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Author Tacticuz (6 months)
1:32 i could have sworn i heard a sheep...

Author Marquis Watkins (26 days)

Author James Rodgers (3 months) I have a stock 08 TRAXXAS E-MAXX w/ twin brush motors
' I have rebuilt every thing on this one exept the diff's . Because of $
issue's 'it was some time before I could water proof it & I only drove it
in the snow twice . before that it had never even seen snow much less water
. I lost count of how many motor's I've gone through . Now AGAIN I have
stearing 'but no throttel response ! PISS"ED OFF JIMMIE 

Author RedKnightHobbies (6 months)
Could have put in an led system in the trailer with dip switches wired to
turn them on and off so they would look like light switches 

Author 230jjordan (7 months)
the way you handle other peoples trucks was a little rough, just throwing
them around and poking at shit. i know they are designed to be knocked
around but maybe excercise a little bit of respect when handling other
peoples work.

Author Marquis Watkins (26 days)
Can I have One of the Remote control truck pleases pretty pleases thank you

Author stephen mcbride (4 months)

Author Strong001 Channel (3 months)
Crazy Joe should make a channal

Author parker heer (5 months)
Awesome video!! Great ideas for future projects

Author westernsharpie (4 months)

Author Brad oster (8 months)
Get a new bright doge ram

Author Scott Murphy (10 months)

Author lasamoostang (7 months)
Man, I would love to hang out with you guys. Hockey in the background,
working on rc trucks. God, I would love that.

Author S30Uploads (5 months)
anyone else notice when you buy a rock crawler, you start collecting lots
of big rocks?! =D

Author Daniel Hulse (6 months)
Krazy Joe's truck is killer.

Author Faisca Som (7 months)
amigo bom dia quanto custa um carro desse 

Author Anthony Guevara (5 months)
That cool rv and truck

Author Kert Guiliani (1 year)
this video is the one that got me into Scale RC fun to look back at some of
the great RC Adventures that help pave the way for many

Author Brian Maynard (7 months)
One of crazy Jose trailers and i say it is the ultimate in my redneck RC
having fun. These take my #1 in ingenuity of building useful things. That
work. Brian ilv2flyRChelis
P.S. listen to the amount of power they are laying down with these great

Author holly clayton (6 months)
Where did you get that wench

Author Brian Funk (7 months)

Author Anthony Guevara (5 months)
That's cool even and truck

Author Felix Zapper (7 months)
that poped

Author jacob malmo (7 months)
i have the losi night crawler with a gravediger body it looks top hevy but
it climbes fine

Author Felix Zapper (7 months)
what did you throw on th truck that poed

Author Anas aliraqi (8 months)
I love this

Author abdel awad (9 months)

Author dawson boys (1 year)
were did you get the ford bodies

Author 10bigfig (9 months)
can have one

Author Felix Zapper (7 months)
what did you pop on the truck

Author Nicholas Andrews (7 months)
hey im looking for a fast, cheap off roader what would you recomend?

Author kyler buttdog (8 months)
yeeeeeeah Canada

Author Ashley Louis (9 months)
damn dude sick

Author Garrett Hansen (1 year)
Hey man private message me about getting one of these, i want one for
Christmas and cant find them anywhere ive looked on alot of sights and
forums. Do i have to custom build one?

Author Mat Mc (9 months)
Were do you guys get you trailers 

Author 吳志龍 (9 months)

Author Antoine Rouyer-Brown (10 months)

Author the charger dude (9 months)
Nice. One thing I don't get is how a Ford can be cool. Also why is it that
a lot of Canadians say "eh"? I'm Canadian and I think it's strange. And by
the way, "sick" means to be unwell. nice RC stuff though.

Author Dalton Cooney (10 months)
What kind of truck is krazy joe's

Author C.J. Cleary (10 months)
lol at 10:17

Author Eduard Rivera (10 months)
That what she said

Author Felix Zapper (7 months)
can you make a video about how to make the thing that you made it pop on
the truck

Author Cream4 Shaving (1 year)
Is that rusty ford for sale I can give you 850$

Author clayton boschult (9 months)
is there a lama in the room?

Author Amanda Jacobs (11 months)
make me one

Author Julio Borquez (1 year)
Can you make me a trailer and truck I got a police car

Author dawson boys (1 year)
do a how to on the trailers

Author gravydogg1 (1 year)
Love those trucks, I finally ordered 2 axial wraiths for"the kids" today,
have to wait until the end of the month to get my trailfinder2 (out of
stock) your opinion will the trailfinder hold up as well as an scx10?
Thanks for posting these vids man , they inspire us all

Author Chan Sykes (1 year)
No I'm not British I'm Irish

Author Chan Sykes (1 year)
OK mate

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