Detroit Dog Fighting Caught on Video

FOX 2's Charlie Langton takes us inside the very dark world of dog fighting in Detroit. Caution: this video is graphic.

Investigators from the Michigan Humane Society do what they can to stop dog fighting rings and try to stop the abuse.

There is an estimate of thousands and thousands of dogs on the streets. Detroit has a real problem.

But one man is doing his part to give these dogs a chance. Hush is a local rapper and head of the Detroit Dog Rescue. His mission is to capture the thousands of stray dogs in Detroit.

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Author Chelsea Bella (14 days)
I hate this. It makes me so angry. How could someone do this?

Author Compaxt (5 months)
I couldn't stop laughing after they showed the rape stand

Author octoberfire13 (4 months)
Glad to say that it's now a federal felony for anyone even caught attending
a dog fight. Your ass will go to jail for a lonnng ass time. This shit
is disgusting and needs to stop. Go fight yourself and stop thinking
hurting dogs like this is cool. It's not. It's disgusting and you have no

Author DolleHengst (3 months)
This city looks like some third world country

Author Tuvshinjargal Batjargal (4 months)
Lol barbarian sport? So UFC is also barbarian? This reporter has no idea
what he is talking about.

Author womeniz3r (3 months)
All of you are responsible who do drugs. It's the drug dealers and gangs
connected, promote dog fighting. 

Author sam thekitty (8 months)
am i the only one who cried like omg idiots

Author nir766 (4 months)
fight dog fight ,like you fight terrorism .those people should be out from

Author Joey Loey (2 days)
Anyone who would trust one of these sadists alone with a loved one is a
fool. I wonder why the faces of the culprits were concealed. Now we won't
know whom to avoid or whose asses need kicking. 

Author 9GSR (9 days)
Black people+low class black peopple you will get this, go figure....

Author Joey Loey (2 days)
I think we might reduce this abuse of animals by providing monetary
rewarding to citizens who anonymously report such abuse, provided, of
course, that they are not perpetrators of the abuse themselves.

Author Deeksha Mittal (13 days)
That is awful!!

Author Sliver Revils (4 months)
not good

Author qwe qwen (5 months)
Fuck all pitbulls. They all deserved to be killed anyway! They are filthy
vicious animals

Author haohui zhao (5 months)
Just disgraceful

Author comrade soviet (6 months)
that's a rape stand, the dogs wont mate so that's why they have to use that

Author GeneKohable (1 month)
Forced breeding?? That was a little propaganda-ish. Sorry but it's okay to
force dogs to mate as long as they are NOT trying to fight. Hope those guys
never get out of jail for fight those beautiful dogs.

Author Michael Lopez (5 months)
+Obama bin laden you have a weird ass mentality

Author John McCain (6 months)
having a pitbull without letting it fight is like having a ferrari without
racing, makes no sense

Author FlameFirestarter (6 months)
horrible why?? For money pffff ....

Author Ahmad Alrais (7 months)
Stop being all dramatic .. its just a dogs fight .. wut the big deal.. dnt
tell me u guys dnt watch ufc and mma where a man cld be killed in a cage ..
did u think about his kids and wife morons .. just let it go I luv this
sport we do that in a regular basis bk home 

Author mior sallehuddin (6 months)
black skin black heart..

Author xthisIsstupidx (5 months)
All the fags gettin sensitive about this video i see. There dogs they gon
fight regardless. 

Author darkspades13 (6 months)
I would not fight a dog I love but I will fight a stray.

Author karl lux (6 months)
blacks just suck ass. that's why whites put them in cages..

Author Shelby Cross (7 months)
What kind of intertaintment do you get from watching dogs rip each other

Author LogicYouKnow (7 months)
Always black people!

Author whatastupidworld1 (4 months)
niggers are bad as hell 

Author 3dogmaster3 (8 months)
put all the fuckers that are involved in dogfighting against the wall and
just but a bullet in their heads, no discussion !!!!!!!!!!!! please do
this live on TV, maybe that will scare them wipe asses !!!!!!!

Author chernobleman (6 months)
How about hitting these pitbull fighting guys with a hammer, and make a bet
on how long they stay breathing?

Author tumbling dice (7 months)
we black people might make dogs fight but at least we don't fuck them like
white folks,ahaha

Author Delmo Hopkins (8 months)
I wonder how many dildos are gonna try to adopt these fucking things to
become family pets

Author Latia Woolford (2 days)
So people like looking at dogs fight to the point its so bad that there
blood start to come out. Cant watch it. Sorry

Author marco baroli (5 days)
Black culture at its finest. They dont snitch so this will never stop.

Author Tyler Bright (3 days)
Please take a minute to donate to the dogs in Detroit.

Author armah johnson (13 days)
Just young minded people driven by money and greed and no care for helpless
pitbulls. They make it hard for us responsible humanbeings to own a pit
bull or a bully in society an if we do we are looked upon like if we
support dog fights just because we own to love a loving caring breed that
is euthanized on site or band. Dogs obey their master's they dont do it
just because they are mean . Dont teach them to fight

Author Warlord_Darkist (17 days)
sick fuks

Author Raine Carr (21 day)
Shoot every one of those guys in the head, every single person that
participated in the fighting, whether owners, vets, observers. That would
stop them. And they steal your pets for bait dogs.

Author Kira Hohne (1 month)
I don't get it why would you even spend money on a dog knowin there is a
50% chance of it dying?? :/

Author Viper Blood (4 months)
This just disgust'es me i think if you are caught fighting dogs you should
be thrown in a ring with a another person that fights dogs and you fight to
the death like these poor dogs do.

Author MvC2Scrub (19 days)
lets save the dogs by catching them and putting them to sleep ;D

Author Gavin Curtis (7 months)
Yay! Detroit, the best city in the whole wide world. :P

Makes Thunderdome look like McDonalds play land.

Author DigitalFlyingPandas (2 months)
It's easy walk in to a dog fight place and kill everybody part of it. If
the dog is so badly
Injured in my opinion just put it out of its misery. It hurts to say.

Author MONKEYDLUFFY235498 (8 months)
of course the people are black

Author You Aggravatin. (8 months)
"Ahh.. There's Rex" llh

Author AndersonFreestyleBMX (1 month)
I work for a dog daycare and boarding facility. And we have a pitbull there
and it is the most loveable dog I have seen. When I go to sit down he
climbs up on my lap and takes a nap. This is just the worst thing I have
seen. If I could find these ring leaders I would put them in a cage and put
a 12 volt shock collar on them and if they fought they both die if they
refused they both die. In other words, the world is rid of the scum

Author Nicholas Sunnardi (2 months)
those sick motherfuckers should be castrated and be sent to prison for life

Author Cooper Kase (2 months)
BEEN FOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Author BruningHalo (1 month)
This is just sick! How would they like it if they were forced to fight
random people on the streets, trapped in a "ring" to fight other people to
the death knowing that any second your life could be ended by the hands of
another in a cruel harsh death that no one deserves. Tell me, would you
like to be poked and yelled at, forced to do only violence while living in
horrible conditions? Another thing, why do people always asume Pit Bulls
are an aggressive breed all together. Ever dog is different and they each
have their own personalities. Dogs have feelings too you know! They can
feel pain, hunger, sadness and madness just like us. How the dog acts
depends on the owner. Not everyone should have a dog for they are not
prepared or have the proper requirements for that dog, then that dog "turns
bad" and it's all his fault. Nope, it's all our fault! Blame the humans,
the same ones who forced these dogs to be raped, to fight in order to live,
and don't give me any "it's called survival" crap. Humans should be
advanced enough to have what they need to not only take care of themselves,
but others, and not resort to watching and forcing these poor creatures to
fight just for their own sickly pleasure. And if they can barely take care
of themselves easy, just simply do NOT get a dog. These people are
disgusting and I'm glad that who ever thought that dog fighting would be a
sport admired by many the are so wrong. This is sadistic, barbaric and is
simply not needed. Anyone caught hosting or participating in a dog fight(s)
do not deserve that poor animal and should be thrown in jail accompanied
with only a hefty fine. If you're reading this and actually like dog
fighting, may God take pity on your poor soul.

Author vince appice (5 months)

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