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Author musiqchild007 (4 months)
I cam here for the fucking song and found spoilers....yall are truly some
dirty asses.

Author john the man good (5 months)
Anybody get that 90s animated movies nostalgia?

Author edseiya (25 days)
The only truly good thing of this game. Definitely one of the best FF main

Author Teresa Bohang (1 month)
So that I can memorize all of my childhood songs

Author gemma cummings (2 months)
Completed this game in two weeks it was so fun

Author 1finallygotunleashed (1 month)

...Thank you."

Author LOTRlover100 (2 months)
love this song! I cried in this game XD

Author Thy Derpy Duck Army (6 months)
It took me almost a year to find this song its like the best one in final
fantasy Xlll-2 must watch !!!

Author musa zuloto (2 months)
Serah's death had me in tears ;_; like why did she have to die??

Author ธีธัช ภูเรืองเดช (6 days)
woahh! i've just found this. I've never heard this before. AMAZING!

Author vagtsr21 (13 days)
Ok know that I here this and know the ending this does not fit the ending
what so ever

Author Isaac Combs (20 days)
Best song ever!💗

Author FranFranGames (1 month)
I remember always listening to this as i waited for lightning returns

Author FranFranGames (1 month)
Oh no.. The tears are coming :o

Author Kagome L (3 months)
This is a good song, but what a waste to use it for the ending that
screams Noel x Serah which isn't even a canon pairing lol.

Author Emily Li (22 days)
I love final fintasy 13 this song is awsome

Author Link Saini (4 months)
I love this song!!!

Author gigiyo78 (5 months)
Thanks for uploading the song! Each time I listen, I was remindeed of the
scene of FF XIII-2. The scene was sad but beautiful, it makes me think that
my current worries amount to insignificant compared to the story though it
is fictional. They were fighting to extend the time of their lives and
home. Here we are, fighting for certian things that could be achieved by
just explaining and talking, It seems like my problems were quite easy to
solve and it definitely makes me think that life is so much than what you
see in front of you...

again, thanks for sharing the song!

Author Gian Karlo Asuncion (25 days)
Then Charice Screw Up... This song now ehhh Alright....

Author Ricky Naomi (4 months)
This song should have been played in new years eve.

Author Teddie Sage (1 year)
Now imagine someone used this song and made a music video with the
Lightning Returns ending.

Author Thranduil Oropherion (3 months)
what's wrong with her now;(

Author BeLovedStarGirl (5 months)
:3 Luna

Author Francisca Alejandra Caceres Rojas (6 months)
Oh I love this beautiful song, and even I don't liked so much the FFXIII
saga, it is still magical...
Charice voice is amazing <3

Author Marjay Tapay (4 months)
I was really overwhelmed when I heard this song in the ending. I even shed
a tear while Noel held Serah. FF is a masterpiece, 

Author j.a.b drawing passion fruit B (1 month)
Love this song

Author pufflefan200 (7 months)
I wish there was a XIII 4. I miss Lightning very much.

Author qing chen (7 months)

Author Nominee100 (2 months)
would be nice if charice would wear the armor for the cover

Author black_oni 187 (1 year)
i cried when serah dies..=(

Author SonicFan98 (3 months)
Is there a download to this song? 

Author David Beaudin (2 months)
This song is soooooo good! I'm in love with it <3

Author Jesse Shiro (4 months)
*burst into tears* why....why, out of all the people that could have died,
why did it have to be her? DX

Author Gio Reyes (3 months)
How disappointing. They should've not changed the theme song from the jpn
version. Charice???? WTF.

Author Kelsey Curles (6 months)
And on that day, the FF series had became cleansed and rejuvinated.. 13 had
finally reached it peak and gradually came to a close.. millions rejoiced..
it gave hope and prosperity to FF fans and people everywhere.. Alas, It was
all over.. it was the dawning of a new era.. it left the world in a purer,
more peaceful state.. it was the beginning. for it truly felt like a new

Author YOKE QO (7 months)
nice song n nice voice

Author Marcos Lins (4 months)
This reminds me Serah's death..... T.T

Author 강찬영 (5 months)
OMG Good Song! :)

Author Nya Nguyen (10 months)
ffxiii-2 is part of you forever!

Author ikmn akfd (4 months)

Author Sherise Ocmer (2 months)
I didnt sing that

Author evangeline1469 (9 months)
You get to the end of the game like "Hey! Serah lived! Yay!" Aaaaand then
she dies. Combined with the song, its a rage inducing tear jerker

Author Asuka Sakamoto (4 months)
I love it!!

Author mohammed nbs (4 months)
I adore it

Author 805juicy (4 months)
Omg I cried when serah died and this song started just like for Leona Lewis
my hands god I got so emotional great music and composers 

Author Benjamin Stowe (5 months)
First off, this is a much better song choice than what they chose for xiii.
It has just the right amount of that closing feeling, but twinged with the
sadness of what is to come, making you beg for more (aka buying Lightning

Author Caa129 (7 months)
Dear god why did I scroll down... such spoilers :'(

Author zilla2006able (5 months)
this is a good song.

Author Ridwan Taslim (7 months)
She's a butch now. 

Author TheKogunEnjou (5 months)

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