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Author 20firebird (1 month)
wow this is really fucking dumb

Author Melia Antiqua (5 months)
I give this story a 7.8/10: Too much blood

Author Para Beetle X (20 days)
In terms of fear, 0/10.
Creepiness, 6/10 (The make-out scene is something to be desired)
Originality, -1/10.
Commentary, 8/10. Seriously, tell me I wasn't the only one laughing at the
text on the screen.
Overall score: 13/40. 33%, F-.

Author dreierik (5 months)
Can someone please link me to the emulator that Mutahar uses because i
really want to play old games

Author Braeden Emmel (3 months)
Whats the sonic game on the screen?

Author Dario Gallegos (9 months)
Sally.exe: not so scary


Author Rk gaming 03 (8 months)
What is with creepypastas and having the protagonist stupid to obvious
things?*sees the word god on a plush doll* "probably their initials"

Author TheJesusGirl100 (10 months)
"The intro started no blood or anything" lol wut

Author JaeGuk Park (2 months)
thanks your music

Author Scumbag Eve (2 months)
Holy shit, all the nostalgia is coming back to me. This channel was where I
first learnt about Creepypastas. I gotta start watching this guy again, I
can't believe I forgot about him.

Author Ebriccos 798 (2 months)
Here it is I'm really big sonic fan one day I was playing sonic adventure
dx and my brother gave me a GameCube disc it said sonic the killer with a
yellow marker I put it in my GameCube if started with the sonic adventure
dx but it said sonic the killer I selected big the only character I could
choose I was in a level called die now act 666 it was chemical plant I was
like huh chemical plant I did the fishing game and big caught sonic he had
white eyes with yellow pupils it cut to black and I heard the screeching
from sonic.exe then it showed text saying bitch you're dead I was shocked
sonic killed big I saw big with bloodshot eyes his purple fur changed to a
dark purple I had to choose e-102-gamma next I spawned into a new level
called welcome to hell next part next week

Author Callum Butler (9 months)

Author KingKaor (5 months)
" favorite character, Sally Acorn."

Well that explains it, he's a fucking furry.

Author John Perez (1 month)
Man did I want to cry and weep when I saw Sally acorn pop out of that
goddam title

Author Princess Crystal (1 month)
I luv yr videos!
I give THIS one-cause I love sonic- I'll give it a 10/10

Author Elchronic Maelstrom (6 months)
I don't get why it's called Sally.exe. is Sally the most relevent
character? I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention.

Author Ashlyn Walters (8 months)
my creepypasta

as I sat bored and my parents were gone I deicided to play sonic when I saw
outro tails was gone just his shadow after that tails apeard in the game I
was working with her and every time I died something got strange tails gets
bloodier and when it got worse tails was lying on the ground cut up and
sliced up a and a text box showed up and it said why "would you do this to
me?" I was puzzled and I went on my game froze and I blew on the disc and I
put it back in and I said "yes!" I continued playing and the dungeon got
much darker and darker when I leave the tails corpse farther and farther
after that when I finished the dungeon quest and went to next level tails
was right by me bloody and no eyes the place got darker filled with corpse
and tails said "this is what you get" and I died when I respawnd I was
bloody and tails was worse he had no tails no eyes and bloody body and it
froze on a screen with tails cut up and a text box saying "why?why would
you do this?"

and the story ends there hop you enjoyed

Author Max thomas (25 days)
How do you spin dash in sonic 1, creme?

Author corispec gaming (3 days)
lol right when i heard splat when sally died tails got hit by a block

Author RockLeeOfTheMounties (24 days)
"The white arrow, in case you didn't know."


Author Ultimate SSJ Gamer (3 months)
Im going to tell my story: Kirby.exe (different if you watched SOGs video
about it)
It all started with the normal theme of sonic super stars,I opened my file
, it said 80 percent done.i opened my file and the only game was spring
breeze.i played spring breeze with its normal theme.but when I started to
play,it was raining In the game and In the bottom left corner it said
"run!"I started to run,awareless of my bottom screen with a frowny face
with bleeding lips.i could barely hear it say"why did you do this?why?"then
Kirby turned black with bloody eyes and committed suicide.then my screen
turned pitch black.i turned off my DS,walking away.

Author Lewis Houldey (1 month)
Does any one know the numbers 888? 

Author Ethan Jones (1 month)
This actually isn't too bad for a first try. It's definatly better than

Overall, 6/10

Author Winter Dusk (2 months)
This story was so predictable :/ Oh look, someone bought another blank,
mysterious game on an online auction that nobody else bid on! Was almost
painful to listen to

Author Aoi Kosuke (10 days)

demonic segaaaaa :D

Author Sharon Pereira (1 month)
So much blood.

Author J&C Gaming (3 months)
eyes aren't missing. just stitched

Author Melisah Jenkins (4 months)
I'm actually currently writing a story about Sonic.EXE and I made a
back-story for him, telling the details about how he changed the way he
did. I'm thinking I'll write a little bit after 14 chapters until we reveal
his secrets...

Author MegaBites456 (5 months)
the place was closed in 2006 hmmmmm?

Author Eli Davis (5 months)
Everyone From Sally.EXE:*Sees my previous comment* *Facepalms*

Author Davis Rutka (4 months)

Author Ebriccos 798 (2 months)
No I meant I'm also a sonic fan I'll make my own creepypasta It will be
called sonic the killer

Author Dantheblackyoshi™ (4 months)
Yay another shitty sonic-pasta!

Author Cindy Ferrante (1 month)
If I recieved some thing like this I would just
For twenty minutes

Author Dash Godadel (3 months)
I always thought that Sonic.exe was just a demon, that can transform its
appearance to a persons greatest hobbies and desires, that's why it took
the form of Sonic, because the characters in these stories are fans of

Author Ebriccos 798 (2 months)
I'm also a sonic I'll make my own called sonic killer

Author Spartanimus (5 months)
Well, Sonic.; uhp, wait... Sally.exe! How DARE I, compare this to that!?

Author TheFanCreeper (20 days)
what are we talking about anyway sonic.exe or sally.exe it is just jumping
around those 2

Author Bela Carroll (27 days)
my god 10:56 *vomits

Author stoneheart0007 (5 months)
Tails derp face. Just look at 0:50

Author Insanity Allegra (5 months)

For teh Evulz!

Author Cindy Ferrante (1 month)
Also *killer plushie in front of me* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Throws in washing
machine*, HAH I BEAT YOU

Author AcridTV (4 months)
That's shit

Author nicholas .shaw (9 months)
Note for people who want to read this: The page has apparently been deleted
by the CreepyPasta wiki.

Author Chimera Theo (1 year)
The actual story is deleted. Das not cool.

Author Connor Miles (8 months)
Shadow.exe is out

Author Pappypuppy (5 months)
....The whole video, the phone was ringing. XD

Author Mario smg (5 months)

Author GlitchedCode (26 days)
In two words: BLOODY HELL

Author Eli Davis (5 months)

*This is a joke*

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