ASMR Massage and Whispering

Back scratching and head massage:
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let me asmr you ASMR

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Author Kenneth Duran (1 month)
Umm where are you located?! I need this in my life lol

Author Rodger Lamont (3 months)
that's gotta feel freakin amazing lucky guy

Author Amy Tyrer-nye (2 months)
Cant hear anything 

Author NathanRomml (8 months)
Oh god is this a t-titan?

Leave his back alone, AIM FOR THE NECK!

Author Keri O'Neill (8 months)
my fave vid ever. so amazing 

Author jon boy (5 months)
lucky gezza

Author Sinano (11 months)
Oouuhhhh this is so amazing, would like to be that massaged guy ...
probably I would fell into sleep in 3...2... ... -.-

Author Денис Луганский (9 months)
Perfect! And nice niga :-*

Author Stephen Smith (11 months)
Awesome tingles and relaxing , the guy who is getting the massage is so
lucky.Whispering just magnifies everything into major tingles and

Author Rhea Black (1 year)
I discovered something by accident. If you click on a comment, my browswer
opens the same video in a new tab. Two soundtracks playing at the same
time layers the whispers and makes it even more tingly. Try it! 

Author suckle goofyfur (7 months)
Ugh, too many ASMR massage videos using men as the models, it's like
watching an old person eat food. 

Author bazzeer12 (2 years)
What a warm response. You are so sweet. When do you plan on doing another
clip? I would love to see another scratching one (a female
friend/relative). Maybe you could make your nails a bit more rounded at the
tip just for variety? Whatever you do I see as a gift so thank you on
advance for being so generous x

Author menjiii (1 year)
Holy crap!! So

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (2 years)
Oh wow thank you so much!! :)

Author Дарья Рахацевич (1 year)
Thank you so much:-)

Author mikeras313 (2 years)
shes a turn on....them nails! oh boy

Author josealalan (2 years)
my gosh! this video is amazing... lovely technique :) !!! well done!

Author ilovepizzandpotatoes (2 years)
ASMR is an art and You are very talented...tingles everywhere!

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (1 year)

Author 123moomoo100 (1 year)
Nice vid

Author William Lewis (1 year)
It's official, ur husband is the luckiest man on the planet :)

Author Robert Arnott (1 year)
love the massage, hate the whispering. had to hit mute 1 minute in

Author Hairy Neck (1 year)
Unless it's my ears but I cannot understand a word she says.

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (2 years)
@BananaSplitBlitz thank you so much!!!

Author tremor110 (1 year)
i don't know what that guy's name is in the video but i call him DAMN
LUCKY!! great job on the vid keep them coming

Author SuperGamer87 (2 years)
Nice video! Very relaxing to watch. He's a lucky guy!

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (2 years)
thanks u very much ;)

Author aidsbrigade (1 year)
Nice video but this must be how schizophrenics feel with a barely
comprehensible voice in their head

Author zinakan (2 years)
great video, relaxing whispering and the massage looked great too, lucky
guy, my wife wont massage me more then a couple of minutes. :(

Author VLNevada (1 year)
Damn... is that shaq?

Author misslillylocket (1 year)
This so relaxing I'm a new fan of urs, and this vid is my first to watch of
yours , u are truly talented

Author xenawp30 (1 year)
All I hear is an echo when she's talking. The whisper is not so bad, but
the echo ruins it. I hope she remakes this without the echo.

Author 10talonz (2 years)
Your man is so lucky!

Author blackjacktrippin (1 year)
this is making me sleepy lol

Author themestredigo (2 years)
00:00 very beautiful

Author MrARYOJATI (2 years)
Ha ha ha....... Creative comment !

Author xTHExFALLx (2 years)
This should be called, "Life Is Difficult, Long and Meaningless. Also,

Author MIDEVALMASTER (1 year)
I need you in my life

Author LinKeXX (1 year)

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (1 year)
wow aww thats so nice to say thank u :)

Author MrSkepticalMuffin (1 year)
Damn I need a massage..

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (2 years)
aww thanks !

Author menjiii (1 year)

Author ASMR-MelLadies Power (2 years)
Thank u!!! blesses!

Author John Hamler (2 years)
The whispering is TOO much. It's counterintuitive, if you know what I mean.
But hey, that dude's back is damned impressive!

Author Starsurfer1988 (1 year)
I would more enjoy it without the annoying echo

Author Dara Ten (1 year)
what the hell

Author stefaya12 (1 year)
For people who cannot hear what she is saying, remember it is an ASMR
video. She purposely speaks that low to promote relaxation and tingles for
asmr sensitive individuals.

Author zinakan (2 years)
your hands are nice, the movement of you hands relaxed me too.

Author NoPatiriq (2 years)
I really like the video for two things: 1) That the man has no clothes on,
no hair and just a big back.. Makes it more non-personal (like it is us
getting the massage).. 2) Your voice and the video (not too bright!) :P

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