Haunted Gaming - Sally.exe (CREEPYPASTA)

Hey guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we return to Sonic again and do a fanmade sequel to one of the most popular gaming creepypastas, sonic.exe! Thanks for watching!
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Intro Music: "Ice Demon" by Kevin MacLeod
Background Music: "Aftermath" by Kevin MacLeod
Outro Music: Written and performed by noDj

Game on-screen: Sonic Heroes (Sonic Team USA, SEGA)(GCN, PS2, XBOX, PC, PSN)

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Author Dario Gallegos (12 days)
Sally.exe: not so scary


Author NeoVioletsMeowInc (15 days)
I don't really know why people call Sonic the Hedgehog, Sat AM. The other
cartoon was called: The advenchers of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Author Scott Elric (28 days)
*crushes scanner* It's... It's OVER

Author hollyxfallen (2 months)
I don't rlly care about sally... (btw wut happened to Sonic's siblings?)

Author Jack Nightshade Frost (1 month)
I'm sorry, but you don't put blank DVD's in your computer, dumbass.
This may be fiction, but the idiot in the story shouldn't have put a disc
of unknown origins into his cd drive. 

Author Chimera Theo (4 months)
The actual story is deleted. Das not cool.

Author Sally.exe (6 months)
Someone made a story about me!

Author Phillip Pahl (2 months)
I'm guessing, the killer plush idea from Robert the doll.

Author Riolu In Rio (4 months)
how am i supposta know when idk what cleche is

Author Josh the mega gamer (37 minutes)
Wait, did any body realise that the company is called SATAN. What. The.

Author Rainbow Poof (4 hours)
Sega 666...Thats a reference to Username: 666 in the old days of Youtube.

Author minecrafter 2014 (5 months)

Author ShadowLovelyFox (3 days)
The game you're playing is my favorite Sonic game!!

Author Elijah Lanay (4 days)
it basicly sonic.exe but with a sally doll

Author Callum Butler (12 days)

Author DontGiveAShit (15 days)
I was watching Pewdiepie play it last night

Author Jason Adelman (17 days)
And in the bottom right corner on the title screen it says 666

Author Melissa stasulli (17 days)
i have the game he is playing and i almost through out the game because it
was so scary i thought it was haunted!!!

Author Guanaco14878 (18 days)
About thirteen mentions of blood. 

Author Gold Kaiju (23 days)
This is not even made by MrJCTheHyena, the guy who made the Sonic.exe

Author Fish Man (4 months)
What in the fuck did I just hear?
Tentacle sonic porn?! 

Author hunterxray123 (28 days)
over 99999999,9999999,999999,99999,9999,999,99,9

Author creepynekogirl14 (28 days)
ok umm sense when do people get itchy when there scared lol

Author Elijah Lanay (4 days)
i like the refrence to the original guy soinic killed

Author DC Francis (1 month)

Author Dusk Ealain (1 month)
Picard at 0:50 made me laugh my ass off

Author DontGiveAShit (15 days)
I was watching Pewdiepie play it last night

Author Josh Clark (1 month)
lmao, none of these creepypastas have been scary (and I've watched/read 90%
of them so far), but this was by far the funniest with your pop ups. Thank
you, couldn't stop laughing.

Edit: also, I rewatched with the blood drinking game.. don't let my typing
fool you, I'm plastered.

Author jeff leon (1 month)
i would give it a 57826975684756297637653/10

Author Sean Mahan (1 month)
this has better writing and no annoying repetition so over all a bit better
than sonic.exe's story game freakin owns though

Author TheJesusGirl100 (1 month)
"The intro started no blood or anything" lol wut

Author Martin Machala (1 month)
knuckles have fur?

Author Garrett Garner (1 month)
Well it's a safe bet to say that the narrator is in to that freaky hentai
tentacle shit

Author jcgnms (1 month)
Every one in the comments with a bad comment sholud go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nightshade45 (1 month)
am i the only one who doesn't get scared by a lot of shit but like creepy
pastas anyway?

Author Chris McIntyre (1 month)
its not scary its so gross i threw up 

Author StracDa Gameh (2 months)

Author Liv Robinson (2 months)
Sally.exe = erotic Sonic.exe

Author brandommario2 (2 months)
You said splat just as tails hit the wall in the gameplay

Author Andrew Welsch (2 months)
A.... Red and black Sonic?! Oh, the horror! Oh, wait, I think we found
Shadow guys! Don't worry, it's just Shadow! 

Author Diego Martinez (4 months)

Author Alex Rothell-owen (2 months)
Sally.exe= tripping balls

Author MadMaster Porkey (2 months)
The guy in the story is Tom's son, who is also named Tom

Author Kimberly Talesky (2 months)

Author Chris Koos (2 months)
you should play the game of this

Author 2 active angels (2 months)
10:55 SEX 

Author The Doctor (5 months)
Sally wants her waffles...

Author dragodragon powerzilla (2 months)
slurping noises? did she do her own bacca slurp? :3 watch asf jerome to
understand :3

Author Amy Rose (2 months)

Author Lanamariegames (2 months)
About 20

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