John Cena & Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger & Batista 2/2

John Cena & Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger & Batista Part 2/2 from WWE Raw 3/29/2010

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Author James Forcum (7 months)
Where is this Orton at? I liked this Orton the one who was a cold blooded
killer and didn't run away from fights like he does now. The Orton who was
a lone wolf was so much better than the one we get now, where he is all
buddy buddy with the authority.

Author robert owen (1 month)
Future jobber I miss this Orton#fucktheauthority

Author Alin Kenobi (4 months)
Batista means power ... but >>> 2:44 & 2:48 OMG ! ORTON IS SO AGILE !!
:O Impressive :)

Author miguel hernandez estrada (4 months)
se lucio mas randy orton que jochn cena XD

Author Naina Mohamed (4 months)
Thtat is viper........ I love u randyyyyyyyyyyyy

Author James Forcum (7 months)
The funny thing is Orton turning face wasn't suppose to happen. It was
initially suppose to be Ted Dibiase who turned face in the legacy split.
But the crowd started cheering Orton so they turned him face instead.

Author Ahmed Ansaf (8 months)
LoVe u CeNa n OrToN

Author Krystal Chikwe (8 months)
RKO is a beast!!! He's amazing

Author Mr Ozan (8 months)
Randy is the king!

Author liam holloway (9 months)
No doubt cena and orton make an amazing tag team orton rkoed the shit out
everyone in 2010 on his face turn mush 

Author Ardau Karsli (9 months)
Jon cena the best

Author Sushobhon Samuel Morrison (10 months)
what a RKO by randy ...just awesome...!!Randy and John best tag team

Author NIVESH PAL (10 months)
orton rules??

Author Nodari Paichadze (6 months)
I Love Viper <3 BOSS ! 

Author Real Rko Bilal (11 months)
just RKO

Author Gustas Adomavicius (1 year)
well thats a normall rko:-)

Author Jehad hourani (1 year)
Not even a minute in the ring randy orten won

Author Bowling Pin (1 year)
what about Hardy Boys or DX or Brothers or destruction?

Author なつにゃん だお (1 year)

Author Maikel Smilegirl (1 year)
John and cena year

Author AZK (1 year)
No es jonh cena & randy orton ,sos re siego vos ? o te haces? u.u

Author Kaila Griffith (1 year)
Nice tag name

Author Ashil Iziboy (1 year)
rko after rko

Author andrewv410 (1 year)
Dx is better

Author MrQ000000 (1 year)
randy orton is fucking bad ass!

Author KHAN IMU (1 year)

Author thierry tanot (1 year)
randy and cena !

Author LIONEL MESSI (1 year)
Cena is ma HeRo.....

Author brasilbeyblede (1 year)
Randy Orton U.U.U

Author Mohamed Ali Hasan (1 year)
Randy orton 2 arko BAM

Author hardyfanatic32 (1 year)
To wwedanielrazor actually Randy Orton won.

Author aisha ahmed (1 year)
Randy Orton is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Author Lukitas Morinigo (1 year)
I <3 Cena

Author Chris Jeritroll (1 year)
randy looks like a mini batista in this video

Author hectorhdzpo (1 year)

Author Samuel Ramirez (1 year)

Author SprechenderNico (1 year)
I hate the moderfucker randy orton he has badistas arm broken it so an
bitch fuck you randy pussy

Author PRINCEofgold (1 year)
i love randy orton and john cena

Author Sukhrob MARATOV (1 year)

Author samuel gading (1 year)

Author Kiing X (1 year)
hell yeah!! randy is the best :D

Author Jacek Kluczyk (1 year)

Author xDrakath Yozz (1 year)
Cena and Randy = Best tag team

Author Łukasz muc (1 year)
cena fack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Author Pras Anth (1 year)

Author Gerhard Bezuidenhout (1 year)
Randy & Cena are legends! No arguments.

Author MinecraftJuniorable (1 year)
Randy Orton And Cena would form the best team ever!!

Author Alyssa Bravo (1 year)
Watch tna thursday on spike so so wwe will have to change wwe

Author rickusafrialdi25 (1 year)
Add me please....

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