Jessica Jacobs Anniversary Memorial

A memorial video I made for my baby sister who died on the 10th of may 2008, I miss her everyday..

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Author Hannah Mcgregor (10 days)
Rip Jessie xxxx i still remember how amazing you were in the saddle club
:-) :'( 

Author Jeanette Palmer (1 month)
RIP melanie she was amazing in the saddle club

Author Sioned Edwards (3 months)
Rip xx

Author xFearlessDreaming (10 months)
i still cry

Author veronika kalamr (2 years)
R.I.P :'(

Author wmhdsk (1 year)
SHUT UP i will laugh if u die U SHUD DIE NWd i woud be happy 2 kill u ad
laugh whn u a dying u ar a sick BASTARD u dnt work ad steal of evry one cos
u a sicko pedophile lesbain

Author Imogen Garvey (3 years)
@kiara5473 yea her brother!

Author Tomboy Selenator (3 years)
sorry for your loss

Author cutephoebe600 (3 years)
OMG. This is gorgeous. She was so pretty and talented, Adam you were so
lucky to have such an awesome sister. Its so, so sad, this movie, because
it happened so suddenly, and in all of these pictures where she's posing
and having fun with her friends and family, she doesnt have any idea that
her life is going to be so short. This is beautiful, I cried all the way
through. RIP Jess. xo <3

Author xenyaa2 (1 year)
Aw there i am in the 6th photo, the little girl in the pink. My beautiful
cousin, jess <3 <3

Author Kayleigh Natasha (1 year)
I'm not the one who's putting crude messages on a video that is a memorial
to someone who died unlike some people

Author exxcel19 (3 years)
So sorry for your loss she was an amazing actor in the saddle club I loved
her in the saddle club she was my favorite melaine i stiill watch the
saddle club and i'm 22 hard to believe she was born only 1 year after me

Author ivy14 (1 year)
I hope you know this isn't. 'Melanie Atwood' from the saddle club. The girl
who played Melanie her name is marissa Securitate

Author spongebobLOVE01 (3 years)
Didnt she die from her falling in train tracks? im so sorry i watched the
saddle club every day

Author Michelle Francis (2 years)
" In life, there will be ups and downs both cannot be predicted, but by
making the most, of the time you spend with family and friends, you can
surely make yourself and others, happy " ( Jess Jacobs ) Rest in peace
sweetheart, may your soul never leaves the hearts of those who love you,
thank you for trying to make the world a better place, thank you for
helping us to see the beautiful side of the world ♥♥♥ Forever Young I Wanna
Be Forever Young with all my respect

Author alove nabbila (1 year)
rip :(

Author gargoylegirl101 (3 years)
R.I.P Jessie. You were one of my idols when I was growing up, and when I
heard that you had passed away, I cried, and cried. You'll always be in our
hearts, and you're a terrible loss to the world. May you forever rest in
peace, living your dreams in the place up in the sky :'( Adam - I'm so

Author Shetgirls (2 years)

Author LondonSummer100 (3 years)
It shouldn't of happened to her. She was young, pretty and extremley
talented. Horrible to see a girl with such potentiol leave us. God bless to
her, and to you and the rest of your family. Love England xx

Author leah stevensonx (1 year)
you was a great atress you are mist :) xxxx

Author duckmuffins123 (3 years)
i've watched saddle club since i was about 4 i really loved watching it, it
has made me the person i'am now i wouldn't have ever bought myself horse or
started riding with out her i've always said want to be just like her and
will never forget her or what she did for me

Author Paraaamorrreeee (3 years)
That's so sad...She was so beautiful, and I loved her on The Saddle Club.
I'm so sorry for your loss :( These pictures are so sweet, especially the
one at 2:20 and 2:48

Author totorolover33 (2 years)
So true :)<3

Author The Kimmy Channel (2 years)
@Brentsey Are you retarded? Answer: Yes. I've been reading your comments on
this video over the past few years. I'm a fan of Jess's and we have some
mutual friends and although I never knew her personally I know how talented
and how beautiful she was! So Brentsey or whatever the hell you name is I
think it's high time you gave this thing a rest don't you? You're probably
some bored 12 year old with nothing to do. I suggest watching TV or reading
a book instead of wasting your time on

Author Celia Robayna Perdomo (1 year)
Era muy buena aunque no llegue a conocerla

Author liam9995 (2 years)
i am sorry for your loss

Author Imogen Garvey (3 years)
I can't explain how sad this makes me..

Author RYANRYAN1234567 (3 years)
rest in peace jessica. very nice video well done. sincere apologies for
your loss

Author Shetgirls (2 years)
I self

Author _bobosbreyers_ (1 year)
im crying rite now!!! i cant believe this beautiful and talented girl had
to die. Im so sorry.

Author pinkygirl349 (2 years)
U should have died instead of here , she was a good person and u r just a
big bitch

Author Katy Smith (3 years)
And it's sad that she never got to go to prom

Author wmhdsk (2 years)

Author Hannah Dorony (1 year)
I am so sorry about your sister I liked her on the saddle club.She will be
missed I wanted to meet you oneday but i will in heaven.I hope you and your
family and her friends are doing okay.If you need anything let me know I
will do it Hannah Rest In Peace Jessica

Author wmhdsk (2 years)

Author Niall Horand (3 years)
Sorry about your sister seemed to me the best. And all for a fucking ... .
I loved and I love your sister was a big fan and I also cry a lot when I
heard about that. I want you to know that from here since Spain all her
fans are very bad good kiss

Author Sashathederp (1 year)
well sirown

Author Jizzburn Gigaqueer (3 years)
@xbadboizx You're the one with the videos of little girls in your favorites
mate. Now who's guilty all of a sudden.

Author Vanitysimmer (1 year)
wasnt she in the sadlle club man i loved the saddle club i love horses ill
miss her
Author hannah clarke (3 years)
R.I.P jessie :[

Author Selen Sezer (3 years)
I didn't know you well Jess I probably only talked to you a few times at
high school but I found myself randomly thinking about you just today and I
decided to search for videos of you. I know that you're an angel now and
one thing I remember after all these years is your contagious smile. You're
smiling over all of us now, bringing warmth to our hearts. I hope you rest
in peace and you will never be forgotten. My sincere condolences go out to
the whole Jacob family, you will be missed Jess..

Author Kayleigh Natasha (1 year)
You sir have a a sick mind

Author Gemma Dobbs (1 year)
i hate every1 who dislikes this

Author Eilanna Cameron (2 years)
Absolutely beautiful beautiful tribute to your gorgeous sister, she would
be so proud in seeing this....

Author Rosehathaway2323 (3 years)
Sorry for ur loss Adam . She was a great actress and a good sister to you
as well. Rip .

Author Ana Mendieta Moreno (2 years)
RIP Jesse :`(

Author Racheal Smith (1 year)
I wish I was older so I could of seen the saddle club every day. But I was
born in 2001

Author ivy14 (1 year)
Sekrita* if you think I am wrong look it up on

Author pinkygirl349 (2 years)
2:03 I was so close to crying i miss her like here better that age cause
she was still alive

Author Celia Robayna Perdomo (1 year)
Era muy guapa

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