Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Ukulele Cover)

Haha, had to make a quick cover before y'all go crazy on my inbox. Just kidding!

Thanks for all the love and support. Y'all are awesome. Legit.

...but this was totally all for fun. Enjoy! (-:

Here are the chords I used:
Cadd9, G, Em7, Dsus4

Capo on the 5th fret!

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Author Falcor, Defender of the Alliance (8 days)

Author Allie Jung (21 day)
From this vid I think you're 16-18

Author Aaliyah Lowe (1 month)
You're so good at singing and you are also really pretty how old are u

Author Michel Guti (2 months)
Mis oidos. D:

Author Sandra Hoy (3 months)
Give me your voice ?

Author Anna Mae DeGuzman (5 hours)
Her voice is high ... like a chipmunk in a good way cause I could never hit
that :)

Author Nubba Wubba (13 days)
HMMM. She gets so many views but has so few videos. Maybe her parents are
really strict asians and she makes videos discreetly when they're not
looking? :P

Author gian bom (10 days)
i love your voice and your smile so pretty ^_^ 

Author alexkris devon (11 days)
wooooooooahhhhhh daebak,amazing \*O*/

Author Gem Tin (19 days)

Author Jessy Com (18 days)
Veryyy cute *-*
And nice voice ! 

Author Sam Jung (1 month)
please try out for the voice? xfactor? american idol? or just do all 3 and
win all 3 :D

Author Michael Miranda (20 days)
Your voice.... it... it goes so high! Great job! 

Author ung41nlyW0rdz (3 months)
Wow you're good! :)

Author Angel Stars (1 month)
Like if you sang along x3

Author ChuckNorris100000 (1 month)
Hum, high notes does not suit u, but good over all. Be patient and work on
strengthening ur voice.

Author Az1 (1 month)
You killed this song! I like it more than the original. Love how you didn't
use falsetto to get to the high note. Awesome! 

Author Gday mate (3 months)
your room is as messy as mine! I like that 

Author Ernest Tan (2 months)
1:04 - 1:12 BEST!!!!

Author july ann branzuela (4 months)
you are my idoL since i was in highschooL :D yeah2 keep it up :D

Author Alicia Lee (3 months)

Author Nic Sant. (4 months)
Awesome!!!great playin and so cute too _

Author Darren Lamb (2 months)
Very nice ^.^, I think you sound so good with as a duo with someone. Keep
up the good work (y).

Author Isla Berick (24 days)
You are amazing

Author NxKSH (1 month)
lemme download this song. iTune this sh*t!!

Author Rayven Leong (1 month)
Nice man

Author Pete Tran (4 months)
If she sang the uncleaned version, i would marry her.

Author Sophia Redmond (2 months)
You should try out for the voice 

Author alan perez (26 days)
Killed it on the uke 👌

Author Tifanny David (1 month)
omg this is amazing

Author Jeanet Nguyen (4 months)
so talented

Author Lavinia Raymund Jayadev (2 months)
If you go on BGT ill soo vote for you

Author Lint House (2 months)
Your a great singer

Author lim wei sheng (3 months)
May I know how old are you

Author Jasmine Milford (1 month)
Omg stop singing so well lol xx

Author Email Maile (4 months)
Woooooooooaaaaaaah you're an angel

Author Marina Tran (1 month)
I love your voice !!! My voice is all cracked up lol. Maybe one day you'll
be famous

Author Happy Candy (23 days)

Author chasity kelley (4 months)
love your song

Author Junru Chan (2 months)
OMG I'm fall in love with u......

Author ShaySherie (5 months)
You are so freaking talented its not even funny! Keep doing covers you're

Author sohail pradhan (2 months)
can i use your video and use my beat box in it

Author Angela Kate Lopez (2 months)
Luv it

Author Ectocooler HI-C (4 months)
holy shit, never expected you to have this range. Way to go!

Author Jia Qi Chua (5 months)
Your gorg and awesome.

Author RoffeTheGreat (5 months)
You should really sing into a microfone instead, the uke is kind of

Author sachin thapa (6 months)

Author mooktikarn chueaho (9 months)
love you smile^^

Author Andreas Rahadiyan (9 months)
cute , nice performs

Author Wendi Cushman (8 months)
tttttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiiisssssssss can u sing cry by rihanna

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