Left 4 Dead Episode 1 (fan film)

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This was made in 2009. This was my first attempt at a fan film based off of the game Left 4 Dead created by Valve entertainment. Please excuse the audio, and video quality. We were having all sorts of problems during production. Murphy's law kinda kicked our butts. This ended up being a flawed masterpiece. There are some special effects and sound effects missing throughout the film. This is a non-profit film and is for private use only not intended for sales or commercial use. ALL RIGHTS and TM reserved to the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the following content used within the film. this film was produced solely for entertainment purposesPlease enjoy the film, and thank you for appreciating for what it is. Thanks!

Jeff Houkal as Francis
Kashmir Fru as Louis
Jamie Jurju as Zoey
Robin Daniel Egan as Chris
Sean Paul Turgeon as Bill

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 8:45
Comments: 3100

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Author GhostFacePurp (20 days)
lmaoI I wasn't expecting bill to sound the way he does but niceeeee vid

Author Ricky Pecina (23 days)
Way the fuck all fake when szoey threw a bomb and all the zombies exploded
one was like still standing up ytf did I even whachy this

Author mira kat (2 months)
who the fuck is chris?

Author CrazyTroll Master (18 hours)
Bills voice sounds almost like a little girls voice. not trying to be mean.

Author Manu Suarez (5 days)
6:04 Saddam Hussein IS Bill XDDD

Author darwin antonio ocanto rodiguez (14 days)
que mierda me quedo mejor con el juego 

Author Patrick sarris (15 days)

director:fuck it one shot is all we got let it pass.

Author Nihilist Porcupine (4 months)
1:35 Excuse me if I don't understand, but how exactly does showing someone
your nipples prove that you haven't been bitten? :P

Edit: Just to say that is the best Francis I've seen. Ever.

Author Raven Plays (18 days)
If there was slightly better editing, and acting from the zombies then this
could of actually been quite good

Author Trang Phan (19 days)
Fuck film

Author Austin Coe (20 days)
How did they learn each others name is so fast?

Author ZADT PROTUNER (21 day)
.....idk wat 2 say

Author LeaAnn Deatherage (22 days)

Author Rashell Fenton (23 days)

Author Ashley Green (26 days)

Author EPICx SOURSOP (27 days)
make part TWO!!!!!

Author Keyzer söze (1 month)
haha the hell is up with francis voice?

Author Lance George (1 month)
Is part 2out

Author Tyler Cowell (1 month)
Louis said pack a punch 

Author PaoaskaKP Kittypaws (1 month)
This was amazing! Maybe you can make a part 2? Or L4D2 version! This was
great.11/10. I love it!

Author DelusionaryKiller (1 month)
For it to be fan made, its a great effort.

Author 415spitfire (1 month)
what happens to francis' voice?? and zoey has a porn actress voice :3

Author 기민성 (1 month)

Author mattyh50 (1 month)
That aint Louis at all, no peelz

Author SUPERRANDOMAJ1 (1 month)
Discount zombies.

Author CatAngel RDemonScarlet (1 month)
this is the first time we i can see a Bill in a live action

Author XxMasterMindxX Subscribe! (1 month)
Worst acting ever!

Author marco Jaillita (4 months)
pero qe bideo de mierda es la peor mierda qe nunca abia bisto clara mente
se notan qe no son zonbis baina de hijos de puta

Author mizo king (1 month)
guys this video is not good

Author Mad cat (1 month)
I love how bill is Asian(ish)

Author Shana Bobby (1 month)
i think they made great vid 

Author MultiPureskill (1 month)
SOmething miss... Bill must to have a cigar!:D 

Author Cheyenne Spence (1 month)
Aha "to u I'm god I just saved your ass" lol

Author PyroDerpy hoovesAJ (2 months)
this wasn't that bad but bad voice acting for witch and hunter and also
bill because hunter sounds like his howling like a wolf and he is KINDA
like a wolf once he secondary attack and when he leaps he makes a loud
screach and he doesn't kinda sound like that the witch make over isn't good
she has white hair, she lays her legs down(updated to walk), she has a
messed up bra (not to show u know who place), and panties(OH THE HORRIER
D:) and bit of blood, white pail skin and glowing eyes (u can edited it i
think) and she has longer claws then that so...(uses tin foal if u need the
claws and paint it black and a dash of fake blood) sorry this is all i
needed to say in details no mean comments i was just saying on wat is wrong
and needing fixing also forgot bill voice is kinda sounds a tiny pit of old
and a bit light middle deep voice in a scratch okie there im done just
saying y'all :P

Author Eloise Wilderspin (2 months)
zoey runs lame- not louis tho :D

Author 기민성 (1 month)

Author Klaudio Garrido (2 months)
Wat meiken sefor

Author That1UnfamousGamer (2 months)
Not to bad

Author Jeff Woods (2 months)
Heh...that's how hunter was made..., infected due to the witch's hands...

Author Cheyenne Spence (1 month)
Francis slaps bill XD aha made me laugh... That slap doe.

Author syptecricton (2 months)
So bill was not man enough to grow a real beard?

Author aronlootus (2 months)

Author mira kat (2 months)

Author Coleman Beach (3 months)

Author Sebastian Morales (3 months)
voses de gta xD

Author Yusei Fudo (3 months)
nice cosplay on francis

Author Jean Villamor (6 months)
I don't care about you guys who hate this fan film.. I think it's kinda
cool... :))

Author Maria Eduarda (3 months)
film horror

Author Santiago ThePro (3 months)
Lo unico que note un pequeño fallo fue que Zoey usa una campera roja y una
remera o blusa blanca

Author vagent nica (3 months)
louis looks like john legend

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