Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Ukulele Cover)

Haha, had to make a quick cover before y'all go crazy on my inbox. Just kidding!

Thanks for all the love and support. Y'all are awesome. Legit.

...but this was totally all for fun. Enjoy! (-:

Here are the chords I used:
Cadd9, G, Em7, Dsus4

Capo on the 5th fret!

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Author Aaliyah Lowe (4 months)
You're so good at singing and you are also really pretty how old are u

Author Sandra Hoy (6 months)
Give me your voice ?

Author nefeli grn (21 day)

Author Amy Tran (1 month)
Her voice is high, but like a kind of angelic kind of high.

Author Diablo Renekzac (1 month)
Wow...You are cute, and that voice....*nosebleed*

Author Falcor, Defender of the Alliance (3 months)

Author Allie Jung (3 months)
From this vid I think you're 16-18

Author Michel Guti (5 months)
Mis oidos. D:

Author Jun C (1 year)
browsin some #ukulele covers on YT and came across this...
luv this cover

Author Siena Placino (3 months)
She's such a pikachu. 

Author Nubba Wubba (3 months)
HMMM. She gets so many views but has so few videos. Maybe her parents are
really strict asians and she makes videos discreetly when they're not
looking? :P

Author ChuckNorris100000 (5 months)
Hum, high notes does not suit u, but good over all. Be patient and work on
strengthening ur voice.

Author Ernest Tan (5 months)
1:04 - 1:12 BEST!!!!

Author Gday mate (6 months)
your room is as messy as mine! I like that 

Author Fabian Krezz (23 days)
Do you have insta ? :D

Author Pang Ren Tan (1 year)

Author Olivia Polasik (1 day)

Author Ashley Duenas (2 days)
Your voice is amazing 

Author Blue Leak (4 days)
You are so pretty and your voice is over the top great!

Author nicole cabesas (4 days)
CUTEST cover of this song :))) 

Author DEROY CREWS (18 days)

Author Sam Jung (4 months)
please try out for the voice? xfactor? american idol? or just do all 3 and
win all 3 :D

Author Gem Tin (3 months)

Author Linh Viena (2 months)
I melted. 

Author ung41nlyW0rdz (6 months)
Wow you're good! :)

Author Nitish Sunil (3 months)
Does anyone know the strumming pattern? Pls tell me thanks I'm advance 

Author Senu Limbu (3 months)
Loved it btw wr r u from??

Author Rangdajied Marwein (2 months)
I like it :-)

Author Angel Stars (4 months)
Like if you sang along x3

Author July Ann Branzuela (7 months)
you are my idoL since i was in highschooL :D yeah2 keep it up :D

Author Alicia Lee (6 months)

Author *^* Lauraaa *^* (1 month)
ure are so beatiful <3

Author Rebecca Gomez (24 days)
Sounds like Nightcore!! I love it!! I wish I could sing like this and have
a high voice like you. Good job!!

Author Elisa S Canales Canalez (20 days)
OMG I love ur voice and not to be rude but r u karean

Author Michael Miranda (3 months)
Your voice.... it... it goes so high! Great job! 

Author Daniel Delavega (2 months)
amazing! do more vids!

Author Nic Sant. (8 months)
Awesome!!!great playin and so cute too _

Author Jessy Com (3 months)
Veryyy cute *-*
And nice voice ! 

Author Darren Lamb (6 months)
Very nice ^.^, I think you sound so good with as a duo with someone. Keep
up the good work (y).

Author Rayven Leong (5 months)
Nice man

Author theFUNone (28 days)
I am absolutely floored. This is one of your best covers i've ever seen.
So effortless. Keep it up!

Author NumberClowned (2 months)
Whoever chose to dislike this really needs to go reevaluate there life this
girl is amazing

Author Pete Tran (7 months)
If she sang the uncleaned version, i would marry her.

Author DarkDutchman (1 month)
You are extremely talented dear... please keep singing and smiling cause it
makes many people happy.

Author NxKSH (4 months)
lemme download this song. iTune this sh*t!!

Author Sophia Redmond (5 months)
You should try out for the voice 

Author Molly Minh (2 months)

Author Jeanet Nguyen (8 months)
so talented

Author Isla Berick (4 months)
You are amazing

Author Samuel Ho (25 days)
your voice is so sweet very good keep it up :):) and you played well

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