Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author Charles Gillies (1 month)
If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong!

Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Wolf Edmunds (3 months)
Hi, I am a grade 11 student and I need help.
Recently I realized that I've been addicted for many years without even
noticing it. It's spread around my house, my yard and even my school.
I know I'm pretty hopeless now that I've figured it out, and try to get
more of it every possible second... but hey, it's the internet.
I'm deeply addicted to oxygen.
I tried holding my nose once, it didn't last more than 15 seconds before I
felt miserable and want to die. I tried burning a candle in an enclosed
space to use up all of it, but I ended up being unconscious, and had
doctors pipe that stuff into my nose.
Is there any way for me to live anymore without it?? I really need help...
I'm *DEAD* once we lose that stuff, if the situation doesn't change.

Author Cate Elyssa (1 month)
I need you to burn down my sister-in-laws house tonight! AND ITS GOTTA BE

Author Joel Andersson (1 month)
We shouldn't legalize marijuana. The risk of OD is too high.
You only need to smoke 1500 pounds (700 kg) in 15 minutes to die.

Author Mrskipper303 (5 months)
decriminalize meth. treat addicts as patients not criminals 

Author Chaos ZT (23 days)
Weed also makes you paranoid though.

Author aaron urias (3 months)
LOL but weed can still mess your life up no lie.

I smoke but it can makes people lazy and paranoid too.

Author Marco Quiroz (7 days)

Hahahaha and hehehehe
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Michael Veloff (1 month)
If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong!

Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Sharkis011 (1 month)
meth is the dumbest drug ever that's so dumb why would anyone do meth. and
weed is bad for anxiety which i have so im staying away from all drugs

Author alchemist889 (5 months)
Drug prohibition is unethical, totally ineffective at actually preventing
the sale and use of drugs, and serves not only as a cash cow to organized
crime and intelligence agencies, but as an excuse for the government and
law enforcement to trample civil rights. LEAP can spell it out better than
I can in a YouTube comment.

The right to alter one's own state of mind using psychoactive substances
should be considered a natural right. No victim, no crime - end of story.

Author THE KRACKER SHOW (1 month)
Check out my pot smoking video /watch?v=urFb5_0aZs4

Author drew13600 (11 days)
Nobody WANTS to go to a phish concert!
I think meth won just on this line

Author Prysmatic Eclipse (28 days)
why the fuck would anyone want to do meth. the drug is soo fucking bad for
your body. but weed bruh the thing is God sent. LEGALIZE IT!!

Author Opticillusion160 (20 hours)
Nothing wrong with weed.
1.) Doesn't kill brain cells, it isn't a toxin, like alcohol is for example.
2.) Doesn't make you anymore lazy than the willpower you had beforehand
3.) Doesn't cause cancer, it isn't carcinogenic like the compounds in
4.) Doesn't make you want to try more drugs mid-puff (bullshit gateway drug
5.) Doesn't make you paranoid unless you subconsciously already are in your
current environment.
6.) Isn't physically addictive, cannot stretch that enough. No withdrawals
7.) Doesn't make you "trip balls", it isn't a psychedelic.
8.) Doesn't cause psychosis unless you already have a history.
9.) Doesn't cause schizophrenia unless you are already schizophrenic. See
the pattern?
10.) Great natural pain reliever, anxiety treatment, insomnia treatment,
eating disorder treatment, glaucoma treatment, hyperactivity treatment,

Author Austin Bosco (11 days)
Legalize meth cuz it was in breaking bad, THE GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME!
That's a preety good reason to legalize it right? 

Author Fell Man (8 days)
And they say he's still tweaking to this day.

Author MatthewEdwardHall (9 days)
Have y'all ever smoked cat ass hairs? Best trip of my life. 

Author grayd98 (4 months)
Meth is safe and should be legal. So what if I drowned a baby in a bathtub.
That's natural man.

Author Icy Blue (25 days)

░_____██████____████████____█████__ ░
░_██______██████_█████_████████____██_ ░
░_████_____██████_███_██████_____█████ ░
░__█████████__████_█_███_█_█████████_ ░
░_____█████████__█_█_█_███████████__ ░

Author Robert Gilbert (3 days)
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Alexis Brown (1 month)
best vid ever love when he smokes himself!!!!!! SO ME

Author TheDRAGOMANIA (10 days)
weed is better. You dont get any shit like meth mouth and you will totaly
fuck up everything if you use meth. Weed didint killed anyone. meth can
kill very easily.

Author Teresa Braswell (1 month)
If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong!

Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Justin Barrett (13 days)
Weed is the only drug that should be legal (dont bullshit me with the "its
not a drug" the main chemical is THC). All the "it makes you unmotivated,
makes you paranoid" stuff is bullshit, at least for me. If smoking tobacco
and drinking alcohol, which cause more harm and dependence is legal, weed
should be too. 

Author Kadeemspade (5 months)
LMFAO "Don't you wanna have sex with random truckers in truck stop
bathrooms for money?" HAHAHAHA Deeeeaaaaad! Idk who the hell wants to fuck
with Crystal Meth!!

Author Torey Meyers (1 month)
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Ryan McAuliffe (3 months)
Soooo, where were the "facts"

Author chris hayes (25 days)
Method is a combination of manufactured chemicals that can kill by OD very
WEED is a natural herb that has thousands of medical purposes, and few side
affects if done in moderation.
Though legal or not, people are gonna do it anyway.
The law is just a piece of paper.
Weed is gonna be smoked regardless.

Author majahimajaho (6 days)
small drugs are the start for a big addiction

Author JohnnyBoysVideos (2 months)
Weed can make you paranoid if it steiva.

Author Tammy Rose (17 hours)
I got too share Thank you it is funny Love-N-Light Blessed Be

Author Skittle Harvest (2 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Tyler Wallace (4 months)
Weed is awesome. And good for you

Author Breen Whitman (3 months)
Yeah but Marijuana is a springboard to worse crime. Bust the stoners and
you are stopping future crime. Sort of a crude Minority Report.

Author Damian Michaels (1 month)
If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong!

Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author iamthedevil82 (6 days)
I've watched this video almost ever day since I found it. Makes me laugh
every time you guys should do more!

Author Jacob Smith (8 days)
I see all the drug specialist are in this comment thread. 

Author Lora Lozano (1 month)
Honestly, I hate when people shit talk about weed. Yes its a drug but its
the safest drug out there. Its only a gateway drug if you make it a gateway
drug. It depends on the maturity of the person. People stereotype "stoners"
as people who sit around and do nothing, now im not going to lie some ppl
do, do that. But not all. My father has been smoking for many years and is
very successful. Like i said it depends of the person who smokes it

Author Tyler Landry (15 days)
Lol wtf?! The meth talked about the free masons

Author Ben Rice (5 days)
Ah yes another bias opinion against drugs supported with no facts only
supported by stereotypes *slow clap*

Author TheVideoGametuts (4 months)
All drugs should be legal. Nobody should be allowed to tell me what to put
in my body. If I want to put meth in my body I should be allowed to, what
makes the government "all powerful?" Why should the government be allowed
to force me to do anything? As long as Im not directly affecting others,
why cant I do meth in the comfort of my own home? I dont want to do meth
because Im not an idiot, but if I wanted to I should be allowed to. No man
has the right to interfere with another man's destiny. If someone wants to
smoke meth, who has the right to say they cant? It's their destiny, you
control your own destiny and let them control their own

Author IpuntTurtlezz (1 month)
Pot causes cancer more than a cigarette and birth defects along with sperm

Author marshallpaul evans (2 days)
Just my two cents . Weed does not make you paranoid it makes you more aware
, awakened to your senses. Your touch. smell . taste and surroundings. What
you punks call paranoid or anxiety is only because you probably got high
in a state and or country were it was illegal and could land your ass in
jail or at a job where you can get fired or around people who disapproved
of you smoking in the first place.

Author Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (3 months)
My girlfriend's name is Marty Jane.

Author Paul Savage (7 days)

Author Arxoan Nixtram (5 months)
2,304 people aren't a fan of Snoop Dogg

Author Samuel Cright (4 months)
For those who don't know methamphetamine is still prescribed to people.
Don't believe me? Look up desoxyn.
In the past it was prescribed for depression and weight loss. Now it is
rarely prescribed and only to treat extreme cases of ADHD.

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