Ellen Auto-Tuning with T-Pain!

Ellen showed that everything is more fun with an Auto-Tune microphone! But there's someone who can demonstrate it even better -- T-Pain! Watch now as Ellen brings him on for some Auto-Tune fun!

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Author Rebecca Buttigieg (5 months)
I want this microphone!

Author GEEKTEQ (4 months)
hey guys, could you tell me: is there a TV program called Ellen?

Author JWfilms (8 months)
T-pain is a faggot, fake ass stupid nigga

Author Sanjeev Athiberan (7 months)
my dog can sing better than t-pain. without auto-tune.

Author Clevertp95 (6 months)
I hate it when celebrities give celebrities gifts. Give it to someone who
can't get that shit

Author Marius Hansen (3 months)
If steroids are illegal in sports, why isn't auto-tune illegal in music? I
know it's used by artists in studios sometimes just to make up a few
errors, nothing much. But famous "artists" who can't sing without auto-tune
and still get famous for being "singers", that is just stupid.

Author Amber Paige (5 months)
If I had that microphone, I would be banned from everything and everywhere
lol, and I would have no friends lol.

Author Danick Jansen (12 days)
What a t-pain in the ass that was

Author Santiago Barrientos Sarabia (22 days)
Autotune, legendary level

Author Grisha Gevorkyan (22 days)
t-pain is such a nice person.omg his charisma

Author Khyla Lee Whyte (3 months)
bwaaahahaha LOVE Ellen! lol lol she's so hilarious!

Author EpicEverythingDude75 (3 months)
I FUCKING LOVE T-Pain :-D Just my preference. Any bad replies sent to me.
You can go fuck yourselves

Author Sanic The Hedgehog (7 months)
Damn. I wish I had that xD

Author Rhonda Parra (9 months)
Love my Ellen sbow

Author CyberGamePlayer1 (3 months)
Ellen and T-Pain?! Hell yeah!I've never seen this episode.Ellen is just as
funny as ever!

Author GøØcHï Stÿłłë ツ (5 months)
#Ellen Auto-Tuning with T-Pain! hhhhh lol 

Author Lenroy621 (1 month)
Ellen is so hilarious

Author Clevertp95 (6 months)
Why is the whole audience blonde short haired women. It's like a hundred
Ellens laughing and watching Ellen

Author goldenamorak (5 days)
it almost sounds like indian music

Author FunkyBear30 (6 months)
Ellen don't know shit.. Zapp and Roger are known for the auto tune.. Tpain
just brought attention to it again, and made it a scapegoat for shitty

Author Anon ymous (7 months)
creator of this style was zapp and rodgers check the song "computer love"
and "i want to be your man" old school music.

Author JamieDood Doode (7 months)
Sub to me!!!!

Author Raquel Logañ (3 months)
I have one of those

Author Ammaar Quraishi (6 months)
the best part is when t-pain says " Maybe this will lead a beat ..!! "

Author Eya B (4 months)
02:15 the song's name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :( 

Author KiLLERMAN1824 (28 days)
what song is that at the end????

Author Cynthia Stewart (8 months)
This is why the Aliens won't talk to us... :/

Author Sudhanshu Agnihotri (8 months)
Song at the end is Shawty get loose, in case anyone was wondering !!

Author jdslipknot (8 months)
auto tune was invented i think for much much different application but when
i guess t-pain used it to compensate for poor vocals, everyone joined the
band wagon thats why we have too many pop stars who cant sing for shit.

if all else fails, adlib

Author Jordan Collins (19 days)
T pain is a musical genius

Author bcrew1375 (6 months)
2:50. It's called singing off key.

Author Paul Poto (2 months)
0:30 look at her hand!!! 666 sign!!!

Author Vas Gla (4 months)
Man the reasons why I miss Ellen's stand up lol I haven't laughed that hard
in a long time. 

Author simra khaleel (3 months)

Author rose rodriguez (7 months)
man so fly he can dance so fine

Author Edwin Hoffman (8 months)
can you get it on droids??

Author Tasha dM (5 months)

Author Krishna Krrish (7 months)
It's Awesome...I wish i had that....

Author Neuza Pais (3 months)
These microphones are very cool!!!

Author Sal C (6 months)
Uncle Mao

Author Chuck A Bong (8 months)
tpain da master

Author 🎭FAB🎃ZZ (8 months)
Man, I swear, the way she say "I'm pregnant and it's not yours" at 1:34
sounds familiar. Like I've heard it in a song; not the actual words, but
the pitch and tone.

Author Joey Angel (3 months)
He got her an iphone 3, haha gosh i feel so old now..;p

Author Berry Boar (3 months)
Don't like this comment

Author Jaeger Wolfe (6 months)
What's the song?

Author V Puduri (6 months)
this is the kind of stuff ellen can do. She makes auto tune worthwhile,
but not for actual singing.

Author breanna bennett (5 months)
I have that microphone from t-pain too

Author Rob Brightside (1 month)
Cher, Britney Spears, Will.I.Am, ´Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Chris Brown, and

Author Roy Kammy (3 months)
hahahahahah I love you Ellen, ur a lively lady..jah bless

Author Gordan Prgy (14 days)
when Ellen sings it sounds like serbian folk music.. lmao..

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