2011 WSOB World Open: Match 1: Jason Belmonte vs Wes Malott part 1

Here's part 1 of the first match of the PBA World Championships event held at the South Point Hotel, Casino, and Bowling Center. 8th seeded Jason Belmonte takes on 7th seeded Wes Malott.

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Author Anthony Blake (3 years)

Author giggabyt78 (3 years)
Malott must of played at bolwing allys with kids screming muisc going and
he gets put off by cheering what a dickhead

Author Tshilly (3 years)

Author tk4ever Channel (3 years)

Author ultrawerewolf795 (2 years)
weeble wobble never falls

Author TyRTi (3 years)
@lilmanfromthehood Bowling tape I love it prevents calisus and tears

Author 001GenLee (4 years)
Ain't nothing wrong with a urethane ball. That's what i bowl 8
lb. one. =) A month ago, i bowled a 215 game with it! Whatever it takes to
get those pins down. That guy's 2 handed technique is interesting, as i've
never seen anyone bowl like that before. I think i have & only a handful of
bowlers bowl like the PBA i should say.

Author 9BigGeorge (2 years)
Lmao! I like Malott, but damn! That made me laugh.

Author ArcanineisBoSS (3 years)
@alittlefield06 they get pissed about it because they are bowling for a
paycheck to be able to support a family but on the other hand you and I are
both bowling for the enjoyment of the game not to feed are family.

Author k17dudeP (4 years)
he has a legitimate gripe on frames 2 and 4 someone clearly distracts him
while he's in his swing. He actually handled it pretty well honestly

Author Aaron Littlefield (3 years)
If pro bowlers really want something to bitch about, they should bowl
competitively when there are little kids fucking running around and
screaming at a damn birthday party right next to them. Scrunching a plastic
bottle shouldn't bother them that much. But then again, it shows that they
pay attention too much of what is going on around them when they should be
focusing on the conditions and what their ball is doing on the lanes.

Author Kujakatti75 (4 years)
Thanks, Awesome!

Author ben (4 years)
nice to see belmo bowling good on this shot

Author mook300 (3 years)
@k17dudeP agreed... he even said I appreciate the support by wait till I
let go of it....

Author Nuevocowgirl (3 years)
Watch in the 3rd frame....Belmo 'squeezes' his water bottle......too much...

Author lilmanfromthehood (3 years)
what does Wes Mallot have on his two fingers?

Author CanYouHit (3 years)
No wonder Wes isn't doing that great, his form when he throws the ball
isn't the best.

Author TheMebb3 (1 year)
Except for Norm!!

Author Kitswitcher 267 (2 years)

Author dj sloan (3 years)
I was actually ok the crowd during this telecast. The guy in front of me
constantly yelled about .5 seconds too early and dropped his waterbottle
down the bleachers during this match. I wanted to kick him in the back of
the head

Author unlimitedduozero (3 years)
Its cool that ive met belo, and got a bit of training from him.

Author psychopathicninja16 (3 years)
pro bowlers are starting to piss me off. they always bitch about something
other than them selves!

Author Cool32216 (2 years)
at 0:39: the big nasty

Author FrontKickReview (2 years)
he blamed the fans. haha

Author ben (4 years)
the should call him "Bitch a lot Malott" not strike a lot lol

Author infinite2019 (4 years)
Yeah, Wes is a bit of a bitch.. But I'd say about 50 percent of
professional bowlers are either bitches or assholes.. it's a big part of
the sport..

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