Jack The Giant Killer - Official Trailer [HD]

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Date de sortie: été 2013
Genre: Aventure | Drame | Fantasy
Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy, Eleanor Tomlinson
Directeurs: Bryan Singer
Scénariste: Darren Lemke, Christopher McQuarrie
Studio: Warner Brothers Pictures

Views: 5140432
Runtime: 1:39
Comments: 1830

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Author Davidson Harly ( ago)
Jack the ripper Tripper.

Author Novice Otaku23 ( ago)
Its slayer not killer O_O

Author Zoe Watson ( ago)
Full Movie -->.

Author BlueFrost01 ( ago)
Omg!, I can't wait for them to Make another Child story into a Action

Author Alexandra Wisniewska ( ago)
It's Slayer not killer!!!!!!

Author Grimm Sepulchre ( ago)
All we need now is for someone to try and do a gritty, dark and hard
hitting remake of Big Friendly Giant. I mean, they've done almost all the
other major Fairy Tale stories.

Author Anna Tran ( ago)
Lol... just watched

Author horshidetou ( ago)
Attack on titan anyone :D

Author Kahuao Taylor ( ago)
It's jack the giant slayer

Author ThePlanetSolution ( ago)
I hear this movie sucked

Author lThellRockl ( ago)
Thats my childhood killed... Thanks

Author MrPostaldude2 ( ago)
booger missile prepared to launch i repeat booger missile prepared to
launch XD

Author Honey Pearl Pelaez ( ago)
from being a zombie to the giant killer.

Author Bart Kroon ( ago)
SLAYER, not killer!

Author Caleb Brown ( ago)
I thought it was jack the giant slayer

Author Azam Nazmy ( ago)
best of luck ALBERT TEE

Author Jennis Sh ( ago)
why to slay the giants? i rly dont get it..and why the "hero
slayer"(wateva) is always such a nerd?

Author Ethan Hill ( ago)
Slayer i watched it

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Author Royalot01 ( ago)
its jack the giant slayer not killer

Author SuperAntiProject ( ago)
TRAILER /watch?v=h1qTnknUB0w

Author TriTomMaximum ( ago)
And the island of adults that trick kids into turning into donkeys will
actually be turned into donkey demons to serve the evil voodoo priest that
wants to summon the powers of Monstro, the whale god that protects the

Author Back2Goodtimes ( ago)
Don't forget.. Ole Rumpelstilskin deary..

Author Jennifer Pruitt ( ago)
I loved Gremlins! Hope for a third installment of that one! I agree, that
line takes me back

Author Jennifer Pruitt ( ago)
I saw this in 3D! It was unbelievable, a new take on the Jack and the
Beanstalk story.

Author Kheizlina Danial ( ago)
they already start it with Once Upon A Time series.. but good one thou.. i
had good laugh..

Author havoccc10 ( ago)
Does that waring "and what ever you do don't get them wet!" Remind anyone
besides me of the Gremlins movie?

Author Silviu Popescu ( ago)

Author Mikah X ( ago)
The CGI is pretty shitty. I think fairy tales can be made in a more
convincing manner, add a bit more realism to it. Don't make the giants 90
feet tall and reptillians, it's too fake. The old stories of Jack the giant
killer, Gog Magog, and the giants of Arthurian lore were like 10 to 15 feet
tall, not 90 feet. lol

Author Jaye candice Ramintas ( ago)
and it's supposed to be fairy tales!...well if every character can kick ass
then surely they will lived happily ever after ..

Author Michel Pas ( ago)
And cinderalla will be some crazy witch that seduced the prince with her
spells and pumpkin potions yes yes offcourse.

Author milan bogdanovic ( ago)
hahahaha this should be fun,whats next sleepy beauty serial killer ? :D

Author Tena Beslagic ( ago)
you better make a goddamn script,sir! im waiting!

Author raindoweatingteddy ( ago)
How the hell I have not heard of this film? ;_;

Author sad4ewer ( ago)

Author Joshua Denbigh ( ago)
YAY! Bruce Willis in Cinderella! Leading the army to find the girl with the
glass shoe

Author DeimosSaturn ( ago)
I wonder if they'll make a little old lady who lived in a shoe movie,
except the shoe is a nuclear sub, and the little old lady is a stripper
with big tits and wears fishnet body stalkings.

Author penitent2401 ( ago)
so, when will the red ridding hood be leading armies to fight werewolf?

Author Lu Skywalker ( ago)
Ok while I agree with you the Hansel and Gretel thing, I feel the need to
point out that this movie is not based off of Jack and the Beanstalk that
most people know. You see before Jack the Beanstalk there was Jack the
Giant Killler, that is the story this movie is based off of. The Beanstalk
story is a spin of of the killer story and since most people don't exactly
like telling their childern about a guy that goes around killing giants, a
lot of people have forgotten the original story.

Author MondoBeno ( ago)
Let's see, what fairy tale has not been updated with heavy weaponry? 1.
Pinoccio 2. Rapunzel 3. Snow White (give the dwarves battle axes) 4. Little
Red Riding Hood (she can hide a machete under her red cape) 5. The Pied
Piper of Hamelin (make him the villain) 6. Sleepin Beauty (make her a
vampire who gets woken up by an idiot prince, and call in Pinoccio to kill
her, because wooden things don't die)

Author MondoBeno ( ago)
Great idea. A 15 foot tall grizzly bear is wrecking the countryside,
outwitting the most experienced bear hunters, and makes the Shibuya brown
bear attacks looks like something a chihuahua would do. So who do they
call? Goldilocks! Give her a high powered rifle and a few grenades.

Author Angry Goblin ( ago)
Pinoccio's nose will turn into a light saber..U see Chepetto is in fact
Master Yoda in disguise who secretly created Pinochio , an artificial
super-jedi that is meant to kill the arch-sith badass , known only as "the

Author imwithyoubuddy ( ago)
...and Oz the Great and powerful.

Author World_on_Fire ( ago)
The set won't be complete without Goldilocks: Queen of the Bears! I wonder
if THAT movie will come out... actually its more of a when...

Author JruHoliday ( ago)
Yes, the big thing that grabbed her was my penis...

Author VYP3R ( ago)
what? didn't you knew that he is actually an paid assassin ?

Author Darek Storm ( ago)
This is dumb. their already the orignal, which is a classic.

Author PePe Moke ( ago)
nah...a wooden expandable baton I guess.

Author jetgeo4 ( ago)
100% Agreed

Author destine child ( ago)
good. Watch at

Author KissMyAsthma13 ( ago)
You filthy family man

Author Nathan Garza ( ago)
I have never seen this. And it looks pretty good.

Author codieme ( ago)
Eleanor Tomlinson?

Author Piga Loink ( ago)

Author freredegore ( ago)
and the Red Riding Hood can turn herself in a werewolf whenever she wants !
Snow White : "Red, I think now might be a good time for you to get angry."
Red Riding Hood : "That's my secret, White : I'm always angry !" RED SMASH !

Author colele mando ( ago)
great movie. watch at

Author spartanjoe1972 ( ago)
religion is what ppl fall back on to give themselves comfort. ppl dont like
to think that theirs nothing beyond this life so they make up stories
etc..e.g. God, jesus, disciples, miracles & a partridge in a pear tree fa
lala lalala. if telling yourself that god exists makes u feel good then
fine but forcing religion on some1 whos not interested or has a different
opinion is a sin in itself. if god exists then free choice is the most
important thing he gave us. tbh i think hes a cunt.if he exists

Author spartanjoe1972 ( ago)
most fairy tales in their original state would scare most kids so society
tones them down.

Author spartanjoe1972 ( ago)
this isnt jack the giant killer. this is jack and the beanstalk. this is
gonna be shit.

Author spartanjoe1972 ( ago)
i didnt think ppl like u still existed.

Author Jack Ragnarok ( ago)
Look up the definition of "ignorant".

Author Saviola de Mello ( ago)
oh they have that, and then therz Alice and Dorothy... snow white the new
warrior princess :P, red ridding hood the wear wolf slayer, next we'l have
cinderella with gizmo shot guns shoes

Author Saviola de Mello ( ago)
oh oh and snow white with her massive army and armor

Author Saviola de Mello ( ago)
oh and therz that other one called Dorothy and the witches of oz and then

Author destine child ( ago)
amazing. watch at

Author Jesús Joaquín Alfaro Herrera ( ago)

Author freredegore ( ago)
I kope that Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, Jack and Alice
will be assembling for the FAIRY TALES AVENGERS !

Author loic roosens ( ago)
Dude you need medication

Author Christopher Archer ( ago)
A lot of kid's stories were actually pretty creepy and weird. For example,
in Hansel & Gretel, do you know what happens AFTER the witch is put into
the oven? THEY EAT HER. Cannibalism at it's finest folks.

Author XBotticelli ( ago)
you forget to mention Snow White in armor and Red Riding Hood whit
werewolf's... XD

Author Red Hunteur ( ago)
In Pinocchio's Revenge he kills people with a knife so it's getting there.

Author aruk5 (107 years ago)
will this movie ever get released?

Author Theindiestash ( ago)
Why are you typing like that?

Author KissMyAsthma13 ( ago)
Actually a scene where pinoccio shoots from his nose would be an epic scene

Author Richard Folks ( ago)
In RESPONSE To: TheMrAndyNov2 ( The 11th Comment, in this thread), I just
CLAIMING IGNORANCE, You, won't BE DESTROYED in The Lake of Fire???

Author Gob Shite ( ago)
i actually don't think there will be made as good fantasy movies as LOTR,
Narnia and Harry Potter.

Author Golden Phoenix ( ago)
that's great idea, "Pinoccio with a shotgun"

Author Dan Hammonds ( ago)
Some of the greatest stories ever told being reduced to unimaginative,
cliched, mindless rubbish! The scriptwriters should feel ashamed. It's one
thing having no creativity of your own, but this is just spiteful. It's
like painting over classic art to make it more pretty.

Author Vid Tome ( ago)

Author strata g ( ago)
there somwhere?

Author krackerhoofd ( ago)

Author krackerhoofd ( ago)
Ahh well, it pointed out that it is not as clear in text as it was in my
head haha:p

Author kalyan2828 ( ago)
Would any fans of Skyrim agree that these giants look almost like the ones
you find in the game? Only these are bigger, stronger, and don't have the
clubs or mammoths.

Author kalyan2828 ( ago)
Oh. Ignore my misinterpritation.

Author TheMrGamer ( ago)
For the love of the bloody fat bearded bastard in heaven that tried to kill
us off and POINTED at the tree which he didn't want us to eat from, which
we obviously would, shutup he isn't. Also, heaven would be more like hell
to me. Everything you love will be taken away from you, you will be forced
to be religious, god is nothing but a dictator and doesn't listen to
anyone...and anyone you HATE and thought you left behind you will be stuck
with for eternety

Author krackerhoofd ( ago)
I know:')

Author Mitchell Hill ( ago)
Im in this film! when its out look for me I am the baker!

Author kalyan2828 ( ago)
He's not a giant. He kills them.

Author kalyan2828 ( ago)
Who knows. The originals are older than Romeo & Juliet. The best I can give
for "original" are kind of like the PG-13 movie versions of these fairy
tales. Such as this one. If I find anything, you'll be the first to know.

Author kismolnar87 ( ago)
i dont find this movie ,somebody can help me ?

Author Valentin Petrov ( ago)
and mate where i can find the originals i am interested ?

Author carrotman1213 ( ago)
the children films are wrong they were rewritten by the brothers grimm to
make them acceptable for children they are oriegnal more violent like in
the origenal beauty and the beast beast rapes beeauty

Author krackerhoofd ( ago)
So, his name is Jack, he is a giant and a killer. Potent mix.

Author MondoBeno ( ago)
We've had this, now we have Hansel and Gretel with Crossbows. Next thing
you know, Pinoccio will have a shotgun.

Author Keegan Forbister ( ago)
im a christain and you make me sick......

Author etexman020202 ( ago)
thanks! I was certainly dumbfounded until I read your post...

Author allthatihave14 ( ago)
Elmo the great killer!!! How that sound for a next project?

Author TheStPtricksDay ( ago)
this is the internet not a church,,, your faith has no power here

Author warpcore ( ago)
I will see this movie after I get hit in the head with bricks over and over

Author oistyyy ( ago)
well worded

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