Tough Lover from Burlesque (song & lyrics) - Christina Aguilera

Tough Lover from Burlesque (song & lyrics) - Christina Aguilera

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Author Theresa Goin ( ago)
I can sing louder than christina Aguilera no affence christina one day I
was singing and the real voice came out and that's when I started believing
in myself and my friend still needs work and practice

Author DullardGuy ( ago)
Annoying singer bitch

Author Nelly Provost-labbe ( ago)
Salut tes très bonne Cristina angelera

Author Alexus Rollins ( ago)

Author Alexus Rollins ( ago)
👌👏👍to good

Author michael. raymond ( ago)

Author Abigail Martinez ( ago)
I think I shit in my pants

Author Amber Lewis ( ago)
Tough Lover from Burlesque (song & lyrics) - Chri…:

Author grazyna chojnowska ( ago)
woooowwww!!!!!!!!!! Love this♥

Author Madison M ( ago)
You guys don't get it, thus isn't talent, she fucking worked for this. She
took her voice and MADE it beautiful with hard work, practice, passion and

Author seth Coleman ( ago)
my sis loves burlesqu she loves tough love and you havn
't seen the last of me

Author Kye Fire ( ago)
Badass woman ...wonderfull voice!!!

Author Tiffany Quintanilla ( ago)
I love this song

Author autumn white ( ago)
im practing this and i got it so far!!!

Author Amber Lewis ( ago)
Tough Lover from Burlesque (song & lyrics) - Chri…:

Author Sammie “rae” Gonzalez ( ago)
for my bf

Author Marije Elisabeth Pennekamp ( ago)
Planning on cover this song Someday soon 

Author Tyra Wiseman ( ago)
Have you seen burlesque yet I have its so cool

Author Michelle O (1735 years ago)
i love the beginning of this song <333 *heart eyes*

Author Courtney Cornish ( ago)
burlesque is my fav film

Author Atzu Vambaka ( ago)

Author Marleey bruuh ( ago)
Love this

Author HeyItsKatie (793 years ago)
Im singing the song with a dance but et short brethed when I get o the very
long note, any tips? thanks xx

Author lisa-marie Premici ( ago)
Fuck! And I thought no one would sing better than Perrie Edwards! Christina
is so beautiful and has such a talented and gifted voice! <3 

Author nelly jones ( ago)
I love her... the song not so much.

Author Ariana Garcia ( ago)
*Presses play* *hears first note/growl* *goosebumps all over* *falls to
ground in fainting manor*

Author Le Tami ( ago)
wer soll da mitsingen? :)

Author gustavo villagomez ( ago)
I love your movie and song

Author Kindrah sanderson ( ago)
love burlesque love this song

Author Adore Chella ( ago)

Author jamal pettiway ( ago)
is it just me or does she sounds like a female little richard.

Author Nassima Sirena (379 years ago)
i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvv ths sng pffff

Author Andrea Schrägle ( ago)
Sie singt super gut ♥

Author Bree Braumberger ( ago)
holy shit.... every time I listen to this I get shivers!

Author Megan Rayner ( ago)

Author makayla falanitama (475 years ago)
I need a tough lover!

Author khaoula belguerrab ( ago)
I LOVE this song so... I'm going to listen to it 1000000 TIMES IN A ROW :p

Author Kristy Blatnik ( ago)
O love these song!

Author Kristy Blatnik ( ago)
O love these song!

Author Hüseyin Can ESENDEMİR ( ago)
sexy sexy sexyyy song !!

Author Mellanie Taylor (838 years ago)
for making this video

Author Mellanie Taylor (850 years ago)
Christina Aguilera is amazing and thnk u @onyxslph

Author Chloe owen ( ago)
love it

Author Kym Cox ( ago)
someday I will be exactly like her I cant sing this is my idol I swear she
is my idol

Author Kym Cox ( ago)
oh ya... wow all I can say is wow......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no 1 can beat

Author Shayne Murdock ( ago)
I love Christina Aguilera and her movie Burlesque she is an amazing singer
she has a really strong voice when I heard that song tough lover I almost
cried its my favorite song and she is my favorite singer

Author Destiny Rivera ( ago)
I just love this song...

Author Henry Yates ( ago)
you look butiful

Author Jayda Stephens ( ago)
You defiantly have the voice of a Angel

Author giorgia panichella ( ago)
Brava come sempre invidio la sua voce

Author Fiorella Leiva ( ago)
How doesshe do that little short "growl" wen she sings!! Ive tried it but
its like impossible for me (slow clap) well done christina well done

Author Mckayla Norris ( ago)
+veronica valenica I bet I have a better voice then you do pls I got told
by an adult that I sang good your just a little stuck up kid

Author Lindsey Ann ( ago)
This beats Ariana Grande any day! Goose bumps. 

Author lea rodriguez ( ago)
This reminds me of tom jones lo.

Author lea rodriguez ( ago)
Christina vs beyonce vs britney...whitney vs mariah vs toni braxtonvs vs
michael Jackson

Author CattTheKat ( ago)
such an epic jazz voice ugh <3..

Author Miriam Ortiz ( ago)
I wish I could sing like that

Author Shygirl Tink ( ago)
Her voice is just....<3<3

Author ministryofshan ( ago)
She is so gifted.

Author Jonika Wright ( ago)
I just got threw watching this movie and when I heard her voice I totally
got goose bumps and chills shes amazing and beautiful

Author Introspection21 ( ago)
she has the kind of voice that gives me goose bumps..great singer, so
gifted..amazing talent. :)) 

Author Tanginika Coats ( ago)
i love this woman! she has an amazing voice!!!

Author Bellagirl168 ( ago)
The fantastic thing about her is she has a petite body but her voice is so
powerful she can really entertain a crowd !!

Author Sarah Gautheron ( ago)

Author Jerrika Jones ( ago)
I. Watched the movie alot of times .my favorite actor is cher and

Author Megan Joley ( ago)
Christina why haven't u been on the voice

Author jessica kelley ( ago)
love the movie and this song

Author tanya brookshire ( ago)
love this

Author Sandy Chasser ( ago)

Author lovemovies598 ( ago)
Christina is such a great voice! I love her and her songs! ♥

Author Donna Nowicki ( ago)

Author fadedpictures ( ago)
this is perfect

Author Keehia Robinson-Holmes ( ago)
Love Christina

Author Robert Mirota ( ago)
głos potega miazga

Author Berenice Melgoza ( ago)
I love it. Gives my mom a headache

Author Bianca Bugatti ( ago)
So much soul, so much passion, so much talent....Christina you are a

Author isha bamba ( ago)
Her voice is amazing

Author Lolig Cedeer ( ago)
This is a good. Song to listen to

Author Sparkle Nesbitt ( ago)
Love this movie

Author Donna Nowicki ( ago)

Author delilt82 ( ago)
One of my best and favourite female vocalist in the world. I mean OMTOTES

Author Ellie Loft ( ago)

Author Asia Carroll ( ago)
She's awesome!:)

Author Lexie Rainwater ( ago)

Author Nadia Violante ( ago)

Author otaku __2000 ( ago)
She's totally amazing!

Author Xio Yara ( ago)
Her viice gives me chillsss

Author mecca bubbles ( ago)
Amazing voice in this movie 3 it

Author Chasewalker156 ( ago)
how does she do this oh my god

Author Lucas Landheer ( ago)
Have what!? I still dont understand it hahaha

Author alondra michiotto ( ago)
Damn.... There you have it lucas! :3

Author Christian Morris ( ago)
I luv her

Author Dalia Garza ( ago)
I like Christina agillera

Author Notifik Noftikk ( ago)
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz;) :************

Author zayn garlejo ( ago)
she's one of a kind :)

Author Unbiased_Vanity ( ago)
0:00 - 0:12 tho. Sheeeeeeessshhh.

Author Chelsea Lyons ( ago)
I love this song<3:D:DD

Author Adriana Dupuis ( ago)

Author topawesomeamazing ( ago)
Cu xx

Author DaleAnn Carrasco ( ago)
Okk no 1asked

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