Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author Kadeemspade (1 month)
LMFAO "Don't you wanna have sex with random truckers in truck stop
bathrooms for money?" HAHAHAHA Deeeeaaaaad! Idk who the hell wants to fuck
with Crystal Meth!!

Author Arxoan Nixtram (29 days)
2,304 people aren't a fan of Snoop Dogg

Author Mrskipper303 (8 days)
decriminalize meth. treat addicts as patients not criminals 

Author alchemist889 (8 days)
Drug prohibition is unethical, totally ineffective at actually preventing
the sale and use of drugs, and serves not only as a cash cow to organized
crime and intelligence agencies, but as an excuse for the government and
law enforcement to trample civil rights. LEAP can spell it out better than
I can in a YouTube comment.

The right to alter one's own state of mind using psychoactive substances
should be considered a natural right. No victim, no crime - end of story.

Author grayd98 (3 days)
Meth is safe and should be legal. So what if I drowned a baby in a bathtub.
That's natural man.

Author Ismial Heartsfield (19 days)

Author william Wiilliiw (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Verloren Von Veigar (1 month)
They should legalize PCP

Author grimmerMD (1 month)
You mean responsible drug user who happens to enjoy the series of chemicals
which agonize the cannabinoid receptors receptors vs an irresponsible
madman who happens to happens to enjoy a chemical which agonizes dopamine,
A person can smoke nothing but pot and be a psychopathic career criminal,
and another can shoot crystal every day and live a full and rewarding life.
Though it is funny, it still uses the anti-drug propaganda method of
creating straw men who represent an alternate view to knock down with a
virtuous fabrication which represents the "right" side. I used to smoke pot
multiple times a day, and failed all my classes and got arrested dozens of
times, finally landing me in prison for two years. I now use
meth/amphetamine, am in the top 15% in my law school, and haven't so much
as gotten a parking ticket, Of course you can't attribute my successes and
failures to the substances I consume, but if one wanted to, a video
promulgating the exact opposite message, it could've been made and still
built on fact. It's the animate user, not the inanimate molecule that
creates the good and ills in our societies.

Author Roy Gardnerra (1 month)

Author Deni Bodine (2 months)

Author britney Griffin (1 month)
weed wins

Author Mac Gyver (1 month)
Both of them are bad, in high sense meth beats marijuana easy tho, so meth
is actually better.

Author Harry Krinkle (9 hours)
I can't be the only one that thought for a second, "How come Meth isn't
blue?" right?

Author Taylor Scheinost (3 months)
Not an expert, but here's my experience.
Smoking weed = Cleaning the absolute shit out of everything in my house,
yes, even the toilet. Playing guitar and piano like fucking Jimi Hendrix
and Beethoven, becoming very interested in meditation, being fucking nice,
listening to other people rather than ignoring them, focused in school,
more calm in conversations, having a "shit" moment and rather than freaking
out just take a breath and move the fuck on, understanding physics, math,
biology, meta-physics, religion, Bible (reading/getting the bigger
picture), connecting dots (not the game), detaching from materialism,
breaking through structured indoctrinated thought processes from school
and other means (military), stress reliever, anxiety.. NO MORE!, more free
minded, better workouts and running, swimming too, less thoughts more
practical, more compassionate, have way more empathy, deeper understanding
of myself, God and the Universe, reached a sense of enlightenment
(awakening), acknowledgement of history and why the illuminati makes
perfect sense (meaning it's not a fucking dumbass conspiracy but "reality")
and above all makes you fucking HAPPY!

Meth = never touched that gross shit.

So marijuana, gateway drug?? Yeah, to a wayyyy better life. Though, in
moderation. Overusing has some effects, poor memory, can cause anxiety
(happened to me, don't smoke anymore by the way), some poor motivation but
mainly causes you or me to be easily distracted rather than getting the
homework done, etc. And one other thing that overusing did to me is after I
quit smoking, I couldn't eat. Like I didn't have an appetite anymore, I had
to be high to be hungry.

So you decide. 

Author Scorpion122178 (15 days)
I don't see a reason for any drug to be illegal including the bad ones. I
know that sounds crazy but when you consider certain things you'll realize
that treating drug addicts like criminals when they're mentally sick
people(what do you think anyone wakes up one day a decided they want to
suck trucker dick for a living?) By making it illegal all the government
accomplishes is pushing the buyers into the black market which fuels either
local violent gangs or Mexican cartels, make it legal and these people lose
their main source of cash flow because I promise you people would rather
buy it in a store than from those sociopaths. Another positive outcome of
them buying in stores we can A) regulate who its sold to like liquor and B)
gain information on those who do buy it to send social workers over to try
and aid them rather than imprison them. Another thing to consider is
specifically how the current drag laws effect the minorities and aid in
perpetuating the ghettos that cause so much violence. Even though white
people like me smoke MJ as much as our black and hispanic counterparts they
make up over 80% of the non violent prison population where they get
trained on how to become real criminals and gang members when we let them
out. Its not right or justice by any stretch of the word. People can drink
themselves to death on Booze or gamble away everything they own yet these
drugs are extra bad even though the average person already has the common
sense to stay away from hard drugs. 

Author James Pollard (3 months)
Blake Daughton of course you could die from marijuana but only if you smoke
extremely big amounts Im talking like a thousand blunts nonstop back to
back filled with the most potent pot ever grown

Author Rodney Dalton (27 days)
I support Marijuana, but only for people 18 years or older. 

Author BadBoyDeGekste (6 months)
What is with the headband of mary J ? What does that mean?

Author Chuck Berry (3 days)
People need to stop making weed seem harmless, it is comparable to all
other rec drugs in many ways. It should be legal for rec use only because
alcohol and fags are, and so we can start taking it's medical benefits
seriously. We should already be at the stage where we have all the medical
benefits, with none of the high.

Author Alterego894 (4 days)
I love how Marijuana is getting high on himself and Crystal Meth needs a
Heisenberg make-over.

Author Dukesy90 (4 days)
Global warming, wall street bankers still at large, a 3rd war in Iraq,
immigration issues, Guantanamo bay still open, trillions of dollars in
debt, etc, etc and "LEGALIZE POT" is the main issue American's care about?

Author BmorePatriot (6 days)
People that supports meth around here are just dumb fucking retarded inbred
hillbillies. Just FACE the facts.

Author nickaddman (8 days)
I say drugs like meth, crack/cocaine, and heroin are for elders. If your 75
or 80 I say fuck it you only live once, but if your only in your teens or
20's you've got your whole life ahead of you.

Author Random Green Pear in Rain (9 days)
i'dont even do drugs i'm just plain crazy... :(

Author hizzacked (3 months)
LikaPyramid, smoking pot isn't bad in any way. get your facts right dude.

Author Brandy Mofo (6 months)
See it's beautiful that we describe stoners as 'people who are
using/smoking marijuana"
And meth users as "people who are addicted to meth"
But the most ironic thing is, that people who are against marijuana for no
real reason can only talk shit about drugs, yet never tried them and knows
nothing about them only what they see in the tv/on the internet and only
can say it fucks our brains up while here we are discussing high

Author Todd Riesland (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Tom Combs (15 days)
Marijuana seemed to hurt Michael Phelps motivation, you know, only the
greatest Olympian who ever lived. . . 

Author Dyna Gro (29 days)
Great Video

Author paul valle (1 month)
If your a lazy mother fucker your a lazy mother fucker don't blame it on
weed if you can't get shit done don't smoke period.

Author Dubstep lovers (4 months)
How about we all just stay clean?.........

Author Alec Schulz (8 months)
It is incredibly sad that people are actually supporting meth here.
Battery acid, you are literally snorting battery acid. Your teeth will
fall out, you will get addicted and will probably die. It is one of the
most addictive drugs out there and cannot just be used recreationally. I
am actually scared of the amount of people who like meth, that is just
fucking messed up. Using weed too much isn't good either, but at least its
a natural plant, and all it really does is relax you a little bit. If you
do meth, you're fucked up. If you dare respond and try to argue why meth
is better you should take a good look at yourself beforehand and look at
where it has taken you.

Author Eric Iverson (1 month)
I'm with pot.

Author Random Green Pear in Rain (9 days)
please, show u more master debateing

Author Ryan Herrera (1 month)
Meth needs a little more weed

Author Huai Bin Poh (1 month)
Nice! I've never thought of cannabis as a drug, and have been addicted to
smoking and injecting methamphetamine for over 7 years (5 years clean now).

Just wanted to point out that methamphetamine is legally prescribed in the
US for obesity and narcolepsy. It's called Desoxyn and comes in 5 mg
methamphetamine pills. I still think it has a high potential for abuse (God
knows I had a hard time getting off it and had to deal with a substitute
addiction of opiates after) and I don't mean to be a know-it-all but
methamphetamine is already legal with a prescription and has been for a
long time. Cheers!

Author Daniel Aichele (1 day)
I smoke weed

Author XxStratAttackxX (2 days)
your'e all uneducated and dumb as fuck

Author GiGixx621625 (6 days)
I'm not a fan of weed, and people who keep bragging about doing it annoy
the hell out of me, but seriously, do weed before you do meth

Author lil Wayne (2 days)
Dont get rip of weed u can get rid of CRACK NOT WEED!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Mitchell Eichblatt (8 days)
There is medical meth: Desoxyn

Author Slender ManJR (7 days)
Debates aside...These two need a t.v show or something.

Author firethower99 (8 days)
I like how the weed has a head ban on. I've smoked head ban. Good shit. 

Author FrankBot2 (6 days)
Fun fact:
Methamphetamine is Schedule II drug in the USA. The brand name is Desoxyn,
used to treat "ADHD" This is why the war on drugs is failing. It's the
ignorace of what drugs actually are.

"Meth. Not even once."
Unless prescribed, then it's 10+ years

Author Taylor Simmons (4 days)
Oh shit my tooth fell out 

Author Jayden Smith (6 days)
Fuck I'm so high

Author oogilygumballs (8 days)

Author Blake Daughton (5 months)
.... Weed's pretty bad news. I have a friend who just like ... died from

....argue that, you YouTube arguing arguers. 

Author Abdulrhman Alanazi (10 days)

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