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Author amina adan (22 days)

Author Dounia Elbaz (4 days)
Ma sha'allah

Author Mary John (1 month)
mashallah voice .takbeer,sh.yusuf.asmall ball like you never see

Author John Smith (5 months)
its nt complete,even the last word in this clip is incomplete.plz upload it
in complete condition.thx

Author Mary John (1 month)
sorry imeant aboy.not ball

Author Gulshat Saliha (1 year)
Ma sha Allah, Tabarak Allah

Author Noor Alam (11 months)

Author Noor Alam (11 months)

Author Khizar Majid (1 year)
mashallah tabarakarrahman

Author elisha bint elshamy (1 year)

Author Abdiqani Adaawe (2 years)
god bless you sh/yusuf

Author ikramuddin rayan (1 year)
subhanallah i love it

Author mrwaqy (4 years)
@pissueg Jazakallah for your comment May ALLAH TA'LA bless you and your
family, ameen.

Author almo372 (2 years)
Beautiful mashAllah

Author Tahira Ali (1 year)

Author Rizwan G (4 years)
Ma Shah Allah great voice Please upload with English translation May Allah
give you reward uncountable in this life and hereafter. Good Job Peace
blessing and mercy of Almighty Allah be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad
peace be upon him and His beloved Sahabah Radi Allah Anhu and those who are
with them.

Author Muhammed Mujahid (2 years)
MashaAllah Very Nice Voice.

Author Tamannah Shameem (2 years)
Masha Allah! outstanding recitation! i love his recitation

Author bagas salma (2 years)

Author shoeb1985 (2 years)
Subhan-Allah Subhan-Allah Subhan-Allah Subhan-Allah, what a great lovely
voice, may Allah give courage to all Ummat to recite Quran like this all
the time. Ameen

Author Jolie Sabimana (2 years)
Mashallah. i love it so much

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