girls say i'm coming on bike

Sepeda. Rupanya kendaraan roda 2 ini ada fungsi misterius bagi wanita dewasa
seperti kita lihat di video di bawah ini, seorang wanita sedang mengendarai sepeda lalu dia berteriak i'm coming entah apa yg terjadi tapi dilihat dari expresi wajahnya sepertinya dia sangat menikmatinya :d

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Author mukmin black (2 years)
<3 pasti enak tuh

Author yohanesfanggi (3 years)

Author Tyo Muharom (2 years)
udah biasa

Author nora manis (2 years)
Biasa tuhhhhh

Author Javas Maulana (2 years)
apaan nih

Author unuz ajjah (2 years)

Author jc b (2 years)
oooh that makes sense but this isnt the movie i was looking for, obviously

Author jemmy phutera (2 years)

Author banG2078 (3 years)
wkwkwkkk,.. mak nyooosss,

Author maria etta bernas (2 years)
Damn..that girl is so HORNY!!....she like someone to fucked him up but the
bike is lucky to have her to cum....hmm

Author yanti mala (3 years)

Author agung putu (2 years)
da gila cwe nye.............

Author chandra ap (3 years)
apa bener nih??? hahahahahahahahahaaaa

Author Natsu Dragneel (2 years)
The granny says the next time we choose the bike :D

Author Muhammad Fachry (2 years)

Author nurdin hidayat (2 years)
apa sich gk jelas

Author nismo95nissan (3 years)

Author nenk lazlo (3 years)
gkgkgk o`on....

Author satrya ramadhan (2 years)
What a crap

Author veri zundthear (3 years)
ane pengen dech rasanya

Author piraatje053 (2 years)
ihsa doufhoig hbfdhjn avs

Author jc b (2 years)
how the hell did i ended here i was searching for a german movie ...0.0

Author theGepeng limpung (2 years)
ahh..ya erammm...

Author Sakura Hiroshi (3 years)

Author Andri Puryoto (3 years)

Author Ivan Souza (2 years)
bem bolado

Author Daniel Wescott (2 years)

Author Quantos1000 (2 years)
next time we should use our bikes :D

Author MuarsaHacker (3 years)
wakakak ngakak aku liat nih

Author Anggie Harygustia (2 years)
Sering2 aja gan nge upload video kayak gini. Hahahahaha!

Author wertu139 (3 years)
funny as helll

Author ElianaDreamLight (2 years)

Author Darul MuhibbinNW (2 years)
bisa hilang keperawanan kalau cara naiknya seperti ini

Author khoirul mukmin (2 years)
gimana rasanya sich

Author melinda chayanx (2 years)

Author ceungo (3 years)
hahahaha..... mantaaaaabs !

Author Muhammad agatha rissandika (2 years)
ahahahaha LOL...!

Author mukmin black (2 years)
yg gak biaasa gimana?

Author pangeran Caseta (2 years)
oalaah belaga bego

Author Haris Sudin (2 years)
wkwkwwk kocak

Author Firda Khasanah (2 years)
g malunya tu cwe orgasme d jalanan..

Author lidya renita (2 years)

Author Azmi gunnar solskjaer (3 years)
lama amt sih buffer nya i hate slow

Author SuperSelenaFanGurl79 (3 years)
i luv to ride that bike. lol.

Author Vero Fothermucker (2 years)
xD main thing: Also das nächste mal nehmen wir wieder die Räder

Author senok lanang (2 years)
enyak enyak enyak,,,,,,

Author Angelia Jwalita (2 years)
dah brapa kali gituan ...ada yg mo niru..?

Author aniea nia (2 years)

Author Rahmad Zainuri (2 years)
koplax tenan bche...

Author Vicky Monica (2 years)
ahahaha WTF . so crazy man ! hahahha

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