Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author Mrskipper303 (2 months)
decriminalize meth. treat addicts as patients not criminals 

Author Kiellevs Granson (1 month)
Hi, I am a grade 11 student and I need help.
Recently I realized that I've been addicted for many years without even
noticing it. It's spread around my house, my yard and even my school.
I know I'm pretty hopeless now that I've figured it out, and try to get
more of it every possible second... but hey, it's the internet.
I'm deeply addicted to oxygen.
I tried holding my nose once, it didn't last more than 15 seconds before I
felt miserable and want to die. I tried burning a candle in an enclosed
space to use up all of it, but I ended up being unconscious, and had
doctors pipe that stuff into my nose.
Is there any way for me to live anymore without it?? I really need help...
I'm *DEAD* once we lose that stuff, if the situation doesn't change.

Author Tyler Wallace (1 month)
Weed is awesome. And good for you

Author TheVideoGametuts (1 month)
All drugs should be legal. Nobody should be allowed to tell me what to put
in my body. If I want to put meth in my body I should be allowed to, what
makes the government "all powerful?" Why should the government be allowed
to force me to do anything? As long as Im not directly affecting others,
why cant I do meth in the comfort of my own home? I dont want to do meth
because Im not an idiot, but if I wanted to I should be allowed to. No man
has the right to interfere with another man's destiny. If someone wants to
smoke meth, who has the right to say they cant? It's their destiny, you
control your own destiny and let them control their own

Author OgGarcioVega (1 month)
Now and days all these pot labs are putting all kinds of shit we dont even
know about? So fuck you both... Oxygen is the real way to go... Dumb fucks
you both lost. Our respiratory system is not designed by nature to take in
massive amounts of smoke like you both do. Most potheads with a license are
fakers, making your pothead cause faulty. Smh. So both tweekers and
potheads are full off shit and you all know it.

Author grayd98 (2 months)
Meth is safe and should be legal. So what if I drowned a baby in a bathtub.
That's natural man.

Author Kadeemspade (3 months)
LMFAO "Don't you wanna have sex with random truckers in truck stop
bathrooms for money?" HAHAHAHA Deeeeaaaaad! Idk who the hell wants to fuck
with Crystal Meth!!

Author alchemist889 (2 months)
Drug prohibition is unethical, totally ineffective at actually preventing
the sale and use of drugs, and serves not only as a cash cow to organized
crime and intelligence agencies, but as an excuse for the government and
law enforcement to trample civil rights. LEAP can spell it out better than
I can in a YouTube comment.

The right to alter one's own state of mind using psychoactive substances
should be considered a natural right. No victim, no crime - end of story.

Author Chuck Berry (2 months)
People need to stop making weed seem harmless, it is comparable to all
other rec drugs in many ways. It should be legal for rec use only because
alcohol and fags are, and so we can start taking it's medical benefits
seriously. We should already be at the stage where we have all the medical
benefits, with none of the high.

Author Dubstep lovers (6 months)
How about we all just stay clean?.........

Author Jeff F (9 hours)
make all drugs legal
price drops dramatically
way less crimes considering people won't steal to buy drugs
if people overdose and die
help world overpopulation issue
kill 2 birds with one stone

Author Jason Pontalion (4 days)
Ignorant. Meth doesn't make you paranoid. Meth doesn't make you crazy.
some of my friends occasionally do crystal and they're fine. they usually
sit together, play games and overall just enjoy each others company.

it's time to decriminalize drugs and ACTUALLY WORK TOWARDS WHATS IMPORTANT.
Face it. The so-called bull shit "war on drugs" will never end. People
will make MDMA. People will grow marijuana. People with cook up shards.
People will always find a way to make LSD/acid, find a way to grow shrooms,
and people will always find a way to make whatever crazy drug it is they

Long story short: This so-called "war on drugs" serves no purpose other
than to waste our tax dollars on people who are in jail and prison for
victimless crimes. Lets be honest. So what if that guy had a pound of weed?
He's not gonna smoke it and go kill someone. He might smoke it and go see a
friend, but he's not gonna want to go through all the bull shit. He's gonna
be fine.

Author ARCblooper (6 months)
I could give less of a shit about pot being legalized, what should be
illegal is idiotic stoners.

Author Bentertainment (16 days)
Ok, what joints look like that

Author Dukesy90 (2 months)
Global warming, wall street bankers still at large, a 3rd war in Iraq,
immigration issues, Guantanamo bay still open, trillions of dollars in
debt, etc, etc and "LEGALIZE POT" is the main issue American's care about?

Author Vegren (3 days)
weed isnt perfectly safe but it is safer than cigarettes expecially when
smoked from a pot.

Author Matthew McConaughey (16 days)
Hey guys, long time actor and I'm kinda embarrassed to say this... But its
the internet so no one will know... But its been really bothering me lately
so I had to tell someone... I'm addicted to hearing... I hear all the
time.. Constantly, I've been addicted since I was born.. Its been really
getting out of hand! I also hear at work!y co workers are getting concerns
and i don't know how to handle it anymore.. Please help.

Author Breen Whitman (26 days)
Yeah but Marijuana is a springboard to worse crime. Bust the stoners and
you are stopping future crime. Sort of a crude Minority Report.

Author Shadowlit001 (7 days)
Make meth legal so all the morons can kill themselves with it.

Author Huai Bin Poh (3 months)
Nice! I've never thought of cannabis as a drug, and have been addicted to
smoking and injecting methamphetamine for over 7 years (5 years clean now).

Just wanted to point out that methamphetamine is legally prescribed in the
US for obesity and narcolepsy. It's called Desoxyn and comes in 5 mg
methamphetamine pills. I still think it has a high potential for abuse (God
knows I had a hard time getting off it and had to deal with a substitute
addiction of opiates after) and I don't mean to be a know-it-all but
methamphetamine is already legal with a prescription and has been for a
long time. Cheers!

Author Michael Caprarella (16 days)
Ummmmmm Methamphetamine IS legal by prescription for ADD/ADHD. Its a
Schedule II substance and the brand name pill Desoxyn has Meth in it!!!!!

Author Raevhaar (6 days)
Pot doesn`t make you paranoid? Uh.. k.

Author Nicko Thime (16 hours)
Both funny and true, but it misses the point.
Legalize them all.
You cannot regulate anything that is illegal and addicts don't turn
themselves in for jail sentences.

Author Totschläger (3 days)
Some assholes put battery acid in their weed. 

Author Steve S (15 days)
I'd rather have my kid smoke weed everyday of there life then fuck with
adderall and percocets lol.

Author Emily Deforest (22 days)
thought I could share this with you guys. 

Author Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (12 days)
My girlfriend's name is Marty Jane.

Author Mriley163 (22 days)
Fuck Crack meth herion all them Sick ass Drugs. Smoke Weed Good Side
Rest Full Sleep
Laughing and happiness
So Yeah Say Yes To Weed its harmless 

Author Ryan McAuliffe (14 days)
Soooo, where were the "facts"

Author Golden Qweef (22 days)
I'd decriminalize every fucking drug, from weed to heroin, from heroin to
bath salts, just like Portugal did.

Author Christopher Day (8 days)
if they did legalize meth. like who would just go out and do it, unless
they have already did it or are addicted to it, cuz i know i wouldnt just
say hey its legal now might as well try it. but actually now that im saying
that, im thinking about kids under like 14 and how they used to try
cigarets, so maybe that might not be so good, well actually i dont know,
anyway thats just a thought

Author Michael Caprarella (16 days)
Its not cuz they wanna control what in your body, its because your a danger
to society when your addicted to addictive substance (which weed is not)
and you may rob people and commit crimes for the drug. That is why. Its the
few who ruin it for everyone else

Author Samantha Precious (2 days)
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video: lol this debate is so true

Author 1lovesoni (18 days)
Not saying street drugs are ever a good idea, but methamphetamine has been
used medically for nearly 100 years. It's still prescribed under the name
desoxyn, which is pure racemic meth. This video is somewhat incorrect, how
can you argue the safety and responsible use of one substance while trying
ot demonize another. The problem with addicts has to do with the person,
not the substance.

Author TheSonnyworld (24 days)
Marijuana makes you dumb down so the government can control you.

Author Cameron Taylor (7 days)
The funny thing is, Meth is more legal than marijuana and a doctor can
prescribe Meth. Look it up. And I do think all drugs should be
decriminalized. Treat the addicts like patients. Not criminals.

Author webbboy2006 (24 days)
Smoking anything can cause lung cancer..sure maybe not the marijuana itself
but inhaling any foreign substance into your lungs will obviously do
damage. Has anyone died from smoking a regular joint? Maybe not but after
they've smoked thousands over the course of several years you would have to
be ignorant to think it wouldn't damage your lungs,throat,mouth.

Author david hagberg (5 days)
Weed be looking like a lv 10 pokemon

Author Gilbert Munoz (16 days)
The only down side on pot is it will give u cancer but any smoke tht goes
in it lungs can and weed is a plant and cigarettes have tar......fucking
tar and meth has battery acid.......fucking battery acid but weed is a
plant so ilegalize it and legalize cigarettes made out of tar.....btw meth
has battery acid u get my point?

Author Brendan Dobbyn (14 days)
marilize legajuana

Author Samuel Cright (1 month)
For those who don't know methamphetamine is still prescribed to people.
Don't believe me? Look up desoxyn.
In the past it was prescribed for depression and weight loss. Now it is
rarely prescribed and only to treat extreme cases of ADHD.

Author Max Suarez (19 days)
Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video:

Author Estelle Eyob (10 days)
Lol the weed guy is voiced by the guy from total drama island

Author PurplePunishment (29 days)
Drug addicts be cray

Author Fawaz_Kuwaiti (26 days)
typical Trevor Philips

Author aaron urias (20 days)
LOL but weed can still mess your life up no lie.

I smoke but it can makes people lazy and paranoid too.

Author Bryan Montalva (8 days)
Niggas be doctors and scientists when someone says something bad about

Author WashiestMilk11 (7 days)
you are aware that meth is legal in pill form correct? they give it to kids
for adhd..

Author Lurpeen Clarke (3 days)
So. Good. And. In joy. Self

Author Luke Leggat (23 days)
xD lol dont you find it funny all these potheads trying to legalize
DANGEROUS drugs for "medical" reasons... i just find it so fucking funny
that someone could think any of these drugs are good in any way... 

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