Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author Fred Wells (3 months)
All drugs should be legal, but not because they are necessarily good, hear
me out. Cocaine, diamorphine, methamphetamine, all these drugs are just
completely life destroying, but if they were legal, crime rates would drop,
the usage of these drugs would drop. There would also be no adulterants in
the drugs, meaning less death. When someone dies of using drugs, it is
usually due to a toxic filler used to increase weight, or even an
unintended chemical that got in there during the synthesis. Usually an drug
related death is not due to the drug itself. So basically legal drugs
equal: 1) less crime, 2) less drugs using, 3) good quality and no
adulterants, 4) taxes.

Author James Pollard (1 month)
Blake Daughton of course you could die from marijuana but only if you smoke
extremely big amounts Im talking like a thousand blunts nonstop back to
back filled with the most potent pot ever grown

Author BadBoyDeGekste (4 months)
What is with the headband of mary J ? What does that mean?

Author hizzacked (1 month)
LikaPyramid, smoking pot isn't bad in any way. get your facts right dude.

Author Brandy Mofo (4 months)
See it's beautiful that we describe stoners as 'people who are
using/smoking marijuana"
And meth users as "people who are addicted to meth"
But the most ironic thing is, that people who are against marijuana for no
real reason can only talk shit about drugs, yet never tried them and knows
nothing about them only what they see in the tv/on the internet and only
can say it fucks our brains up while here we are discussing high

Author Alec Schulz (6 months)
It is incredibly sad that people are actually supporting meth here.
Battery acid, you are literally snorting battery acid. Your teeth will
fall out, you will get addicted and will probably die. It is one of the
most addictive drugs out there and cannot just be used recreationally. I
am actually scared of the amount of people who like meth, that is just
fucking messed up. Using weed too much isn't good either, but at least its
a natural plant, and all it really does is relax you a little bit. If you
do meth, you're fucked up. If you dare respond and try to argue why meth
is better you should take a good look at yourself beforehand and look at
where it has taken you.

Author Dubstep lovers (2 months)
How about we all just stay clean?.........

Author ملك العنف (4 days)
hahahahahahhahahhha so true

Author spazzycat28 (3 months)
lol at all the people here. Weed is definitely better than meth, but your
life would really be better without them. Weed wouldn't be illegal in 49
states if it wasn't harmful in some way. If all it really did was chill you
out with no negative side effects, they wouldn't outlaw it for no reason. 

Author TheDerpSquirtle (9 days)
you cant O.D on weed and you can on meth you choose

Author Andrew B (5 months)
Medical Meth exists. It's called Desoxyn It's a Methamphetamine
Hydrochloride pill used to treat ADD/ADHD. Pharmaceuticals are dangerous.

Author Blake Daughton (3 months)
.... Weed's pretty bad news. I have a friend who just like ... died from

....argue that, you YouTube arguing arguers. 

Author Justin Brookman (5 months)
I do know that weed has lots of substances that are common in the human

Author SOUL TAKER (29 days)
Mary Jane Watson.... I love you ;D

Author Michi's Story Time (1 month)
if Meth wants that shit done he could've just gone to Bath Salts, that
crazy bastard will do anything

Author Taylor Scheinost (1 month)
Not an expert, but here's my experience.
Smoking weed = Cleaning the absolute shit out of everything in my house,
yes, even the toilet. Playing guitar and piano like fucking Jimi Hendrix
and Beethoven, becoming very interested in meditation, being fucking nice,
listening to other people rather than ignoring them, focused in school,
more calm in conversations, having a "shit" moment and rather than freaking
out just take a breath and move the fuck on, understanding physics, math,
biology, meta-physics, religion, Bible (reading/getting the bigger
picture), connecting dots (not the game), detaching from materialism,
breaking through structured indoctrinated thought processes from school
and other means (military), stress reliever, anxiety.. NO MORE!, more free
minded, better workouts and running, swimming too, less thoughts more
practical, more compassionate, have way more empathy, deeper understanding
of myself, God and the Universe, reached a sense of enlightenment
(awakening), acknowledgement of history and why the illuminati makes
perfect sense (meaning it's not a fucking dumbass conspiracy but "reality")
and above all makes you fucking HAPPY!

Meth = never touched that gross shit.

So marijuana, gateway drug?? Yeah, to a wayyyy better life. Though, in
moderation. Overusing has some effects, poor memory, can cause anxiety
(happened to me, don't smoke anymore by the way), some poor motivation but
mainly causes you or me to be easily distracted rather than getting the
homework done, etc. And one other thing that overusing did to me is after I
quit smoking, I couldn't eat. Like I didn't have an appetite anymore, I had
to be high to be hungry.

So you decide. 

Author PC Tutoriali (1 month)
I'm not gonna try any of these, drugs are not cool.

Author 'kæla k. (6 months)
one makes you skinny and one makes you fat. :)

Author doomality (1 month)
just so you retards know, amphetamines are already legal in different
forms. google Ritalin.

Author RSurvivor NGaming (1 month)
What the fuck did I just watch? 

Author Zelix B (6 months)
I find it funny that people make all these fighting arguments defending or
slandering pot. I have never smoked it and I live in South CA. I have no
craving for it, I don't feel like I'm missing out because I never started.
"well people who smoke pot have x,y,z about them, and they are normal" Pot
is not normally in your system so it is stupid to say that you are normal
with that shit in you. If you never start you never have to pick a side and
just watch the idiots and laugh.

Author fsffda (6 months)
methamphetamine is perscribable for adhd

Author Reddragon (4 months)
Noo!!! Nobody WANTS to go to a Fish concert!

Author 133tMinerXL (5 months)
Weed actually isn't a gateway drug...Most users of marijuana only use

Author deathzombee (2 months)
Amphetamines help ADHD

Author Ries .V (1 month)
The number of complete fucking idiots in this comment section is hilarious.

Author HALO LOVE (1 month)
All of me hates this.haha not going to put my input on the actual topic but
the video.its just so typical, its got that annoying animation to it and
how they were fitting in the word masturbate without actually saying the
entire word.omg so funny....not. People who even laughed a little during
this typical non creative video i feel like I already know you.haha idk I
really cant explain anymore but I have so many felling about it. I guess
its like tattoos or like people that say there favorite number is 13, you
know? For example., hey dude im going to get a tattoo.
What are you going to get?
I was thinking maybe a SKULL with flames on it!
So not original at all.
Another example.
Hello sure with all black on, whats your favorite color?
Whats your favorite number?
Whats your favorite movie?
Nightmare before Christmas!
Omg thats so fucking typical
Why are people so annoying sometimes.

How typical men are.
If you wear pink your gay.
If your afraid of spiders your a pussy.
I dont watch romantic movies because im a MAN!!.

Now thats a little example.

Yes every human is a little typical at times but at least think of somthing
on your own hahaha lmao
Masturbate omg to funny.... nope still not remotely funny.

Oh yeah I fully believe weed should be legal and I dont even smoke it.not
looking to argue about MY input because its MY!!!!! Imput.

Author Connor White (1 month)
Why the fuck are people defending meth lmao

Author HamNediaj (6 months)
What are they talking about? Meth doesn't have any negative effects! It's
fun and actually good for you, it promotes motivation and mental well
being. Marijuana gives you lung cancer and makes you fat

Author JTMUSICCHANNEL (5 months)
Actually if they legalize other drugs less people would do them this has
been proven by other countries.

Author Noobz_Killer_69 (2 months)
Doctors do give methamphetamine tablets called desoxyn

Author tony floyd (1 month)
weed is king

Author MrStreetballer5 (1 month)
Lmaoo some kid from my school used this in a health presentation in class
it was the funniest shit I've ever seen.

Author ARCblooper (2 months)
I could give less of a shit about pot being legalized, what should be
illegal is idiotic stoners.

Author George Richard (2 months)
Man meth needs to shut the fuck up weed may take away your motivation but
meth ruins your fucking life now like if you agree and if you don't fuck
you brw I'm high off of this strand I personally call banana kush because
just like bananas seriously man it's fucking awesome all da way retawded

Author Sebastian Michaelis (7 days)
To everyone who thinks there is a solid reason for Marijuana to be illegal
then listen up
We began making Marijuana illegal "In the usa" around 1910. For the
majority of western states there was a fear of the mexican immigrants who
used the plant, and in eastern stats it was the fear of African Americans
and jazz musicians who used cannabis to “take advantage of white women.” so
Making marijuana illegal was essentially a way to outlaw being an immigrant
or not white. and here we are keeping a law around that developed from

Author PaMS1995 (1 day)
I don't know bout you guys, but idk if internet cartoons are the best place
to get your facts. Especially from a channel named "theREALdrugfacts". You
know they have to be facts if 'real' is capitalized.

Author MrBond00793 (3 months)
That crystal meth guy looks like crack cocaine if I'm not mistaken :/

Author Malcolm Clarke (11 days)
Now everybody look at this and you tell me what you think. 

Author Nino Brown (8 days)
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author PewPew (15 days)
I'm paranoid like that crystal meth but I use no illegal drugs.

Author kamal S ali (15 days)
methheads look like zombies

Author Mark Albert (10 days)
So.... what is the answer? continue supporting laws against drugs? I mean
it's worked SOOOOO well so far right? Millions of lives ruined, people
killed, entire South American countries in flames..... not to mention the
billions of dollars spent on this 'war'. I've read that drugs are more
available now then they were in the 80's. Prohibitions do not work.
Regulations and taxations can do so much, but the bottom line is addiction
is real and it can not be stopped by throwing addicts and their dealers
into prison. At least it hasn't so far, and I go with the definition of
insanity. Doing more of the same simply is not solving the problem but
making it far worse.

Author sparkytdg (10 days)
This is funny...

Author luke man (20 days)
the 2,248 people who disliked this vid is coz there on meth enough said 

Author The Demon's Name .Is Surveillance (20 days)
ugh what a horrible beeping sound at the beginning of the video. but
otherwise funny.

Author Nino Vigil (16 days)
funny shit. true at least

Author Biddy Robertson (12 days)

Author BipedalP314 (23 days)
Medical meth already exists...

Author scott h (24 days)
medical meth is legal... they prescribe both amphetamines and
methamphetamines to kids for "adhd"

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