Eva Longoria e Kate Del Castillo: Cenas do romance em "Without men" (HD)

The brazilian music played in the video is Stereo, by Preta Gil.

Aqui estão todas as cenas em que as personagens Cleotilde (Kate) e Rosalba (Eva) estão juntas como namoradas no filme "Without men" (Sem homens). Ainda não saiu legenda em português e eu não falo tão bem inglês, então tentei traduzir mais ou menos o que eu sabia... Para quem gosta do seriado Desperate Housewives, também vai poder conferir, antes da estreia nos cinemas brasileiros, as cenas lésbicas de Eva.

Here you can watch the best lesbian scenes of Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo, from the movie "Without men". All the kiss scenes are there, so, enjoy it. With portuguese subtitles in almost all video. You can watch only their kisses, just click where I tell you to click on. I was looking for this movie for all the web and I couldn't find this scenes here, in Youtube, so I think that's gonna be a great thing for Eva's fans.

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Author Angeles Escobar (1 month)
Kate is hot hot hot

Author myroastchicken (8 months)
my dick just got so hard after the first 30 seconds

Author Eunice Barreto (9 months)

Author vivi torres (7 months)
hermosa kate... 

Author Farhan Alam (7 months)

Author YZ NATOR (1 year)
What the fuck man!

Author Jesus (1 year)
Esto es cine señores!

Author Elmer Torrez (2 months)
My dick is big if any person wanted my dick call me 

Author carmen carranza (10 months)
No gracias! Pero son buenas Actrices no cabe duda... Felicidades Kate del
defiendes la escuela de tu padre El Sr. Erick del Castillo a quien admiro y
respeto y ademas acabo de tomarme una foto con el en la locacion de la
novela Lo q la vida me ... Mis respetos Toda una institucion del cina

Author Farhan Alam (7 months)

Author Bat Blitz (1 year)
Yes we all love lesbians do we? Especially Latina lesbians! We will be like
''Awwww yeeeaaaaahh!!!!'' But if it's two gay guys, we will be like
''EEEWWWW these guys are gay faggots who cant get a girlfriend
eeeewwww!!!!!'' Well I don't mind lesbians but really man? First of all I'm
not gay, I'm straight, but why do we criticize gays and not lesbians? What
is wrong in this society today? In Europe gays and lesbians are accepted in
society, but in the so called ''best country in the world'' known as the
United States of America, we love lesbians and not gays? Lesbian is girl
and girl which is same sex marriage. Gay is a guy and guy which is same sex
marriage. Same sex couples. Get that through your skull Americans. Peace!

Author YaNa KuRaPoVA (10 months)
name of the song 0:11 ?

Author Pablo DiGenaro (9 months)
Me encanta que se muestren los sentimientos amorosos como son en la
realidad. Desde siempre ha habido hombres que gustan de hombres y mujeres
que gustan de mujeres.Hay que salir de los armarios. Estamos en el siglo

Author Memey Rachel (9 months)
I would go to lesbian just for Kate Del Castilo 

Author Hollie Dugan (8 months)
Thats fuckin sexy! An that how hot it is when my woman an I make love!!!

Author ALROD59 (10 months)
😱😱 no pz a la Kate no le dices dos veces.. Su mero mole... Jaja

Author Shaw Vivian (8 months)
who can tell me what is the music 4:30 please^^

Author Meenas Prince (1 year)

Author Shaw Vivian (8 months)

Author Alvaro Carranza (1 year)
Paul shut up

Author Memey Rachel (9 months)
I would go to lesbian just for Kate Del Castilo 

Author reginldo rodrigues (1 year)
vei q dol o q vc que

Author Daniel Flores (1 year)
2 guapas besandose es algo sensual

Author rico suave (1 year)
Yeaaa babyyyyyy!

Author reginldo rodrigues (1 year)
o brasileiro tei o q voce quer aqui tei cafe no bule

Author Camilla Fontinni (1 year)
Quero um amor assim! *-*

Author Cate Darkling (1 year)
Carmilla's Lament: An Erotic Vampire Tale

Author Paul Mendoza (1 year)

Author TinoPhantom86 (1 year)
... RICO

Author Ahmedkoriem Koriem (1 year)
استغفر الله العظيم

Author Natalia Trujillo (1 year)
Esto es una telenovela o una película?

Author C. Mitchell Lewis (1 year)

Author sboudreaux27 (1 year)
WHOA. I was not expecting that.

Author Jaclyn Navas (1 year)
Omg !

Author ricardo becerra (1 year)
minuto 4-50.........yo las amo a las dos y en mi cama seriamos uno solo.

Author Carmela Dominguez (1 year)
Chido k vin seven las dos

Author Selene P. (1 year)
alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion de la escena de la iglesia? (la
primera) estoy como loca buscandola y no la encuentro

Author Anthony Vidinho (1 year)

Author Śęśródró Półśki (1 year)
Que hermosas son las lesbianas

Author Elsayed Aly (2 years)


Author Anthony Vidinho (1 year)

Author Loretta Montero (1 year)
Simplemente amor....

Author Staymellow88 (9 months)
Dude celebrity fantasy complete freaking awesome

Author pat59ist (1 year)
les américaines font moins de manières et sont sexy elles!!

Author versan quintanar (1 year)
como se llama la cancion que aparece en el minuto:3:47?? porfavor decirme

Author alberto rojas (2 years)
Guacatelas que ricuras

Author ileshious (2 years)
@indianreality2 The Things here is : there are women who are stronger than
men, weaker than men . Good at inventions and there are men who take care
of their children I come from Sweden the country wit h the highest level of
gender equality . I ain't feminist I don't promote misogiynism.

Author TheNakedeyes78 (1 year)
Dios mio pero que es esta basurada! Perras es lo que son ....

Author pool gutierrez espinoza (2 years)
huuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuu pucha me gode esto xq las
mujeres mas bellas de amareca latina estan besandose xq miercoles quieres
que nos cortemos el pene

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