Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author Mrskipper303 (3 months)
decriminalize meth. treat addicts as patients not criminals 

Author Wolf Edmunds (2 months)
Hi, I am a grade 11 student and I need help.
Recently I realized that I've been addicted for many years without even
noticing it. It's spread around my house, my yard and even my school.
I know I'm pretty hopeless now that I've figured it out, and try to get
more of it every possible second... but hey, it's the internet.
I'm deeply addicted to oxygen.
I tried holding my nose once, it didn't last more than 15 seconds before I
felt miserable and want to die. I tried burning a candle in an enclosed
space to use up all of it, but I ended up being unconscious, and had
doctors pipe that stuff into my nose.
Is there any way for me to live anymore without it?? I really need help...
I'm *DEAD* once we lose that stuff, if the situation doesn't change.

Author Charles Gillies (7 days)
If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong!

Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Tyler Wallace (3 months)
Weed is awesome. And good for you

Author grayd98 (3 months)
Meth is safe and should be legal. So what if I drowned a baby in a bathtub.
That's natural man.

Author Kadeemspade (4 months)
LMFAO "Don't you wanna have sex with random truckers in truck stop
bathrooms for money?" HAHAHAHA Deeeeaaaaad! Idk who the hell wants to fuck
with Crystal Meth!!

Author TheVideoGametuts (2 months)
All drugs should be legal. Nobody should be allowed to tell me what to put
in my body. If I want to put meth in my body I should be allowed to, what
makes the government "all powerful?" Why should the government be allowed
to force me to do anything? As long as Im not directly affecting others,
why cant I do meth in the comfort of my own home? I dont want to do meth
because Im not an idiot, but if I wanted to I should be allowed to. No man
has the right to interfere with another man's destiny. If someone wants to
smoke meth, who has the right to say they cant? It's their destiny, you
control your own destiny and let them control their own

Author Cate Elyssa (13 days)
I need you to burn down my sister-in-laws house tonight! AND ITS GOTTA BE

Author OgGarcioVega (2 months)
Now and days all these pot labs are putting all kinds of shit we dont even
know about? So fuck you both... Oxygen is the real way to go... Dumb fucks
you both lost. Our respiratory system is not designed by nature to take in
massive amounts of smoke like you both do. Most potheads with a license are
fakers, making your pothead cause faulty. Smh. So both tweekers and
potheads are full off shit and you all know it.

Author alchemist889 (3 months)
Drug prohibition is unethical, totally ineffective at actually preventing
the sale and use of drugs, and serves not only as a cash cow to organized
crime and intelligence agencies, but as an excuse for the government and
law enforcement to trample civil rights. LEAP can spell it out better than
I can in a YouTube comment.

The right to alter one's own state of mind using psychoactive substances
should be considered a natural right. No victim, no crime - end of story.

Author Sharkis011 (6 days)
meth is the dumbest drug ever that's so dumb why would anyone do meth. and
weed is bad for anxiety which i have so im staying away from all drugs

Author Michael Veloff (6 days)
If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong!

Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Splitstatic (13 days)
And marijuana doesn't make you lazy the people were lazy before they smoked
marijuana and if you say to me you know someone who wasn't lazy before they
smoked marijuana their just using marijuana as a scapegoat to be lazy but I
will say marijuana does make you feel relaxed and happy and enjoy life at
least for me. And if you say it doesn't motivate people I install granite
in houses while high.

Author christian almli (7 days)
All drugs should be legal. Millions of lives would be saved. It's not like
if heroin became decriminalized people would mass piggy pack to the nearest
drug store, we KNOW it's horrible. The vicious black market would crumble
and the country would earn immeasurable amounts on legalizing weed alone.

Author Chuck Berry (3 months)
People need to stop making weed seem harmless, it is comparable to all
other rec drugs in many ways. It should be legal for rec use only because
alcohol and fags are, and so we can start taking it's medical benefits
seriously. We should already be at the stage where we have all the medical
benefits, with none of the high.

Author Uncl Dolan (10 days)
To be fair, weed makes a lot of people paranoid. Important thing is to ask
yourself 'would I be worried about this if I was sober?' The answer is
always 'no'. Nothing to worry about then!

Author Scorpion122178 (3 months)
I don't see a reason for any drug to be illegal including the bad ones. I
know that sounds crazy but when you consider certain things you'll realize
that treating drug addicts like criminals when they're mentally sick
people(what do you think anyone wakes up one day a decided they want to
suck trucker dick for a living?) By making it illegal all the government
accomplishes is pushing the buyers into the black market which fuels either
local violent gangs or Mexican cartels, make it legal and these people lose
their main source of cash flow because I promise you people would rather
buy it in a store than from those sociopaths. Another positive outcome of
them buying in stores we can A) regulate who its sold to like liquor and B)
gain information on those who do buy it to send social workers over to try
and aid them rather than imprison them. Another thing to consider is
specifically how the current drag laws effect the minorities and aid in
perpetuating the ghettos that cause so much violence. Even though white
people like me smoke MJ as much as our black and hispanic counterparts they
make up over 80% of the non violent prison population where they get
trained on how to become real criminals and gang members when we let them
out. Its not right or justice by any stretch of the word. People can drink
themselves to death on Booze or gamble away everything they own yet these
drugs are extra bad even though the average person already has the common
sense to stay away from hard drugs. 

Author CAepicreviews (22 days)
Fun Fact: Medical Methamphetamine DOES exist, known as Desoxyn, it is
prescribed for ADHD when other medicines like Adderall (Amphetamine Salts)
and etc have failed.

Used in dosages prescribed, there are some similar side effects, but none
of which would impact you in a similar way as using street made

Author David Suspended (9 days)
Marijuana makes people lazy, paranoid and can trigger schizophrenia.

Author joel andersson (14 days)
We shouldn't legalize marijuana. The risk of OD is too high.
You only need to smoke 1500 pounds (700 kg) in 15 minutes to die.

Author Omar Cruz (12 days)
Weed zmakes You Lazy Over Time
Meth Keeps You Energetic and Awake days In A Row

Author Evie Mae (20 days)
Adderall is practically meth in a pill. If they made meth in real medical
labs instead of trailers who use cold medicine then yes meth would be
fucking fantastic. 

Author Neickol Cook (7 days)
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author IL0VETHESUN (23 days)
Adderol is composed of methamphetamine salts. So meth in low quantities is

Author Dominic F. (19 days)
My God, this is like the modern version of reefer madness. Meth made out of
drain cleaner and battery acid? Thats like saying cannabis oil is made out
of industrial solvents. Sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid are used to
alter the pH of solutions, they're not actually ingredients of meth. Its
chemistry, not cooking FFS. Meth is a compound. Good drugs and bad drugs?
Thats like saying there are good tools and bad tools. Whether a tool
produces good results or bad results depends entirely on how its used. If
you give a hillbilly a jackhammer so he can refurbish his trailer, the
results probably won't be positive. An experienced construction worker on
the other hand knows how to use a jackhammer safely and appropriately.

Author Nathan Cox (22 days)
Master debate. ok How about say I wanna have a math debate fast.

Author Christopher Shoff (5 hours)
so... they're like... cannibals

Author SoulEvansPLaysGamez (27 days)
marijuana dos not produce toxins that damage your brain unlike tobacco 

Author kenneth goode (20 days)
I believe every single drug should be legalized and people should put
whatever they want into their own body and not be concidered a
criminal....back then a criminal was someone who causes harm to other
people but don't get me wrong I don't do any drugs except marrijunna and if
any drug should be legal it definitely should be marijunna because more
lives are being ruin from police and politicians then actual drug itself
and people are just smoking a leaf...if the government could have alcohol
around the streets (which causes more violence) then why won't they allow
people to smoke a leaf that makes u hungry ad happy??!!! Does anybody

Author Pedro Garcia (25 days)
are there any more drug debates like this? this was hilarious

Author Charlie chaidez (5 days)
Pot makes me paranoid and crazy! 

Author Modestas Kaminskas (14 days)
Meth is already legal, well with prescription for ADHD and Obesity, that's
medical reasons. Well, that's a bit bullshit, If I would created world and
laws, than Mental illness wouldn't exist and by being overweight or
underweight you would be a criminal. Well maybe there would be what we call
"Schizo's or Autistic shit" but they would'nt be mentally ill, Me for

Author TheMuscleNetwork (6 days)
Up next a shoe vs a gun 

Author Skittle Harvest (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Ryan Asche (18 days)
The way I see it it's the people that you hang out with.. don't really
understand why they say pot is the gate way drug

Author DeformedBear (24 days)
Legalize Uranium-238

Author ricardo ochoa (2 days)
one misleading information fact
marijuana had made me paranoid BUT in can affect others differently
HOWEVER i am for legalization of marijuana

Author M. Zen (7 days)
Cmon man weed makes your paranoid too . It just affects different people
differently. Im not saying it is anywhere near as bad as meth in moderation
weed isnt a big deal.

Author JohnnyBoysVideos (1 month)
Weed can make you paranoid if it steiva.

Author Micah Lovell (7 days)
Drugs r bad for u

Author 00000168 (22 days)
What's even funnier is the fact that the government classifies marijuana as
a schedule I drug- Meaning they completely deny any medical value of
marijuana(Which is outrageous at this point- Numerous studies and people
can contradict this), and label it as highly addictive despite the fact
that it isn't even physically addictive.
Meanwhile, crystal meth is schedule 2- Accepted for medical use while still
classified as highly addictive.
What a joke.

Author Jason Pontalion (10 days)
"that stuff takes away your motivation!" HAHA I call it motivation with my
friends. xD

On a real note, meth is still wrong. "gateway drug" bull shit. This sounds
like a lot of subliminal propaganda.

Author Ismial Heartsfield (3 months)

Author William Hazelwood (8 days)
Mostly true, but weed CAN make you paranoid sometimes.

Author Arxoan Nixtram (4 months)
2,304 people aren't a fan of Snoop Dogg

Author Breen Whitman (2 months)
Yeah but Marijuana is a springboard to worse crime. Bust the stoners and
you are stopping future crime. Sort of a crude Minority Report.

Author LightSource Temple (6 days)
Crystal meth is legal, and it has medicinal uses and it is prescribed under
the name Adderall 

Author The_Spectral_Death (24 days)
Pretty sure i won

Author Skylinegtr 02 (5 days)
FUCK crystal meth, Marijuana is the best

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