Ellen Auto-Tuning with T-Pain!

Ellen showed that everything is more fun with an Auto-Tune microphone! But there's someone who can demonstrate it even better -- T-Pain! Watch now as Ellen brings him on for some Auto-Tune fun!

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Author rokyt (1 month)
To people who think autotune is stupid or even "illegal", it's all about
the music. It's almost saying why do guitar players put distortion on their
guitars? It's to get the sound that the song needs. Same goes for autotune.
Now if you can sing without autotune, that's GREAT! I mean a slow jazz song
wouldn't sound good if the singer had a alot of noticible effects like
autotune on their voice. But hip hop or rap, sure why not? Autotune sounds
good in some cases, so I don't know why people are so hateful about it.

And to people who think that autotune should be illegal in music as if
using steriods in sports, musicians are also called artists for a reason.
Their job is to make a good SONG. If they want to use autotune to make it
sound better, they can. Your free to do whatever you want as a creative
artist or musician.

Author jimmy ramirez (27 days)
Tpain sucks! 

Author SlashNetworksAqw (1 month)
Its not the microphone, its the programs- fruity loops, ableton or even
individual plugins.

Author Kurt Corpuz (1 month)
Muntanga si Ellen hahahaha.

Author Danick Jansen (3 months)
What a t-pain in the ass that was

Author Roland LFC (3 months)
this is called technology, not music.

Author sergio salgado (3 days)
by the way: that show its only for whites?

Author Latisha K (8 days)
She cracks me up! This is too funny..

Author KrisRaps (10 days)
Ellen sound ugly without or with that mic

Author Marius Hansen (6 months)
If steroids are illegal in sports, why isn't auto-tune illegal in music? I
know it's used by artists in studios sometimes just to make up a few
errors, nothing much. But famous "artists" who can't sing without auto-tune
and still get famous for being "singers", that is just stupid.

Author AquariusLady Gorgeouz (19 days)
What kind of shirt do T-Pain have on. It look like a picture with Kim
Jong-un on it in American attire. lol

Author 斉千恵 (20 days)

Author Jeff Hanshew (27 days)
Its not the micro phone. It is done using software.

Author sergio salgado (3 days)
thats why united state is so full of shit and stupit people

Author thecargirl81 (2 months)
T-Pain didn't introduce this mic into music, Roger from Roger and Zapp
brought this into music.

Author UltimateHandler (2 months)
Did that brotha just skip on to the stage? _'

Author Casper Xtina (2 months)
Auto-tune is for pussies.

Author King Blingz (1 day)
I need one!!

Author htxclassic1 (2 months)
word to ya motha LMAO ellen is crazy

Author Varun mohan (3 days)
the auto tuning mic reminds me of Saints Row 

Author Wibbly Wobbly (10 days)
sounds like GlaDoS

Author gvvvv2300 (12 days)
mao with an american flag hat? lol

Author saaid mo (2 months)
please someone give Kevin hart one of these mic's 

Author KiLLERMAN1824 (4 months)
what song is that at the end????

Author Benjamin Ruesink (20 days)
Enter your text here

Author goldenamorak (3 months)
it almost sounds like indian music

Author AVEN Uk vines (18 days)
Ellen I love u so much your so so so amazing your the star love your show
and I watch everything and every day wish I could have a chance to join
your show but that would be my dream ❤

Author Mariah_yoo (1 month)
I fucking love T-Pain

Author Smurfiest Smurf (20 days)
This is so fu~~~nny!

Author pageantprincessable 99 (21 day)
Just like T-Fame Stay Smooth

Author Santiago Barrientos Sarabia (3 months)
Autotune, legendary level

Author amos kenosis ralte (4 months)
lot of hate for T pain ?? he can sing with out auto tune ... infact he is
very good .. and as far as auto tune ... tell me who is better than t pain
? thats the reason he is famous for people .. so hop of t pain's dick

Author Grisha Gevorkyan (3 months)
t-pain is such a nice person.omg his charisma

Author Abosahar yourdj (1 month)
i wana to say what about the real singer ............i think ..all
singers come with Auto tun..that distroyed the songs in futer

Author Lenroy621 (4 months)
Ellen is so hilarious

Author Mich Elle (1 month)
OMW ... I used to think he is an incredible singer but he uses a fake mic

Author Rebecca Buttigieg (8 months)
I want this microphone!

Author GEEKTEQ (8 months)
hey guys, could you tell me: is there a TV program called Ellen?

Author james larson (1 month)
T-pain more like Ear-Pain. 

Author RocKy DaDa (2 months)
what was the soong

Author Tyler Brazier (2 months)

Author KeepHimAtBay (2 months)
this guy has an interesting angel - women like - voice

Author Jason Diaz (2 months)
last music?

Author Isaac Grant (2 months)
xD this shit's hilarious.

Author Amber Paige (8 months)
If I had that microphone, I would be banned from everything and everywhere
lol, and I would have no friends lol.

Author Clevertp95 (9 months)
I hate it when celebrities give celebrities gifts. Give it to someone who
can't get that shit

Author Berry Boar (6 months)
Don't like this comment

Author DCTransformer (3 months)
T Pain is a gifted artist. You still need skills to sound good with

Author JWfilms (11 months)
T-pain is a faggot, fake ass stupid nigga

Author Khyla Lee Whyte (6 months)
bwaaahahaha LOVE Ellen! lol lol she's so hilarious!

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