Tough Lover from Burlesque (song & lyrics) - Christina Aguilera

Tough Lover from Burlesque (song & lyrics) - Christina Aguilera

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Author Ariana Garcia (2 months)
*Presses play* *hears first note/growl* *goosebumps all over* *falls to
ground in fainting manor*

Author i am unicorn (1 month)
I can sing this so perfectly I swear

Author Fiorella Leiva (9 months)
How doesshe do that little short "growl" wen she sings!! Ive tried it but
its like impossible for me (slow clap) well done christina well done

Author Tyra Wiseman (13 days)
Have you seen burlesque yet I have its so cool

Author khaoula belguerrab (6 months)
I LOVE this song so... I'm going to listen to it 1000000 TIMES IN A ROW :p

Author Kindrah sanderson (3 months)
love burlesque love this song

Author Marije Elisabeth Pennekamp (3 days)
Planning on cover this song Someday soon 

Author Katie-lou Davies (1 month)
Im singing the song with a dance but et short brethed when I get o the very
long note, any tips? thanks xx

Author Le Tami (3 months)
wer soll da mitsingen? :)

Author gustavo villagomez (3 months)
I love your movie and song

Author Bree Braumberger (5 months)
holy shit.... every time I listen to this I get shivers!

Author Courtney Cornish (21 day)
burlesque is my fav film

Author lisa-marie Premici (2 months)
Fuck! And I thought no one would sing better than Perrie Edwards! Christina
is so beautiful and has such a talented and gifted voice! <3 

Author jamal pettiway (4 months)
is it just me or does she sounds like a female little richard.

Author Introspection21 (10 months)
she has the kind of voice that gives me goose bumps..great singer, so
gifted..amazing talent. :)) 

Author Tanginika Coats (11 months)
i love this woman! she has an amazing voice!!!

Author Nassima Sirena (5 months)
i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvv ths sng pffff

Author Destiny Rivera (8 months)
I just love this song...

Author Shygirl Tink (10 months)
Her voice is just....<3<3

Author Michelle O (13 days)
i love the beginning of this song <333 *heart eyes*

Author Kym Cox (7 months)
someday I will be exactly like her I cant sing this is my idol I swear she
is my idol

Author nelly jones (2 months)
I love her... the song not so much.

Author Carter Jordans (7 months)
I love Christina Aguilera and her movie Burlesque she is an amazing singer
she has a really strong voice when I heard that song tough lover I almost
cried its my favorite song and she is my favorite singer

Author Kristy Blatnik (6 months)
O love these song!

Author Jonika Wright (10 months)
I just got threw watching this movie and when I heard her voice I totally
got goose bumps and chills shes amazing and beautiful

Author Atzu Vambaka (1 month)

Author CattTheKat (10 months)
such an epic jazz voice ugh <3..

Author Marleey bruuh (1 month)
Love this

Author Megan Rayner (5 months)

Author ministryofshan (10 months)
She is so gifted.

Author giorgia panichella (9 months)
Brava come sempre invidio la sua voce

Author Bianca Bugatti (1 year)
So much soul, so much passion, so much talent....Christina you are a

Author Andrea Schrägle (5 months)
Sie singt super gut ♥

Author Xio Yara (1 year)
Her viice gives me chillsss

Author lovemovies598 (1 year)
Christina is such a great voice! I love her and her songs! ♥

Author Mellanie Taylor (7 months)
Christina Aguilera is amazing and thnk u @onyxslph

Author makayla falanitama (6 months)
I need a tough lover!

Author isha bamba (1 year)
Her voice is amazing

Author Adore Chella (3 months)

Author Kym Cox (7 months)
oh ya... wow all I can say is wow......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no 1 can beat

Author Hüseyin Can ESENDEMİR (6 months)
sexy sexy sexyyy song !!

Author tanya brookshire (1 year)
love this

Author Mellanie Taylor (7 months)
for making this video

Author otaku __2000 (1 year)
She's totally amazing!

Author Kristy Blatnik (6 months)
O love these song!

Author Jayda Stephens (9 months)
You defiantly have the voice of a Angel

Author Berenice Melgoza (1 year)
I love it. Gives my mom a headache

Author Sarah Gautheron (11 months)

Author Chloe owen (7 months)
love it

Author Nadia Violante (1 year)

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