Click Here To Subscribe! ► - This video is chocked FULL of RC Scale Trucks filmed JUST FOR YOU! The boys down at RUDE BOYZ RC Club show off their amazing Red Neck Rigs.. and stunning architecture in this fun video of RC Mayhem! can you believe the quality and time it would have taken to make all these trucks ?! My friend.s. it is always a pleasure to go to the Rude Boyz RC Garage to see what mechanical, maniacal fun these guys are up to.. because truly - it is unmatched! .

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Author Aaron fortney (7 days)
@ 1:32 I swear theres a goat in that garage hiding somewhere 

Author 吳志龍 (8 days)

Author abdel awad (11 days)

Author 10bigfig (13 days)
can have one

Author uh Ross (14 days)
Nice Flames flag bud!

Author Mat Mc (19 days)
Were do you guys get you trailers 

Author clayton boschult (26 days)
is there a lama in the room?

Author Ashley Louis (29 days)
damn dude sick

Author the charger dude (29 days)
Nice. One thing I don't get is how a Ford can be cool. Also why is it that
a lot of Canadians say "eh"? I'm Canadian and I think it's strange. And by
the way, "sick" means to be unwell. nice RC stuff though.

Author Antoine Rouyer-Brown (1 month)

Author Dalton Cooney (1 month)
What kind of truck is krazy joe's

Author Scott Murphy (1 month)

Author dawson boys (4 months)
were did you get the ford bodies

Author C.J. Cleary (1 month)
lol at 10:17

Author Eduard Rivera (1 month)
That what she said

Author Cayd Wagner (2 months)

Author Amanda Jacobs (2 months)
make me one

Author Gabe Lewis (2 months)
Haha "There kinda crappy. Are they Entegy?"

Author Cameron Potts (2 months)
These guys have way too much time on their hands. The trucks are cool
though. Great job

Author Julio Borquez (3 months)
Can you make me a trailer and truck I got a police car

Author Cayd Wagner (2 months)
Hey man I like that all rusted ford could you please ask him if he would
sell it

Author gravydogg1 (6 months)
Love those trucks, I finally ordered 2 axial wraiths for"the kids" today,
have to wait until the end of the month to get my trailfinder2 (out of
stock) your opinion will the trailfinder hold up as well as an scx10?
Thanks for posting these vids man , they inspire us all

Author Chan Sykes (4 months)
No I'm not British I'm Irish

Author prosome12 (4 months)
i have the same firebolt motor

Author Diedonacagedworld (4 months)
between 3:20 and 4:00 minutes; what kind of frame is that? that looks
complete custom; is it a kit you can purchase?

Author Chan Sykes (4 months)
OK mate

Author Thania Rios (5 months)

Author Owen Powers (5 months)
i built a trailer and a dodge 3500 2013 i also i built looks really
detailed and i got mud flaps on both trailer and truck

Author Paul Oliver (8 months)
How much to have a black trailer built? U want one to pull with my summit

Author Jester (6 months)
how much for that camper? would love one or the other one for the car I
cant remember its name

Author wyatt wild (6 months)
So I'm a beginner in the sport and I have a slash but I want a rock crawler
what one do you suggest

Author Ronzale Boyette (7 months)
I love trucks where can I purchase one from

Author anthonyand daniel bonilla (7 months)
for how much do you want for the truck

Author levi GLATFELTER (8 months)
nice video

Author Alex Dow (8 months)
This is awesome

Author Austin Garvey (8 months)
Would you be able to tell me a little but more information on how I can get
a mud truck to start off with

Author Michael Hollier (8 months)
jealousy is alive and flourishing......Brejon

Author joey zubam (9 months)
This is so stupid yet so cool, and so childish but you have to be an adult
to afford it and fix them.

Author Jay Dancey (9 months)
Brejon moore. These rigs can have hundreds or thousands of dollars put into
them. The only reason you hate on this video is because you can't afford
one yourself. Also, Medic drives an f150, so yes he can afford a real
truck. Keep your negativity to yourself and let others enjoy the video.

Author Brejon Moore (9 months)
This shit so fucking gay You guys just cant afford the real trucks so you
play with toys

Author Tracy gardunio (9 months)
Enjoy watching the RC adventures some awesome RC trucks

Author MIke Elbers (9 months)
can i hafe the building plan from the black trailer???

Author Brad Ogilvie (9 months)

Author Alexander Eremeev-Raykhert (5 months)
Is that rusty ford for sale I can give you 850$

Author dawson boys (4 months)
do a how to on the trailers

Author Kert Guiliani (8 months)
this video is the one that got me into Scale RC fun to look back at some of
the great RC Adventures that help pave the way for many

Author Garrett Darkhammer (8 months)
Hey man private message me about getting one of these, i want one for
Christmas and cant find them anywhere ive looked on alot of sights and
forums. Do i have to custom build one?

Author anthony ziliani (9 months)
Where did you get your fords

Author Chan Sykes (7 months)
Can I have it plz I owes wanted one how much is it 15 dolers because that's
all I have because I'm 9

Author GREYSON VAUGHN (2 years)
my favorite rc truck out of all the episodes is the rusty ford and the
purple chevorlet

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