how to strum 3/4 and 6/4 strums

how to strum 3/4 and 6/4 strums

Lesson links in the order intended

1- Tuning
2- Open chords1
3- Open chords2
4- Open chords3
5- 8th strums
6- 16th strums1
7 16th strums2
8- ¾ & 6/4 strums
9- Find notes
10- e-based major scale
11- Dominant 7th
12- Dominant 7th2
13- Power chords etc.
14- major 7th
15- minor 7th
16- sus2
17- sus4
18- e-based barre
19- a-based barre
20- count 16ths
21- techniques1
22- techniques2

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Author akamarutv (2 years)
To me, your 6/4 strum sounds more 6/8 but I dunno, 6/4 and 6/8 is very
similar. These are awesome though.

Author Kurosh Afifi (1 year)
you are not teaching just your own people every body in the world wants to
learn are watching your lessons. so please speak simple words and clear,
thank you

Author kausticpotash (3 years)
you sound like ross, or david schwimmer, from friends!

Author Hoang Nam (4 years)
This is just what I looking for :)) Thanks man !!!

Author psatara (4 years)
thanks mate ...i will try that. God bless you

Author nuclearsuspects (3 years)
thanks....... very helpful

Author Hòa Võ Thanh (1 year)
Rất hay, cám ơn nhiều!

Author Sue Jaxon (2 years)
thanks man, your breaking it down and making it easy for me..cheers

Author awma1975 (3 years)
So young and so good. Thanks.

Author bongbong2854 (2 years)
thanks mate very heplful :) !!!!

Author thegreatsnack4 (5 years)
good lesson, thanks for putting it up!!

Author CatPerez2012 (1 year)
This is the best tutorial on the subject...thank you!

Author Patrick McCown (5 months)
Nice Vid..and Microphone :D and guitar!

Author wickedgurlere (5 years)
cheers mate well easy to follow cheerz :)

Author abhijit navare (5 years)
thank you for posting such a wonderful video.....your style of teaching is
too good..........

Author tizzy018 (5 years)
Awesome lesson! This is just what I needed :)

Author nztman (5 years)
Great lesson - easy to follow.

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