Gone in 60 Seconds - Sphinx

This is a cool character intro for The Sphinx.

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Author Amine Mehdi Abdelaziz (1 year)

Author Car Nut (7 years)
gotta love the sphinx!!!! deffo my favourite character!!!!! awesome!

Author Andreas (6 years)
My big idol :)

Author Dalesr4ever (5 years)
what else? It's Vinnie Jones in real life. He's way more badass than chuck
Norris. Gotta love the guy more because he was in the movie "The Condemned"
with the famous wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin

Author jackandcoffee1145 (5 years)
Love how he looks back... "Damn that car just blew up..." (sarcasm) lmao
That is so bad ass... One of the best entrances ever...

Author lilangeltears (3 years)
love him....Sphinx...mmmhmm

Author Echoboomer1987 (5 years)
I guess we all know who the Rookie is now from ODST XD

Author Autumn Heys (7 years)
Vinnie is da bomb - literally in this clip. Thanx 4 sharing :o)

Author Tim Cook (5 years)
Most awesome character intro I've seen.

Author 2Fast4U0921 (7 years)

Author Smithikinauskas (3 years)
Vinnie )))

Author HemiPantera (6 years)
jonny B mercedes. model/type? mercedes SL500. S600?

Author Maaco Marietta YouTube (5 years)
One of the best surround sound movies. I love to watch and listen to it.

Author SrogiJogi (7 years)
Vinnie ownz, no better man to play Sphinx :D that scene is one of the best
in the movie :D

Author Vizillar2505 (3 years)
vinnie no need to say a word in his openning scene and just kick
multi-racial ass

Author lbillison94 (5 years)
its ace wen the guy goes to punch him so he headbutts his fist lol

Author intensejames00007 (5 years)
great fucking movie 5/5 stars nice video dude

Author Toneai2007 (5 years)
Sphinx looked like some mad terminator! Vinne ROCKS!

Author Jay White (7 years)
Sphinx certainly showed that bitch who's boss. :D

Author nikumuskulozi (5 years)
sphinx real name is vinnie jones.He is a british huligan.He used to be
x-defender in soccer.He's badass in all movies and in real life.Check out
in youtube when he fights at a camera

Author 93grandamgt (6 years)
its a 1992 Mercedes-Benz s-class [W140]

Author Daniel O'Leary (5 years)
Sphinx = sick fucker putting his head in front of a fist hahahaha

Author Igor Zafra (7 years)
good video sphinx = esfinje

Author BLAKEYBBLAKEY (6 years)
Classic scene :>D

Author Isdahl87 (5 years)
I just love this guy :D :D

Author Cheeky Swine (7 years)
vinnie jones in the king

Author Veronica Crittendon (6 years)
i love it too!!!

Author Michael Wheland (5 years)
Whats the actors name who plays him? In every movie i've seen him in he's
always a badass. Strong, silent type is an understatement lol

Author ORCACommander (6 years)
Love this scene

Author Syncmaster931B (5 years)
Vinnie Jones the baddest mofo of all

Author goodernest27 (6 years)
thts 1 big dude im glad tht idiot "johny b" got his a@# kicked by the way u
think sphinx is german or russian?

Author liamwitdre (5 years)
he's english :P

Author Daniel D (6 years)
what a way to kick ass!!!!, i whish this guy was my friend...

Author Rob h (7 years)
Vinnie jones wat a ledge

Author Tougecrazy (6 years)
If you guys think hes bad ass witch he is haha watch snatch they call him
bullet tooth tony.

Author jonida99 (6 years)
vinnie jones!He's the man.He was a huligan soocer player.He is a bad ass

Author Thief8Bit (6 years)
I like how he came in at the end of the movie and dropped a 'silent bob'
moment in.

Author WhenxChristxReturnsx (5 years)
I kinda wish Sphinx hadn't turned to glimpse at that guy's car after it
exploded and instead just kept walking as if nothing had happened, but ah
well, that dude's awesome and tough as nails, the perfect definition of the
'strong, silent type'.

Author JuliRMX (6 years)
Vinnie Jones, in the 90'S he was a Soccer Pro

Author xXxDRAGONxSLAYERxXx (5 years)

Author BiGPiMPiN591 (4 years)
u got something to say before i kill you fool?....UGHHH

Author unclefreestyler (5 years)
1:14 leant down to take the fucking punch with his head. badass

Author 93grandamgt (6 years)
Johnnie B is master p if anyone didnt know that

Author boarderboy220 (6 years)
what is sphinx real name?

Author prabhu81 (6 years)
coolest scene i ever scene

Author TheAnasazi (5 years)
Vinnie Jones is great....

Author EATSFALCONPUNCH (6 years)
Oh my fucking gawd, Vinnie Jones is more fucking badass than Chuck Norris!

Author carrieeffingcog (7 years)
lol he fucking blocked the punch with his head

Author Shtrom69 (5 years)
maaan I love it when he kicks some asses!

Author HeavyChevyK10 (6 years)
Come On You Slags. Thats how we do in England. No Fuckin About Son.

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