How to Build a Fish Pond and Stream / Cascade - Complete pond building video by Pondguru

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This is a compilation video of a 4 part series I uploaded a while back showing every stage of building and explaining how to build a pond for fish. It shows all the various steps taken to make a fish pond which is safe and accessible..
I have also uploaded a complete video of a school wildlife pond with dipping platform and hibernaculum - it also shows all stages of construction..
In this fish pond video, the start of each section is at the following time:
0:06 Digging the hole and laying the underlay / liner
7:44 Installing the cascade
24:02 Installing the edging, pump and filter
36:16 Rockery and finished pond with pump and filter details
45:32 Out-takes
Pump is Oase Aquamax Eco 8000 and the filter is an Oase Filtoclear 30000.
Liner is 1mm Firestone rubber.
Underlay is 300g / sq.m polyester underlay.
The design of this pond allows for good access and different positioning of the pump for winter and summer positions.
Check out my pond construction playlist for pond building guides covering many different types of ponds including wildlife ponds. fish ponds and koi ponds.
Thanks for watching. for pond construction

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Author J Aaron-Alexis ( ago)
Awesome babe. The best pond building video I have watched. Truly detailed
and informative. Can't wait to watch more. You should be paid for
endorsements on the pumps and filters you use. I know I will be using them.
Have a lot of work to do on my property and think you will be a wealth of
information and education.

Author Robert Gould Jr. ( ago)
Doesn't sandstone slowly breakdown? I would assume even quicker used in a
cascade... Seems like it would make sedement in water after awhile. No?

Author peter north ( ago)
Brilliant-the best DIY video ever. thanks

Author doh1959 ( ago)
i am setting out to create a waterfall and concealed sump so no danger of
our grandson falling in the pond. this video is by far the best illustrated
pond and waterfall video i have found on the internet thanks for posting

Author Debby Wiggins ( ago)
thank you for the wonderful demonstration- I have a medium Koi pond that I
dug over four summers and the fish have outgrown it- we are going to dig a
footer for a new porch and dig another pond to join the old one- your video
will be much help!

Author tazan (375 years ago)

Author tazan (434 years ago)

Author Vijay Rajput ( ago)
amazing...I wonder whether I should attempt this myself......unless you
fancy coming down to Reading mr pond guru

Author Richard Habicher ( ago)
When can we expect to see the final result?

Author Richard Habicher ( ago)
This is way beyond the best from USA or anywhere else. I watched it and
learned so much! You have the filter outside, is that better than inside
the pond. Mine is in the water and leads to UV lamp and return. I like your
instructions and You are the best!

Author chaitanya krishnan ( ago)
brilliant, was looking for something this detailed.

Author bilal azhar ( ago)
Hi, this video inspired me to build a pond in my garden, its work in
progress. I have done the digging just wanting some advice about the pond
liner best place to get it and if i should put an underlay as i have a lot
of roots. your helpful video is much appreciated. I am in middlesbrough is
there any way to contact you.

Author 00seef ( ago)
thank you very nice

Author Mateo Jara ( ago)
+Pondguru Outdoors about how much did this project cast

Author Pondguru Outdoors (927 years ago)
+Danielle Vandel (Dani)
I haven't heard of TPO before but white doesn't stay white for long in a
pond as algae will soon turn it browny green.

Author Forest Exotics ( ago)
Where do I get the polyester underlay from?

Author David Allen ( ago)
Great cascade pond if mines half as good as yours i`ll be happy,thanks for
the advice & knowhow pondguru.

Author Alan Fenwick ( ago)
How much would a pond like this cost approx.

Author Kenly Wu (95 years ago)
Thx I am currently digging out my pond. After I will put my underlayment
and liner in the pond. Did u put any soil, sand, or rocks on top of
your liner or did u just leave it empty.

Author shayne chhieng (1576 years ago)
Great video...thanks

Author Pondguru Outdoors ( ago)
+Kenly Wu
Details in video description.

Author Kenly Wu ( ago)
what was the underlay - black and liner - white that you lay on the pond
after digging called. Do you have a link or the name of both that you
brought. I plan on building a pond myself. Thx.

Author sfbluestar ( ago)
1. What does the liners do?
2. How long does the liner last?

Author Wayne Laws ( ago)
Prize 2 please

Author verytree66 ( ago)
Hi , may sound a bit mad but im making a pool in the garden, but for us to
swim/laze around in. would the pond pump/filter you use be suitable for
that? Its about the same size as this pond... we are only using pond liner
and underlay as the base.

Author Bill Magee ( ago)
he finished product looks great, but a lot of hard work. well presented.

Author janet fahey ( ago)
Awesome, very detailed, educational and an incredible realistic recreation
of nature! The guy is an artist of life!

Author Pondguru Outdoors ( ago)
+Stephen Studley It is Oase (German make) - details of pump and filter in
video description (click 'show more'). I think there are a few dealers in
US but don't know their names unfortunately.

Author Stephen Studley ( ago)
Nice video - I would like to find that pump and UV filter system in the US.
I can't quite make out the name. Is it awazzi? Kind regards!

Author Bessen Kuruvilla Philip ( ago)
Dear Pond Guru, While I started digging the pond, I realized that the soil
in our area is not that hard as its like sand so that I am wondering if
there is chance for the pond side will collide as it wouldn't stand that
hard? Please advice, also is there any method to prevent reptiles entering
the pond and for the safety of fishes. Thanks :)

Author David Morell ( ago)
What type of pump is that 

Author AnImAL RaNdOms (1064 years ago)
can you please tell me more about how to take care of fishes.I am new in
i have added one video you can check n tell me my next step

Author Houssam Elfarran ( ago)

Author Bluemarlin61 ( ago)
Hi Pondguru
What a great range of shows :-) I moved in to an old farm house with a
very large 3ft deep wildlife pond with no liner. About 2ft water when full
in winter and 1ft silt, with a clay base. But already empty in June and we
are looking a pure silt. We love it but had always planned to give it a
proper make over. But its as its so big, I'm going to use your vid as a
basis for making a series on small ponds.I expect it will take years, but
lets see. I have a skip arriving this Friday will some willing helpers to
make a start. I just wondered if you could give some advice on where/how to
get the sandstones etc. I know you mentioned 'Quarry'. Loads of on-line
options but I can see from your show, the importance of fairly uniform
'flat' and 'one good straight side' stones, so i guess you go and select
them yourself? Thanks again for all your advice :-)

Author GRAYCE ANN ( ago)
Awesome video! I will definitely refer to this video when I create my
stream. Thanks!

Author Barry Yarwood ( ago)
Thanks for the video, I was only looking for a simple garden feature video
but came across yours, absolutely fantastic so much detail and time to
explain everything ,it is nice to see someone who is passionate about their
work let alone share it, keep up the good work and thanks again

Author Patricia Jackson ( ago)
Very informational... Yours by far best I have seen... I'm in the process
of building mine. I have learned so much.. Thank you!!!

Author carol borthwick ( ago)
Wish I had you to finish my pond off,your is beautiful...I can not get my
pond water to stay clean it's alway green..

Author Stephen Booth ( ago)
excellent...inspired me to make use of my filtration system and build a
waterfall into my existing pond...time will tell

Author A Benedetti ( ago)
This video was extremely helpful.

Author Stephan Greenwood ( ago)
Very nice,,thanks for sharing

Author Michael “Moses” Hammer ( ago)
nice video. i want a pond and think i can do it now. thank you.

Author RJ Umhoefer ( ago)
im glad that someone finally explains how to do it step by step instead of
telling you dig a circle then fill it up with water. great vidd!!

Author Lance Vaut ( ago)
Just watched the entire video. Brilliant! I really can appreciate your
attention to detail. I want to build a circulating stream like creek that
steps down like 1 foot to 6 foot with fish such as catfish, bass, sunfish,
ect...I know you can not give exact prices. However, can you ball park a
price of what an oasis like the one you put together here would cost.
Obviously using the durable equipment and stone you recommended. I do not
want to start something I can not finish. I see how it complicated your
project a bit. So perhaps I could find a pro that I could work with and do
some of the work such as labor ect....can you give me an over all dollar
amount labor, equipment, stone, cement, and landscaping. Thanks man! I'm
subscribed now. 

Author Leidson Costa ( ago)
tks for sharing such a good work! one day I might follow your steps :)

Author Javier F ( ago)
Very profesional job, well done

Author Zanzubaa1 ( ago)
I have watched plenty of pond guide videos and you put most of them to
shame. I leard alot so thank you.

It is obvious you are good at what you do. A good mix of not caring about
getting your hands dirty and an eye for the artisic stuff with the rocks. I
like you are accomodating to the critters as well =p

You also highlighted for me the need for good quality materials. It really
shows in the end result.

Author derpfrog ( ago)
great looking pond! probably looks better now with all the plant growth !

Author Greta Donahue ( ago)
could you do a video of how to raise fish in garden ponds?

Author Azam Merza ( ago)
Hi pond guru! Love your vids I had questions regarding the concrete
setting. What is the process for mixing the concrete you said 6 parts
concrete for 1 part water right so then for the edge stones you lay it down
then lay the edge stone down on it? What about the curing process? How does
that work?

Author Bessen Kuruvilla Philip ( ago)
Thank you very much for this vid..I have some doubts (may be stupid) will
it like if the water overflows the pond say if its raining..we need to
drain using that german pump?
Also wouldn't the fish be eaten by birds as the pond is open?

Author Rafaqat Bhatti ( ago)
Great bro.
Thats best effort u had done. 

Author scfc mighty potters ( ago)
What size pipe are you using 50mm?.if I were to use the 40 mm pipe would it
slow the flow of water down the cascade?

Author Pondguru Outdoors ( ago)
+Kingsley Evering No worries, thanks for watching and appreciating the

Author Kingsley Evering ( ago)
This is a very educational video. I will be using this as a guide to build
Thanks alot.

Author JamesCrowonline ( ago)
that was great, thanks for sharing it with us.

Author TheRedRider100 ( ago)
Is it roofing underlay?

Author TheRedRider100 ( ago)
What material is the underlay made up of and what was the length and width
of the liner used?

Author M Wilson ( ago)
Very Cool Thank you!!

Author M Wilson ( ago)
Thanks for the prompt reply and the info. Think I going just put rocks on
the first shelf .One last question do you use any treatments for algae?
Most of the people I know who don't have rock covered liners don't have to
thanks again!

Author M Wilson ( ago)
Watched dozens of videos. This is the best I've seen. Every other video
uses traditional pumps and filters. Thank god they sell Oase filters and
pumps in the US. They ain't cheap but you get what you pay for. Don't know
why you would use anything else. Hey Pondguru just wondering if you tried
the Oase skimmer that sits on a stand in the pond as opposed to being
buried like traditional ones? Also what's your opinion on covering entire
liner in rocks I've heard mixed opinions. Thanks

Author Jackie Graves ( ago)
How did you hide the filter? It's still sticking out of the ground at the
end of the last video.

Author David Fearing ( ago)
ive a prob cud do wiv sum help nebody ,my prob is my pond is higher thean
my stream how do I get the water to go up from sream to pond ,scratchin my

Author Christy Nichols ( ago)
What kind of mortar are you using here? And does it affect your ph?

Author Edu Gr ( ago)
quiero un bomba de esas.. cual es el precio

Author Ron Grace ( ago)
Very instructive and not to heavy video to watch,my question is , will the
sand&cement motar mix for securing the cascade and edgeing stones,not leach
into the pond and effect the fish

Author Samuel Smith ( ago)
Very Nice. I wish you were in Columbus Ohio.

Author NomolosUK ( ago)
It would have been nice to see this mature, good job and something to
aspire to.

Author bec smith ( ago)
Is there a way to make the water from the pond go up a tube or something to
go down the stream again so it just keeps going

Author airgead ( ago)
Fantastic video. I've been scouring the internet trying to find some hints
and tips for the pond and cascade I have in my head and this is it! You've
made the cascade very naturally for the site it is located in and I love
the way you've broken up the edge of the pond with the couple of rocks and
cobbles. This has been a great help, thanks so much, I'll be watching a
few more times to try to take it all in!!

Author Kitty Smallwood ( ago)
im working on a deep river in my back yard but i havent seen any one else
doing it

Author boerboel313 ( ago)
What type of underlay do you use that can be heated and sealed with a

Author David Carlisle ( ago)
i have a question i was told cement can mess the liner up is the true or

Author Pondguy eh ( ago)
Hey Pondguru…Great pond and spillway. I was wondering if you have had any
issues with string algae growing with all the cement used. Im on the west
coast of Canada and most of our ponds with cement in them really start
producing a lot of string algae. Any thoughts?

Author LowTech Tank ( ago)
my dream project! will be doing this someday.

Author Amanda Ellis ( ago)
the cascade is amazing as is the rest of the pond, given me some great
ideas :)

Author Chris Miller ( ago)
awesome video mate! very inspiring and a fantastic looking pond.

Author Ian Lazarus ( ago)
Perfect, Thanks.

Author Ian Lazarus ( ago)
I'm Canadian. Thank you that was helpful. I think I can calculate the flow
rate I'll need. and get the appropriate pump solution.

Author Ian Lazarus ( ago)
Thank you for the very informative video. I'm a sculptor and I will be
creating a natural back yard environment soon. There will be a fairly small
water feature with a water catch (pond) area no bigger than 4' wide by 8'
long with a depth of 18". There will be a small cascade dropping only about
two feet over a couple of flat stone layers. Could you suggest the pump and
filter size? Also are there solar pump systems solutions that you could

Author Joseph Valente ( ago)
I am in Quebec Canada, will the cement not crack in these cold temperatue
-30 C. some people use foam injection I believe. What say you Thank you

Author George Palaq ( ago)
hi, I have a question for pond liners is it better to have a full liners or
paste smaller liners together I need a 30x50 size and I keep finding
smaller sizes at my local store Im not sure if pasting smaller liners is a
good idea though? or do-able?

Author Samantha Monaghan ( ago)
That's absolutely amazing! Very inspiring! Thanks so much!

Author Dennys Afanou ( ago)
This is great!!!!!!!!!!!! Please I would like to build the same in my
backyard, I will appreciate if you assist with coach or referral to a pond
building company in Houston/Richmond Area in Texas.

Author craig thompson ( ago)
Could you tell us what size diameter was the pip or hose you used from the
pump to the filter and then up to the top of the cascade. Great job by the

Author CEFishEssentials ( ago)
Really insightful, thanks!

Author dvl327 ( ago)
Excellent job! Great video.
Thanks for posting.

Author brian k ( ago)
Hello great video iv been thinking of digging my own small pond and was
wondering what size liner would be used for a 12 x 20 and 5 feet at its
deepest point and would this size pond support a small bream and crappie
population with various other wildlife?

Author Miles Copeland ( ago)
How effective would limestone be for the edging stones around a pond?

Author Louise Taube ( ago)
Amazing! Love the accent. :)

Author Jojo Cruz ( ago)
Awesome video. I'm planning on building a tiny koi pond. Unfortunately,
the only space I have is next to a tree that has tiny leaves. Will a
good filter be able to catch most of the tiny leaves or would I have to
constantly remove them myself? Also, how do you prevent rain water from
seeping underneath the liner and underlayment material?

Author Thomas Burke ( ago)
hi pondguru, i recently bought a house and inherited a 700 gallon pond with
it, could you recommend a pump and filter for such a pond? 

Author rameish allwood ( ago)
This is awesome. 

Author essentially kim ( ago)
That's gorgeous! I'd love to see it with all the plants grown in.

Author jaya lakshmi ( ago)
I uncovered understanding it. I require to read progressively on this
topic…i am respecting the time and venture you put in your website, 

Author aviansoul ( ago)
Awesome job man!

Author themagikarpbonslymaster19 ( ago)
nice swag on the beenie hat lol

Author Glen Baker ( ago)
How do you make the concrete safe for fish, so you don't get any chemicals
leaching out and poisoning them ?

Author Tan Desmond ( ago)

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