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Author Svallo (12 hours)
My villagers, tranformed with this technique, turned back to zombie
villagers after a while, without being attacked by any other zombies...

Do anybody know why it is happening...? I did a Square shape building with
15 doors and a roof, with a torch above every door, of course a torch
inside the so builded construction, i have even planted some wheat...

Result: they turn back to zombies every time...and i am running out of

Any idea...?

I am in 1.8.3 no cheats server

Author Sarah Bottomstone (2 months)
It works

Author Rebecca Rebecca (6 months)
The sex 1 was cool

Author Poto Man (7 months)
who is talking in the back?

Author Alisa Corbett (10 months)
Eye of Ender is actual very important

Author Antonio Rosas (10 months)
How much time to wait to turn back

Author _ DeadGaming _ (1 year)

Author NxFk (1 year)
Does this work with baby villagers?

Author Chrono Pony (1 year)
im guessing the potion of weakness is a defo right? you can't just use a
golden apple on them?

Author Bethan Chalmers (9 months)

Author Preston Topham (1 year)
That was quick and simple and it helped. Thanks.

Author Lachie Hogan (1 year)

Author Delboy Shaw (1 year)
thx really big help

Author karen malone (1 year)
THX (-:

Author laura jenkins (1 year)
Thank you I didn't know how to?

Author lucas middleton (1 year)
he whisperd what does he have to trade lol

Author UC_Nightmare (1 year)
do you have to use the potion of weakness?

Author Wieland Huveneers (1 year)
So is your mom

Author Zandz (2 years)

Author fekkapa (2 years)
whsipers..... "whats he got to traaaade"

Author Devon Grover (2 years)
chim sent me :)

Author TheNathvar (2 years)
Dude, what language is that?

Author themasterwarrior2 (2 years)

Author kin lego (2 years)
do you have to have a potion for it

Author AlveDans_ (2 years)

Author gondra13 (2 years)
So you'd have to take him into your home, trap him in a room with no doors,
and look after him until he get's well again? hmm... never thought
Minecraft would have a moral choice system...

Author Sander Miland (2 years)
Chim sent me!

Author Wowzabunny (1 year)
i heard somebody whisper his lines in the background XD

Author guanno1249 (2 years)
1:09 Weird Whisper!!!!

Author manmadeawsome (2 years)

Author Tímea Dérerová (2 years)
Plz help me! I did everything what is there and I went to different place
and when I came back it was empty... it happened five times i dont
understand plz help me :)

Author Callum Carmicheal (2 years)
ME 2 :D

Author WelshPixie (2 years)
I'm Welsh. :)

Author VoilaTada (2 years)
blue golden apple? o.o

Author skaterjess2012 (2 years)
chimmy sent me

Author Caturner12345 (2 years)
Chim sent meh

Author iPodTuNaoPod (2 years)
1:10 i heard that lol

Author Mrjackcool2 (2 years)
your dutch? you really sound like it

Author Alex MinesTheWorld (2 years)
Chim sent meh

Author Jerkface (1 year)
wait does it have to be a god apple or a normal golden apple? im confused

Author Axis (2 years)
Chim sent me here

Author Jairo Caldas (2 years)
chinmeyswift sent me ; )

Author PizzaGuy (2 years)
thumps up if u got here from chimneyswift i did :D

Author DonkeyGotMushroom (2 years)

Author sir MAXX (1 year)
How do you give him the apple? Do you hit him with it or right click?

Author MrMinecraft7246 (1 year)
R.I.P Villager Zombie

Author Yu Narukami (2 years)
Potion of weakness? The wiki said to use a potion of healing on them

Author redrider187x (2 years)
Chimneyswift11 sent me

Author Shruti Pathak (1 year)

Author XdrymacX (2 years)
rlly? then ill remove the comment to take away all missconceptions srry

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