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Author The Silhouette (3 months)
Lahat ata ng budget sa palabas na iyan pinambili ng sigarilyo XD

Author 倪舟 (1 month)
hello Philippines... this is very nice song... my Filipino friend highly
recommended for me to listen... MABUHAY!!!

Author richard luzon (1 month)
sana ibAlik ang gantoNg mOvie at mga lumang artista

Author john joshua sarmiento (28 days)
Ang tahimik dati ng tondo!

Author john joshua sarmiento (28 days)
Alam ko si asiong dati malapit sa tutuban!

Author LaLaLavs (3 months)
Miss ko na mga kalesa :)

Author Sherrylyn Bonagua (2 months)

Author GODZILLA (5 months)
hayoooooop sa astig

Author heidi feliciano (2 months)
Idol kita

Author Isipang Magaslaw (5 months)
Sana next time si Leonardo Manicio aka Nardong Putik. I mean the real one
ha, hindi yung gawa gawa ni Ramon Revilla. Yun talagang legendary na
gangster but Robin Hood nagbibigay sa mahihirap. He experienced the
corruption of the government when his father (political figure) was killed
due to his political duties

Author Catherine Samonte (3 months)

Author The Silhouette (3 months)
Di ko na mabilang sigarilyo ang nandyan sa movie na yan XD

Author Jhonjhon Cadungon (1 month)
kaw n ung manila kingpin.....

Author conchita nino (5 months)

Author eivann sabdani (6 months)
astig nto !!!!

Author nipols (5 months)
Hari ng mungo.

Author Angel Papal (1 month)

Author bhokz bueno (2 months)

Author mohammed uddin (7 months)
Philippine's Robin Hood

Author shaunky mode (5 months)

Author kent sague (1 month)

Author Roger Broso (2 months)
this is the senond favorite song
first is kunwari

Author johnpaul cumayas (11 months)
proud to be batang tundo :))

Author christian de mesa (9 months)

Author Khalid Saif (9 months)
This is legend, the kinpin of Tondo is now a history

Author Nax Gunnacao (11 months)
I Salute You ! Nicanor "Asiong" Salonga !

Author ernanv24 (9 months)
Hari lang ng tundo?? Si mang kanor hari ng luzon pinaka mabagsik si
bulalord hari ng pinas

Author Turz Abad (11 months)

Author The Enlightener101 (1 year)
Kalesa Shooting?! o-o Awesome idea!

Author Adrian Patrick (8 months)
great song, great movie 

Author jayson cabanlit (8 months)

Author Anisha Mona (8 months)
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee love it

Author Ethan Gabumpa (10 months)
Filipino Al Capone!

Author arcHie magno (10 months)
kung buhay pa si Asiong wala ng nagdodrogang gangster sa Tondo lahat limas

Author Jefferson Inoc (7 months)
Insha Allah.. Magbalik Islam ka...

Author Angelo Cruz (6 months)
Protektado ka ni Asiong!

Author Menandro Fruto (9 months)
lupet astig

Author Jordan Elvena (8 months)

Author maui solis (10 months)
e2 p isa para s mga taga tondo 2...

Author Matthew Penalosa (7 months)
1 like=1respect for the manila kingpin

Author J. Cruz (10 months)
This is legendary. I hope there will be more of this than the stereotypical
and imitated crap they introduce the modern media with. 

Author Jeanne San Juan (10 months)
gangsta fo lyf

Author johnchriseve ongco (5 months)
Ganda ng Rap ^_^ 

Author BASTI LUSTERIO (9 months)

Author cax catolico (9 months)

Author metallicats (10 months)
asiong aksaya haha

Author Patricia Lorenzo (8 months)

Author Perry the Platypus (9 months)
the manila kingpin was an EPIC film, as well as the song :D 

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