Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Ukulele Cover)

Haha, had to make a quick cover before y'all go crazy on my inbox. Just kidding!

Thanks for all the love and support. Y'all are awesome. Legit.

...but this was totally all for fun. Enjoy! (-:

Here are the chords I used:
Cadd9, G, Em7, Dsus4

Capo on the 5th fret!

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Author Seth Bia ( ago)
when she hits that note I be getting chills still my favorite cover!!!

Author Renz Kerr ( ago)
Locked away cover please? It would be really great.

Author Beaver Fernandez ( ago)
its making my day happy because of her smile

Author Criest Tians ( ago)

Author Arsene Fan ( ago)
Love that smile,,,,CuTe

Author Shikhar Rana ( ago)
im curious whats her nationality?

Author Gabriel Labrillazo ( ago)
facebook brought me here. thanks ^_^ HAHAHA

Author Mister Zayan ( ago)
So Wonderful!

Author Jhen Trajano ( ago)

Author Kalbo Alabe ( ago)
i love your voice:)

Author james villanueva ( ago)
uhhhh ur smile!!!

Author Yuchen Feng ( ago)
sweet smile!

Author jorge servin ( ago)
You have a nice voice

Author Lynmel Berces ( ago)
i love how she says 'Hi' and 'Bye' XDDDDD

Author Jarren Wong (695 years ago)
Love yo voice

Author Mark A Gleen ( ago)
Ilove ur voice :*

Author Muhammad Rahmat ( ago)
the second ariana grande

Author mariam fofana ( ago)
i like her and she is pretty

Author Nathan Ta (1199 years ago)
What strumming pattern are you using?

Author aLexiSZer0522 ( ago)
damn ukelele... why so lucky.?! :(

Author Callum Harvey ( ago)
OMG I LOVE YOUR VOICE!! 😍😍😍😍 pleaseeeee tell me you're single!!!!

Author Mark Furigay ( ago)
the rendition and the smile FTW! =) thumbs up!

Author Siti NurHaqem ( ago)

Author Natasha Holt ( ago)
don't be shy your doing very well keep up the good work I'd love to see you
hit it big and keep that smile on your face :3

Author Maya ( ago)
SWEET \*o*/

Author Destiny Lynn ( ago)
That voice is meant to be heard

Author RandomShane ( ago)
Why is she changing the tone of the song? Sorry for the bad english.

Author Ximenita Gutierrez Colunga ( ago)

Author Anais Granier ( ago)
Really good voice! What is the strumming pattern??

Author kawthe blay ( ago)
Be my girlfriend girl 

Author Quyen Cao ( ago)
Strumming Pattern?? 

Author Number 2 // NY (1480 years ago)
she looks so innocent....still love her tho ^_^

Author Alaine Azucenas ( ago)
Ukelele chords pls!

Author Raymond Dong Hyun Kim ( ago)

Author dudeateyourcookie ( ago)
her smile will save the world

Author Grace Stylinson ( ago)
rip replay button 😍❤️👏

Author HEEKENT LEO ( ago)
i just like the way she says "HI" in every video

Author Asyoko Iskakova ( ago)
I love you and your cover😍😚❤️

Author phuc trinh ( ago)
beautiful cover "Where have the time gone, baby it's all wrongggg"-> my
favorite part :) gj

Author kuristofa c ( ago)
That smile!! Damn so captivating!

Author johnwaynepresley ( ago)
how can someone dislike this? even if i didn't like her lovely voice, i
would still enjoy the video because of her smile. she's so cute!

Author Fuyuki Urahata ( ago)
she looks filipino but shes actually malaysian

Author Amanda Vang ( ago)
My bf's cheating on me with her. Fuck that nigga

Author poompimful ( ago)
Actually, i like her smile.

Author lorenne dalisay ( ago)
Omg I love your voice x

Author Chloe ( ago)
U got a beautiful voice 😊

Author Fosctin Angela ( ago)
Beautifuk <3 i love her teeth <3

Author Pemba sherpa ( ago)
I love u.
Ya I really doo

Author Faith Bieber ( ago)
I fell in love with your smile and your voice omgosh 😍

Author Samza chiew ( ago)
Youre amazing:) physically and mentally :)

Author Kenneth Lim ( ago)
that smile <3 o <3

Author TheDopeBunny ( ago)
Fall in love with that smile again every time I come back to hear your
voice :)

Author John Nino Relampagos ( ago)
Wow nice you baby

Author Santi Sanchez ( ago)
Pls cover iwont give up by jason mraz :))

Author Chiku Shou ( ago)
Holy smokes! You're voice is just...WOW! Please keep uploading videos! And
also use proper mic. Oh, and another thing. What is your nationality if you
don't mind answering?

Author Lawrence Albor ( ago)

Author ZeusTheLightingGod ( ago)
how old are you you seem really young and very talented its amazing

Author Cassidy Shore ( ago)
so good

Author Danielle Noelle ( ago)
nice voice liking your voice

Author Allysamae Broom ( ago)
I bet she's a left handed 😄😄

Author Irina YouTube ( ago)
I <3333333 YOU. I love you voice <333 And you're so cute <33 :)

Author Ggkidz Power ( ago)

Author Fatima Lanuza ( ago)
Hi you have a very nice vioce i wish i was u because ur a good singer.

Author fenrislycan ( ago)
Very high voice i love it

Author MaiChainsaw ( ago)
I wish I could sing that high ;-;

Author Loving Candies ( ago)
Omg, I love you so much! 😍😍 You have talent too! Ama big girlfan of you!

Author Butchokoykoy Bon ( ago)
Request cool-down by kolohe kai tnx idol :)

Author Hmong Lee ( ago)
She so adorable 😍😍😁🔥

Author christal dematta ( ago)
y so Cute .? :D Hihi . Im Starting to Like you naa :D

Author Symon Myls ( ago)
she's so good :)

Author Rafi Elias ( ago)
I think there's magic in her smile!!!

Author Noah Ivory ( ago)
Please tell me you're single.

Author Joshua Camacho ( ago)
2k dislikes oh come on! #angelvoice

Author Aldrich Cruz ( ago)
Cool voice though

Author CRAZYMADGIRL moera ( ago)
Perfect voice!!!!!!!!
Who is watching in 2015?

Author ShyGirlHereCX^-^ ( ago)
hey! i was just wondering if you can do a cover of sing whever you
can:)thank you ! please reply whenever you can because you inspire me so

Author Revere “Kyle” Rivas ( ago)
She instantly caught my heart not just my attention. Downloading her videos

Author Cubix Chloe ( ago)
i do not know why but i hate the pitch but her amazing voice!!!

Author Shugan Raman ( ago)
I just can't stop looking at you even after years. Think me alone would
have contributed 1m views all together to all your videos! I love you a
lot!!! ❤️ - Biggest Fan and Secret Admirer!

Author jezreel lucban ( ago)
sh*t So Good!!! I can Feel The Wild !!

Author appplejacks ( ago)
holy crap, your range is so high it gives me chills

Author aldjon dungca ( ago)
favor can you sing for me the im not the only one by sam smith please 

Author Safiya Yousuf ( ago)
But 20 :D
Was suprised when found out
she is 20 years :O

Author Safiya Yousuf ( ago)
Omg i thought she was 14-15 years 

Author John Wendell Mapua ( ago)
Nice cover.

Author Yanie Del Rosario ( ago)
Brought to you by colgate! :))))

Author Florine Hurdle ( ago)
Your great girl keep going

Author Peter Chasengnou ( ago)
Haha props! Good voice. I can understand the lyrics better when you sing

Author gbp ( ago)
****ing...i can't help but smile while watching her sing

Author Seung Hun Oh ( ago)
she looks Sooo young and pretty💞

Author Asian Dragon100 ( ago)
YOu got a perfect voice

Author Larriane Quebada ( ago)
Why cant I have that kind of voice and that beautiful set of teeth. 

Author NICOLE PALSIS ( ago)
I'm watching this in 2k15.
Honestly I think she should join The Voice!

Author Christian Apostol ( ago)
Can i have your Name or Your FB Acc name

Author itz JayR (SpaceDawn) ( ago)
Her smile is so breathtaking :D 

Author Santiaga Quevedo ( ago)
She is the reason why I love music. 😍😍

Author amos jude rementilla ( ago)
why so great? -.- obssesed with you're songs -.-
thanks for them it made me feel so great <3

Author Daryll Go ( ago)

Author Rigor demain ( ago)
I think it's LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT <3

Author Ezekiel Lim ( ago)
#It's #Asian #Time #To #Get #Famous

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