author Robert M Zammit ( ago)
Easy; ask Iron man can help cut area this ...... just 5sec finish

Author TheJulez001 ( ago)
NOT HATING Wow brave..... Just for info LPG is heavier than air so any
remaining LPG would still be at the bottom of tank even with truck
running...:) glade all went well

Author Robert Pollard ( ago)
I read all the comments. Screw the haters. Fixing to cut my first tank
soon. If yall hear a big boom coming from Starke Fl, just drink a beer in
my memory. And for the record, I am using Harbor Freight tools also.

Author ColtDeltaElite10mm ( ago)
Cool video. You got the job done. I did notice however that y'all started
cutting in daylight and the door finally fell of in total darkness. Next
time, I'll let ou use either my cutting torch or plasma cutter. Door will
be off in 5 minutes.

Author mikecook311 ( ago)

Author isaleswriter ( ago)
Did you leave your truck running and filling the tank with exhaust from it
the entire time you were cutting?

Author danietkissenle ( ago)
get a 7.5 cut off blade for a skill saw it cuts through it like butter

Author skindog01007 ( ago)
The heat from the torch will warp the door.

Author moncorp1 ( ago)
Get ya a carbide metal cutting blade and put it on a cheap circular saw.
Makes no sparks. Cuts cold. Makes good straight lines and fast. I even
prefer it over a plasma cutter.

Author hickspanic79 ( ago)
I was just wondering why y'all didn't weld the hinges on before cutting the
door out completely? By doing that the door doesn't spring and is easier to
work with.

Author mikecook311 ( ago)
Re:314chevelle- it was pretty easy to hang door back on but yes it did leak
some smoke. Sometimes I would fold foil and use it as a gasket along the
door seams if it was very windy out.

Author Joseph Dixon ( ago)
I just my door cut out.I left it uncut in a few places so I could get the
hinges aligned while the door was still attached so I wouldn't have any
issues later. I have a question that a buddy of mine had with his tank &
after watching all your videos im wondering if yours did the same. After
you cut the door completely out did you have issues realigning it? I
noticed quite a bit of smoke leaking around your doors when you were
cooking on it.

Author Bill Payne (328 years ago)
why not use a cutting torch

Author mikecook311 ( ago)
Not too long. Maybe a day. Be sure to burn it out after you get the door
out. Watch my other video about burning it out. Thanks.

Author Rocky1488 ( ago)
How long did you let it set after each flush ? Im gonna do the same in a
few weeks and wanted to know ..thanks for the vid .

Author mikecook311 ( ago)
Dude you're not even literate. Dam, rong. Wow

Author chris kachinski ( ago)
dude there is not a dam thing rong with skil tools i love them and
craftsman and i love lowes to so shut up

Author alexhortdog95 ( ago)
Note to self.... Screw the hard work -- invest in a plasma cutter.

Author Koos Heliska ( ago)
Anyone thinking of cutting a tank, use ultra thin Stainless Steel grinding
blades. Like a hot knife through butter!!!

Author bobwatters ( ago)
dont yall have a shop somewhere that would have done that for you? probably
wouldnt cost any more and would have been alot faster!

Author Рудольф Назаров ( ago)
да пиздец, тут болгаркой все вырезать можно было за полчаса

Author mikecook311 ( ago)
I know, we just prayed real hard and the door just fell out. Amazing!!!!

Author Go Joe ( ago)
You all have no IDEA how to use power tools

Author 2024JayZ ( ago)
You sure got drunk cutting that lol

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