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Staring the stars, feeling the winds every time
I cannot stop thinking of you, since you've been gone away from here
Shedding the tears, crying out loud for once
Cause you are such a precious part of me
And there's no one who'll fill my broken heart

Oh but now, I have realized
The reason why I live in this world,
Even you have left me here alone,
I found the way where I can get hope for the future

Baby, I'm gonna see the new world
With nothing but the love you gave me
Only thing I can do, is to trust the time we shared
Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world
With nothing but the strength you gave me
There's nothing to be afraid of,
I know your love will lead me where I should be
Even if it is dark and hard time for me,
I don't wanna give up my hope

Having a dream, basking in the sun everyday
I'm starting to thank that I'm still here,
Though the pain of loss still hurts me
Making me smile, making me laugh many times
Everything is gentle to me, because you are making it so

Then now I have realized the reason why I live in this world
It's not to lose what I truly need
I will make, sure to build the beautiful days together

Baby, I'm gonna see the new world
With nothing but the love you gave me
Only thing I can do, is to trust the time we shared
Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world
With nothing but the strength you gave me
There's nothing to be afraid of,
I know your love will lead me where I should be
Even if it is dark and hard time for me,
I don't wanna give up my hope

Pray for all the things in this world
And believe in the power of our love
Sing a song of tomorrow
Now we are not alone
And we come to life again
A new day will come to you, for you and me

Baby, I'm gonna see the new world
With nothing but the love you gave me
Only thing I can do, is to trust the time we shared
Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world
With nothing but the strength you gave me
There's nothing to be afraid of,
I know your love will lead me where we should be
Even if it is dark and hard time for us,
I don't wanna give up our hope

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+Kill Sscope thanks for add me ..
+cailin Hannah
+jimmy arellano 
+kagamine rin add me in okay. .

Author Sparky Panda (2 months)
Thumbs up if you cried at the end of the game.

Author arnel abuda (3 months)
i cried when serah dies..=(

Author Caitlynn552 (2 months)
Can anyone tell me where I can download this?

Author Lumina Farrone (4 days)
The feels man Q~Q This reminds me of life and my close ones and like if Yui
from Diabolik Lovers had to go to Church for something and the Sakamaki
Brothers went to and she sang this song this would just touch everyone man
but really the feels Q~Q

Author random16 (5 days)
love the song but why didn't they use this one for lighting returns
ending... literally they were talking about creating a "NEW WORLD"(home) 

Author AGothicFairyTale (6 days)
When I listen this song it reminds me of Noel yelling "SERAAAAH!"

Author Dominic F (3 months)
this isnt in the soundtrack?

Author Teddie Sage (6 months)
Now imagine someone used this song and made a music video with the
Lightning Returns ending.

Author Nya Nguyen (1 month)
ffxiii-2 is part of you forever!

+Kill Sscope thanks for add me ..
+cailin Hannah
+jimmy arellano 
+kagamine rin add me in okay. .

Author alastorfighter (1 month)
as good as this song is FFXIII2 was a waste of time

Author facehook100 (1 month)
3:37 This is when my heart dropped in FFXIII-2.

Author Up All Night Gaming (4 months)
They should've put this at the end of Lightning Returns, it would've gone
along great with the whole story's ending. Or like, a My hands/New world
mix would've been cool, instrumental or anything, ah well.

Author 球小寶 (1 month)
Charice always best singer.

Author xxℓιттℓεαηgεℓcαкεxx (5 months)
I think iv found my music for my GCSE dance exam. So inspiring and I love
the game! 

Author KungFuReflex (2 months)
FFXIII-2's ending with this song made me almost shed a tear. I beat the
game just a month ago and I'm now remembering the ending and the game.
Truth be told but the Final Fantasy XIII series is probably my most
favorite. Although I shouldn't say that yet till I beat Lightning Returns
FFXIII which I'm currently saving up for to buy. Anyways, this song is

Author Вутин Пладимир (2 months)
Розовое говно какое то.

Author Finalfantasyownzyou (2 months)
I want Susan Calloway to sing this.

Author Kelsey leah (2 months)
This song plays in my head everytime somebody mentions the ending of the
FF13 series.

Author TwilightWarrior95 (6 months)
I wish Serah would had ended up with Noel :(

Author Fernando Mora (6 months)
i believe this is a really great song!!!...

Author earnest davis (3 months)
i can't stop crying

Author Sola McKinley (3 months)

Author kite136 (3 months)
.....Serah T__________T

Author noureddine belhaini (3 months)
i love you charice

Author Aya Hikari (3 months)
After she sing this she reveal she was a lesbian. like lightning.

Author Aliano19personauser (3 months)
could not enjoy this song after 3:00....

Author OfficalAerith (7 months)
can't wait to play this game :) ive almost finished FF13

Author Rusting Roses (4 months)
Wow from Glee to video games, she's doing good for herself!

Author Naomi (4 months)
Is there a theme song for Lightning Returns?

Author Godisgood19831 (4 months)
" I realy love ur voice charice... hope to see u soon....
mwaaah...mwaaah... mwaah

Author Jack Mansfield (5 months)
This song would have been more appropriate to play at the end of the
Lightning Returns and NOT 13-2! The ending to 13-2 is pretty dark, Serah
is dead, Caius has won and trolled everyone and the world is pretty
screwed and this song killed the whole atmosphere of the ending cos its too
happy and oxymoron to what was happening on screen :l

Author Derek A. (5 months)
Really think My Hands was better.

Author itrusthiscare (5 months)
New World by Charice is not available on iTunes in the U.S. but it is
available on Amazon, Infinity Album, released in Japan :-)

Author Dale Faustino (5 months)
who composed this song?

Author acrobatsutr (5 months)
This happy song went well with the ending, but then it didn't go so well...
Fantastic plot twist

Author Videogame Thief (5 months)
It is a beautiful song. Once i heard it i wanted to sing 

Author Vanessa Thor (5 months)
Why don't they put this on iTunes?! :,(

Author jake huston (5 months)
When I saw I thought of One Piece lol 

Author PKCrossing89 (8 months)
The ending to Lightning Returns brings a new meaning to this song.

Author fandomFREAK (5 months)
i like this song but i think it ruins the feel of the ending of xiii-2.

Author jorlanio bispo (5 months)
final fantasy 13-2 loveeeeeee

Author Kizo Iachetta (9 months)
I feel upset when I hear this song because serah dies before she can
experience the new world 

Author newmaxza aun (5 months)
ชอบมากเลย ชอบเกมส์ด้วย

Author Tinzy AJ (5 months)
I thought she looked like Sunshine Corazon for a second TuT

Author joeyboy constantino (6 months)
wow charice sing this !

Author Ichiro777 (6 months)
Proud pinoy ;)

Author Kevin Crawford (6 months)
Not trying to be a little girl, but this song and the ending of this game
in the FF13 series had me teary eyed. Regardless of what anyone says, this
was a great sequel.

Author Derrick P Fields (6 months)
"Now you wait just a darn minute"

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