Eva Longoria e Kate Del Castillo: Cenas do romance em "Without men" (HD)

The brazilian music played in the video is Stereo, by Preta Gil.

Aqui estão todas as cenas em que as personagens Cleotilde (Kate) e Rosalba (Eva) estão juntas como namoradas no filme "Without men" (Sem homens). Ainda não saiu legenda em português e eu não falo tão bem inglês, então tentei traduzir mais ou menos o que eu sabia... Para quem gosta do seriado Desperate Housewives, também vai poder conferir, antes da estreia nos cinemas brasileiros, as cenas lésbicas de Eva.

Here you can watch the best lesbian scenes of Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo, from the movie "Without men". All the kiss scenes are there, so, enjoy it. With portuguese subtitles in almost all video. You can watch only their kisses, just click where I tell you to click on. I was looking for this movie for all the web and I couldn't find this scenes here, in Youtube, so I think that's gonna be a great thing for Eva's fans.

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Author Mary Franca ( ago)
Eu adorei, sensacional.
se não for pedir muito, põem o filme completo, legendado para o português.
obrigada de nada!!

Author Hilda Valencia ( ago)

Author Angeles Escobar ( ago)
Kate is hot hot hot

Author alberto rojas ( ago)
!Ooooouuuhhhh yeeeaaAHH chikillyas baybes!

Author Tinatin kilasonia ( ago)
You will understand that painful situation when your brother (who’s been a
loser permanently) gets an unbelievable woman to fall for him in, like 2
weeks? Yeah, that basically occured. I am aware that I should be pleased
for him having said that I would prefer if it was me. He stated he applied
the the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wish to hide in a
cave at present.

Author alexelborre ( ago)
Kate, love her :3

Author Joanna Iskra ( ago)
Kate Del Castillo <3

Author Desi Princess Aishma ( ago)

Author OneMoreStory ( ago)
Look at Gabriele Solis. No way she is acting lesbian. But I love lesbians I
love all type of humans so I am proud of them. Nice soap opeara, right.
Haters go to hell

Author alberto rojas ( ago)
Yo soy un pinche machote bien cogelon y si las tuviera una noche a las
perras estas apuesto a que se enderezan

Author perry pitufin ( ago)
como es la cancion de la 3:50

Author roux lucitt ( ago)

Author mely izq perez ( ago)
la cancion en español, quien la canta y como se titula?

Author brumasdeavallon ( ago)
O nome da música é "Stereo", de Ana Carolina, cantada por Preta Gil

Author perry pitufin ( ago)

Author Tayon Eli ( ago)
What's the song that the guy sings in this?

Author SweetSodaChick ( ago)
Ah, the convenient ignoring of the fact that men got to invent everything
because they didn't allow women to have access to equal education
throughout the vast majority of human history.

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
I guess you would feel pretty bad when a woman kicks the shit out of you!!

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
Ok, I will give you my address and you can give it a try. Remember, I will
fight and not just slap you, if that is what you are expecting. Your
comment just further's my statement of how violent men are and how that has
deeply hurt our society. So, you have just proven my point even further. I
am not afraid of you and I would love to fight you.

Author yung nigga ( ago)
yea i am and yea i would

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
Do you want to beat me to shut me up? Are you one of those violent men?

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
You wish

Author bballer3220 ( ago)
Mexican women, Holy shit

Author yung nigga ( ago)
shut the fuck up already you dumb feminist

Author alejita0061 ( ago)

Author terco ng ( ago)

Author ...:::JessieluvsGirls:::... ( ago)
This is a weird movie but i think im going to watch it :D

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
And finally, if you get nothing out of this discussion, remember this one
very important and crucial point......that without women to bring you into
this world, there would be nothing of what you speak of. That is the most
important thing that we conveniently like to forget.

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
For as much good that you say men have accomplished, I would have to say
that the evil they have done and do has overshadowed the good. Rape,
incest, domestic violence, murder, war, gangs...shall I go on. This is
mainly attributed to men. Think of Hitler for instance. To further this
discussion concerning you and Hitagi's equally distasteful comment, I would
say that without men we MAY not have advanced as quickly, but we would not
have such atrocities as we had and will have. I prefer peace.

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
I guess the question is, is it nature or nurture that keeps men and women
in their societal "roles". It is not that women have not done these things
you list or are not capable. Read the right history books and you will see
that women have accomplished much of what you speak of and have been kept
down by men throughout history. Deny or reject it as much as you will, that
says a lot to support my statement. I have excelled in math and science
with two B.S. degrees and college level calculus.

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
Given every opportunity and the same expectations that we have of men, to
yours and most people's surprise, women can and do remarkably well. I
myself am not just a "tomboy" and I have fixed many different cars from
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a chain link fence, dog ear fence, fixed a dryer, worked on my furnace,
climbed on a two story building to put a chimney cap on and a satellite
dish. I've worked on lawnmowers too. I do not need a man.

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
Well, throughout history and from the beginning of time, women have been
kept down by men and societal expectations. It is all how we are raised.
Between most men and women there are not as vast of differences as people
would like everyone to believe, rather it is mostly through societal

Author ldylkr . ( ago)
What the hell did I just watch?

Author pius abubu ( ago)
So sexy

Author cokinabeach ( ago)

Author mary isabel lima oscco ( ago)
Si no les gusta para q comentan mendigos mensos ...muy ala

Author saul sanchez ( ago)
pinches lesvianas aqui hay pito cabronas

Author Daiane Dantas ( ago)
Que mulheres lindas!rsrsrs

Author JMaldonado64 ( ago)
Que asco de escenas y que porquería de telenovela

Author claudia lorena sanchez rodriguez ( ago)
huy quien fuera eva longoria para darle un beso a kate del castillo

Author Morris Curadis ( ago)
Cuanto pagaría Kate por hacer esas escenas con la chiquimami de Eva

Author Laercio dos Santos Alves ( ago)
Este filme e muito bom de mais

Author Isaac Sunday Oyebola ( ago)
Fantastico!!!Really sex

Author pasusi69 ( ago)
que rico !!!!

Author parves221 ( ago)
I'm annoyed. My brother sleeps above me. I'm pissed because he just turned
extraordinary at attracting girls. The guy went to the Master Attraction
site (Lookup in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing women back.
He's always bringing ladies back. I hear it, which is disgusting. I wish he
never found that site. I am green with envy!

Author TheNakedeyes78 ( ago)
Dios mio pero que es esta basurada! Perras es lo que son ....

Author Ferris Lind ( ago)
i smell a lot of rotten fish ..

Author hght ( ago)
do women have brains? do women go to college? okay then, there capable of
doing it LOL...*sigh* i love sexism.

Author Fatima bux ( ago)
There is a clear reason as to why women were able to vote and attend
school. Clearly because men were not able to do anything by themselves, for
instance look in your family and tell me wasn't the girl/s or women/s of
the family doing thing's in the kitchen. Why? Because men can't do things
that we can. We are powerful strong independent women who need no help of
men in life. We may be the housewives and you may be the breadwinners but
let me remind you that soon it will be the other way around.

Author William Bell ( ago)
The fact is, none of those things were invented by women, and it's not at
all clear that women could even keep those technologies going all by

Author Veronica Ortiz ( ago)
no le entendi este video...pinganli en español jejeje...en fin las ecenas
estan chingonas y la esta divina...y q tiene q sea lesviana
riki martin li es y q?

Author Maria Doyli ( ago)
You mean to say that only men are able to produce and make society
progress?? I'm very sorry but I think you are mistaken. Have you any idea
about the position of women in ancient times?? It's hardly been a century
since they gained the right to vote, not to mention that very late were
they able to attend schooling. I'm not saying that there should be no men,
there would be no life too, but you have to consider why it took so long
for women to get in the "business".

Author hght ( ago)
and you act like there are no women to do that? LOL.

Author bukipanch guruzaro ( ago)
Sabemos todos que la Kate del Castillo es LESVIANA 100% ,,preguntenle a
Luis Garcia cuando llego a su casa ,,,,,,,y vaya sorpresa que se encontro ,
a si como muchas mujeres en Holliwood ,,,,,todo el Ambiente Artistico esta
lleno de ese tipo de personas Lesvianas y Maricones ,,,,asi es la vida

Author Septiani Rosdiana ( ago)
I heart Kate! 3

Author ifuckyoursister20 ( ago)
Se libero la. Kate

Author Valentina Springs ( ago)
I would go lesbian for Eva

Author omar piNa ( ago)
genial, el amor no conoce idioma, edad, ni genero jjjj q chido!!!!!

Author pumasism ( ago)
a chinga ahora si salio del closet la paisana

Author Ester Emanuelle ( ago)
A kate teve um beijo censurado no México na novela la reina del sur :/

Author Hitagi Senjogahara ( ago)
how about no rape, no sexual abuse, no harassment , no violation of rights
based on gender, no terrorism, a lot less street crimes..... World would
have been such a safer place to live in....

Author Hitagi Senjogahara ( ago)
i dont think all of it is true.. but u have a point there, to b honest i
think the main reason for such things are men themselves.... Majority of
Men around the world actually dont want their women to study or work in a
professional department.. had they allowed them it might have been a
different story all together... :)

Author Ali Akbar ( ago)
Maybe this is why she broke up with tony parker? lol

Author Angela Walters ( ago)
I am not siding either way, but I would tend to disagree that there would
be none of what you said. There are a lot of women who would take care of
that and more.

Author pat59ist ( ago)
les américaines font moins de manières et sont sexy elles!!

Author anxofarmesto ( ago)
The writers are awful...the scene in the river is the cheesiest I've seen
in a long time...the question of "do you love men or women?" is
ridiculous...the answer is always the same.

Author Maria Miquiztli ( ago)
jajaja ta cagado el video jajajajaja

Author versan quintanar ( ago)
como se llama la cancion que aparece en el minuto:3:47?? porfavor decirme

Author arturo camacho ( ago)
que basura! y los idiotas que la ven,les venden hasta lo peor. pero lo peor
es que la gente idiota lo ve.

Author jemrz16 ( ago)
No me gustan los brasitos de Kate! :/

Author claudia33 ( ago)
kate in mexico always has been thinking as a lesbian

Author dianapple1 ( ago)

Author SunriseHealthFoods ( ago)
both of them arw

Author Ania Sanches ( ago)
Cá para mim ela já estava a gostar ; D *** não é a unica

Author Saavedra R.P ( ago)
Me parece que se llama Without Men :p

Author Maddiebp ( ago)
No, she is married to some baseball player. It was just for a movie and it
took me by surprise, didn't know she made that movie. LOL, oh well.

Author William Bell ( ago)
No cars, no airplanes, no railroads, no ships, no television, no radio, no
internet, no cellphones, no telephones, no computers, no printing, no
washing machines, no air conditioning, no central heating, no electricity,
no steel, no roads, no bridges, no buildings, no science, no mathematics,
no geometry ....

Author The Superman Fist ( ago)
Eva longoria is lesbian??!!

Author Lizberth Ibarra ( ago)
que escena

Author Stefi Simon ( ago)
@hitagi.... hi5!!!!

Author Hitagi Senjogahara ( ago)
This world would have been sooo beautiful if there were no men.... :(

Author mario lopez ( ago)
me puedes decir que peli es esta . gracias .

Author Myriam Posadas ( ago)

Author Tania Valeska Zepeda Nelfui ( ago)
Esta mui lkndo pero el saber q eva longoria no se sentia comoda me resulta
dificil creer q isieron algo tan bonito ...

Author Saavedra R.P ( ago)
No puedo ver esto gratamente después de saber que Eva Longoria no tenía más
opción que besarla y que se sentía un poco incómoda D: Sé que es difícil
para los actores, pero hubiese preferido no saberlo >.<

Author Juliana Gomes ( ago)
this video and gorgeous, the actresses are beautiful but still ...

Author Josie lauron ( ago)
Hot girls

Author LouieV6 ( ago)
Brokeback Mountain: Women's Edition

Author Chayancito colin ( ago)
hola la verdad q yo quisiera saber como se llama la cancion q suena desde
el minuto 3:45 el q dice el amor es oro, porfavor si alguien sabe el nombre
de la cancion se lo agradecere

Author Valtuir Farinon ( ago)
Se for um seriado, vou tentar encontrar todos os episódios. Lindas. Amor

Author zdave92 ( ago)
Oh yeah, you go Eva.

Author Olivia Dell ( ago)
2:04 Oh yea I'll just drop the suitcase filled with my stuff right here.
It'll be TOTALLY fine in the river. lol

Author sspumita ( ago)
Esto de que serie o pelicula es??

Author Arun Ar ( ago)

Author ruthe ambrosio ( ago)
beautiful, *-_-*

Author MegaFELIPE48 ( ago)
Hot lesbian love, now that's what i'm talking about.

Author michelle ramirez ( ago)
really nice

Author EdgarIX ( ago)
y qe se puede decir al respecto nada, hay que nomas vivir la vida, es
corta, y no hay que ser racistas o descriminatorios

Author withoutface33 ( ago)
Quiero con Eva...aunque se enoje Adan

Author Мария Калашникова ( ago)
Я красивая девочка и люблю пошалить. Иногда люблю жестко а иногда и очень
нежно. (O9O) O1O-76-65 Позвони мне как только будешь один, чтоб нас никто
не отвлекал

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