Left 4 Dead Episode 1 (fan film)

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This was made in 2009. This was my first attempt at a fan film based off of the game Left 4 Dead created by Valve entertainment. Please excuse the audio, and video quality. We were having all sorts of problems during production. Murphy's law kinda kicked our butts. This ended up being a flawed masterpiece. There are some special effects and sound effects missing throughout the film. This is a non-profit film and is for private use only not intended for sales or commercial use. ALL RIGHTS and TM reserved to the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the following content used within the film. this film was produced solely for entertainment purposesPlease enjoy the film, and thank you for appreciating for what it is. Thanks!

Jeff Houkal as Francis
Kashmir Fru as Louis
Jamie Jurju as Zoey
Robin Daniel Egan as Chris
Sean Paul Turgeon as Bill

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 8:45
Comments: 3026

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Author 29gish (2 months)
I,ve seen some entertainingly bad stuff in my day but this takes the cake.

Author xreconman9x (2 months)
the only character that was accurate was francis 

Author Meleeman247 (3 months)
No no no. Francis is supposed to say "I hate Twilight" not "Fuck Twilight"

Author Light MKz (5 days)
wow Bill

Author banneradders (2 months)
Given this was a first attempt I found it quite good. To hell with a couple
of inconsistencies it was good fun

Author flack youe (4 months)
Worst fan film ever. I sat through it and have seen way better cartoons.
Sad and corny.

Author Roguen OBrien (3 months)
the only flaw i could find was bills voice and age

Author Natalie Flemmings (2 months)
u'll say the f word a lot 

Author Aironas Tunkevicius (3 months)
spoiled my childhood ;(

Author Reece Ward (2 months)
zombies dont sound like whales say brains

Author Gamer Greg (3 months)
this sucks big time you should really think of doing a better next time 

Author Franta Samson (4 months)

Author Jazmine Munoz (4 months)
Biiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (:

Author Neku Mitsurugi (3 months)
That camera work though...

Author zoe sweat (2 months)
My names Zoe 

Author Женя Губа (2 months)

Author Dragoncaesar1 (24 days)
hmmm.... Our heroes are immune... They don't care about bites xD

Author Kevin Madrigal (28 days)
EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author destiny chambers (4 months)
Whatever I think this is the best fanfilm

Author Ballistic Banana (1 month)
I would of thought the guy who the witch killed would be killed by a smoker

Author Juliette V. (3 months)
Not Cool Bros!!! :~{

Author Cultono (2 months)
Is it me or is Luis in this film better looking than the Luis in the game?

Author Jean Villamor (2 months)
I don't care about you guys who hate this fan film.. I think it's kinda
cool... :))

Author James Gailunas (3 months)
Nice! Did I recognize some music from We're Alive in there?

Author Leo Patamanont (3 months)
kick @ss girl running from zombie pulls out hand gun me gusta bang zombie
ctrl alt owned

Author Jordon Perry (3 months)
Can u plez make a second episode just keep making episodes for this fan
film cuz u left us hanging with just one episode

Author Corbit TBT (4 months)
wow i never thought witch boobs get that big. 

Author Aaron Raser (1 month)
7:43 gay people

Author juan serna (3 months)
Good Storyline But not so good acting.

Author Cry Lue (2 months)
Dafaq did I just watched?

Author Equilibrium977 (3 months)
MEHHHHH LOUIS IS BALD but other than that people put a lot of time and
effort into this so Great Job!

Author Denchboy O'Rourke (2 months)
Is it me or is francis really tall?

Author Jazmine Munoz (4 months)
): never mind

Author Aaron Raser (1 month)

Author TheSasudomi (1 day)
Actor who plays Bill is pretty good :)

Author Gina Holmquist (1 month)
Epic hunter fail xD

Author Kake yungblackake (4 months)
I like it; it's ok. I think the zombies coulda been better; but its ok.

Author gamingTVnation (4 months)

Author Domino Sykes (1 month)
It's bill not Chris 

Author chris badtrekkie (4 months)
great film

Author Kake yungblackake (4 months)
Francis need tattoos too. Lol. Im a real gamer.

Author REDRUMK1LLA (2 months)
Apparently zombies hate T-shirts ......

Author Gemil MC (4 months)
sumhow it's weird how they're 5 not 4

Author BRENT WYCKOFF (9 months)
Quit complaining it was tough to make

Author Aceondeck aces (7 months)
So zombies open doors now

Author zamir madrigal (7 months)
i like it becuse the names

Author julia weyandt (8 months)
someone screaming top their lungs

Author Zoe Rae (6 months)
my name is zoey and i love this game sooo much:))

Author PietroMonstarCat (7 months)
los zombies no rompen las puertas? O,o' wtf???' e.e

Author Lorenzo Tomadini (6 months)
dat is a badass bill

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