Detroit Dog Fighting Caught on Video

FOX 2's Charlie Langton takes us inside the very dark world of dog fighting in Detroit. Caution: this video is graphic.

Investigators from the Michigan Humane Society do what they can to stop dog fighting rings and try to stop the abuse.

There is an estimate of thousands and thousands of dogs on the streets. Detroit has a real problem.

But one man is doing his part to give these dogs a chance. Hush is a local rapper and head of the Detroit Dog Rescue. His mission is to capture the thousands of stray dogs in Detroit.

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Author womeniz3r (4 days)
All of you are responsible who do drugs. It's the drug dealers and gangs
connected, promote dog fighting. 

Author DolleHengst (19 days)
This city looks like some third world country

Author nir766 (24 days)
fight dog fight ,like you fight terrorism .those people should be out from

Author octoberfire13 (1 month)
Glad to say that it's now a federal felony for anyone even caught attending
a dog fight. Your ass will go to jail for a lonnng ass time. This shit
is disgusting and needs to stop. Go fight yourself and stop thinking
hurting dogs like this is cool. It's not. It's disgusting and you have no

Author Derpy Squid (1 month)
not good

Author haohui zhao (2 months)
Just disgraceful

Author Compaxt (2 months)
I couldn't stop laughing after they showed the rape stand

Author comrade soviet (3 months)
that's a rape stand, the dogs wont mate so that's why they have to use that

Author Michael Lopez (1 month)
+Obama bin laden you have a weird ass mentality

Author Tuvshinjargal Batjargal (1 month)
Lol barbarian sport? So UFC is also barbarian? This reporter has no idea
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vicious animals

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Author Ian Krzemien (7 days)
DDR is trash where's your new facility. How much donated money pays that
money you make. Dude iv never met anyone from DDR but if talked too many
different people and groups. No names will be given bit Hush you sound like
a straight up bitch bro. If what i've heard is true you and your crew are
trash. If not I apologize 

Author Hadsatriani (1 day)
Dolle- it is 3 rd world man detroit is filled with un educated low lifed

Author SAMMIsLIFE (7 days)
This is sad, id hate to see the future if nothing is done about this. N
there's soooo many pitbull breeders,i mean just go on craigslist and
there's literally 100s of pitbull puppies ull see, Smh, just sad. I wish i
could save all of them

Author aron jankie (11 days)
Swear to god people have no heart

Author F5FURU12 (8 days)

Author Melanie Revollar (15 days)
well this is shocking

Author Viper Blood (26 days)
This just disgust'es me i think if you are caught fighting dogs you should
be thrown in a ring with a another person that fights dogs and you fight to
the death like these poor dogs do.

Author FlameFirestarter (3 months)
horrible why?? For money pffff ....

Author Gavin Curtis (4 months)
Yay! Detroit, the best city in the whole wide world. :P

Makes Thunderdome look like McDonalds play land.

Author You Aggravatin. (4 months)
"Ahh.. There's Rex" llh

Author John McCain (3 months)
having a pitbull without letting it fight is like having a ferrari without
racing, makes no sense

Author darkspades13 (3 months)
Never mind I would not fight a stray either.

Author vince appice (1 month)

Author ALWAYZRAW DAWG (2 months)
God: "vengeance is mine."

Author Chris Sinclair (4 months)
Yes we don't to work and play by the rules. Anything for easy money. Then
turn around and blame whitey for everything. 

Author Shelby Cross (4 months)
What kind of intertaintment do you get from watching dogs rip each other

Author xthisIsstupidx (2 months)
All the fags gettin sensitive about this video i see. There dogs they gon
fight regardless. 

Author Daniel Minskey (3 months)
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How about hitting these pitbull fighting guys with a hammer, and make a bet
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tell me u guys dnt watch ufc and mma where a man cld be killed in a cage ..
did u think about his kids and wife morons .. just let it go I luv this
sport we do that in a regular basis bk home 

Author groofoot (2 months)
shoot the damned things. You don't c stray cats attacking people......

Author tubertom (5 months)
6:20 They get ca$h money for each dog they capture then sell to who knows

Author tekubus (1 month)
...and the war on niggers continues.

Author LogicYouKnow (4 months)
Always black people!

Author rcinglad (1 month)
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Author Zero Negatv (27 days)
there are no words to express how hurt this makes me. as a dog lover i am
ashamed to see this. Those dogs deserve better lives

Author Antinous Quero (3 months)
This is no longer a crime this is evil.

Author Lyman Zerga (2 months)
4:17 a lot of people at these PEOPLE fights... YOU WISH!!!

Author Kaitlyn Rose (2 months)
I litterly cried this happens behind my house i called the cops once and
they were gone by the time they got there i didnt know it went this far i
feel bad. I mean they starve and abuse the dogs to make them tuff or mean
and then they battle it out for money they should go to jail for that.
Anyone who.does that i mean what if that was you fighting money isnt as
important as an animals life!!!!!!

Author AvengedSevenfold9000 (2 months)
Animals fight but to turn it into a sport and make a profit is just low and
wrong I hope those that run these fights have a nice time in prison >:)

Author whatastupidworld1 (24 days)
niggers are bad as hell 

Author Nya Lodu (1 month)
Why wud ppl do this.. im so heart broken by this. Poor dogs dont deserve

Author Leslie Navarro (3 months)
That's messed up

Author tommytrieu792 (3 months)
that carzy why they do that to the dog ..... 

Author Richard Conley (4 months)
Before the video starts I bet it's niggers in the video..AMIRIGHT??

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