The Patriot (2000) Final Battle Scene [HD]

The last battle from The Patriot apart from a few scenes from the battle of Yorktown which ended the American War of Independence

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Author Kinjamaimai (6 months)
Quick recap for anyone who hasn't seen the movie; Basically the hero (Mel
Gibson) realizes that the cavalry commander is so used to winning, that
having the militia in the centre fire two shots before retreating, will
draw him and his cavalry out.

The whole protagonist vs. antagonist dynamic is captured in this moment -
The cavalry commander (the English) is overconfident. When faced with
discipline from the militia, he charges headlong into battle, overextending
himself because he underestimates the will of the Americans.

Is it particularly clever screen-writing? Not really. Does it make for a
good movie? Fuck yeah,

Author Paul Sparham (6 months)
History is constantly updated in America so that the USA is always shown be
to right. Mutability of history started even before the US achieved
independence. American posterity, for example, claims that the Boston Tea
Party was due to heavy duty on tea imposed by the 'evil' British when in
fact it was due to Boston’s smugglers being undercut over lowering the duty
on tea from a shilling a pound to three pence per pound.

The contemporary Massachusetts lawyer and politician Daniel Leonard wrote:

“Will not posterity be amazed when they are told that the present
distraction took its rise from the parliament’s taking off a Shilling duty
on a pound of tea, and imposing three pence, and call it a more
unaccountable frenzy, and more disgraceful to the annals of America, than
that of the Witchcraft.”

The real reason for ransacking the East India ship Dartmoor been
conveniently airbrushed out of American history.

Only Americans are possessed with that Orwellian thought control that
allows them to hoist concepts of liberty in one hand while brandishing a
slave-whip in the other. Only Americans believe the Boston Tea Party was
in protest at high tax when it was organised by tea smugglers, infuriated
that their trade was undercut by reduction of tax. Only Americans believe
their nation is the beacon of democracy when in reality it was the last
developed nation to embrace universal suffrage. And only Americans could
describe their invasion of British North America in 1812 as a Second War of
American Independence.

“Let us not be deceived. A war of invasion may invite a retort of invasion.
When we visit the peaceable, and, to us, innocent colonies of Great Britain
with the horrors of war can we assured that our own coast will not be
visited with like horrors?” George Sullivan, 12th Congress, 1811.

Author pijef (7 months)
I find it hilarious how Brits try to justify the loss of the Revolution.
They didn't view it as a civil uprising as you think, in the BEGINNING they
did, but 1778-1781 they new they would need to launch full scale campaigns
in the colonies. Still disagree? Colonial manpower at the height of the war
was 30,000 men, and Britain was about 45,000. You may say we were aided by
france- but who had thousands of native american allies + 30,000 mercenary
hessians? All arguments are rebutted. We won you lost deal with it and stop
trying to take glory away from us.

Author ElongatedVowels (6 months)
Wow, talk about historically inaccurate. There's a distinct lack of a
hooded Native American assassin on this battlefield.

Author PAXperMortem (7 months)
Why didn't any of the bluecoats help him? They all just ran past him
instead of attacking the redcoat from behind.

Author GrimmRebellion (6 months)
Lots of shit talking from the brits about Americans... but who was it that
saved your asses in World War 1 and 2? Oh yeah. You're welcome.

Author LordWellington15 (7 months)
LOL all these Yank wannabe historians who think America was so great here.
This was a civil war, colonist fighting colonist. The British left a
legacy in the world that has done much better things than you yankee doodle
Americans. The English language, railways in India, the Commonwealth. You
Americans have left nothing but cheese burgers.

Author Stazzo82 (7 months)
The British red coats are notoriously the worst soldiers history

Author Joseph Silke (6 months)
Instead of fighting... How about we Brits and Americans appreciate that we
have accomplished some incredible things together? 

Author Arsène Lupin (7 months)
lolol at the futile attempt at trying to portray in a revisionist manner
that Americans were not racist towards black people.

Author Sergeant MusicBeats (8 months)
Then again you have to look at advantages and disadvantages...

patriot advantage: they knew the terrain,they were fighting on there own
land and they were fighting for freedom. Von Steuben came and taught the
patriots bayonet and other new tactics. the French and Spanish and other
aided the Americans.

patriot disadvantages:they lacked a official navy and needed more supplies
and ammunition. only have the soldiers had bayonets.

British advantage: they had a navy and outnumbered the patriots. they had
the support of the loyalist. there soldiers were well trained. native
amearicans supported the british because the amearicans took there land.
they had calvary. and more artillery.

British disadvantage:there were ambushed by Francis Marion and other
guerrilla warfare tactics. they had to ship supplies hundreds of miles
across the ocean.they lost so much just for a few colonies. other colonies
might have been a distraction so Britain might have sent troops there
instead of the colonies.

Author morph eus (6 months)
I feel a revolution in 2014. Here in fuking America! FUCK THE GOVERMENT!
Especially Obama 

Author pijef (7 months)
It's funny how America went up against the mightiest empire in the world 2
times and won once and tied the next... I mean... did the British have a
soft spot for us?

Author Sergeant MusicBeats (8 months)
thekingofmetropolis,you said yourself guerrilla warfare can earn small
limited goals. so whats the argument on? are you suggesting not use it at
all? of coarse 800 patriots vs 800 redcoats will have more impact on the
redcoats then a small attack dumass. for real is i steal your wallet every
day will that cost you money? im not sure if you can figure that out...

Author George Washington (7 months)
These comments below are so stupid. None of you was there at that time so
stfu and don't try to be smart you know something about it.

Author Kazi Iqbal (6 months)
It's funny how Benjamin Martin is virtually invincible and the same with
most main characters.

Author Nuklearius (6 months)
LOL what happened at 5:14? Looks like the director noticed too many
americans died, so he reinforced them in a frame. And the happy black guy
in the middle of the american line is just embarrassing...

Author MonopolyPassed Go (6 months)
"William Wallace has something to say."
Wait.... Wrong movie.

Author Nikita Makarov (6 months)
i feel that the audio is a bit out of sync

Author Arie Visker (7 months)
11:06 lol his arm was hit by a musketball and still he is using his arm in
a sword fight ????. Yea never going to happen in real live.....

Author Kratoffel (6 months)
Watched it in 1080p .... jizzed in my pants :D

Author neekoh barthez (6 months)
6:56 MERICA'!

Author Logan menchaca (8 months)
10:53 wait pistols had grooves in those times?

Author BloodOfYeshuaMessiah (8 months)
The American Revolution was not as clear cut among the Americans and
British as is often portrayed in movies. For the first two years two thirds
of Americans did't beive in a war with Britain. Many Americans , loyal to
the crown , actually considered themselves British and not American.

Author Lenzy Williams (6 months)
Surely, there's gotta be a better way to fight these battles

Author Michael Hanley (7 months)
Thumbs up if you are British and still like this film.

Author Jon Engel (8 months)
Battle of New Orleans, Limey fucks. Had the war of 1812 dragged on it would
have been victory for America. England was losing warships and American
forces were starting to go on the offensive. Britain's military needs in
Europe were pressing the crown and America ended up becoming way more
relevant in the world than a small Island north of France whose cultural
influence doesn't go beyond BBC viewers...

Author Mach1ne (8 months)
I'm not sure any military tactic ever in the history of the world involved
slowly and casually walking into artillery shell fire. Seriously.

Author Quan Minh Tran (7 months)
This is how America became a country. In 1620, 102 mens sailed over the
ocean to find a new land and a new hope there they could farm their own
foods, more freedom, more democratic and more fairly. They traveled to get
out of the unfair country there much of peoples were poor and lots can't
went to school, England . After some months they saw earth. They called the
country they found for New England, after it the France peoples traveled
there to so they did a promise that they could be there together. Some days
later the bank of the France was empty, because it costed very much money
to send ships to the new country (America). Suddenly the king George. 3
traveled there and destroyed the promise. The new peoples as traveled there
(they 102) got angry over the king and they tried to stop the king and his
troops. They lost most of their rights and places. But the France was enemy
with England. So they 102 men and the France was teaming up and fight with
England troops. (They blue soldiers in the movie was france and they other
as had leather clothes was they 102 men). And then they fought hard and won
at last. England needed to give up and went home. They fought at the north
of America as now is Canada. Therefor some people in Canada speak france

Author somedude221 (8 months)
Why is it that Americans can never admit that they didn't win this war
until Von Steuben taught the Continental Army proper drill and discipline.
I mean they were capable of keeping the war going with guerrilla war, but
they couldn't actually beat the British without European-style tactics, and
the help of your allies France and Spain. I mean there's no shame in
admitting that. The Continentals and the militia were still brave men.

Author Arthas Menethil (8 months)
All those people who have called this a great movie clearly have not done
their research, the British did not burn civilians in churches, that was a
Nazi war crime in WW2, that is very similar to how this film portrayed the
British, the British also did not murder wounded soldiers, they were only
too happy to take them as PoW and often paroled them back to their
families. This movie basically makes the British out to be the Nazi's of
the time, when the Patriots who are portrayed as heroes infact did much
darker crimes. This film will likely influence coming generations into
viewing the British as they are portrayed in this film due to its
popularity in America, which is really a crime itself, as we do not make
films that show American's to be Nazi's, or anything close.

Author Drew Henkhaus (7 months)
haha England didnt fo everything..think of germans ..french ..SPAIN!!! and
the Americans were the first colonies of powerful empires to break away
from their crazy original homes and leaders..also america has been giving
the essence of freedom at this time..we helped inspire freedom and
something to fight for while all britan has to fight for is old people on
golden thrones.. so ya in a way england has done many things but if they
cant hold back some untrained drunken solders in the war then I dont think
anyone has any room to judge from your frendly YANKYDOODLE :)

Author Bob Polaneczky (7 months)
Ben Franklin tried to warn those arrogant British
He told them to make America part of the Empire with rights like
Scotland-Ireland and Wales and said the British Empire would prosper beyond
all imagination

Author Ethan Clarke (8 months)
Why do we have black soldiers in British redcoats???

Author Tyler Quandt (7 months)
What's the name of the British drum march?

Author Marco Polo (11 months)
One of my favorite movies!!! :)

Author Nick Ramirez (7 months)
Where's Connor when u need him

Author Parker Tuindros (6 months)
You can see the USA as the failed baby of Europe..

Author Sergeant MusicBeats (8 months)
if i was a general i would use nothing but basic militia/infintry and bring
down the british with right stategy at the right time. anything possible

Author Fat Monkey Studios (6 months)
4:44 John Casey?

Author Crawford Kelly (6 months)
except the American's kept blacks as slaves for many years after this

Author IllogicalAssertations (6 months)
I wish they would make a proper revolutionary war film based on actual
history rather than over the top absurd patriotism known to be absolute
bull by anyone with a proper 5th grade education. It's not like there is a
severe lack of action, heroism, and triumph in the actual story of the war.
Also between this and Braveheart I am beginning to suspect Mel Gibson hates
the English nearly as much as he hates the Jews...

Author snoxbox (6 months)
Never ever waste time saying anything to someone you want to kill. just
kill them cos whatever you have to say will never matter.

Author 최대명 (6 months)
I'm just thinking that the armies are poor..
Also, they are brave maybe, because when the bullets are through around,
human feeling really scare.

Author barreta42 (6 months)
1 in 5 soldiers were black that ratio was higher in the south, there should
have been more black faces in these battles not the usual token numbers.
This is why history in this country is truly ignored.

Author abeer salleh (6 months)
i just Love America ..back then

Author Duane Elliott (7 months)
Sgt leaf I will correct you because as usual you people get it wrong.
1. It was NOT your land.
2. It was not for freedom
What is was for was OUR land, the British wanted to slowly steal our land
where as you wanted to steal it faster. And although the French did help
out without the support of several of our foolish nations to help you out.
You would still be British colonial subjects instead of american colonial
subjects. Try to at least pretend you know history.

Author Snicklefritz1979 (6 months)
As an American born in the United States, I am probably more British than a
Briton born in the United Kingdom is. Nearly every generation of my
ancestors have fought in many American and British wars fought in the last
700 years---from the Hundred Years War all the way to today in Afghanistan.
Whereas Queen Elizabeth II's ancestors are German from Hanover and
Saxe-Coburg Gotha, mine are truly English as I can directly trace my
genealogy and lineage all the way back to the reign of Edward III of
England. How many British people can make that claim? Not many I imagine! 

Author Anarchist86ed (7 months)
Who the fuck convinced these guys to just stand there and be shot by the

Author Parfemarfe I (6 months)
if you really think about it, and play games, mel gibson is essentially
like connor from AC3. guns and the tomahawk.

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