Detroit Dog Fighting Caught on Video

FOX 2's Charlie Langton takes us inside the very dark world of dog fighting in Detroit. Caution: this video is graphic.

Investigators from the Michigan Humane Society do what they can to stop dog fighting rings and try to stop the abuse.

There is an estimate of thousands and thousands of dogs on the streets. Detroit has a real problem.

But one man is doing his part to give these dogs a chance. Hush is a local rapper and head of the Detroit Dog Rescue. His mission is to capture the thousands of stray dogs in Detroit.

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Author Hilary Fox (1 month)
I think anyone convicted of dog fighting should be forced to fight to the
death and the winner executed

Author Heath Bell (5 months)
what is it about dog fighting that makes people think it's enjoyable to
watch. I would put my life on the line to protect my dog from fighting
another because it tears me apart inside to see an animal fight for its
life for the sake of pleasing its master.

Author Zach Metzgar (22 days)
i cried..i have a female pit and she is the sweetest girl in the world
playful, always happy this is sick what goes thru peoples heads?! the

Author Jean Claude Van Damme (5 months)
Sick twisted human beings that are involved with this barbaric cruel
torture, its a shame cops like Dirty Harry aren't real, just shoot this
human waste. What a pack of cowards and oxygen thieves.

Author ChloeSullivyn (2 months)
People steal, force breed, cut ears,abuse etc pitbulls and then the dog
gets a bad rep, its horrifying. End pitbull discrimination, lock up the two
legged monsters instead.

Author DeagleBeagle (4 months)
What is worse, letting dogs fight or capturing them, forcing them in prison
cells until someone adopts them, which is very unlikely, then killing them.
Humane society my ass. Don't capture dogs on the street unless they are
vicious, otherwise let them live free.

Author Mohammad M (1 month)
Or we can just carry shotguns and euthanize them all...
That's what they do everywhere else in America...

Author Tutta Salonen (2 months)
People who enjoy dog-fight are PURE DEVILS! USA - is civilized country -
NOT! Shame on you! NOT you good people with the brain.

Author -LoveTheWayYouLie (7 months)
People who like dog fighting should be killed

Author Antman1290 (26 days)
I support dog fighting. If we can face horses we can fight dogs. Dogs don't
pay taxes. 

Author SoulReaperSlayer19 (8 months)
Detroit Dog Rescue my a**, all they do is kill them if they cant get
adopted. They're better off on the street!

Author Kyle Bullard (7 months)
Even if they do arrest somebody for dog fighting all they get is a slap on
the wrist. Its straight up pisses me the fuck off that someone would use a
dogs loyalty and devotion to its owner for something a barbaric as dog
fighting. If i could i would send anyone who made or watched a dog fight to
its death into a ring with the biggest baddest mother fucking dog and watch
them fight for their life while other look on. I think they should make it
a class A felony with a 10 year minimum with a 50 k fine for anyone
involved with dog fighting. Participants and abundance. 

Author Emily Rankin (5 days)
This pisses me the fuck off. Dogs shouldn't be forces to fight. If you
think this is right your a fucking dumbass! Thisid why Pit Bull are know
for a bad breed, they aren't they aesthetic sweetest dogs ever.! Omfg grrrr

Author one lost monster (2 months)
POEPLE don't understand dogs are like people themselves they teach us about
freedom loyalty and respect a pitbull makes a very good companion but a
even worse enemy. My dogs like a teen I basically let him do what he wants
as ling as its not a disadvantage to me or causing me trouble like i have 2
to 3 dogs attacking me a day just on a walk if he wants to rip them up go
ahead i say because thats what he's supposed to do hes a protector a friend
and a family member so fuck your pitbull rescue and you pitbull haters
because all your doing is killing off a beautiful breed spade and neuter
dont make me laugh all it does is make your pet miserable. And it also
opens up opportunities for disease and death so nope not my dog and if your
smart you would see this and open your eyes. PEACE 

Author ThaGenius101 (5 months)
This is sickening. I hope these dog fighters rot like the trash they are in

Author Bert van Staveren (6 months)
I am against the death penalty, but these people are devils and what they
do are just anti-human too.
I think they should be pulled out of society for life.

Author Trever Taber (3 months)
good job now if they stepped up and stoped cops from killing dogs id be

Author joseph marshall (1 day)
Bloody blacks always causing shit

Author INGLEWOOD CRIPS (1 month)
They fight them in this brutal but then you take him and kill him anyway
does that make any sense who is the bad person here

Author Terry Bloom (2 months)
Lol when the pipes burst? ... The water would be turned off to an abandoned
house ,I hate news reporters almost as much as dog fighters
My ar-15 has a 30 round clip , one .223 for each of these kooks
You don't need to worry about my pitbull 

Author Pristy Bhuguna (4 months)
Poor animals, why can´t these heartless idiots feel the pain??? this is
seriously inhuman! Those people must be locked in prison forever! Its so
painful to watch, just cant imagine how those innocent animals felt, bitten
and hurt with no proper home and medical treatment terrible its

Author Blair Duchart' (17 days)
Shouldn't euthanize them yahh speck boot!!

Author mike m (1 month)
How the fuck did these idiots make it out of the fuckin birth canal. I
guess the lure of food stamps, access cards, and big rims! Detroit baby

Author daleon96 (3 months)
I say no trial for these dudes, just a bullet to the head!!!

Author oscar ortega (17 days)
Gets me fucking mad what people can do to such wonderful dogs smh 

Author Steveo H (25 days)
Need to dig a really big hole, push Detroit into it and start over...

Author Jamie Bender (1 month)
fuck them motherfucker if I was a officer I would kill the fuckin shitty
fucks that let the dog fights happen. also why why why would u let them
practice on the stray dogs. After I watched this video I went in my garage
and started punching my punching bag thinking that was a fuckin prick who
let their poor dogs fight. who agrees that those dogs should have a loving
and caring home and that the pricks should go to jail forever. p.s. sorry
for my language im just so mad!

Author Aurelija Rosenzweig (4 days)
The presenter calls this monstrosity "a barbarian SPORT"?? (00.14). Well
that is the part of the problem.

Author Daily Dump News (12 days)
i am going to ask something very important. the dog fighters allow dogs to
die by fighting. the animal shelter that dognaps the animals off the street
allow them to die by euthanasia. why call your business a "rescue" when it
accomplishes the same result as dog fighting rings. its a business in it
for the money. the employees are there for a paycheck just like the

Author Not Here (2 months)
Its no different than boxing, I think it should be allowed at some level.
But not taken to death or serious life threatening injuries.

Author Grant Mitchell (2 months)
Get a job assholes

Author Amanda Miller (1 month)
Why do you do this? How does it benefit you? Is a few dollars worth it?
These poor dogs are slaves for you. You have badly abused them. I don't
understand why dog fights still go on at this time and this age. Because at
the end, your pride isn't pride, it's evil. Happiness that came from evil.
Like stolen money or stolen goods, but worse. Just why? How can you take
it? Terrible people

Author Kathrin Wagner (2 months)
Please help these misunderstood Dogs. Pick someone of these dogs from the
shelter and give them a second chance... It makes me sick whats going on in
America... I came from Germany and want to help...

Author LOL OpForever (3 months)
I bet they are sending the dogs captured to china so they can eat them.

Author mulissa martin (2 months)
this breaks my heart i have a blue pin n red pit n there my babys i would
neva wana see them her nor a nothers dog.a few days a go a pit n blood
hound went at it CALL ME STUPID idgaf i jumped between took some bites
broke um up i #ucken hate fights i look at my nabors dog like my best
friend his ear was bit half way off blood every where i took him a mile
home.i have dogs n my dogs are my kids others dogs are my friend ied jump
between my kids just as fast as my pet cuz there more then FUCKEN PETS

Author steven robinson (1 month)
i hate it how they say pitbulls soo much yes I know pitts are used most but
they fight other kinds and being a news station they make pitbulls look so
bad I hate that. no wonder the best dog breed out there is going to shit.
thanks media and fox news good job because people like you dogs are being
takin from loving home. from there familys from kids. it discuss me

Author I AM SANOJ (19 days)

Author bornstandin (13 days)
These guys who fight dogs should not be put in prison, they should be put
in a ring with a few lions.

Author Obed Rugama (2 days)
How him call it sport??? How him call it amazing??? Fun u off... 

Author Troll God (7 months)
lol at the white people leaving racist comments you do know dog fighting
was an white American sport right?

Author R.F.K. (1 month)
So let me get this straight people rescue take them to the shelter then
kill them thats fucked up. Why dont we rescue u.f.c. fighters from fighting
then kill them because they are promoting violence and being a fighter is
no way to live out your life.

Author G3TDOM1NAT3D (1 day)
When they said pit bull fights it kind of pissed me off. Pit bulls have to
be some of the sweetest dog we have 

Author devon workman (1 month)
This is bullshit

Author baretillo (1 month)
ama get me a doggy ama make him fight

Author dominatorX (1 month)
Need to put these dog fighting idiots to death

Author Lena Colon (2 months)
I hope they stay in prison their hole lives

Author vicki banks (2 months)

Author Tarun Bhargava (4 months)
That reporter is funny...sorry guys but I cant stop laughing!!

Author JIM LAHEY (3 months)
We should adopt a policy were by we shoot to kill on sight people who go to
and carry out dogfighting! Take away the men and there is no more dog
fighting, these people are vermin and need to be controlled either by
lethal injection or just simply shooting them.

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