Ellen Auto-Tuning with T-Pain!

Ellen showed that everything is more fun with an Auto-Tune microphone! But there's someone who can demonstrate it even better -- T-Pain! Watch now as Ellen brings him on for some Auto-Tune fun!

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Author MrBloodyElegance ( ago)
1:57 did u guys realized that instead of saying Microphone she said

Author Cristina Cabral ( ago)
He's sexy

Author Moki Me ( ago)
I'm confused... I remember Zapp and Rogers in the 80's singing like
that???? my husband said, "Roger used a box to make that sound... then NB
Ridaz copied Zapp and Roger's sound."

my son just told me, "T-pain made audiotunes he perfected/mastered the
sound (I think maybe he used a keyboard) put it on a computer and gradually
went to a Mic and now phones he did all that! genius!
( my son walked away so I think I quoted everything he said??? )

no longer confused! T-pain is the Godfather of audiotunes ( did I spell
that right? ) awesome!

Author RokytPlayz ( ago)
I wonder if we would have less stupid people in the world if comment
sections got eradicated from existence on every social media platform in
the world.

Author Rod Garcia ( ago)
Every nigga did t-pain's dance the first time they knew they was getting

Author Marjorie Kerr Posadas ( ago)
T-pain is so talented. I miss him. Where is he now

Author Abigail Andreas ( ago)
when the audience thought ellen gonna say the magic words
Everybody is getting one !!!!!!!!haha
oh oprah

Author MikeAngel Sound ( ago)
I love t-pain effect ;)

Author Bj Jormeia ( ago)
Ellen is awesome n I thought I watched everything from her entire show but
never got the chance to watch this where t pain is in it

Author Mastermind420ish ( ago)
sounds like your dissing rap, but w.e

Author Thomas tressler ( ago)
DAT moon walk doe!

Author kaka8realmadridbest ( ago)
He should really make a song out of that :O It sound like it could be a
popular song :) god I would like it to be a song :(

Author bigziam ( ago)
A trueeeee showman......!!!

Author Documentary Channel in 2015 ( ago)

Author God Nightmare ( ago)
From which song is that melody? 3:07

Author M XXX ( ago)
Ellen, the most annoying dyke there is. I hope she wrecks in a car crash

Author Trahvagen ( ago)
Is there a single man in that studio audience? There doesn't appear to be.
Just an observation. Actually, upon further observation there appears to be
a single man in the front row (I'm talking about the audience. T-Pain
doesn't count as part of the audience, duh.)

Author Rap2Rhyme ( ago)
From which song is that melody? (3:07)

Author duveddet93 ( ago)
T-Pain is the godfather of autotune

Author Jacob Volante ( ago)
that should be on android too

Author Karl Bembury (1250 years ago)
auto tune rap is not singing hip hop is a mix and most sound like crap in
the first they need all the help they can get sell .a true
vocalist is a purist no aids no gimmicks.A vocalist ,singer is a physical
therapist a speach therapist a technical specialist.Vocal control
&manipulation to produce a desired effect without electronic aids to
correct pitch make one sound better so you can pitch correct the five notes
to in your contained in your junk song.

Author Shining Armor ( ago)
0:55 Don't give me any of that white zone bullshit, the RED zone is for
loading and unloading only, there is no stopping in the WHITE zone!
Bonus points if you get the reference.

Author Fathi Yuusuf Abdi ( ago)
what is a name last song he's dance?

Author Sheldon Irving ( ago)
get it CRAP haha lol
crap rap
noelle irving

Author Sheldon Irving ( ago)

Author Sanchez Ernie123 ( ago)
This video proves what has gone wrong with hip-hop/rap and autotune in this
video sucks also if I were to show this video to the best krs one chuck d
public enemy and any other real rappers they would agree autotune is trash.

Author Sanchez Ernie123 ( ago)
I don't hate autotune but most of the time that shit is wack man and
whoever thinks that being rich and famous is a good thing then tell me why
man because in my opinion that doesn't mean shit if they are whack and
don't do anything to prove their titles.

Author Nicklas B ( ago)
T-Pain is the only rapper or musician that really knows how to use
autotune. He actually studied it for 2 years before he used it and after
that everybody got into to it without any knowledge of it.

Author Misho Pruidze ( ago)
It ain't free now...

Author Skeek Croy ( ago)
Best use of Multi-cultural in the world. I love the USAY.

Author Internet Explorer ( ago)
That bitch annoys me.

Author Kristen Molnar ( ago)
Yep that's why we have so many singers. Most of them are artificial😹

Author Giliarde Nascimento ( ago)
its been a long time that is program recorded

Author Fernando Caracas ( ago)
como se llama esa cansion que syena de t.pain

Author Robert Robles ( ago)
Does T-Pain have an app to make you dance like him? Hes got some moves man!

Author Siviay Thouvieng ( ago)
Ellen she is too.

Author Siviay Thouvieng ( ago)
Lol. Tpain is funny.

Author AmazingSpaceCat ( ago)
T-pain is really friendly :) his not a angry/slut like most of the rappers
he actually treats people amazingly :D

Author alberto wargas ( ago)
Uau!!! I love ellen so much😭😭😍😍😍

Author ๖ۣ AshGaming ( ago)

Author Kome Piza (1043 years ago)

Author Casey Keller ( ago)
I love Ellen I would love to meet her one day and as well as T.Pain I love
them both and yes he can sing without auto-tune as well as with it 

Author Jeremy Almquist ( ago)
The only thing missing is alcohol and a real singer....other than Ellen.

Author MyJazzyMac (Jukebox James) ( ago)
Auto-tuned in the key of *"B" Major*

Author Daniel Guzman ( ago)
unlike other singers t pain knows how to use auto tune 

Author Darien Delport ( ago)
Ellen, that's just not how you do it....

Author Gabriel Siqueira (Insert Name Here) (250 years ago)
He has a great voice. Imagine if he made a song that in certain parts he
used autotune and in others he didn't

Author bewilder ( ago)
I know he can sing but i didn't know he could dance too

Author Scorch428 ( ago)
Can he seriously not tell that she's making fun of his inability to sing?
Or is he just selling out for advertising...

Author Naddia Navarrette ( ago)
Wish i could dance like tht

Author Darth Rabbit ( ago)
I think the concept of auto tune is great in that it is another way to
perform, express yourself and a different sound.

The problem I have with majority of artists now is that they over use it
and many of the times they're doing it to hide the fact they can't hold a
note or sing in key or ability to change keys without this device.

Does it sounds good? To me, anyone using it enhances their voice however
when all you do is use it, then you're pretty much hiding behind it and not
allowing for people to hear your actual singing voice or abilities.

Author Matti Suutarinen ( ago)
he has nice moves though!

Author Matti Suutarinen ( ago)
sub human degenerate singing

Author Matti Suutarinen ( ago)
music industry is FAKE and no wonder when you know what tribe has perverted
it like they have done to art with their modern degenerate ludicrous
garbage. artworks that anybody can make.

Author Matti Suutarinen ( ago)
the audience worse than the zombies in the walking dead! they scream to

Author imed lefifene ( ago)
lol she's crazy

Author letsyou Sketching ( ago)
what's song that Tpain dance?

Author Benjamin Havking ( ago)
ressenneverdena maniganiiiiiiiiii uuuuu :)

Author SlimJim131 ( ago)
Voice in a bad enough already you have to use autotune autotune sounds like
shit or some sugar with autotune

Author Ahmad Faheem ( ago)
Dont know why he use auto-tune. His real voice is already good.

Author My-Quang Le ( ago)
Sound like an Indian singer in English.

Author Victoria Harnum ( ago)
i want one lol 

Author nathan900130 ( ago)
If Hatsune Miku use vocoder microphone along with her autotune voice, what
would happen?

Author Bob Smith ( ago)
Most singers like Katy Perry, GAGA, or any pop singer uses Melodyn. Its
pitch correction done by recording engineers. Atuo tune is like very very
very different. If all these artists were using auto tune then they would
sound like robots _. All you need is an ok voice and some different form of
pitch correction and a catchy beat and you got a hit. Kesha is one artist
that actually uses auto tune. Her song blow is a prime example. Listen to
the verses.. its very similar to T pain.

Author iJutsu ( ago)
talent-less fuck.

Author KaiKai HAITO ( ago)
why does ellen sound so good with auto-tune
i mean like,... *thinking noises*

Author Brandon Buffa ( ago)
Funny thing is that T-Pain can actually sing pretty good without it. Watch
his newer video by SwaysUniverse.

Author iPamism ( ago)
well that was an awkward ass hug.

Author Mizzcutieboo ( ago)
omg this is such an awesome vid xD

Author Username ( ago)
Where was T Pain at? All I saw was white floating teeth 

Author Cassie Seaver ( ago)
I have to admit, he is a pretty good dancer despite his poor rapping skills

Author Margret Beltran (33 years ago)
sound is an art, and the truth is it takes a creative mind to make an
auto-tune sound please able to the ears. there are plenty of songs that
singers use auto-tune and the song is still terrible. it's about the
creative mind, we're not athletes.

Author zepp3lin (1157 years ago)
Love to give my microphone to Ellen for her to sing it all night long.

Author Aadarsh Bijoy ( ago)
This tpain feller is soo black 

Author GEE JJ ( ago)
damn that nigga short. must be gangstalicious' fatter brother

Author Cindy I. ( ago)
Mom dad cathy's not my roommate

Author mdtropic D. ( ago)
maybe just a little bitttttt

Author ilyas elqamari mohd yusmi ( ago)

Author bettahthanyou ( ago)
Lmao hilarious!!!

Author Thi Huynh ( ago)
tpain sounds good without autotune anyway. idk why he uses it so much

Author hsucduw ( ago)
Haha, at :32 she throws up the 666 hand sign. Really trying to be like
today's rappers.

Author Jizzy Belle ( ago)
I like 3;10 and 2;58. This is so cool I want this. xD

Author SpamfromAmsterdam (352 years ago)
4:38 Enter your text here.

Author Randy Griffith ( ago)
That sounds nothing like t pain. T pain is t pain himself.

Author Anon ymous ( ago)
listen to the song computer love thats the first song ever to use this...

Author Rizal Rasah ( ago)
the shirt ? is a malaysia president :(

Author Nathan Thomas ( ago)
I saw this long time ago. Totally hilarious!

Author Antoine Sturges ( ago)
Mr. T-Pain

Author mohd ibb ( ago)
3:8 to 3:22 is da best part

Author tay lor ( ago)
Hahaha. Nice!

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