Cinderella Full Movie 1997

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Cinderella 1997 - Full Movie

Updated version of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of the classic fairy-tale, with an all-star, multi-racial cast.

Director: Robert Iscove
Writers: Oscar Hammerstein II (book), Robert L. Freedman (teleplay)
Stars: Brandy Norwood, Bernadette Peters, Veanne Cox

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Author ReaperGrimm5594 (13 days)
I'm a twenty year-old man, and I'm watching Cinderella. While gorging on
ice cream. Because that's just how I roll.

Author Katie Roush (15 days)
What people seem to not understand is that this movie was not made to be
racially diverse. All of these people were chosen because of the amount of
talent they could bring to the role. All of them; Brandi, Bernadette,
Whitney, Whoopi, and everyone were chosen for the parts because they were
the proper fit. Not because they were different races. 

Author Athena Marie (20 days)
White, Black, Filipino. We're missing some others lol

Author Tiffmidon (27 days)
The most racially diverse movie in the history of all movies. 

Author islaythejabberwokky (28 days)
I'm so in love with the music in this version of Cinderella, and not just
for nostalgic reasons.

Author GKOBE (1 month)
Whoopi Goldberg? No way...

Author Isabel R (1 month)
+Vivian Pennington. Okay listen dude im only 12 i didnt know calm down.

Author Patrick Fealy (1 month)
Those long & lovely movie stars
bedecked in gold and crimson garbs
had caused my mind to think upon
the girl transfigured by a wand
Oh would that I had come to show
to that fair darling that I’d known
one dance beneath the silver moon
one chance before to make her swoon
and sung to her the night wind’s song
once there before the closing dawn
had come to drive her train away
that pumpkin toward the fleeting day
yet still I hold her crystal shoe
to conjure one that I once knew
and try once more to find a fit
to beauty that had come to flit
where night had left me standing by
that dream beneath the crimson sky
where beauty came to dazzle when
my darling was my dearest friend. Cinderella by Patrick Fealy

Author Sofia Gregoriades (1 month)
Good movie. I just didn't know something! I didn't know that Cinderella was
African and that the prince was Egyptian or Japanese or Chinese

Author johnny angel (13 minutes)
Brandi looks just like a mini Whoopi Goldberg

Author Rose Seely (21 hour)
I don't believe that two girls won't have the same shoe size in the whole
town like seriously 

Author Aundrea Lopez (2 days)
Forget Prince Charming. I'll take Victor Garber <3

Author DiNea Green (3 days)
I freakin love this movie!! especially the diversity! :)

Author Amie kahungu-Phiri (3 days)
Cool it epic

Author Minzono L (7 days)
When the melody started playing at 4:10 with Brandy singing shortly after,
the nostalgia I felt was so intense that I burst into tears. I'm a 21 year
old guy and when I watch & hear a masterpiece whether it's old or new, it
moves me like nothing else. This movie truly gave me life!

Author Alita Faulds-Ianakiev (4 days)
I love it

Author lisa outlaw (4 days)
Love this movie$$.

Author Kynster Nylan Romero (6 days)
I miss the "Fairy God-Mother"

Author Tiandra Bell (8 days)
Man whoever you are you are now my best friend thanks for the upload

Author Lisa Sato (10 days)
I just wasted my time watching this.. 

Author brandon catron (9 days)
Not the real one

Author hutendra silwal (6 days)
This is like dream come true

Author Eva Vergara (7 days)
This movie is the worst 

Author karen eikleberry (7 days)
People make big deals out of nothing for no reason go complain about
something else like world peace! Btw I have darker skin too and i don't
really care

Author Lisbet Reyes (9 days)
This movie is showing us do not be racists :-)

Author Caitlin Fulcher (8 days)
Did he really have to waste his time trying the slipper on all the white
girls? She's obviously not white...

Author Lucy Croft (9 days)
does anyone know where I can get ALL the lyrics to the prince is giving a
ball from this?

Author brouwerman1988 (12 days)
Omg 0:00-:012 overwhelming nostalgia

Author Kai Basnight (10 days)
I love her

Author Pan Mantequilla (13 days)
This movie is so spiritual to me.

Author Trinity Richardson (16 days)
I looove her blue dress! Especially the sleeve parts :)

Author Nengthea Junaedy (13 days)
Like this

Author XXtraspicee123 (10 days)
1:05:42 "That sounds too good to be true." LMAO EVERYTIME! 

Author Lambpika (11 days)
Still hilarious, love this movie...

Author Caro B. (21 day)
the stepmother is at grey´s anatomy once 

Author peter roy alcock (11 days)

Author Georgia Reeves (11 days)
My childhood.

Author WaterWomanH20 (16 days)
Black Mother, English Father, and asian child... This logic is

Author Demi Scott (11 days)
This is clearly so good A very good movie

Author Reay Marie (1 month)

Author Hap Pens (20 days)
Cinderella doesn't have to be white. Disney didn't come up with the story -
it shows up in many different cultures. According to Wikipedia, the
earliest Cinderella story is from Egypt.

It's a fairy tale and fairy tales are not static -- they change with every
adaptation. For example, look at Frozen. For an example of how non-fairy
tale adaptation works, look at Sherlock Homes. 

Author Samantha Romero (21 day)
Love the movie! You don't see a lot of movies with different races... even
falling in love. Usually, its only whites... but, in this movie.. its all.
I wish they made it like this... not saying they don't, but you don't see
it much often -_-

Author JoeJoe Clark (18 days)
My childhood in an hour and thirty minutes! 

Author dilip patel (13 days)
Any one have any extra shoe

Author Isabel Cristina (14 days)
Whitney Houston looks sooo beautiful. 

Author Kao Feng Yang (1 month)
This movie is so cute and funny! I love it! 

Author Candice Pipps (1 month)
I still like the orig. version better.

Author Jane Zheng (1 month)
wow african cinderlla

Author Nigel Davidson (19 days)
I like the movie

Author Jefferson Washington (14 days)
Calling Cinderella a country bumpkin is a derogatory term. Not good.

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