Beta Stirling Engine Animation & How it Works
An animation showing how a Beta Stirling Engine works. The beta stirling engine has just one cylinder, within it are contained both the displacer and the power piston. The connecting rod for the displacer passes straight through the center of the power piston. The power piston connecting rod is slightly off center as a result of this, unfortunately this is not very visible in my animation, i should have made it more clear. This animation of a beta stirling engine shows the complete cycle from start to finish and how it works.

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Author menanti cahaya (8 months)

Author Prince Gone (8 months)
Can this engine be used to power a small model stem locomotive(using
stirling engine instead of steam)?
If not, what tweaking would be required?


Author Robert Guertin (9 months)
The New Way to create Energy Is to Combine Solar + Stirling Engine Using a
Magnifying Solar Dish. You create intense Heat That Operate Stirling Engine
Creating a Free Energy from the Sun. Read About it on this Website:

Author محمد صفوان (1 year)

Author Raul Costa (1 year)

Author Daniel Guevin (1 year)
Screenwriters@dannyboys get creative!

Author Mitchell HürenKampf (1 year)

Author brickandfanal (11 months)
Where is the heat exchanger (the economizer as Stirling himself call it)?
The is the key part to make the engine efficient.

Author YTEngineer (10 months)
Yeah the video sucks big time, that's why it has over a quarter of a
million views

Author TimeEnergy Money (11 months)
the flywheel should be a DC Motor or electric generator, wood stove size

Author RoNiNk (1 year)
you have a problem with animation. if you want to run your animatoin in
loop, your last and first frame must be part of animation sequence. in this
video they are the same. so you have that yanking effect when your
animation jump from last frame to first.

Author stepan ijin (1 year)
Thanks for the video. The video, however is quite fast. Please render it in
a slow motion. Make it rotate like 5x slower for there are a few events
that take place. I had to pause and play it to kinda get the principle. In
the video version 2.0 please add the cold air in blue and hot air in red.

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Author shades2 (1 year)
What about adding a ceramic section to insulate the cold end of the
cylinder and also wrap it in a water jacket. Would there be any increase in
power by cooling it more effectively?

Author LukeSkyscraper (1 year)
Is the swept volume of the displace the same as the swept volume of the
power piston?

Author llAngelObliteratorll (1 year)
the best video so far that explain how it works, but i miss some part that
explain how the pressure forces works step by step. sorry for not being so
smart. =p

Author YTEngineer (1 year)
No probs, thanks :)

Author buzbyX (1 year)
cool story bro

Author Kronicilln3ss (1 year)
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Author DrHarryT (1 year)
I am trying to understand the law of thermodynamics in action here. The
heated expanded air is transported along side of the displacement piston to
exert force on the bottom side of the power piston. This air is
simultaneously cooled contracted and returned back to the bottom of the
displacement piston to be heated again. there some possible design
modifications to use finned copper jackets and thermo isolation between the
heating and cooling sections.

Author YTEngineer (2 years)
Thanks Leandro, greetings from Ireland :)

Author zenTaurus21 (1 year)
best animation on the stirling i've seen! thanks& cheers!

Author shades2 (1 year)
Interesting thanks.

Author rick rari (1 year)
nice animation! :-)

Author Abhishek Soni (1 year)
this vedio is much helpfull.

Author YTEngineer (1 year)
No probs, thanks :)

Author Poodleinacan (1 year)
... That didn't answered my question well enought... I want to know the
science behind that...

Author YTEngineer (10 months)
No probs :)

Author kevbriga (1 year)
awesome video. This is a top notch easy explanation. Thank you.

Author 3DHubPlayer (2 years)
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in a collaborating with 3D-Hub reworking some of your existing content to
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Author YTEngineer (10 months)
I didn't want to complicate the model any further, I might make a video
showing an LTD Stirling with a regenerator in it,

Author Ro Efa (1 year)
Too short... Have to keep pausing to read notations and study picture... A
real pita on an iPad!

Author Eiziish (1 year)
How does the displacer piston move the cold/hot air? Is there a path
between the left and right side of the displacer? I mean it can't be
airtight, right?

Author allthedogsgoestoheav (1 year)
bro i am not understanding why we do need the displacer piston (it is not
airtight ) so why do we need it why can't we make a sterling engine with
two airtight piston on both side and at centre we will have heat source and
piston moves one to another is there any possiblility then please tell me

Author tommie293 (1 year)
What animation software did you use?

Author Edgar E Valenzuela (10 months)
your clip sucks and you cant handle it.

Author Stirlinggenerator (1 year)
Well done...!!! Best wishes from Bavaria / Germany. :-)

Author Eiziish (1 year)
I thought so, but doesn't the displacer bounce eccentrically in the

Author YTEngineer (1 year)
It can be, if you google it you'll find some plans to build such engines.

Author YTEngineer (1 year)
The displacer is a loose fit within the cylinder, so any movement of the
displacer causes air to pass around it to the opposite side of the
cylinder. Hope that answers your question

Author Postghost (1 year)

Author Manual do Motor Stirling - Leandro Wagner (2 years)
Congratulations on all the animation engine. Asudações do Brasil, Leandro.

Author Chad Cohen (1 year)
Still dont get it.

Author Mohamed Elghabbar (1 year)
great and very usefull explanation , dude thank you so much :)

Author bryncomeaux (1 year)
i would like you to pay me several hundreds of thousands of dollars for a
somewhat better animation of your product and then you can go out and try
to get that money back somehow.

Author shaynmn (1 year)
I don't understand. the heat and cooling sources (flame and heat-sink) and
are continual. I would have expected the the piston to reach a point of
equilibrium between the heat expansion and cooled air. instead we see

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