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Author DeltaSniperZRR (3 months)
These comments below are so stupid. None of you was there at that time so
stfu and don't try to be smart you know something about it.

Author ElongatedVowels (2 months)
Wow, talk about historically inaccurate. There's a distinct lack of a
hooded Native American assassin on this battlefield.

Author GrimmRebellion (2 months)
Lots of shit talking from the brits about Americans... but who was it that
saved your asses in World War 1 and 2? Oh yeah. You're welcome.

Author Kazi Iqbal (2 months)
It's funny how Benjamin Martin is virtually invincible and the same with
most main characters.

Author Nuklearius (2 months)
LOL what happened at 5:14? Looks like the director noticed too many
americans died, so he reinforced them in a frame. And the happy black guy
in the middle of the american line is just embarrassing...

Author MonopolyPassed Go (2 months)
"William Wallace has something to say."
Wait.... Wrong movie.

Author Nikita Makarov (2 months)
i feel that the audio is a bit out of sync

Author Kinjamaimai (3 months)
Quick recap for anyone who hasn't seen the movie; Basically the hero (Mel
Gibson) realizes that the cavalry commander is so used to winning, that
having the militia in the centre fire two shots before retreating, will
draw him and his cavalry out.

The whole protagonist vs. antagonist dynamic is captured in this moment -
The cavalry commander (the English) is overconfident. When faced with
discipline from the militia, he charges headlong into battle, overextending
himself because he underestimates the will of the Americans.

Is it particularly clever screen-writing? Not really. Does it make for a
good movie? Fuck yeah,

Author PAXperMortem (3 months)
Why didn't any of the bluecoats help him? They all just ran past him
instead of attacking the redcoat from behind.

Author Jesus Leyva (2 months)
I feel a revolution in 2014. Here in fuking America! FUCK THE GOVERMENT!
Especially Obama 

Author Arie Visker (3 months)
11:06 lol his arm was hit by a musketball and still he is using his arm in
a sword fight ????. Yea never going to happen in real live.....

Author Kratoffel (3 months)
Watched it in 1080p .... jizzed in my pants :D

Author Joseph Silke (2 months)
Instead of fighting... How about we Brits and Americans appreciate that we
have accomplished some incredible things together? 

Author Paul Sparham (3 months)
History is constantly updated in America so that the USA is always shown be
to right. Mutability of history started even before the US achieved
independence. American posterity, for example, claims that the Boston Tea
Party was due to heavy duty on tea imposed by the 'evil' British when in
fact it was due to Boston’s smugglers being undercut over lowering the duty
on tea from a shilling a pound to three pence per pound.

The contemporary Massachusetts lawyer and politician Daniel Leonard wrote:

“Will not posterity be amazed when they are told that the present
distraction took its rise from the parliament’s taking off a Shilling duty
on a pound of tea, and imposing three pence, and call it a more
unaccountable frenzy, and more disgraceful to the annals of America, than
that of the Witchcraft.”

The real reason for ransacking the East India ship Dartmoor been
conveniently airbrushed out of American history.

Only Americans are possessed with that Orwellian thought control that
allows them to hoist concepts of liberty in one hand while brandishing a
slave-whip in the other. Only Americans believe the Boston Tea Party was
in protest at high tax when it was organised by tea smugglers, infuriated
that their trade was undercut by reduction of tax. Only Americans believe
their nation is the beacon of democracy when in reality it was the last
developed nation to embrace universal suffrage. And only Americans could
describe their invasion of British North America in 1812 as a Second War of
American Independence.

“Let us not be deceived. A war of invasion may invite a retort of invasion.
When we visit the peaceable, and, to us, innocent colonies of Great Britain
with the horrors of war can we assured that our own coast will not be
visited with like horrors?” George Sullivan, 12th Congress, 1811.

Author neekoh barthez (2 months)
6:56 MERICA'!

Author Fat Monkey Studios (3 months)
4:44 John Casey?

Author Crawford Kelly (2 months)
except the American's kept blacks as slaves for many years after this

Author Lenny Williams (3 months)
Surely, there's gotta be a better way to fight these battles

Author IllogicalAssertations (2 months)
I wish they would make a proper revolutionary war film based on actual
history rather than over the top absurd patriotism known to be absolute
bull by anyone with a proper 5th grade education. It's not like there is a
severe lack of action, heroism, and triumph in the actual story of the war.
Also between this and Braveheart I am beginning to suspect Mel Gibson hates
the English nearly as much as he hates the Jews...

Author snoxbox (3 months)
Never ever waste time saying anything to someone you want to kill. just
kill them cos whatever you have to say will never matter.

Author 최대명 (3 months)
I'm just thinking that the armies are poor..
Also, they are brave maybe, because when the bullets are through around,
human feeling really scare.

Author barreta42 (2 months)
1 in 5 soldiers were black that ratio was higher in the south, there should
have been more black faces in these battles not the usual token numbers.
This is why history in this country is truly ignored.

Author pijef (2 months)
King George III after meeting John Adams, minister to London after the war,
"I was the last to consent to the separation; but the separation having
been made and having become inevitable, I have always said, as I say now,
that I would be the first to meet the friendship of the United States as an
independent power."

Author Snicklefritz1979 (2 months)
As an American born in the United States, I am probably more British than a
Briton born in the United Kingdom is. Nearly every generation of my
ancestors have fought in many American and British wars fought in the last
700 years---from the Hundred Years War all the way to today in Afghanistan.
Whereas Queen Elizabeth II's ancestors are German from Hanover and
Saxe-Coburg Gotha, mine are truly English as I can directly trace my
genealogy and lineage all the way back to the reign of Edward III of
England. How many British people can make that claim? Not many I imagine! 

Author Anarchist86ed (3 months)
Who the fuck convinced these guys to just stand there and be shot by the

Author Parfemarfe I (2 months)
if you really think about it, and play games, mel gibson is essentially
like connor from AC3. guns and the tomahawk.

Author starkiller871 (3 months)
Wow americans and englishmen arguing over wars took place hundreds of years
ago seriously who gives a shit. Build a bridge and get over it 

Author Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (2 months)
If it wasn't for Spain keeping the British out of the South and MidWest the
British would of easily encircled the American army.
The Spanish gave supplies,money and arms even before Spain declared war on
Britain officially.
Governor Bernardo De Galvez deliberately went out of his way to help the
Americans and even formed a friendship with George Washington.
Bernardo De Galvez rode to George Washington's right in the very first 4th
of July parade and was honored by the American Congress.
In his honor the city of Galveston,Texas is named after Bernardo De Galvez
and many other towns and cities.
The Spanish even allowed the American government to mint Spanish dollars as
American currency to get the new nation going with the Coinage act of 1792.
In what is called Action of 9 August 1780 the Spanish navy captured a
fleet of 55 vessels which crippled Britain economically as well as many
financiers of Britain in Europe.
In the Siege of Yorktown the Spanish sent by the Spanish agent Francisco
Saavedra de Sangronis, the needed cash, over 500,000 in silver pesos, was
raised in Havana, Cuba within 24 hours. This money was used to purchase
critical supplies for the siege, and to fund payroll for the Continental

Oddly,my countrymen always leave Spain out.

Author marf7245 (3 months)

Author Sergeant MusicBeats (5 months)
if i was a general i would use nothing but basic militia/infintry and bring
down the british with right stategy at the right time. anything possible

Author JBTheMighty (2 months)
#1080p Such wow 

Author DonDelcoreGaming (3 months)
Is it me but at 5:08 when they shot I don't recall them ever reloading to
shoot back at 6:38.

Author chap0syoutuification (3 months)
I suppose the lack of American historical knowledge comes from the fact all
their history seems to come from incredibly inaccurate Hollywood films like
the patriot. It would be laughable if they didn't take it as the truth. I
would like to point out a few historical facts.
1. The reason we lost the revolution was because we didn't care. We were
busy fighting in Europe. The empires of France and Spain almost bankrupted
themselves helping the rebels win and did a large proportion of the
fighting themselves. This helped us build an empire because it meant we
could dominate trade in Europe and to the Americas.
2. America did not 'win' WW2. They merely sped up victory. We have Russia
to thank for German defeat. They were fighting 2/3rds of the Wehrmacht and
arguably some of the toughest divisions.
3. 1812. We waltzed in easily and burnt down the Whitehouse when you got
too big for your boots.
4. Britain had the largest Empire mankind has ever seen. We are also the
country that has contributed the most to mankind's development. Be it by
the spread of the English language, the industrial revolution, agriculture
or the countless other advances or scientific discoveries we have been
involved in. Face facts. America is a very young country that is not the
sunshine and rainbows that Hollywood makes it out to be.

Author MaxShinBowl (2 months)
So all the American soldiers at 5:31 were pretty much left to die while mel
gibson retreated to the second line.

Author Legobro46 (3 months)
their is no reason to fight about it history is history you cant change it

Author Kkkbusuego kbus (4 months)

Author Quan Minh Tran (3 months)
Martin Davides I don't mean that America became an own country in 1620. I
mean that in 1620, it was 102 men as sailed out to the ocean to find a new
land to live, because in their own country so most of the people was very
poor. England and France sailed there and they made a promise, but England
got a new king so he destroyed the promise and then began the war. After
the war, England can't take over the new land (USA) so there America got

Author soimboredandtesting (2 months)
this movie should be the plot to assassin's creed. 

Author TheBoss (2 months)
All the British people here who say America should be under British rule
don't forget who saved your ass in world war 2 and beside you are just
pissy because America beat the worlds greatest super power at that time
with French help of course.

Author Titus Seoighe (2 months)
Great film, however is nothing more then that. The British were not Red
coated Nazi's. As a matter of fact king Gorge called Washington "one of the
greatest men in the world" for upholding his promise to give power to the

Author Joe Denn (2 months)
Not what happened their was French and Dutch soilders there as we'll

Author cotton007cp (3 months)
This is a dumb question but does anyone understand why they stood in
straight lines and fired but didn't even move once besides all them
charging later on... But I never understood that tactic 

Author timothy7538 (2 months)
"what is your situation?"

oops, wrong movie...

Author ArcheeArchay (2 months)
I nearly spat out my tea watching this.

Author yoe bliss (2 months)
in the future America will become even stronger 

Author Luke W (3 months)
If you read what he is saying there was a tax cut not a tax rise, I can
also point out that it was the British tax payer that was the real one
taking it over a barrel , to fund the admin and defence of the 13 Colonies
it was costing the British tax payer about 6 times what the colonists had
to pay

Author Austin W. (2 months)
The battle of yorktown did not end it. 2 years of war still continued

Author Leeroy the Defiler (2 months)

Author Jon Engel (4 months)
Battle of New Orleans, Limey fucks. Had the war of 1812 dragged on it would
have been victory for America. England was losing warships and American
forces were starting to go on the offensive. Britain's military needs in
Europe were pressing the crown and America ended up becoming way more
relevant in the world than a small Island north of France whose cultural
influence doesn't go beyond BBC viewers...

Author joe purmort (5 months)
Really? i thought it had died. after the NEC basically collapsed i thought
it was dead.

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