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Author Brandon Buffa (4 months)
Funny thing is that T-Pain can actually sing pretty good without it. Watch
his newer video by SwaysUniverse.

Author Roger Van Unen (1 month)
*AUTO TUNE for everyone makes live beautiful even getting dumped by your
Very funny video by an comedian Ellen on the effects of Auto Tune

Author Darth Rabbit (2 months)
I think the concept of auto tune is great in that it is another way to
perform, express yourself and a different sound.

The problem I have with majority of artists now is that they over use it
and many of the times they're doing it to hide the fact they can't hold a
note or sing in key or ability to change keys without this device.

Does it sounds good? To me, anyone using it enhances their voice however
when all you do is use it, then you're pretty much hiding behind it and not
allowing for people to hear your actual singing voice or abilities.

Author Roland LFC (9 months)
this is called technology, not music.

Author Kome Piza (1 month)

Author Bob Smith (4 months)
Most singers like Katy Perry, GAGA, or any pop singer uses Melodyn. Its
pitch correction done by recording engineers. Atuo tune is like very very
very different. If all these artists were using auto tune then they would
sound like robots _. All you need is an ok voice and some different form of
pitch correction and a catchy beat and you got a hit. Kesha is one artist
that actually uses auto tune. Her song blow is a prime example. Listen to
the verses.. its very similar to T pain.

Author Jeremy Almquist (1 month)
The only thing missing is alcohol and a real singer....other than Ellen.

Author nathan900130 (3 months)
If Hatsune Miku use vocoder microphone along with her autotune voice, what
would happen?

Author Darien Delport (1 month)
Ellen, that's just not how you do it....

Author AmazingSpaceCat (12 days)
T-pain is really friendly :) his not a angry/slut like most of the rappers
he actually treats people amazingly :D

Author saaid mo (9 months)
please someone give Kevin hart one of these mic's 

Author MyJazzyMac (1 month)
Auto-tuned in the key of *"B" Major*

Author Latisha K (7 months)
She cracks me up! This is too funny..

Author Daniel Guzman (1 month)
unlike other singers t pain knows how to use auto tune 

Author KrisRaps (7 months)
Ellen sound ugly without or with that mic

Author 斉千恵 (7 months)

Author Scorch428 (2 months)
Can he seriously not tell that she's making fun of his inability to sing?
Or is he just selling out for advertising...

Author Matti Suutarinen (2 months)
music industry is FAKE and no wonder when you know what tribe has perverted
it like they have done to art with their modern degenerate ludicrous
garbage. artworks that anybody can make.

Author alberto wargas (26 days)
Uau!!! I love ellen so much😭😭😍😍😍

Author bewilder (1 month)
I know he can sing but i didn't know he could dance too

Author Mizzcutieboo (4 months)
omg this is such an awesome vid xD

Author Naddia Navarrette (2 months)
Wish i could dance like tht

Author AquariusLady Gorgeouz (7 months)
What kind of shirt do T-Pain have on. It look like a picture with Kim
Jong-un on it in American attire. lol

Author Kurt Corpuz (8 months)
Muntanga si Ellen hahahaha.

Author Casey Keller (1 month)
I love Ellen I would love to meet her one day and as well as T.Pain I love
them both and yes he can sing without auto-tune as well as with it 

Author imed lefifene (3 months)
lol she's crazy

Author letsyou Sketching (3 months)
what's song that Tpain dance?

Author rokyt (8 months)
To people who think autotune is stupid or even "illegal", it's all about
the music. It's almost saying why do guitar players put distortion on their
guitars? It's to get the sound that the song needs. Same goes for autotune.
Now if you can sing without autotune, that's GREAT! I mean a slow jazz song
wouldn't sound good if the singer had a alot of noticible effects like
autotune on their voice. But hip hop or rap, sure why not? Autotune sounds
good in some cases, so I don't know why people are so hateful about it.

And to people who think that autotune should be illegal in music as if
using steriods in sports, musicians are also called artists for a reason.
Their job is to make a good SONG. If they want to use autotune to make it
sound better, they can. Your free to do whatever you want as a creative
artist or musician.

Author Jimmy Ramirez (7 months)
Tpain sucks! 

Author GEE JJ (5 months)
damn that nigga short. must be gangstalicious' fatter brother

Author Ahmad Faheem (3 months)
Dont know why he use auto-tune. His real voice is already good.

Author My-Quang Le (3 months)
Sound like an Indian singer in English.

Author SlashNetworksAqw (8 months)
Its not the microphone, its the programs- fruity loops, ableton or even
individual plugins.

Author Casper Xtina (9 months)
Auto-tune is for pussies.

Author Benjamin Ruesink (7 months)
Enter your text here

Author Matti Suutarinen (2 months)
the audience worse than the zombies in the walking dead! they scream to

Author bootyhunter (10 months)
What a t-pain in the ass that was

Author Victoria Harnum (3 months)
i want one lol 

Author KaiKai HAITO (4 months)
why does ellen sound so good with auto-tune
i mean like,... *thinking noises*

Author Benjamin Havking (3 months)
ressenneverdena maniganiiiiiiiiii uuuuu :)

Author Cassie Seaver (5 months)
I have to admit, he is a pretty good dancer despite his poor rapping skills

Author Wibbly Wobbly (7 months)
sounds like GlaDoS

Author Username (4 months)
Where was T Pain at? All I saw was white floating teeth 

Author amos kenosis ralte (10 months)
lot of hate for T pain ?? he can sing with out auto tune ... infact he is
very good .. and as far as auto tune ... tell me who is better than t pain
? thats the reason he is famous for people .. so hop of t pain's dick

Author SlimJim131 (3 months)
Voice in a bad enough already you have to use autotune autotune sounds like
shit or some sugar with autotune

Author hsucduw (6 months)
Haha, at :32 she throws up the 666 hand sign. Really trying to be like
today's rappers.

Author JessMariee (1 month)

Author sergio salgado (6 months)
thats why united state is so full of shit and stupit people

Author bettahthanyou (6 months)
Lmao hilarious!!!

Author Matti Suutarinen (2 months)
sub human degenerate singing

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