Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author fsffda (4 months)
methamphetamine is perscribable for adhd

Author Alec Schulz (4 months)
It is incredibly sad that people are actually supporting meth here.
Battery acid, you are literally snorting battery acid. Your teeth will
fall out, you will get addicted and will probably die. It is one of the
most addictive drugs out there and cannot just be used recreationally. I
am actually scared of the amount of people who like meth, that is just
fucking messed up. Using weed too much isn't good either, but at least its
a natural plant, and all it really does is relax you a little bit. If you
do meth, you're fucked up. If you dare respond and try to argue why meth
is better you should take a good look at yourself beforehand and look at
where it has taken you.

Author George Martinez (7 months)
This is called black propaganda. It's when you pretend to be on the
opponent's side and you do a bad job of arguing for them.
Granted I still think pot should be legal.

Author 'kæla k. (4 months)
one makes you skinny and one makes you fat. :)

Author ICEES good (5 months)
Before people bash Cannabis, please realize that while it may not be the
safest recreational thing to engage in, it has NOT killed anyone from
direct use. Alcohol alone kills 88,000 annually. Not including accidents. I
am against drug use and I still find legalization less harmful than

Author HamNediaj (4 months)
What are they talking about? Meth doesn't have any negative effects! It's
fun and actually good for you, it promotes motivation and mental well
being. Marijuana gives you lung cancer and makes you fat

Author lonercs (5 months)
Desoxyn is the prescription based trade name of the drug Methamphetaminem,
or Meth. It's used for ADHD, Obesity, and Narcolepsy. Meth is in fact, sold
legally in America. Way to fucking go.

Author Zack Casey (9 months)
Psst, Government.

Author Brandy Mofo (2 months)
See it's beautiful that we describe stoners as 'people who are
using/smoking marijuana"
And meth users as "people who are addicted to meth"
But the most ironic thing is, that people who are against marijuana for no
real reason can only talk shit about drugs, yet never tried them and knows
nothing about them only what they see in the tv/on the internet and only
can say it fucks our brains up while here we are discussing high

Author MrXelium (5 months)
No matter how much you vilify meth it doesn't change that cannabis IS a
drug that eventually fucks your brains if you overdo it. Pot smokers tend
to try to make you believe that it's harmful, well, it's not true.

Author Jack Patterson (6 months)
Smoke weed = Stay calm and relax. Smoke meth = Dead 

Author Andrew B (3 months)
Medical Meth exists. It's called Desoxyn It's a Methamphetamine
Hydrochloride pill used to treat ADD/ADHD. Pharmaceuticals are dangerous.

Author Zelix B (4 months)
I find it funny that people make all these fighting arguments defending or
slandering pot. I have never smoked it and I live in South CA. I have no
craving for it, I don't feel like I'm missing out because I never started.
"well people who smoke pot have x,y,z about them, and they are normal" Pot
is not normally in your system so it is stupid to say that you are normal
with that shit in you. If you never start you never have to pick a side and
just watch the idiots and laugh.

Author FreeCpRareAccounts1 (1 month)
I love seeing comments about how pot isn't "a gateway drug" and then every
single person that smokes pot l know after a few years tries stepping it up
to something like cocaine, aderall [sry4misspell], and xanax. 

Author Fred Wells (1 month)
All drugs should be legal, but not because they are necessarily good, hear
me out. Cocaine, diamorphine, methamphetamine, all these drugs are just
completely life destroying, but if they were legal, crime rates would drop,
the usage of these drugs would drop. There would also be no adulterants in
the drugs, meaning less death. When someone dies of using drugs, it is
usually due to a toxic filler used to increase weight, or even an
unintended chemical that got in there during the synthesis. Usually an drug
related death is not due to the drug itself. So basically legal drugs
equal: 1) less crime, 2) less drugs using, 3) good quality and no
adulterants, 4) taxes.

Author BadBoyDeGekste (2 months)
What is with the headband of mary J ? What does that mean?

Author 133tMinerXL (3 months)
Weed actually isn't a gateway drug...Most users of marijuana only use

Author Tomislav Zvonimir (3 months)
meth took a shit on the chair

Author JTMUSICCHANNEL (3 months)
Actually if they legalize other drugs less people would do them this has
been proven by other countries.

Author GeWiz Sosa (5 months)
Wow, the people who are laughing at how 'True' this is, have obviously
never done meth. Everyone gets on a diff buzz from weed. But Meth, you
don't act like that lol

Author Justin Brookman (4 months)
I do know that weed has lots of substances that are common in the human

Author Reddragon (2 months)
Noo!!! Nobody WANTS to go to a Fish concert!

Author Kayla Smith (6 months)
Fucking hilarious xD

Author Austin Squires (6 months)
We'll meth was right about the masons and CIA and stuff but no meth u suck
marijuana your awesome

Author Randall Davis (10 months)
This shit here is funny but true! Check it out!

Author spazzycat28 (1 month)
lol at all the people here. Weed is definitely better than meth, but your
life would really be better without them. Weed wouldn't be illegal in 49
states if it wasn't harmful in some way. If all it really did was chill you
out with no negative side effects, they wouldn't outlaw it for no reason. 

Author Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st (3 days)
There's a wide array of cannabis strains between Sativa and Indica, known
as "Hybrids," 70% Sativa 30% Indica are considered Sativa-dominant hybrids,
a cerebral and physically relaxing effect. 70% Indica 30% Sativa are
considered Indica-dominant hybrids, a pain suppressant/depressant with a
mental high, and 50% Indica, 50% Sativa are even-hybrids. Cannabis
metaphoric names correlate with its experience; such as taste, smell,
geographical location or its overall aesthetic appeal. A strain may be
called "Juicy-Fruit," attributed to smell and taste, "African-Juju,"
attributed to geographical location, while "Purple-Train-wreck" may be
attributed to experience and color aesthetics.

Author MrStreetballer5 (20 hours)
Lmaoo some kid from my school used this in a health presentation in class
it was the funniest shit I've ever seen.

Author VD Peruvian (2 days)
People, just don't do drugs. You don't want to turn into Miley Cyrus,

Author Bob Smith (10 days)
This video is true dont do drugs kids "gets out weed"

Author Bad Girl's Ball - Christina Jacquelyn Calph (1 month)
This is so funny. How did you do the animation? I would love to be able to
do stuff like this for my channel.

Author catnipmeowz (13 days)

Author Kanika Hunter (20 days)

Author saad abdul aziz (2 months)
damn right he won, i really hope kids don't try any thing else other then
weed, even cigerate is worse then any other drugs.

Author SirTokesAlot (1 month)
If everyone in the world got high off weed at the same time there would be
world peace for three hours

Author Hendo (6 months)

Author Seven Foot Pelican (5 months)

Author Zaynab binte Willie (9 months)
Funny but true!

Author saints jedi (2 months)
watching It high is funny, go mary jane ! ;)

Author Paul Driftmier (6 months)

Author MyEpikUsername (2 months)
master debaters lol

Author nicolewale888 (1 month)
That crystal meth needs some weed

Author TheFilipinoBoxer (7 months)
omg I work at safeway but I smoke pot. I feel offended

Author Federal Farmer (28 days)
And this boys and girls is why you shouldn't take drugs:

Clifford Fischer3 months ago

Omg nor Cocaine heroin grow on plants. Coca leafs are in cocaine poppy
plant have the opiates found in heroin. Still have to do shit chemically. 

Author Houston soomo (1 month)
I saw this video when I was 15 lol I'm now 18 

Author Hila Glam (4 months)
That's a masturdebate right there...

Author MCMXCVII (7 months)
Well, I thought my "friend" was weird and this video helped me understand
why, because he does the same exact things that crystal meth character. I
mean seriously, this is the guys guide he follows right here that's how on
point this video is.

Author K White (2 months)
It has to be TONIGHT!

Author Wesley Kephart (2 months)
People say mean on things on anything especially alcohol, if you die
without ever trying marijuana, which to this day has NOT killed a single
person, then i feel bad for you.

Author Nicholas Maharaj (3 months)
ha master debsting

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