Detroit Dog Fighting Caught on Video

FOX 2's Charlie Langton takes us inside the very dark world of dog fighting in Detroit. Caution: this video is graphic.

Investigators from the Michigan Humane Society do what they can to stop dog fighting rings and try to stop the abuse.

There is an estimate of thousands and thousands of dogs on the streets. Detroit has a real problem.

But one man is doing his part to give these dogs a chance. Hush is a local rapper and head of the Detroit Dog Rescue. His mission is to capture the thousands of stray dogs in Detroit.

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Author Kyle Bullard (29 days)
Even if they do arrest somebody for dog fighting all they get is a slap on
the wrist. Its straight up pisses me the fuck off that someone would use a
dogs loyalty and devotion to its owner for something a barbaric as dog
fighting. If i could i would send anyone who made or watched a dog fight to
its death into a ring with the biggest baddest mother fucking dog and watch
them fight for their life while other look on. I think they should make it
a class A felony with a 10 year minimum with a 50 k fine for anyone
involved with dog fighting. Participants and abundance. 

Author -LoveTheWayYouLie (29 days)
People who like dog fighting should be killed

Author SoulReaperSlayer19 (1 month)
Detroit Dog Rescue my a**, all they do is kill them if they cant get
adopted. They're better off on the street!

Author ThePrinceoftheAir (1 month)
Click like if you think the pit bulls should have stopped and started
eating those pussies on the outside.

Author Shaka Zulu (1 month)
lol at the white people leaving racist comments you do know dog fighting
was an white American sport right?

Author Chelsea Bella (3 months)
I hate this. It makes me so angry. How could someone do this?

Author big pun (2 months)
Michigan is a shit hole and should be nuked.

Author sythlorde (5 days)
omg this guy with the glasses is so amendment about this story he is
giving me a headache. he keeps jumping all over the screen. But this is a
sad story and I hope that they catch all them dog fighters . Good job HUSH
lets look your music up!

Author Bert van Staveren (6 days)
I am against the death penalty, but these people are devils and what they
do are just anti-human too.
I think they should be pulled out of society for life.

Author duronMF (2 months)
No its the fact that yall think they have a chance when they go to a
shelter. The doctors kill them anyway or im sorry youthanized or w.e. man
at least let the dog fight for his life. 

Author Spitfire (15 days)
We should just blow this city up and start it over. Any "residents" should
be reimbursed or just plain evicted because this city is a full blown
blemish on the country. Fucking disgusting! 

Author Shauncey Craig (1 month)
This is fucked up

Author j mc (1 month)
stupid thats all stupid

Author Billy Kendall (2 months)
Fucking sickos go die

Author Ansjelien M. (23 hours)
People are such horrible creatures! !

Author Rod Easterwood (4 days)
Hunting is better? Ijs

Author Ian Murphy (12 days)
Fuckin bastards 

Author 9GSR (3 months)
Black people+low class black peopple you will get this, go figure....

Author Niall Horan (3 months)
Money's always the problem. Wish it didn't exist.

Author Deeksha Mittal (3 months)
That is awful!!

Author womeniz3r (6 months)
All of you are responsible who do drugs. It's the drug dealers and gangs
connected, promote dog fighting. 

Author Ric James (17 days)
Any dog trained on a non pit "bait dog" is going to learn bad habits when
it gets in the ring it'll get beaten easily. Note how close people get to
the dogs fighting and don't get bit for all the people who think these dogs
are aggressive towards people. You can't do that with any other breed.

Author DolleHengst (6 months)
This city looks like some third world country

Author Alexander Sergiwa (16 days)
What is really sad, beyond the cruelty of dog fighting, is the genocide of
thousands of stray dogs caught by these "good citizens". What a farce.

Author Alexis Werkman (15 days)

Author Compaxt (8 months)
I couldn't stop laughing after they showed the rape stand

Author Shamlan Hasawi (29 days)
good they are in prison . Assholes

Author Nevaeh Rangel (23 days)
this is sad and the people that are doing this are stupid and retarted. 

Author Gary Eberhardt (1 month)
Detroit is a gigantic shithole

Author Rod Easterwood (4 days)
If you don't know what you are talking about you should not comment.
Clearly misinformed! 

Author TheNewYorker7899 (1 month)
humans are not smart, we're greedy 

Author octoberfire13 (7 months)
Glad to say that it's now a federal felony for anyone even caught attending
a dog fight. Your ass will go to jail for a lonnng ass time. This shit
is disgusting and needs to stop. Go fight yourself and stop thinking
hurting dogs like this is cool. It's not. It's disgusting and you have no

Author nir766 (6 months)
fight dog fight ,like you fight terrorism .those people should be out from

Author GeneKohable (3 months)
Forced breeding?? That was a little propaganda-ish. Sorry but it's okay to
force dogs to mate as long as they are NOT trying to fight. Hope those guys
never get out of jail for fight those beautiful dogs.

Author shelby speegle (1 month)
Het im doing a persuassive essay on hoe evil and cruel it is anyone have
some ideas

Author qwe qwen (7 months)
Fuck all pitbulls. They all deserved to be killed anyway! They are filthy
vicious animals

Author Dylion Jahlly (1 month)
If I could have any vacation in the world doing anything I wanted legally,
it would be to go around and just off everyone at any dog fight I could
find, because honestly that's retarded and disgusting behavior, the likes
of which we have zero use for on this planet, if you're that fucking
heartless and lame in the literal sense, then you should be dead and killed
in an inhumane way to be fair.

Author MrHamGamingHD (1 month)
Sick pitbull

Author kate french (1 month)
How the fxxk can ppl do this to these poor dogs they should be strung up by
there balls there just a bunch of idiots there dogs should bite there man
hood off 

Author Alexis Werkman (15 days)
I hate this kind of thing 

Author kobe tyrell (2 months)
You motherfuckers should make money fighting eachother. 

Author mister smith (2 months)
the people that do the dog fighting with pitbulls or any other dog simply
need to be sent to prisiom for 20 years with no posablity for early parole
or getting out early on good behavior they need to suffer behind bars for
the full 20 years FLAT ... even that is better than the chance they give
thease poor dogs they murder daily... putem all behind bars and let them
ROT there

Author shmiegel Doss (2 months)
I hate this "sport"

Author Tyron Howard (2 months)
Had to know there was gonna be rasict comments

Author Armagedon013 (2 months)
People are such assholes.

Author dpeach200 (2 months)
They get their dogs to fight, cause they are to pussy to go bare knuckle
fighting themselves, fucking sickos.

Author kate french (1 month)
How the fxxk can ppl do this to these poor dogs they should be strung up by
there balls there just a bunch of idiots there dogs should bite there man
hood off 

Author 1115perch (2 months)
Sick. And that's OSB not ply wood.

Author championjeep (2 months)
This is why Backyard Breeders and fighters should both be in jail.

Author Miranda Martinez (2 months)
The frustration I have for this is unbelievable and stop saying these
pitbulls these pitbulls people don't fight just pitbulls I wish people
would stop being so stereotypical I have two pitbulls and they are amazing
animals smart funny and just outstanding look at the owners there the
scumbags who put these beautiful animals through this! 

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