Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Funny but true video

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Ok so this video uploaded for educational and non-profit purposes isn't owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. It is owned by Current.

I thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my subscribers.

The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc).

Enjoy ! Please check out our other videos too :)

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Author king wang ( ago)
Go pot

Author Sue dufzor ecentricbirdlady ( ago)
LOL, I got here from Afroman's updated Because I got high medical marajuana
retake to benefit Norml and Weedmaps!

Author Ko-wing wong ( ago)
everyone is a scientist

Author Alex Xander ( ago)
did i hear that?? no no.. its my heart.. (weed laughing) .. true LOL.. XD

Author Thomas Parga ( ago)
Weed is better

Author pa Boz ( ago)

Author Pj Valenzona ( ago)
weed is not a gateway drug I only smoke do I do cocaine no
I only smoke

Author Pj Valenzona ( ago)
so true

Author Jloliver II ( ago)
I love nothing more than master debating for 7 hours with my sister. She
lives to make gross ass noises while we both master debate each other. Ya. 

Author Dj bolt ( ago)

Author Luke Anderson ( ago)
both weed and meth should stay off the streets and be destroyed

Author His Only Queen ( ago)

Author Jake O'Dowd ( ago)
lol the marijuana dude looks like the fucking grinch

Author Beach life ( ago)
*Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth - Very Funny but True Video*
The video is trying to show in a humorous way, the difference between hard
drugs (meth, herion, crack, cocaine, speed, etc) and soft drugs (marijuana,
magic mushrooms, etc).

Author Diego Figueroa ( ago)
Im ten and ive smoked some ganga i got high

Author Alessia “jiggajaw” Aikley ( ago)
They should of at least been true to life and had the weed acting all
stoned out and slow.

Author AKIMBOASSASSIN67 ( ago)
Medical meth already exists...

Author americanplayer007 ( ago)
Fuck meth! i would not like to kill my self slowly with that poison💀💩

Author Kid Kilo ( ago)
😂😂😂 Mary wins again 

Author Flying Spider ( ago)
fun fact: cigs are more deadly than weed

Author Madden Player ( ago)
Trevor Phillips???

Author mike wasouski ( ago)
I'm addicted to jacking off I tell us hwat, I like to get my willy all
excited and I stuff a gram of uncrushed meth in my dickhole then I huff
propane and hold it in while furiously fapping I tell ya hwat

Author Nick Pastorino ( ago)
What is it with all these "marijuana is safe" campaigns? Marijuana is
really bad for your heart, decreases testosterone in men, causes anxiety
and depression when the high goes away. Of course, a person with nothing
going for them won't be bothered by these things.

Author DrDraye1 ( ago)
meth is aight if used in moderation

Author Nylah Neunie ( ago)


Author Tricate ( ago)
The two halves of jessie pinkman

Author Joe Menendez ( ago)
none of you know anything, legalising it would not be a good idea

Author SnortinMoundsOfCoco ( ago)
"Why not let grandma gack out on some tweak, you know?"

Author Moments ( ago)
is it wrong to watch videos related to marijuana and other drugs while
being high...??.

Author Dan R. at StepStudyBuddy.Com (945 years ago)

Author Spunkey Doodle ( ago)
Meth can be used to administer chemotherapy drugs to people with brain
cancer as it is the only known drug that brings down the blood brain

^ medical use.

Author Med ( ago)
Weed is safer than alcohol.

Author canna420 (951 year ago)
"The Big Bong Theory" T-shirt >>>

Author Brandon Kinnaman ( ago)
Stfu damn marijuana I love it it is a gateway drug to the fridge and snacks
but it affects everybody different
Has anybody ever died from it nope it doesn't kill like tobacco alcohol and
every other dumb drug
And it makes us chill god grew it 

Author JohnymackplaysMC ( ago)
Legalize pot!

Author Not Google ( ago)
Gack out on some tweek 

Author Isaiah Sanchez ( ago)
Weed is good for your health...don't do meth

Author OFFICIALness-_- ( ago)
Let's just say that both drugs are freaking stupid and lets say that God
made these plants and he made all elements for a good reason, humans chose
to abuse it, misuse it, mix it and make it into an evil thing. It's all for
money and a temporary feeling. It ruins your reputation if you think weed
doesn't mess up your brain it still makes you look stupid, meth is flat out
dumb and kills you.

Author Rolling Kneebar ( ago)
"Marijuana and crystal meth will masturbate about drugs..."

Author Cori “Trip-C” Petersen ( ago)
So this a long time ago, so funny! Medical meth dude, it's called Adderall.
No one recognizes that but oh well. LOL

Author alex rimal ( ago)
I am a Former Pot user out of NYC, im 28, Male & Let me tell you from when
I was about 13yrs old - 21 yrs old I smoked A SHIT TON of Weed, all day
everyday. I later went to College, Never went to Jail, Never been arrested
for Marijuana & I think we should legalize pot, it is the one Drug that is
CLOSEST TO BEING in a natural state, Think about it, ITS A FUCKING PLANT -
never seen anyone Die of Weed, I have seen bad trips (1st time usage) Never
a Death or serious injury from Weed. FUCKING LEGALIZE IT BITCH.

Author mite ( ago)

Author Christian Bublin ( ago)
there already is medical meth. It's labeled Desoxyn and is prescribed in
cases of extreme narcolepsy and ADHD

Author marisol hernandez ( ago)
To funny

Author Thomas Emard ( ago)
Do you have enough fucking annotations?


Author Rafael Rafi ( ago)
I came here from trying to do my homework at 1 am OH SHIT!

Author usantio ( ago)

Author EVAC CYPHER ( ago)
I got here from because I got high

Author tarrikk vanalstine ( ago)
Got here from Smoke Weed Everyday.

Author Atom Ant ( ago)
I know now that 'life' itself has to be the biggest intoxicant there is.
Forget drugs and booze, I sooo wanna get drunk on 'life' from here on out
simply because it's the only thang left for me to do really!
But saying that Mary Jane doesn't help at all would make me a proper
hypocrite and an ingrate!

Author Shirk official ( ago)
This should be on a comedy TV show!!!

Author James Eckard ( ago)
Same lol

Author Gatling Paul (757 years ago)
Wait what were we talking about? 

Author shanetheclassic (1891 year ago)
Adderall is amphetamine salts, and gives a very similar high compared to
Methamphetamine in higher doses.

Author king magnus ( ago)

Author Salt and pepper ( ago)
Yall say 5hat whsjsj

Author Nicholas Awesomepants ( ago)
1:33 is canibilism

Author Pain Mills ( ago)
molly, dmt, lsd and lsd for sale Contact Text 9896655430 email ausexco

Author Pagan Min ( ago)
weed wins

Author Poodleinacan ( ago)
And then alcohol comes in and starts to talk to and talk and talk to
them.... And then snoozes off.

Author nightsongs1970 ( ago)
Soooooo crystal meth is like some gross old toenail?

Author Harrison Scott ( ago)
Everyone, Master-debate to Weed/Marajabuabna

Author Straycat009 ( ago)
I never thought a person could have a tooth fall out and try to maintain a
conversation in real life. That was until I saw it first hand at work,
during training. Mid-sentence an exceptionally talkative gentleman, with
the tell tale signs of past addiction paused and said, "Oh damn. I think
one of my teeth just came out." The entire room just stared at him. xD

Author AlcatrazSniper ( ago)
Anyone here miss Super News?

Author Daniel Huang ( ago)

Author David Jackson ( ago)
What exactly was the original post?

Author Slim Joint ( ago)
A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of
marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.

Silly video but true.


#mmj #medicalmarijuana #marijuana #marijuanalegalization #cannabis
#cannabiscommunity #AZmedicalmarijuana #azdispensaries 

Author Mariah Gaudet ( ago)
Why do pot smokers continue to insist that weed isn't a drug? It is. And
not that I'm going against pot smokers considering I am one myself but at
least I'm a little more smart than the rest of you pot smokers. Everyone
repeat this with me: WEED IS A DRUG. Get it through your head. Yes, it is a
GREAT drug with MANY rewarding and positive side effects, but none the
less, it is still a drug. Marijuana has psychoactive properties therefor,
it is a drug, SURPRISE. Look it up please and at least attempt to gain some
knowledge before you strut around stating untrue facts. Thanks love you

Author effkanurr ( ago)
Why aren't all drugs legal? People should be able to do whatever drugs they

Author Sol arFlare ( ago)
legalize meth

Author Around the world foods and Things ( ago)

Author Logan Cracraft ( ago)
Well if my choices are going to a Phish concert or sucking dick in a truck
stop restroom, I think I'll just stick to snorting coke off a hooker's ass.

Author Dockomocko Pocko ( ago)
How is there a good drug or bad drug? It is still a drug. Anything could be
a drug. Which is anything that alters the natural state of mind. Hell,
cheeseburgers can be called a drug, make that illegal and see how well that
works out for ya

Author TheLast2nd ( ago)
Kinda sucks that most jobs drug test, when you consider that weed stays in
your system for about 4 weeks, and other drugs usually take a few days, so
you're being punished for smoking herbal medicine that has WAAAYYYYY too
many health and psychoactive benefits to be considered anything less than a
harmless miracle drug, as opposed to meth, crack, heroin, all that good ol'
life-ruinin shit.

Author tedyboi jackson ( ago)
Pot won pots great crack sucks truckie cock in the tolite

Author kilura icivora ( ago)
"Weed is a gate way drug, it leads to other things" they said.
yeah....mostly junk food

Author Urban Greenhouse Dispensary ( ago)
A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of
marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.

Silly video but true.


#mmj #medicalmarijuana #marijuana #marijuanalegalization #cannabis
#cannabiscommunity #AZmedicalmarijuana #azdispensaries 

Author GamingGuider (131 year ago)
It's funny because master debate sounds like masturbate. Did you get it?
Guys did you catch that one? If I say it again will you catch it? 3, 2, 1,

This is what I imagine the person who made this video said to themselves.

Author Brian Briu ( ago)
Legalize every drug and let darwinism do it's job. :)

Author Loretta Naranjo ( ago)
Mary j is the best then all others that kill u 

Author Desiree Andrews (51 year ago)
this is hilarious

Author Austin Williams ( ago)

Author Kylie Webster ( ago)
Holy dam!!! That was the one of the funniest and realist cartoons I've
seen. Lmao. I used to enjoy meth, but I grew up and realised how much that
shit can effect your life. I love my weed always have. I mean weed most
certainly fucked me up, don't get me wrong, but it don't have a hold of me
no where near as much. I'd be sad to never be able to get stoned again. Any
way that's me vs Ben my partner in this clip for shore. Lol.

Author Kirk Mines ( ago)
weed won i have 3 votes for weed me my mom and dad

Author raptor4211 ( ago)
Well if it wasn't for meth, breaking bad would suck.

Author Space underground ( ago)
I'd rather be lazy instead of being ugly or having a cancer or with death
brain cells or near death.

Author Spider Mastermind ( ago)
Dr. Greenthumb video gave me a referral ;)

Author Andrew Getsinger ( ago)
I am the only Pearson who noticed it's the guy for total drama island lol

Author Javier Ruiz ( ago)
that is funny

Author bleedingminds ( ago)
meth actually cures the common cold so i dont know why they didnt do more
research for this crap

Author mike nichols ( ago)

Author Tenzin Tsephel ( ago)

Author Michael “Myke” Caprarella ( ago)
Not true because methamphetamine pills are legal with script. Pot wasnt u
till recently only in certain states

Author Pagan Min (178 years ago)
harmless drug which cures 10 deceases vs a harmful toxic drug which has no
benfits what so ever

Author meme lane ( ago)

Author corwin11412 ( ago)
I smoke pot, but I can tell you that the lungs were never intended to have
smoke in them. Cannabis smoke contains CO (Carbon Monoxide), and is also
very hot; over 300 degrees F. In theory, it probably isn't great on the
lungs in the long term due to chronic pulmonary irritation and swelling
from the heat and toxin, as apposed to acute damage from smoke from a house
fire. Yes smoke from a house fire is way different from pot smoke, i.e.
burning furniture etc. But at the end of the day, smoke is smoke. Trust me,
none of that will make me not smoke pot, but the argument that smoking weed
is 100% harmless is still up for debate. If you want to play it safe, just
eat edibles or use a vapor.

Author John Paul Gerard cutillar ( ago)
Presenting the Masterbaters

Author interQctoad ( ago)
Weed actually makes me paranoid at times .... I guess smoking 3 bowls with
0 tolerence is not the thing to do ... But oh well , it is some great
experience still.

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