Raiwind Markaz

Raiwind is a town in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is part of the Nishter Town subdivision of Lahore District and lies about 25 km from Lahore, the capital of the Punjab.

Every year a Muslim preaching convention is held here. This gathering lasts for 3 days and then groups of 3 to 15 people are made to go around the world to preach the message of Allah. This movement was initiated by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalvi, who died in 1944. Hundreds of thousands of people attend this religious gathering yearly. Presently it is headed by Haji Abdul Wahab, and in India, Maulana Mohammed Sa'ad Kandhalvi, the grandson of Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalvi, heads the movement. Beginning the year 2007, this congregation is being held twice a year in Pakistan.

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Author Mubshar Sharif (3 years)
Me ab spain me hoon yahan aaney se pehley 3 din markaz me reh k aaya hoon
Imaan taza ho jata he Aur tamana he k Allah aik baar phir wahan janey ki
tofeeq ataa farmaye tamaam bhai koshish kar k jamaat ko time dein

Author fethallah cherrak (2 years)
انا اخوكم عربي من الجزائر ادعوا لي الله ان اكون معكم

Author RIZWAN1ist (3 years)
@ZoRRoCanCerian bhai en py hamla kio nhi hota bakio py kio hota hai,.ap
smjhy main bsc ka student hon

Author 100Samina (3 years)
dawathe tabligh zendabad

Author milahamin (2 years)
I proud to be mualim

Author Kashif Munir (3 years)
@immem20001 INSHALLAH ap zror ay gy ek din

Author nomi109 (4 years)
dua ki guzarish hai bhaiyon aur behno... aj raiwind ja rha hun...... 40
days ki jammat k sath.. ALLAH HAFIZ..

Author Akeel Ahamed (3 years)
men akela hi chala tha janib e manzil magar log milte gaye kanrwa banta

Author Azizi Rahim (1 year)
Ya Allah.. choose me to go there Ya Allah....

Author afandie jani (4 years)

Author Saqib Sandhu (3 years)
@immem20001 InshAllah... I want to Vist Darul Uloom Deoband....Yar...Allah
Lay jae....

Author afandie jani (4 years)

Author hodhod991 (1 year)
ya allay kabool

Author Saqib Sandhu (3 years)
@RIZWAN1ist dnt be Fool....Taliban har jaga han Panjab University ma
Jamiyat....Karachi ma MQM or Suni Tehreek... tm logon ko sirf Deobandi He
Talban dikhtay han.... Raiwind Markaz Zindabad Taliban Zindabad.. u tell me
U r in your Home, a Drone Comes and fires a Mezaile at ur Family.. Than Wat
u will do ? ?

Author RIZWAN1ist (3 years)
@ZoRRoCanCerian yr kafi log yaha s pakry gy hain,..or socho en py hamla kio
nhi hota

Author ZoRRoCanCerian (2 years)
@OZMYMAN Yea, Your are right. There has been so much changes since 04.
Still expanding.

Author mbukhari1 (4 years)
Tableeg will never stop.. INSAALLAH it will spread more and more in every
corner of world!

Author RIZWAN1ist (3 years)
@ZoRRoCanCerian bhai en py hamla kio nhi hota bakio py kio hota hai,.ap
suchymain bsc ka student hon

Author Aslam Assa (1 year)

Author dawattabligh (4 years)
mashahallah nice 1

Author rao junaid iqbal (3 years)
@asfand2011 nae woh talamba man hota han jhan un ka madrasa hai near checha

Author nsspatro (4 years)
bohat acchy log or bohat accha kam hy. aapna rupia aapna waqt or aapni jaan
laga kar dosron ko ALLAH ke taraf bolana assan nahi hay. ALLAH in ko or bhi
istitaat dy aamin

Author Shafi Iqbal (4 years)
MashAllah. Allah Pak Raiwind Markaz jesa Markaz dunya kay har shehar mein
har kasbay mein khol day. Aameen. Dawat E Tableegh Zindabad...

Author 10000irfan (3 years)
I am also from india, I wanted to se raiwind markaz today my desire has
fullfilled thank for upkoading. ALLAH JAJAE KHER DE.

Author ZoRRoCanCerian (3 years)
@khaj123 I was trying to show him right path of thinking.

Author hafiz hammad (2 years)
masha allah

Author Mohammed k (3 years)
it is waste i tried many times they will not think it. Tabligh jamaat is
best way of making faith. Allah will show the right path to those he wants

Author 38imran (3 years)
@Talatshabbir assalamualiakum bhai.. beshak aap ne sahi farmaya.. dawat ka
kaam ALLAH ki taraf se es ummat ko enaam deya gaya hai...

Author usman Ahmed (2 years)
I'm from England and I have been there the last time in 04 but it seems to
have changed a bit as I am told by my brothers, this is only one room of
the many halls there, like the foreigners section the Hospital Bookshop etc

Author shahzadtabligh (4 years)
Nice ...Allah bless him ......and his markaz i will pray remember all world
in the TABLIGH and Rawind markaz .........ALLAH HO AKBAR

Author Shoaib Ansari (3 years)
masha allah allah hamesha raiwind markaz qaim rakhe ameen...aur deen ka kam
aise hi chalta rahe...

Author S.M.A Imrit (3 years)
im from mauritius make duah for me to go there insha ALLAH

Author muhammad azhar Shabbir (4 years)
Tabligh is a grea fikar and nemat from Allah subhanahu wata'ala. There is a
complete solution of our masails. Join these people and you will see the
madad, nusrat, and Barkat in your life.

Author aasif aboo (3 years)
thooobooo ilallAh

Author nouman warris (4 years)
hum tamaam ko Allah subhanawata'la deen par ISTEQAMATH naseeb farmaye..Ameen

Author ZoRRoCanCerian (3 years)
@RIZWAN1ist Or app ny inhe darsgahon myn sy kisi darsgah myn taleem o
tarbiyat hasil kee hogi. or aap k ustadon nay bhi. so THINK ABOUT IT.

Author immem20001 (4 years)
i am from india like to see this markaz before i die hope one day i will
come there

Author faisalm133 (3 years)
i was there had a nice atmosphere.

Author Ahmad Sahaludin (3 years)
ya Allah ,,,,sampaikan langkahku kemasjid markas raiwind ini........

Author 101aslm (4 years)
allahoakbar ,,alhamdulillah....tablighi jamat ...&...mujahideen zindabad

Author RIZWAN1ist (3 years)
@ZoRRoCanCerian yr kafi talban log yaha s pakry gy hain,..or socho en py
hamla kio nhi hota

Author AbdusSamadMohammed (3 years)
Brothers when is Itjtema in Raiwind I would like to attend inshallah

Author djskdkdkd (1 year)

Author byousfani (3 years)
Masha Allaha. Allaha aap ko or Mujhai hydait dai.. Aamin

Author kashifjiger (4 years)
@nomi109 ALLAH ap per apni rehmat barsay ameen

Author ZoRRoCanCerian (3 years)
@immem20001 Sure you will , INSHALLAH

Author ZoRRoCanCerian (3 years)
@RIZWAN1ist wahan say banday pakray janay ka matlub yeh bilkul nahin hy.
Agar aap ke kisi masjid sy koi banda shoe chori karty hoy pakta jata hy,
tuo kaya aap uss masjid ko chooron ka markaz kahyn gay? Yeh bhi yaad rahy k
. schools, college, university, masjid, madarisa, koi bhi tarbiayat gah
hoo, wahan insaan sudherny or taleem o tarbiyat layny jata hy. Tarbiyat
gahon myn bigray hoy hee jayn ga sudherny k liy. Comon sense k baat hy.

Author Andi Sidomulyo (3 years)
masya Allah...

Author Mohammed k (3 years)
@ZoRRoCanCerian Dont fight with that person. Allah Knows the best. the
weakpoint is muslim are fighting each other. it is not in other religion

Author Nisar Khan (1 year)
Allah Thallah is dawathe tabligh ko dunia k kone kone main pahonchay
kyonkaye yahi sachai aur kamyabi ka rastha hai aur Allah Thallah hamain is
rasthe paer chalne ki thofeeq dain. Amin sum amin

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