Haunted Gaming - Sally.exe (CREEPYPASTA)

Hey guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we return to Sonic again and do a fanmade sequel to one of the most popular gaming creepypastas, sonic.exe! Thanks for watching!
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Intro Music: "Ice Demon" by Kevin MacLeod
Background Music: "Aftermath" by Kevin MacLeod
Outro Music: Written and performed by noDj

Game on-screen: Sonic Heroes (Sonic Team USA, SEGA)(GCN, PS2, XBOX, PC, PSN)

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Author Scott Elric (5 days)
*crushes scanner* It's... It's OVER

Author Jack Nightshade Frost (1 month)
I'm sorry, but you don't put blank DVD's in your computer, dumbass.
This may be fiction, but the idiot in the story shouldn't have put a disc
of unknown origins into his cd drive. 

Author Rightyboy Wilson (5 months)
I found the ending to be pretty dang scary with the doll and all that.

Author hollyxfallen (1 month)
I don't rlly care about sally... (btw wut happened to Sonic's siblings?)

Author brendenmcmad (6 months)
11:09 WTF

Author Fish Man (3 months)
What in the fuck did I just hear?
Tentacle sonic porn?! 

Author ArtisticOtaku16 (5 months)
Much blood. Such cliche. Very sonic. Wow

Author MICHAEL and JUSTIN! (4 months)

Author Ben Irwin (6 months)
i think the gameplay is of sonic heroes for the gamecube! i used to have it
but idk where it is now

Author Sally.exe (5 months)
Someone made a story about me!

Author Chimera Theo (3 months)
The actual story is deleted. Das not cool.

Author The Doctor (5 months)
Sally wants her waffles...

Author Dusty™ (6 months)
HAHAHAHA... they talked about tentacles sex then said Sonic pulled out
fast... i'm so immature..

Author EeveeVSHoOh (7 months)

Author gudam3 (6 months)
you owe me a new fucking liver.
oh,fuck,tentacle rape,did a japanese guy wrote this creepypasta?
this kind of sucked

Author multifrog3 (7 months)
is the music from total miner forge

Author tougueric (7 months)
/\ the whole thing is a cliché! \/

Author 1kenny30 (8 months)
Ah furries... Nuff' said!

Author AvRobert™ (6 months)
I think there was a point to it, if you really think about it sonic already
has a thing for sally, so the creepypasta just takes that to a whole-nother
level. exaggerating sonic's evilness with rape. replacing a simple kiss
with well i just said it, sex and or rape which ever way you look at it.

Author Dartanian90 (6 months)
shitpasta much?

Author creepynekogirl14 (6 days)
ok umm sense when do people get itchy when there scared lol

Author TheJesusGirl100 (27 days)
"The intro started no blood or anything" lol wut

Author Mr. Clean (6 months)
Oh God
The Sex Part.

Author PokemonMasterRed75 (6 months)
I think i hate creepypasta, I feel these Sonic.EXE characters will appear
and take me but I can get myself to stop learning about them

Author Wind Waker Link (4 months)
Those parts and how they died is very... interesting. I know it might just
be the creator bullshitting their way through, but the names of the Acts
and ways they died are very intriguing to me, especially Cream's. Going
faster and faster and faster, only to be smashed by spikes at a wall. It
makes me think of... growing up too quickly, having innocence taken.

Author joey piontek (4 months)
about 50 million

Author Shader1019 (5 months)
LAWL! 11:09-11:11

Author UniversalGamer (6 months)
wuuuuttttt the fuuuuuuuck

Author JeromeGid (6 months)
0:49 I think I am getting an idea of whats about to happen when it comes to
cliches, Thanks Kirk!

Author dragodragon powerzilla (1 month)
slurping noises? did she do her own bacca slurp? :3 watch asf jerome to
understand :3

Author Cheshire Grin And Nurse Plus (3 months)
Like Deltious Food Once Said: Im Lovin' It

Author AMYANDCREAMBFFS (3 months)
yay sonic heroes :D

Author carrastealth (1 month)
See Sonic.. this is what happens when you infiltrate Happy Wheels :( 

Author Bex Star (3 months)
I counted a lot

Author Kevingastresurrected (6 months)
Well, the game is released by the same guy who made Sonic,exe... Its pretty
good but it doesnt have the tentacle sex thing.. For the rest the game is
the same as the pasta

Author BananaDoesMinecraft (4 months)
... OMG TAILS came back! But in sally form.....

Author AWesome (6 months)
I get the game now. You were disappointed with the creepypasta, and the
game disappointed you. There's still more to the Sally.exe game. You just
got to find out.

Author Noah Richardson (2 months)
satan d.v.d

Author kristaps tihanovskis (5 months)
blood blood blood blood blood blood BLOOD SPLAT SPLAT!

Author Viktor Buckley (4 months)

Author David Meadows (6 months)
Wow. That was pretty bad. Also, there was no point in the sex scene.

Author Steampunk Papercut (2 months)
The way you pronounce things makes a lot of these videos hilarious.

Author ItzRyan17 (7 months)
"And for a minute i thought i did too"

Author XxBIOFUSIONxX (4 months)
........tenticals...........WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUU?

Author Cheshire Grin And Nurse Plus (3 months)
Did Creams Kidneys Come Out? I Know A Guy Who Can Help With That. +Eyeless.

Author Josh Clark (25 days)
lmao, none of these creepypastas have been scary (and I've watched/read 90%
of them so far), but this was by far the funniest with your pop ups. Thank
you, couldn't stop laughing.

Edit: also, I rewatched with the blood drinking game.. don't let my typing
fool you, I'm plastered.

Author Phillip Pahl (1 month)
I'm guessing, the killer plush idea from Robert the doll.

Author MoonKnight Spidey (6 months)
HaHa! As soon as he said SPLAT! Tails got crushed by a block! =D

Author Kagagiou Xenoni (8 months)
Strangely, I was just listening to this why playing a game and something
dawned on me for Sonic's "Motivation." Sonic: A cocky character known for
his speed, and the 'first' to take on Eggman / Robotnik. It was a 1 player
adventure, meaning Sonic did this 'by himself'.
Add some time, Sonic 2 comes out. Now it's Sonic AND Tails. Tails, though
'slower', still keeps up with Sonic. Sharing the 'limelight' if you will.
Sonic 3 comes out. Sonic and Tails VS Robotnik VS Knuckles, who befriends
Sonic near the end. Now we have 3 VS Robotnik.
A feat that Sonic once did by himself, is suddenly being shared with so
many others who dares to 'challenge his speed'. Believing he is the
"FASTEST THING ALIVE," Sonic decides to terminate all competition to prove
once, and for all, WHO is the fastest. Those who fail, well...
But that's just a theory. This would hold with his generally cocky manner
and if he felt others are taking the focus off of him, well why wouldn't he?
The 'attack against the consumer' can only be guessed as say... left field
here, they are the patrons who encouraged more and more cast for Sonic to
try and outshine. Though why a plushy... Hell if I know.
Again, just a theory.

Author Silver F. E. Fengo (7 months)
Lol when the pasta said the game was free, I saw the word "Yeah!" on the
screen game.

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