Mesh Studio Tutorial - Part 1 - Easy to understand for beginners!

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Build your own meshes in-world with Mesh Studio.'s very easy!

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Author Tina Webb (2 months)
I am having issue building with mesh on openings, any ideal how to fix

Author KnucklesDragon1 (1 year)
Element, you're just a nasty little overly critical stain aren't you? Yours
is a dumb ass comment coming as it does from a moron who's only video to
date is nothing but bad music over a pic of some cartoon broad.. :-)

Author Medhue (7 months)
Don't be discouraged. It takes awhile to wrap your brain around it,
especially if you don't have experience in other 3d programs. Gaia Clary, 1
of the developers of Avastar, has a Youtube channel, and she has videos on
how to do everything. The more you play with it, the more you will learn.

Author Neyo Di'nero (7 months)
Thank you so much for your encouragement and help. Bless you. :) <3

Author Neyo Di'nero (7 months)
can you also make clothes with it?

Author LaPage (1 year)
I think you need to spend a moment actually using Mesh Studio. You are
correct that textures do not import with the mesh model generated by Mesh
Studio. However, You CAN in fact stretch the mesh model once imported. And
you can set up to 8 different texture faces on the mesh model and edit it
as you would the prim used to create that part of the model. So, no, you
did not waste L$5k, you're just refusing to actually learn the system you
spent money on.

Author mydartpen (10 months)
Whats that tune I like it Ah it says at the end lol :)

Author Medhue (7 months)
If you want to make mesh clothing, then I would suggest getting Blender,
which is free, and spend 20 something on Avastar. It's a plug in for
Blender that give you the default SL avatar and rig, with tools to weight
clothing with. It's the perfect tool for it's purpose.

Author Byron B (6 months)
were is part 2? Its now 2013.

Author Junie Ginsburg (1 year)
Can't wait for additional videos to learn more about additional
functionality! Getting good results with the tool so far!

Author JudynMilo (1 year)
Is there a demo so we can try it before we spend $20 on it?

Author Swazi (1 year)
the textures do not come with the mesh model, you cannot strech the mesh
model and you cannot edit textures on mesh in secondlife worth a shit so
this is a waste of $5000L

Author aymec millet (6 months)
everything is texture in SL ... this one must give UV MAP - BAKE textures

Author Neyo Di'nero (7 months)
I wish I could. I want to, but I will need to learn how to use them. I
tried many tutorials, unfortunately my brain does not grasp it.

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