2011 WSOB World Open: Match 1: Jason Belmonte vs Wes Malott part 2

Here's the 2nd part of the opening match. Jason vs Wes

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Author chrism216 ( ago)
ive never really liked malotts form, but he sure is effective. a bit off in
his aiming in this game though

Author CallOfDutyReachable ( ago)
what oil pattern is usually at you local Bollerama? anyone know?

Author Eric Harper ( ago)
Not really relevant to comment on something I said 10 months ago. But
anyway, Kobe is the best 1 on 1 player in the world, but if he has an "off"
day and say a 9 year old kid is just draining everything he throws up, then
he could theoretically beat Kobe in 1 on 1, of course people could argue if
Kobe starts missing shots, then he'd just dunk it and win that way. But in
the end, it is a hypothetical situation.

Author Gammer51 ( ago)
You're right, but you used a bad comparison. Kobe is the best 1v1 player
alive right now. The only people that would even come close is lebron

Author DarkTiger2017 ( ago)
I think it would either be consistent strikes, or consistent 7-10 splits,

Author Andrew Graff ( ago)
LOL, touche sir, touche :)

Author DarkTiger2017 ( ago)
Yeah. Imagine how different the sport would be if the pins were square...
now THAT would be interesting to see. :P

Author Andrew Graff ( ago)
Really, I bowled on the Cheetah last night vs a man who averages 180. My
average on Cheetah is 210. Now, after 4 Brooklyn strikes, and 5 actual good
shots, I am facing a person with the front 9. I have 2 ring 10s, a stuff 9
and a little heavy 4 pin. So, I feel like I clearly threw a better game but
end up losing by 60 pins. Explain how that works? Better yet, look up the
game between Anthony LaCaze and Mike Machuga, who threw the better game..
And who won? Round object hitting a round objects

Author RCROX5000 ( ago)
I like Viper. Chameleon... kind of hate it, kind of love it. Scorpion,
dislike but tolerable. The Shark is an evil pattern from the depths of
hell. Haven't bowled on Cheetah yet.

Author supermonkeyballboy ( ago)
4:00 Randy, c'mon. Brian Voss, 2004 US Open?

Author Peterdrumtom ( ago)
Wow, i'm glad Jason won that one

Author RCROX5000 ( ago)
Worst pattern is the shark, by far.

Author dcpsx ( ago)
@ThBstFSxy Luck is part of every sport. Have you ever been in a golf
tournament and seen a wild drive hit a tree to come out to land <80 yards
from the green in the center of the fairway? I have, nearly every time I
play... The argument was about whether bowling is a sport. I completely
agree, bowling is about giving yourself the best CHANCE of striking, not
necessarily guaranteeing yourself a strike. Once again golf, hit the pin
and have your ball roll 30 yards away on a seemingly perfect shot.

Author irishpogi ( ago)
@katanamast279 Length of the pattern. Viper is 37 feet and chameleon is 39

Author irishpogi ( ago)
@sk8rbanger They are my favorites. Third favorite is scorpion.

Author dcpsx ( ago)
Why am I even responding to these kids... but here it goes... Bowling is a
sport... Are you seriously defining what a sport is simply by saying
"someone off the street can beat a pro?". Um, have you ever been at a
Pro-Am tournament of ANY KIND? I've seen amateurs beat pros in golf on many
occasions as well as many other sports. People that try to make an argument
about how bowling is not a sport is a direct giveaway that they SUCK AT
BOWLING. Get lessons...Learn the game...Gain respect...

Author Eric Harper ( ago)
@ThBstFSxy Yes, Bowling has luck involved obviously, but so does every
single other sport on this planet. In a game to 21 against Kobe, I think
anyone with at least a tiny bit of skill in basketball could sneak 1 win
out, same with bowling, but with bowling, Chris Barnes and Wes Malott are
so good that they can repeat their same shot over and over and over,
whereas just a normal league bowler might also be able to get "lucky" and
sneak 1 win out. Same goes for any sport.

Author Eric Harper ( ago)
@ThBstFSxy Actually, anyone can't beat anyone in bowling. If you get a kid
who has just picked up a bowling ball for the first time in his/her life
against a kid the same age who has been bowling for a few years, the kid
who has been bowling for a few years will win 99 times out of 100. But in a
way the same thing goes for any sport. If Kobe and the Lakers are 81-0 and
the Nets are 0-81 going into the last game of the season the Nets could
blow them away.

Author Andrew Graff ( ago)
@wiiman0001 No, bowling is a game, not a sport. A round object hitting
round objects relies more on luck/chance compared to other actual sports.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything bad about the game, it just
shouldn't be put in the same category as basketball, baseball, tennis...
Think of it this way, anyone can beat anyone in bowling... Anyone can't
beat anyone in an actual sport

Author Eric Harper ( ago)
@guitarninjaz23 ESPN broadcasts sports, Bowling is a sport, would make
sense, wouldn't it?

Author guitarninjaz23 (1843 years ago)
they have bowling on espn?

Author dasan v ( ago)
Wes was throwing the WRONG ball.

Author sk8rbanger ( ago)
@katanamast279 the viper is a little heavier with the oil on the outside
part of the lane, whereas the chameleon is fairly heavy towards the middle
part, and not terribly dry on the outside, but managably dry.

Author katanamast279 ( ago)
@sk8rbanger Whats the differency between the Viper & Chameleon patterns?

Author sk8rbanger ( ago)
Viper and Chameleon, worst Pba patterns, anyone agree?

Author ben ( ago)
thanks so much for the fast upload!!!

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