John Cena & Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger & Batista 2/2

John Cena & Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger & Batista Part 2/2 from WWE Raw 3/29/2010

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Author Đông Nguyễn Năng ( ago)

Author Minecraft Uzman ( ago)
Türk varmı laaaa

Author Matthias Köhler ( ago)
no matter if he's face or heel, I just love Randy's RKO! one of the
greatest finishing moves in WWE history!

Author BurAyA BaQ ( ago)
Randy Orton The King !

Author Antoine Taylor ( ago)
John Cena = Goku
Randy Orton = Vageta

Author Amir Luinovic ( ago)
Besteht Team Randy orton and John cena 

Author TriCity Bmx ( ago)
Batista sucks balls. Randy Orton+John Cena=whoop ass. no one can beat them

Author ragıp duru ( ago)

Author Aryn Homer ( ago)
orton could take any1 down!! hes a beast!

Author Michael Rafaelgabriel (758 years ago)
I Love randy orton and John cena

Author Amina Ali ( ago)
I love u Randy Orton ur the best i wish the creative team never destroyed
the best in u

Author iipsychopaths Cx ( ago)
Future jobber I miss this Orton#fucktheauthority

Author Alin Kenobi ( ago)
Batista means power ... but >>> 2:44 & 2:48 OMG ! ORTON IS SO AGILE !!
:O Impressive :)

Author miguel hernandez estrada ( ago)
se lucio mas randy orton que jochn cena XD

Author Naina Mohamed ( ago)
Thtat is viper........ I love u randyyyyyyyyyyyy

Author Nodari Paichadze ( ago)
I Love Viper <3 BOSS ! 

Author James Forcum ( ago)
Where is this Orton at? I liked this Orton the one who was a cold blooded
killer and didn't run away from fights like he does now. The Orton who was
a lone wolf was so much better than the one we get now, where he is all
buddy buddy with the authority.

Author James Forcum ( ago)
The funny thing is Orton turning face wasn't suppose to happen. It was
initially suppose to be Ted Dibiase who turned face in the legacy split.
But the crowd started cheering Orton so they turned him face instead.

Author Ahmed Ansaf ( ago)
LoVe u CeNa n OrToN

Author Krystal Chikwe ( ago)
RKO is a beast!!! He's amazing

Author Mr Ozan ( ago)
Randy is the king!

Author liam holloway ( ago)
No doubt cena and orton make an amazing tag team orton rkoed the shit out
everyone in 2010 on his face turn mush 

Author Ardau Karsli ( ago)
Jon cena the best

Author Sushobhon Samuel Morrison ( ago)
what a RKO by randy ...just awesome...!!Randy and John best tag team

Author NIVESH PAL ( ago)
orton rules??

Author Real Rko Bilal ( ago)
just RKO

Author pham long ( ago)
danh nhe nhung ma dep day

Author pham long ( ago)
danh j ma nhe the max a ? 

Author randy orton rko ( ago)
CLASSIC RANDY ORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sazzad Hossain ( ago)
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Author Lukitas Morinigo ( ago)
I <3 Cena

Author Lukitas Morinigo ( ago)

Author Francinete Moraes ( ago)
Randy Orton The Best *---* My The Viper ♥

Author Bowling Pin ( ago)
what about Hardy Boys or DX or Brothers or destruction?

Author DJ Strange ( ago)
I agree with you there.

Author Stephanie Tsao ( ago)
Why would you say that "Randy sucks" then say like a minute later "John
Cena Randy rock" that makes no sense.

Author Stephanie Tsao ( ago)
You = probably disagree with everything

Author webo varadi ( ago)
RANDY ORTON is the best!

Author mehmood shaikh ( ago)
rko n cena are d besst !

Author Don't TouchMe ( ago)
Champion Randy Orton

Author playblocked ( ago)

Author playblocked ( ago)

Author DJ Strange ( ago)

Author kyana aledo ( ago)
you suck

Author Jose Reyes ( ago)
randy sucks

Author Jose Reyes ( ago)
john cena randy rock

Author trelos poli trelos ( ago)

Author Haluk mert Özdemir ( ago)
Hala John cena en iyisi! Forever John cena!

Author Michel Arens ( ago)
Best Tag Team Randy Orton and John Cena °-°

Author Manaoag Pangasinan ( ago)
the best john cena ever w/ his friend randy orton

Author なつにゃん だお ( ago)

Author Zach Fair ( ago)
Batista was a great heel

Author Hau Nguyen ( ago)
Randy number one

Author Jacek Kluczyk ( ago)

Author Hussein Ayyad ( ago)
Randy orton ist der bese

Author 賴 風月 ( ago)

Author 賴 風月 ( ago)

Author 賴 風月 ( ago)

Author 賴 風月 ( ago)

Author giovanni butta ( ago)

Author Chris Jeritroll ( ago)
randy looks like a mini batista in this video

Author McGameplayBrayd3n01 /PVP ( ago)
Randy Orton and Sin Cara would be a good tag team even though WWE is fake

Author Violinschluessel ( ago)
its not real.. cant take it serious

Author Naz Tatlı ( ago)
King = Randy Orton

Author Adelia Apr ( ago)
my favorit 1john cena,randy orton,maria,rey mysterio,

Author Dinocx 35 ( ago)

Author KHAN IMU ( ago)

Author KHAN IMU ( ago)

Author Kaila Griffith ( ago)
Nice tag name

Author CrazyDuude ( ago)

Author veikkaveikka ( ago)
Cena And Randy as a Heel team=Epicness 4ever

Author Ashil Iziboy ( ago)
rko after rko

Author Ashil Iziboy ( ago)
cena and rko must form a team

Author Sagar Manjrekar ( ago)
i totally agree wth u

Author Emily Le ( ago)
double rko

Author Emily Le ( ago)
swagger lost at the backbreaker but bastista attacked orton

Author Farhaj Malik ( ago)
Vor allem die RKOs

Author Farhaj Malik ( ago)
War gut

Author marika sandorova ( ago)
John Cena and Randy Orton ♥♥♥ RKO ♥♥♥

Author Jakub Rutkovsky ( ago)
Orton Double COMBO !!! :D

Author theWINNER42 ( ago)
No....... Randy Orton John Cena And The Rock

Author SUPER_OMEGA11 ( ago)

Author GreekAssassin0 ( ago)
u actually think that shit is real? xD

Author Gerhard Bezuidenhout ( ago)
Randy & Cena are legends! No arguments.

Author ilianna closner ( ago)
randy and cena best tag team ever

Author Ganesh Taker ( ago)
Batista want to win

Author Fiolek Metin ( ago)
John Cena and THE ROCK !!!! = Great Tag Team :)

Author dillion davis ( ago)
If anybody has noticed Randy gets more cheers then John does he gets
cheered and booed I prefer Randy over John anyday

Author Nicholas Richards ( ago)
It's mostly Randy, I'd say. Randy Orton and Edge = Great Tag Team Randy
Orton and Sheamus = Great Tag Team Randy Orton and Cena = Great Tag Team
Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan = Great Tag Team (Dysfunctional, but Great)
Randy Orton and Daniel and Kane = Great Tag Team (More Dysfunctional, but

Author LeGiiTxSynZ ( ago)
Have you ever considered my ass?

Author ÖMÜR TÖRPÜSÜ ( ago)
double RKO :DDD

Author Gustas Adomavicius ( ago)
well thats a normall rko:-)

Author adrian pap ( ago)

Author TheDarkEvil88 ( ago)
3:59 2RKO

Author Fernando Cuevas ( ago)
I like john cena and orton

Author kyohei valdez ( ago)
i love rey mystereo

Author popoloto1 ( ago)

Author Laura jimenez ( ago)
Randy & cena my two favorite

Author thierry tanot ( ago)
randy and cena !

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