Cinderella Full Movie 1997

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Cinderella 1997 - Full Movie

Updated version of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of the classic fairy-tale, with an all-star, multi-racial cast.

Director: Robert Iscove
Writers: Oscar Hammerstein II (book), Robert L. Freedman (teleplay)
Stars: Brandy Norwood, Bernadette Peters, Veanne Cox

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Views: 19,442,790
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 88:07
Comments: 6897

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Author Rubi sandoval (5 days)
honestly the girl is black obviously why try the shoe on
a white woman ... makes no sense at all.

Author Tiffmidon (4 months)
The most racially diverse movie in the history of all movies. 

Author ReaperGrimm5594 (3 months)
I'm a twenty year-old man, and I'm watching Cinderella. While gorging on
ice cream. Because that's just how I roll.

Author hopefaith2 (5 months)
As much as I love this version, I just need the answer to this one
question: How did the Prince not recognize her as the girl he met on the
street at the ball? I mean yeah she had on different clothes, and such. But
how many girls in that town have extremely long box braids? Honestly? Lol.

Author Liahonry Mark Nephi (7 months)
Isn't Cinderella suppose to be white?

Author Billythachikk (6 months)
I will now share something unbelievably pathetic:
I almost started crying when the intro too Walt Disney started right in the
beginning... It's such a long time since I heard it last :')

Author Dreamer London (5 months)
I hate how they are turning this into a play but not casting an African
American roles. I mean this version was made to prove you can be cinderella
no matter what color your skin and now they are just breaking it by making
it into a play with no black roles. 

Author amina lemu (6 months)
just a wonderful classic movie RIP to Whitney Huston miss you and love you
great job to brandy i just love and won't forget this movie

Author Angie Christine (6 months)
"if i were a young man....yes dear? Well I'll be young wont I? Yes dear"

Author LaShea (1 month)
Paolo Montalban,, The prince, is not Asian people..

Author Isabel R (5 months)
I was expecting it to be the disney version and was so excited. :(

Author xMikeitox (5 months)
I like this version of Cinderella even if there were some illogical points
- Why does the King (white) and Queen (black) have an Asian son?
- Was the first man of Cinderella's stepmother also black? I mean she has
one white daughter and one black daughter...

However, it's a nice movie and I would like to have Whitney Houston as my
fairy godmother ;)

Author Suzzie Anne (6 months)
this just takes out the romance from Cinderella story...i am excited for
it...was...but i love the classic tale where there is the mouse and the

Author Katie Roush (3 months)
What people seem to not understand is that this movie was not made to be
racially diverse. All of these people were chosen because of the amount of
talent they could bring to the role. All of them; Brandi, Bernadette,
Whitney, Whoopi, and everyone were chosen for the parts because they were
the proper fit. Not because they were different races. 

Author ilikealison (3 days)

Author Buizelstar (23 hours)
I love how the they made the Ugly Stepsisters slightly psycho.

Author Isabel R (4 months)
+Vivian Pennington. Okay listen dude im only 12 i didnt know calm down.

Author dropUrPeaches (4 days)
This movie makes me so insanely happy. Hands down, my fav R&H musical.

Author Lydia Esh (5 days)
My school did this play and i was the godmothers fairy this brings back

Author Itsbrittany lajoyce (16 days)
Maybe the prince was adopted duh now enjoy the movie!! 

Author Wolf Charm (13 days)
arggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its got te actor who played, the
billionaire from ANNIE, and Mr. Andrew(s) from

Author Sofia Gregoriades (4 months)
Good movie. I just didn't know something! I didn't know that Cinderella was
African and that the prince was Egyptian or Japanese or Chinese

Author Taylor Reid (25 days)
Brandy looks like Tiana in the ball gown. :) love this movie. <3

Author DisneyAndSpiritLover (1 month)
Brandy wanted to work with Whitney! So leave her be.

Author Olivia Pope (24 days)
great movie!!! just to much singing lol

Author Kirsten Nieto (6 months)
One of my favorite movies as a child.

Author gabrivair (5 months)
Tears at the end as Whitney goes up into the sky. :(

Author Lorraine Elijah Brown (6 months)
A colorful movie with real colorful people.

Author prettycurlyme (2 months)
Whitney <3

Author Brandon S (1 month)
That Disney intro. im gonna cry :')

Author bigbangfan221 (6 months)
Whitney Heusten she was amazing

Author Dalesia Murphy (2 months)
so sad she is dead

Author Marie stone (7 months)
cinderella is not white or black or any race cinderella is a story about
love a feeling with in it got nothing to do race or how you look love the
person within and not without im glad they made this a mix racial movie so
people would get the message

Author d sowmya (2 months)
the prince is asian, mom is african american and king is caucasian.

Author artisticmuse (5 months)
RIP Whitney :) I completely forgot she was in this movie

Author Isabelle Huang (2 months)
i just realized that this is an exact remake of the version of cinderella
with julie andrews

Author Athena Marie (4 months)
White, Black, Filipino. We're missing some others lol

Author islaythejabberwokky (4 months)
I'm so in love with the music in this version of Cinderella, and not just
for nostalgic reasons.

Author Patrick Fealy (5 months)
Those long & lovely movie stars
bedecked in gold and crimson garbs
had caused my mind to think upon
the girl transfigured by a wand
Oh would that I had come to show
to that fair darling that I’d known
one dance beneath the silver moon
one chance before to make her swoon
and sung to her the night wind’s song
once there before the closing dawn
had come to drive her train away
that pumpkin toward the fleeting day
yet still I hold her crystal shoe
to conjure one that I once knew
and try once more to find a fit
to beauty that had come to flit
where night had left me standing by
that dream beneath the crimson sky
where beauty came to dazzle when
my darling was my dearest friend. Cinderella by Patrick Fealy

Author Laura Faye Koolhaas (5 months)
I love the sound of the first 13 seconds is nostalgic...

Author Demilade Ladipo (7 months)
An Asian Prince Charming too, not something you see everyday

Author Rebekah Hutson (7 months)
Only version of Cinderella i like, has the best music 

Author MissKorea Jenny (1 month)
Love it <3 Among the best princesses movies I've ever seen

Author Tiara Lujan (1 month)
this is the Cinderella I will always love, I don't care for the others!
this one is more realistic to me because this is how it would be in real
life and it is equal for all races :) who cares anyways we are all
people!!! and I really do love brandy<3 she is so beautiful.

Author kimdkus (6 months)
impossible. I love this movie!!!

Author Rajan Dhungana (3 months)

Author Miss Melony (10 months)
Now Watching this on my Chromecast! 

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