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Author Pondguru Outdoors (6 days)
+Kingsley Evering No worries, thanks for watching and appreciating the

Author TheRedRider100 (8 days)
Is it roofing underlay?

Author Pondguru Outdoors (3 months)
+Alex Paulsen Yeah, that's about right, man.

Author Kingsley Evering (6 days)
This is a very educational video. I will be using this as a guide to build
Thanks alot.

Author Lowtech Tank (1 month)
my dream project! will be doing this someday.

Author Rafaqat Bhatti (3 days)
Great bro.
Thats best effort u had done. 

Author gab gab (3 months)
hi, what is the size of the pond? ( Length, Wide ,Volum ) . Thanks

Author Kitty Smallwood (29 days)
im working on a deep river in my back yard but i havent seen any one else
doing it

Author Samuel Smith (23 days)
Very Nice. I wish you were in Columbus Ohio.

Author TheRedRider100 (8 days)
What material is the underlay made up of and what was the length and width
of the liner used?

Author Ian Lazarus (1 month)
Perfect, Thanks.

Author Bessen Kuruvilla Philip (10 hours)
Thank you very much for this vid..I have some doubts (may be stupid) will
it like if the water overflows the pond say if its raining..we need to
drain using that german pump?
Also wouldn't the fish be eaten by birds as the pond is open?

Author JamesCrowonline (6 days)
that was great, thanks for sharing it with us.

Author NomolosUK (26 days)
It would have been nice to see this mature, good job and something to
aspire to.

Author CEFishEssentials (1 month)
Really insightful, thanks!

Author Pramod Kumar (5 months)
i am simply in awe! you are so passionate bout what you do.

Author M Wilson (13 days)
Very Cool Thank you!!

Author Kristi Aljay (3 months)
I've been in the United States but I'm wondering how much you would charge
to come do this to my house in the future

Author kev44rob (5 months)
Fantastic video mate! Just bought a place with a small pond and the liner
is leaking somewhere. And there are too many fish so I've decided to
enlarge it by a third. No idea what I'm doing really but your video is a
great guide!
Cheers, Kev

Author IrishKitty1024 (5 months)
What country do you live in? I'm in the U.S. Just curious over your accent.

Author Eazy LNova (3 months)
Buay weh u from? You accent sound like Belizean or Jamaican man. Nice video

Author Edu Gr (20 days)
quiero un bomba de esas.. cual es el precio

Author Amanda Ellis (1 month)
the cascade is amazing as is the rest of the pond, given me some great
ideas :)

Author Alex Paulsen (3 months)
If you live in the UK, digging a hole is unnecessary. Just wait for a
typical "English Summer" and the fish will have plenty of puddles to swim

Author Theo Tsalamandris (4 months)
Thanks for posting this video. It was a real pleasure to watch. You are an
artist, who really loves what they do. Just a quick question from all the
way in Australia. You used a pump with an 8 thousand litre flow, how big
was the pond itself in terms of litres? I ask as I have built a pond
myself recently that is approximately 15000 litres in capacity and am
searching for the right sized pump.

Author Bill Brice (10 months)
I was building ponds in the early 90's, and I must say without a doubt.
This is the best how to build a pond video out there. You are a fantastic
teacher and your attention to detail is a great asset. If anyone wants to
know how to DIY a pond watch and watch again. Thank you for your knowledge.

Author rameish allwood (2 months)
This is awesome. 

Author bec smith (27 days)
Is there a way to make the water from the pond go up a tube or something to
go down the stream again so it just keeps going

Author Wisdom Opara (5 months)
what if you decided to leave the ground without puting leader under it. i
mean the ground with only sand

Author Gabriel L (6 months)
Great video. I really enjoyed watching and learned a lot. I was just
wondering what you would use to automatically keep the level of the water
at the desired height. I just want the water feature and not thinking of
having any fish in the pond. It's more just a cascading water feature.
Thanks again for the great advise.

Author NASIR SHENWARI (4 months)
i loved it the way you build the pond

Author aviansoul (2 months)
Awesome job man!

Author Houkou101931 (6 months)
Hi, at 12:25, what is the material you used to fix the rocks on waterfall?
is maybe clay? ...if yes, how did you work it?....mix with water to make it
more soft and workable?

Author Kevin Butters (7 months)
hi pond dude
great video . I am currently building something very similar and have also
cemented the large stone on the top shelf. will the cement cause the fish
any problems were it submerged in water.

Author Jimmie Kendrick (4 months)
very nice and informative.

Author Rebecca Kena (5 months)
awesome job mate you made the job look easy awesome

Author ONG CHUAN HOCK (4 months)

Author Bernadette LaBarr (6 months)
Great instruction, very knowledgable and well spoken. Succinct not a lot of
extra jibber jabber that confuses. Easy on the ears. ( the eyes too ;-) )
Like the out takes also!

Author airgead (27 days)
Fantastic video. I've been scouring the internet trying to find some hints
and tips for the pond and cascade I have in my head and this is it! You've
made the cascade very naturally for the site it is located in and I love
the way you've broken up the edge of the pond with the couple of rocks and
cobbles. This has been a great help, thanks so much, I'll be watching a
few more times to try to take it all in!!

Author SoldierDemps (5 months)
Heyy, how much would it cost in Materials to build a pond what looks
similar to this but just as a decorative piece with no need for fish?

Author Ruth Colledge (6 months)
What a very informative video, such a lot of thought and work gone into
both the construction of the pond and of making the video... Thank-you.
My Husband and I built a pond in our back garden 8 years ago not
considering that our neighbours newly planted twisted willow sapling would
grow into a large tree it is today. Consequently we have a fight on our
hands with the leaves that it sheds each autumn. Would the answer be a
pond skimmer, if so what size would we need. Our pond holds 16,000 ltrs
water. Its wide, irregular shape means putting a net over would be very
difficult as would removing the dropped leaves.
We recently noticed a large hole in the butyl lining (looks like vermin has
eaten at it!!) It is on the higher shelf so was easy for my Husband to
stick some spare lining onto it. Unfortunately the patch became unstuck
despite using special pond lining adhesive so we keep the water level below
this patch but would appreciate any advice as to the best type of adhesive
to use so we can fill our pond up completely.
Thank-you for reading this

Author Ekram Razaq (4 months)
I have a hozelock bioforce 9000 and I am about to build my pond. I have
lost the hosetail fittings. Do you know what size is required to attach to
this filter and also what's the best hose to use to connect this all
together thanks! 

Author Dorothy Woodfin (7 months)
We are trying to build a cascading waterfall with a 7-8 foot drop into a
small pond in our back yard. Can you advise as to what size pump, type of
tubing that leads from pond back to top of fall, filter, etc. Would
appreciate your advise. Thanks

Author dawei53 (4 months)
I've enjoyed your video so I''m sorry if I'm asking a question you've
already answered. Doesn't the submerged cement/mortar allow lime to leach
into the water and harm the fish? Do you seal it in some way?

Author dvl327 (1 month)
Excellent job! Great video.
Thanks for posting.

Author rees roberts (4 months)
Guy is wicked fp 😊

Author Jason Dickson (6 months)
Does the cement effect the water chemistry? 

Author Ally Connery (8 months)
Thanky ou so much for doing your video.... yes you are an awesome
teacher... i have learnt some essential points to building a successful
pond... wicked....... awesome......... you are great..... thank you ally nz

Author Oliver Thornton (6 months)
Great video...

Author scfc mighty potters (5 days)
What size pipe are you using 50mm?.if I were to use the 40 mm pipe would it
slow the flow of water down the cascade?

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