Left 4 Dead Episode 1 (fan film)

SO! It's been over 5 years since I have made this film, We have all come so far from this, and let me remind you that this was a project for class, lol. We had no idea it would blow up all over youtube. And although it was one of the most exciting experiences I've had in film making, it was also one of the toughest challenges to complete. Unfortunately, I will not be doing anymore left 4 dead videos at this time. Maybe sometime down the road I will make an original zombie flick, but for now I am putting all my energy and talent into a feature film of my own. Which you can find out more info here Make sure to like and share to be entered to win a secret giveaway.

Thanks guys!

(Old description)
This was made in 2009. This was my first attempt at a fan film based off of the game Left 4 Dead created by Valve entertainment. Please excuse the audio, and video quality. We were having all sorts of problems during production. Murphy's law kinda kicked our butts. This ended up being a flawed masterpiece. There are some special effects and sound effects missing throughout the film. This is a non-profit film and is for private use only not intended for sales or commercial use. ALL RIGHTS and TM reserved to the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the following content used within the film. this film was produced solely for entertainment purposesPlease enjoy the film, and thank you for appreciating for what it is. Thanks!

Jeff Houkal as Francis
Kashmir Fru as Louis
Jamie Jurju as Zoey
Robin Daniel Egan as Chris
Sean Paul Turgeon as Bill

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Runtime: 8:45
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Author Michael Espina ( ago)
eat my ass zombies is sin of bitch

Author MisterCJG ( ago)
Bill!! I had a feeling he'd show up

Author OwenGTA ( ago)
A hunter? That nigga at the end should've been a jockey.

Author Lascu Maria ( ago)
:))) Scarry me :))))

Author alexandre andrade ( ago)

Author Giane Brandão ( ago)
Esse episódio é muito louco

Author Katherine Taboso ( ago)
holler! I have just finished watching this. I just gotta say, though this
may not be the best but this is so cool! Where's the ep 2 by the way!
Awesome work, guys!

Author Thiago Ramos ( ago)

Author boran firtinasi ( ago)
fake (:

Author VOTEKICK THE PYRO! ( ago)
"Where the hell did all these vampires come from?"

-Best zombie game quote ever

Author Geimerluck Pastor ( ago)

Author Yanel Cota ( ago)
ola soy José

Author Đào Văn Điện ( ago)
I have seen many left 4 dead movies,but they all don't satisfy me.In the
game,the witch has wet blond hair,and it makes her looks scary,but i still
haven't seen any wet witch in the movies yet.And to this fan film,i suggest
that if you guys make another zombie film,please let the zombies run
crazily.Left 4 dead is terrifying because zombies in there run like maniac.

Author TheGaming iGameS ( ago)
Nice :) GO go

Author Loubine Rosemond ( ago)
As hunter

Author Loubine Rosemond ( ago)
Chris was a survivor in left 4 dead now he became a hunter

Author Blake Wood ( ago)
This is fuckng amazing! I really wish there was a part two!

Author Pranav Kamath ( ago)
Who's Chris

Author Xing W ( ago)
amateur but good

Author Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert ( ago)
Lol, the acting in this is so deplorable. It's perfect. I love it.

Author Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert ( ago)
Zoey: Once a cunt, always a cunt.

Author Chance Santiago ( ago)
So let me guess is this how the four friends met with one other 

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
hell yeah

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
I made this video but its got more infected then ever

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
chris hay could we take a rest man
Zoey damn it chris come on
chris fuck

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
just kidding I don't have cruse on lisely ortiz

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
I have a cruse on lisely ortiz

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
thanks it was a good video Right

Author Trevino Kidz ( ago)
the which killed chris and turned in to an infected the hunter

Author 4ur4 ( ago)

Author Rosario Central ( ago)
it was interesting.Was actually

Author Rosario Central ( ago)
ins llege lego yes

Author DigiBullet23 ( ago)
damn man all tho it was super b movie that was actually really
entertaining...but if it was for your class who played bill that guy looks
like he shoulda graduated decades ago

Author DigiBullet23 ( ago)
Damnn the witch has amazing tits

Author DigiBullet23 ( ago)
how do I know your not one of them...hes talking holding a gun :P

Author Marjori Escudero Solar ( ago)
Es bueno

Author Tesalie Pecry ( ago)
I love it

Author Shirley Little ( ago)

Author Karel Pasek ( ago)
where's part 2??

Author aesya5 ( ago)
I hope nobody get eat by hunter😕😕😕

Author Maria Nunez ( ago)

Author Roman ( ago)
I do not remember Lewis being the calm and collective one in the game. If
anything he panicked and was always making optimistic assumptions so does
make sense him being a good leader in this? but apart from that not too

Author Ernesto Rano ( ago)
part 2 plis

Author Paint510_ ( ago)
Fucking aim it

Author Giovanni Giovanna ( ago)
how can zombies open the door

Author LUIS RODRIGUEZ ( ago)
Q chido

Author Tomas Roldan ( ago)
hola hello mi nombre es tomas may name is thomas roldán

Author Lisely Ortiz ( ago)
So fake

Author Virginia Cupcake (920 years ago)
Is it the real gun? Or photoshop?

Author Virginia Cupcake ( ago)
Good video, but stop say f*ck!

Author Virginia Cupcake ( ago)
Hey guys, stop say fuck!

Author Ella Haulenbeek ( ago)
Francis: who the hell are you?
Bill: to you sonny, I'm god I just saved your ass


Author Ella Haulenbeek ( ago)
Best Francis actor ever!!!!

Author EthanLawrenceSamonte ( ago)
Bill tho!

Author Multi Lol ( ago)
Zoe: well how do I know your not one of them? I think Louis should have
said well I'm not bleeding I'm clearly talking to you. I'm clearly fine

Author giveagoodsong ( ago)
this looks like bad porn LOL j/k

Author Elilenk EdwardMMOs ( ago)
where's bill? is he not old in this video?

Author Elvis Ticona Ojeda ( ago)
No pasa nada tu vide

Author baloo661 ( ago)
Am i the only one who finds the characters play as actors of a bad porn?!

Author Luka Svaguša ( ago)
What is the name of the soundtrack at 5:12 ?

Author Patrick Productions ( ago)
Everything wrong with this: 1. Bill isn't here 2. Bill isn't here. (Over
9000 years later...) 1000000000000000000000000000. Bill isn't here.

Author Kate Jones ( ago)

Author HackerAlien99's Channel ( ago)
people people people

Author Ramiro Merlin ( ago)
Wow awesome he bacam a hunter
Sweet clap clap cool 

Author MAGAN NEAL ( ago)

Author Juanito Bananas ( ago)
Al menos Pongan le Subtítulos en español x favor

Author Diego Lazo ( ago)
al inicio 

Author Diego Lazo ( ago)
falta bill

Author Apostol Ana-Maria ( ago)
Francis : Fuck Twilight ! Fuck this elevator :)))

Author Pojechany1994 ( ago)
2:04 Francis pls dont talk at all you look good but this voice would suit
only a little sissy xD
Like a pile of wood

Author Alyssa Akoev ( ago)
Also Zoey is completely off!

Author Alyssa Akoev ( ago)
Too many F-bombs. Lost its quality.

Author Tysaun Chandler ( ago)
Love it

Author wayne williams ( ago)
Badly made

Author branden casto ( ago)
This is a good video

Author Leon Jackson ( ago)
I liked this, I wish I was older and my voice didnt sound like a girl on
camera so I could make 1. (not to mention prop making, outfits, filming,
editing, man would that be FUN)

Author david soto borja ( ago)
esto es es una puta mierda k llega al pincho

Author Xelynedreamscometrue 1 ( ago)

Author wwe 2k16 ( ago)
Why Louis a'nt bald

Author Allyson Scileppi ( ago)
This is so good. 

Author James Tyson ( ago)

Author James Tyson ( ago)
This is probably going to be scary if it's scary I won't be scared

Author Andrew Garza ( ago)
Never mind

Author Andrew Garza ( ago)
Where is bill!?

Author innocent Tutoriales ( ago)

Author HappyFlapps (461 year ago)
So lame. Where's all the CGI?

Author SpaceCow and SpaceSheep ( ago)

Author yennifer Mon ( ago)
Hey! I love this short...Good job whoever did it! Dont worry about the
stupid coments, to be a little proyect, was awesome! they look like the
guys of the game, I really like it.

Author Marco Garnica ( ago)
Make more

Author Dominus Gaming ( ago)
the zombies are stupid everytime they see a right bomb they just go next to
it.The Characters are: Zoey Louis Francis Chris.The Infecteds: Witch Tank
Smoker Hunter Spitter Boomer Boomette Charger and Jockey...

Author Tomas Zubillaga ( ago)
zoey *-*

Author Haeften Ferdinand EW (FEW) ( ago)
Wow it's Bill :) 

Author В гостях у LarDin'a ( ago)

Author Greg Chan ( ago)
Im god,i just save your ass lol

Author Chris Double ( ago)

Author VDeluxeBlaze34X 456 ( ago)
Fuck you zombies

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