Cinderella Full Movie 1997

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Cinderella 1997 - Full Movie

Updated version of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of the classic fairy-tale, with an all-star, multi-racial cast.

Director: Robert Iscove
Writers: Oscar Hammerstein II (book), Robert L. Freedman (teleplay)
Stars: Brandy Norwood, Bernadette Peters, Veanne Cox

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 88:07
Comments: 7012

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Author Oxein (3 months)
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Author Rubi sandoval (29 days)
honestly the girl is black obviously why try the shoe on
a white woman ... makes no sense at all.

Author Bree Bear (16 days)
was it kinda blurry or was it just me?

Author Margo Gadet (1 month)
Man, Brandy was such a poor choice for this.

Author jovan Musk (12 days)
so cinderalla was African?

Author Tallis Keeton (21 day)
Ok I know its a musical and a fable but why the king is white the queen is
black and the prince is asian? It should be a bit more realistic you know
:) white person with black person will have black or white child or smt
between. not Chinese. 

Author Aroni Cheton (15 days)
1 thing I would lyk to ask n m so curious to knw.. why don't the shoes
change to its original one when it strikes12 n yet everything is lyk
before.. isnt dt strange??? I think u knw wat I mean. 

Author LaShea (2 months)
Paolo Montalban,, The prince, is not Asian people..

Author Kyla H (17 days)
This is not Cinderella

Author Jaime Speers (13 days)
I love how everyone is trying to make sense of a fairytale. It is a story
remixed by a group of very talented people. The whole entire point of the
film is to be color blinded and focused on the actual story. As a kid
watching this, I didn't even realize all of the racial differences until I
became older and society kept spoon feeding me all this stupidity. Love has
no color, okay? Fuck the original story being an all white cast. The world
is not all white. End of story. 

Author Arianna Paynr (28 days)

Author bethany petkovic (1 month)
this sucks

Author Darlene Wasmer (28 days)

Author johnny angel (4 months)
Brandi looks just like a mini Whoopi Goldberg

Author Josh Sapwell (1 month)
to much singing very wide i do not realy like the story or video or movie

Author Wish (6 hours)
Not going to lie, this was the shit back then. Still love it!

Author Rebecca Lynn Thomas (18 hours)
I love the blind casting in this movie! They gave the parts to people who
deserved them instead of basing the casting on looks

Author pitufa menjivar (1 day)
Is he looking at her boobs o.o

Author Les-Leigh Fuson (1 day)
It was so amazing. I was amazed

Author Meagan Waters (1 day)

Author Natasha Chang (2 days)
i find it strange that the prince is asian and his mom is black and his dad
is white. i also find it strange that ella's step mother has a black

Author Mamy Bagayoko (2 days)
Idk wat dis is abour

Author Athena Sabater (2 days)

Author Kiani Pernell (2 days)
I love this movie bc of brandy 

Author Thomas Cooper (3 days)
Wow wat a great movie!!!!!

Author Willette Mitchell (3 days)

Author coco blue (3 days)
they kiss and he doesn't know her name??!! ' - '.. wow

Author TheDollypartonfan (3 days)
I love this movie! I wasn't such a fan of it when I was younger! I didn't
understand english back then! But now that I do, I absolutally adore it! I
especially love Bernadette Peters (the stepmother) in this one! She's
gorgeous and gives an amazing performance in this movie! I love this movie
even more because of her! I love it!! 

Author Courtney Knight (3 days)
You can tell how fake the cake was in the "prince is giving a ball" seen 

Author Esceefort (4 days)
I thought this was the cartoon...Stupid me. 😒

Author Jameria Crippens (3 months)
i thank you alot for bring my favorite movie back to life!!!!!!!

Author sindey wilson (5 days)
Love this movie

Author Muki Viswanathan (5 days)

Author Bright Dime (7 days)
I loved this movie when I was little and I love it now. my favorite part is
the diversity, which helps me appreciate the love story itself. Brandy and
Paolo were great together, the cast was just wonderful!! ^_^ this beats all
the Disney fairy tales of today. #90'sBaby

Author jessie fan (7 days)
i luv it but too much singing ahhhh its more than boardway

Author Atef Elabed (7 days)

Author SandMcK Chambers (9 days)
Ya its blurry

Author Momo Morales (9 days)

Author foccha (9 days)
Best moment in the movie for me:
"I don't think we ordered enough food"

Author twerking december baby twerkaholic (3 months)
Brandy looks like her brother

Author Phebe Oliver (10 days)
:o i see it now.... mother & daughter in law look alike same as dad & son
v.v :)

Author theevilqueenlovesapples x (10 days)
Watchted it for the second time now love it

Author Duffy Last (10 days)
The Prince, Paolo Montalban, is a princelike man. My daughter dated him in
college, and I always thought he was good son-in-law material. Haha!

Author LilDeuce (10 days)
The only princess movie I liked when I was little .

Author Kaewaiboyz Phinnik (11 days)

Author korey schuld (12 days)
Best line in the movie: who dances in glass shoes?

Author Quantica Wilson (12 days)
Has always and forever will be my fav movie....remember having it on tape n
still watching it in 2014. lol 

Author Ann Marie Edwards (12 days)
''you know i really wish there was something between us?'' ''oh really''
"yes, a continent". love this movie

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