Minecraft - How To Turn Villager Zombies Back to Villagers

Thank you @Dinnerbone for the hints! When zombies 'infect' villagers and turn the testificates into villager-zombies, you can turn the back by splashing them with a weakness potion and then right-clicking on them with a golden apple (the regular golden apple, not the shiny purple variety).

Get it here -
Full info on Reddit!

Intro & Outro by Kong & Kas Ongering with music by BigGiantCircles:

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Author Rebecca Rebecca (13 days)
The sex 1 was cool

Author Antonio Rosas (4 months)
How much time to wait to turn back

Author Poto Man (1 month)
who is talking in the back?

Author NxFk (9 months)
Does this work with baby villagers?

Author Bethan Chalmers (3 months)

Author _ DeadGaming _ (6 months)

Author Alisa Corbett (4 months)
Eye of Ender is actual very important

Author Chrono Pony (6 months)
im guessing the potion of weakness is a defo right? you can't just use a
golden apple on them?

Author Teh Dingo (7 months)
That was quick and simple and it helped. Thanks.

Author Lachie Hogan (8 months)

Author Tiger TreeThree (8 months)
thx really big help

Author UC_Nightmare (6 months)
do you have to use the potion of weakness?

Author karen malone (8 months)
THX (-:

Author laura jenkins (10 months)
Thank you I didn't know how to?

Author lucas middleton (11 months)
he whisperd what does he have to trade lol

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whsipers..... "whats he got to traaaade"

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chim sent me :)

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Dude, what language is that?

Author themasterwarrior2 (1 year)

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do you have to have a potion for it

Author AlveDans87 (2 years)

Author gondra13 (2 years)
So you'd have to take him into your home, trap him in a room with no doors,
and look after him until he get's well again? hmm... never thought
Minecraft would have a moral choice system...

Author Sander Miland (2 years)
Chim sent me!

Author Wowzabunny (1 year)
i heard somebody whisper his lines in the background XD

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1:09 Weird Whisper!!!!

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Plz help me! I did everything what is there and I went to different place
and when I came back it was empty... it happened five times i dont
understand plz help me :)

Author Callum Carmicheal (2 years)
ME 2 :D

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I'm Welsh. :)

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blue golden apple? o.o

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wait does it have to be a god apple or a normal golden apple? im confused

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How do you give him the apple? Do you hit him with it or right click?

Author MrMinecraft7246 (1 year)
R.I.P Villager Zombie

Author Yu Narukami (2 years)
Potion of weakness? The wiki said to use a potion of healing on them

Author Shruti Pathak (1 year)

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rlly? then ill remove the comment to take away all missconceptions srry

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