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Author Ana Kealoha-Shelton (2 months)
The movie was the bomb! Fun, sexy,and just entertaining 

Author lovemovies598 (2 months)
Christina is such a great voice! I love her and her songs! ♥

Author ministryofshan (4 days)
She is so gifted.

Author Introspection21 (12 days)
she has the kind of voice that gives me goose bumps..great singer, so
gifted..amazing talent. :)) 

Author Jonika Wright (10 days)
I just got threw watching this movie and when I heard her voice I totally
got goose bumps and chills shes amazing and beautiful

Author Sarah Gautheron (18 days)

Author Tanginika Coats (14 days)
i love this woman! she has an amazing voice!!!

Author Bianca Bernstein (3 months)
So much soul, so much passion, so much talent....Christina you are a

Author delilt82 (4 months)
One of my best and favourite female vocalist in the world. I mean OMTOTES

Author jessica kelley (1 month)
love the movie and this song

Author fadedpictures (2 months)
this is perfect

Author Bobbi Grollé (4 months)
She's totally amazing!

Author wicked sonriysa (1 month)
Love the movie, n she has an amazin voice always been a fan (: plus fukkin

Author isha bamba (3 months)
Her voice is amazing

Author tanya brookshire (1 month)
love this

Author Xio Yara (4 months)
Her viice gives me chillsss

Author Keehia Robinson-Holmes (3 months)
Love Christina

Author Jerrika Jones (1 month)
I. Watched the movie alot of times .my favorite actor is cher and

Author Lexie Rainwater (4 months)

Author Berenice Melgoza (3 months)
I love it. Gives my mom a headache

Author Megan Joley (1 month)
Christina why haven't u been on the voice

Author Sparkle Nesbitt (4 months)
Love this movie

Author Lolig Cedeer (3 months)
This is a good. Song to listen to

Author Asia Carroll (4 months)
She's awesome!:)

Author dawn knight (1 year)
if u love Burlesque and Christina Aguilera then u will love this video

Author Jan Christian (1 year)
Christine Aguilera

Author Kira Morris (1 year)
I love this song.

Author Bellagirl168 (16 days)
The fantastic thing about her is she has a petite body but her voice is so
powerful she can really entertain a crowd !!

Author popolata kokowalik (3 months)
amazing amazing voice! <3

Author Ellie Loft (4 months)

Author mecca bubbles (5 months)
Amazing voice in this movie 3 it

Author Biena Maulana (6 months)
like when she trill her voice

Author Alisea DingsDaa (10 months)
I wanna see your Video !! :D

Author DaleAnn Carrasco (6 months)
Okk no 1asked

Author luciaarojas47 (6 months)
love this song

Author SaliFantage (7 months)

Author mayaabylka (6 months)
Loveee 3

Author Lucas Landheer (9 months)
He's my tough lover? XD

Author allanfunes60 (10 months)
I know how to sing that way

Author Debora Losapio (6 months)

Author Juliana Molina (10 months)

Author ihaveasceret obession (8 months)
Whoever says they sound like her PLEASE stop. No one can sound like her.

Author Annelie Maul (9 months)
ohaa 3

Author Hazal Tunc (10 months)
LOVE *-* !

Author Emily Zapotocny (10 months)
I sang a bit of this :) Like it if you want the WHOLE song with music and

Author maygan sykes (9 months)
every time I listen to this song I get chills, I love you Christina, your
voice is amazing

Author tori severn (11 months)
omg she has such a pure voice so amazing

Author LetsGoBananasss (10 months)
perrie should sing this her voice is perf

Author PrincessCocoChanel (11 months)
I'm so jealous of Christina

Author Sarah Czarnecki (11 months)
strong voice!!

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