Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Ukulele Cover)

Haha, had to make a quick cover before y'all go crazy on my inbox. Just kidding!

Thanks for all the love and support. Y'all are awesome. Legit.

...but this was totally all for fun. Enjoy! (-:

Here are the chords I used:
Cadd9, G, Em7, Dsus4

Capo on the 5th fret!

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Author Luhan W (4 months)
she looks like eunji from apink ....

Author Morgan Burke (5 months)
2k people liked her video so much that they flipped there device upside
down to like it again 

Author yourguardianangel (2 months)
why is a 12 yr old so much prettier than me

Author Kevin Lor (1 month)
That smile.. such a pretty smile lol I can watch this on mute and still
smile along with her

Author Sage Clown (1 month)
2,150 people's lost their mind because of her smooth voice and her
addicting smile then suddenly clicked the disliked button :(

Author live long (6 months)

Author dustin bodoso (1 month)
Pls!!! thinking out loud by ed sheeran

Author Ian Ag-aDoctor (1 month)
that voice with that smile!! argggghhh I can't resist it <3 :))

Author Yanie Del Rosario (1 month)
Brought to you by colgate! :))))

Author Peter Chasengnou (1 month)
Haha props! Good voice. I can understand the lyrics better when you sing

Author flora loran (1 month)
Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Ukulele Cover)

Author Alex Flores (2 months)
how beautiful you sing, I love I congratulate you

Author Cassidy Shore (3 days)
so good

Author Shugan Raman (26 days)
I just can't stop looking at you even after years. Think me alone would
have contributed 1m views all together to all your videos! I love you a
lot!!! ❤️ - Biggest Fan and Secret Admirer!

Author James Bond (1 month)
perfect girl :))

Author Butchokoykoy Bon (11 days)
Request cool-down by kolohe kai tnx idol :)

Author ChocolateBunnies (10 days)
I wish I could sing that high ;-;

Author Akihiko Utsugi (1 month)
#It's #Asian #Time #To #Get #Famous

Author Tan Joanne (1 month)
Wow.. your pitch is superrr high. 😊 

Author NICOLE PALSIS (1 month)
I'm watching this in 2k15.
Honestly I think she should join The Voice!

Author Revere Rivas (25 days)
She instantly caught my heart not just my attention. Downloading her videos

Author Fatima Lanuza (9 days)
Hi you have a very nice vioce i wish i was u because ur a good singer.

Author appplejacks (28 days)
holy crap, your range is so high it gives me chills

Author Larriane Quebada (1 month)
Why cant I have that kind of voice and that beautiful set of teeth. 

Author Cubix Chloe (25 days)
i do not know why but i hate the pitch but her amazing voice!!!

Author Santiaga Quevedo (1 month)
She is the reason why I love music. 😍😍

Author gbp (1 month)
****ing...i can't help but smile while watching her sing

Author aldjon dungca (28 days)
favor can you sing for me the im not the only one by sam smith please 

Author Daryll Go (1 month)

Author Rafi Elias (20 days)
I think there's magic in her smile!!!

Author Seung Hun Oh (1 month)
she looks Sooo young and pretty💞

Author fenrislycan (9 days)
Very high voice i love it

Author Khoo Jing Wen (1 month)
OMG! SO NICE! are u from Singapore?

Author Jammy Yoshua (2 months)
I love you so much !!

Author Safiya Yousuf (28 days)
Omg i thought she was 14-15 years 

Author Jeffrey Medrano (1 month)
I Think im inlove now <3 

Author Allysamae Broom (7 days)
I bet she's a left handed 😄😄

Author Ggkidz Power (9 days)

Author mark albano (1 month)
♡ cute. Whats her name?

Author rykuzo (2 months)
you have an amazing voice, and you're adorable. enjoyed the song much! keep
up the good work..

Author Maggi Martin (2 months)
Yeah so need some friends

Author Samantha Wong (1 month)
Somebody should sign her up 

Author Noah Ivory (21 day)
Please tell me you're single.

Author Danielle Noelle (7 days)
nice voice liking your voice

Author John Wendell Mapua (29 days)
Nice cover.

Author itz JayR (1 month)
Her smile is so breathtaking :D 

Author Christian Apostol (1 month)
Can i have your Name or Your FB Acc name

Author Symon Myls (16 days)
she's so good :)

Author Chrisx093 (1 month)
Omfg i love you holy shit X_X

Author Sunami Lee (13 days)
She so adorable 😍😍😁🔥

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