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Author richii099 (1 month)
Dumbest clip. Ffs

Author Wakow Donge (1 year)
Yea i know, this is Africa animal i been there i live there i born there
and it my land. 

Author MrRonny411 (1 year)
it's like a walking buffet for the croc lol

Author MrRonny411 (1 year)
wow must be really something to see that

Author ABO ARAB (1 year)
No New River is a major obstacle for the migration of animals, but this is
their estimated

Author bambataa4ever (2 years)
Hyena ? LOL

Author 1verstreate1 (4 years)
Such a fighter! But the poor dear, it didn't look like it would've made it
far. Those crocs have a nasty bite and I'd almost bet on internal injury
and broken bones.

Author ruby o (3 years)
guess whos going to finish a wounded wildeebeest?youll get a prize if u
guess it right..

Author Lerdin Portorreal (2 years)

Author ToniSkit (2 years)
1. It´s not sick if its what happens in nature, whats wrong with it?
animals kill animals genius :D 2. I didn't call him retarded for rooting
for another animal either, i actually replied to him for calling people
morally abnormal (CHECK WHAT I REPLIED TO) 3. I never said he disrespected
the ecosystem either, i used the words arrogant and neglectful 4. As far as
i can tell you really shouldn't be on youtube calling people ¨fucking
idiot¨ because your comprehension skills are appalling

Author SWINDLE HILL (2 years)
Lions will kill him in no time

Author Jayjay Sahin (2 years)
He got lucky because the river wasn't deep... Most crocs kill large prey by
drowning it that's why the croc keep pulling it down.

Author tedcontatoss (3 years)
hei cant anybody make a good vid without tumbling cam ?? every vid i see
about this mara river is a drag

Author Jamie Landan (2 years)
That will be lion lunch later.

Author WildlifeObsessed (4 years)
Easy with the panning & zoom buttons, but otherwise a fascinating piece.

Author John Spartan (2 years)
You are a funny guy, nobody is arguing against you about how the nature
throwing that into your comments? I called you retarded because you
basically said he was retarded for saying that he rooted for the buffalo ,
Don't you agree that it's a little sick to root for the animal that is
killing another animal? that's a little unnecessary to post.

Author A lê Dư (2 years)
too afraid.

Author shadow66648 (2 years)
RT brought me here

Author John Spartan (2 years)
1. Yet again you couldn't read because you missed the keyword in my
sentence there which would be "root", without that word it becomes a whole
other sentence. 2. He called a morally "perverted" (which was the word
here, not abnormal) person, morally perverted, I don't see how that is
retarded????? (???)??? (-(-_-?-) 3. So how is he arrogant and neglectful to
the nature when he called a person morally "perverted"? ROFL lolol 4. Read
above. learn2read.jpg so you maybe can make some sense as well.

Author KianSimmons (4 years)
loved this video, please post more:)

Author WaryaaMoxamad (2 years)
You are sick dude...most people instinctively root for their fellow mammal
against a cold blooded creature that has not changed shape since we were
the size of rodents... Maybe you are morally perverted.

Author . ISABELLA (2 years)

Author rafaelclaro26 (3 years)
Certainly did not specify the wildebeest have gotten rid of the crocodile,
for he is injured and will not follow the herd could therefore be easy prey
for lions and hyenas.

Author Reza Adi Pratama (2 years)
he is not fool.. theres hundred of gnu on the river... he can choose the
other nice one...

Author Pam Ramsay (2 years)
That Wildebeest may have escaped but the would will become infected and it

Author czg2012 (2 years)
he survived with round 1 with the croc. round 2 with the lions is coming
up. stay tuned.

Author ToniSkit (2 years)
Well as far as necessity goes, it is a youtube comment section. I´m not
sure if you are confusing unethical with immoral but either way I am still
confused as to why it should be any of those? Cruel as in showing a
sadistic disregard for the pain or suffering of others, then possibly yes-
but I am not sure, because it is a very old video of an animal being
attacked in the wild as occurs almost every second we breath, so is it
really cruelty? What happened, happened. Nothing to be done about it

Author fakir kizi (2 years)

Author Pali Aha (3 years)
@tedcontatoss Yes, sir. We're all waiting for YOUR eminent video.

Author ToniSkit (2 years)
1. Your first bullet point doesn't make sense can you expand WHY it is
relevant to your argue 2. He used the word NORMAL to suggest abnormal(CHECK
his post!) And abnormal is a synonym to perverted so your point is null 3.
I said it is retarded to suggest someone is morally abnormal when he is
referring to something completely natural. Again ANIMALS EAT OTHER ANIMALS
so what is so morally ¨perverted¨ about it? 4. I said he was arrogant and
neglectful for another reason. *Sigh*

Author mozart bahi (2 years)
deus nosso ajude os homens de boa vontade,e construam uma travecia nos
lugares usados de passagem,desses pobres e indefesos animais,morte a os
miseravei predadores,canibais que deve ter sido um erro da criação
deus,isso é muito triste e não devemos feixar os holhos a tamanha
crueldade,que temos o dever de ajudar o criador que não tem paz,por
isso.vamos corrigir,para onde envio minha doação,ajuden-se tomem tenencia
huanos de deus.a dor é nossa

Author roli252520 (2 years)

Author BlueAlf moon (2 years)
Fuck crocdll

Author Kris Croc (3 years)
@chinkle0 hahah yeah right. crocodiles are the best predators on earth
thats why they've been around for 200 million years?

Author skywalkerdracula (3 years)
lol now he will get his guts pulled out alive untill he dies from shock. =(

Author bambataa4ever (2 years)
Serengeti is in Bongo lol

Author John Spartan (2 years)
There is nothing wrong to be in favor of one animal over the other but to
comment such a comment as he did in the act of it is kind of a little
unnecessary to do and cruel AND unethical.

Author CARABAO74 (2 years)
I was almost not survived by watching this clip, I felt drunk after watched

Author osoaztec (2 years)
Se Salvo!! Tubo suerte

Author John Spartan (2 years)
It sure is a old video of something that has happened in the past, but the
point is that we saw it with our own eyes right in front of us, this is
real and to post this type of comment just after watching such a thing is

Author heidbrain (2 years)
you should learn what animals are mammals. would you root for your fellow
mammal if it were a lion, tiger, or bear that was munching on your
intestines ?

Author Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski (3 years)
now just must to avoid about zillion lions, hyenas and little infection ...

Author bambataa4ever (2 years)
yeap it was also foolish lettin d wounded weaker prey go away

Author roli252520 (2 years)
where the hell are the Crocs? you know that's what we are waiting for.

Author John Spartan (2 years)
Your eyes simply needs checking, I'm going to try and make this as simple
as possible for you to understand since you can't read properly. This is
for your 3rd point, he suggested someone was morally abnormal for referring
to something that is NOT completely natural which was to cheer for
something that is killing something else, keyword CHEER, everybody knows
animals kills animals and no there is nothing wrong with it which you seem
to imply that I've said when I haven't.

Author George Meyer (3 years)
Keep the camera still you moron!

Author alejandro ventura (5 years)
cool :D

Author Abdul Muskun (1 year)

Author John Johny (3 years)
5:29 Ahh..leave him alone..

Author WaryaaMoxamad (2 years)
Having 21 fellow pervs doesn't make you any more normal.

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