adoro te devote

adoro te devote, gregorian chant Danilo Pagotto
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Im the singer, I was religious of simple vows of the institute Toca de Assis from Brazil. I work with sacred art

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Author John Bonn (1 month)

Author Ann E Borders (2 months)
Question: where are you? Fransiscans of *___________*? Thank you.

Author Roy Gleeson (9 days)
Moonies ;-)

Author Mons. Michel Joseph Pugin, OSB (3 months)
The chant is in Latin, not Portuguese, nor Spanish....

Author Jonny Dean Horacek (28 days)
Par excellence!

Author Jhonny Rivera (1 month)
disculpa que franciscanos son???

Author Richard Clifford (7 months)
And I wonder why the sign language interpreter is having trouble
translating the hymn.

Author Debbie Womack (1 month)
thank you. with all my heart.

Author KjoNiels (1 month)
You say "was a religious of simple vows". Does that mean you aren't

Author Croixcoeurmarie p.mariecharles (1 month)

Author Alex Hoffmann (2 months)

Author Eduardo Zavaleta Serina. (2 months)

Author KjoNiels (1 month)
I just fell in love with Christ again, and can see the brotherly love and
holiness St. Francis himself chased. This is awesome.

Author Antonius Kuntoro (3 months)
beautiful song

Author pangelinguagloriosi1 (3 months)

Author Lance Enad (7 months)
what kind of friars are these? what are they called? what is their
congregation/order called?

Author hno Víctor de San José (3 months)

Author Sebastian Lizak (4 months)
Co to za zakon franciszkański? Jaki to odłam? 

Author Steve Blanco (7 months)
Is'nt amazing you can trawl through YouTube and then come across such
wonderful chanting . I am an atheist but beautiful music like this blows me
away.They do look a devout bunch ,I hope they are all as peaceful and kind
as they look? If so then there's hope for us because when I look at the
Islamic bunch all I see is hate!

Author Christopher Hopwood (4 months)

Author spasjt (7 months)
You were the singer! Great job Danilo!

Such peace. Such devotion. Such things does the True Presence bring to
those who believe.

Author clara goyeneche (4 months)

Author emilia genoveva cano sandoval (4 months)

Author luz amparo fajardo (4 months)
Bendito sea nuestro DIOS Y SEÑOR; Benditos sean también todos los que
escuchen estos hermosos cantos, y quienes los interpretan...

Author Selma Lima (4 months)
Cadê o Altar de Nossso Senhor Jesus Cristo!!!!!! é triste ver essa mesa,
substituindo o altar do rito antigo. Perde-se muito.Mais o Hino eleva o
nosso espirito maravilhosso!!!!!!

Author manuel sequeira (4 months)

Author Anasta Romana (8 months)
who know where is this? first time i see such kind of fratres minores- with
such kind of habits and tonsure

Author Robert Mokwa (7 months)
"You will not round off your hair at the edges or trim the edges of your
Leviticus 19:27

Author Gaetano Aulicino (5 months)
cantato in un modo sublime. 

Author Ivo Greci (5 months)
Una devozione ossessionante.
Una pace senza paragone.
Troppo bello.

Author Frans van Berkum (5 months)
this is true devotion and brings me to tears.

Author Louise Verreault (5 months)
on ne dit pas dou ils sont bresil peut etre franciscains
possble.....tres beau et pieux

Author Henrique Sebastião (8 months)
Grandes toqueiros. O vídeo me levou às lágrimas...

Author Allan Robinson (1 year)
Yazan it is doubtful that Our Holy Father Pope Francis actually said that.
The phrase was attributed to Pope John Paul 2 but, most likely not said by
any Pope at all

Author Rich McCann (1 year)
The Portugese language is very beautiful . Many thanks for the translation.
I can with very little problem translate from Portugese, and Latin into
English. I just found that Portugal has the most people in the world
speaking a Romance language i.e derived from Latin. God bless and have a
Merry and blessed CHristmas

Author Armando Taddei (1 year)
God Has Blessed The World With The most Beautiful Church! (The Holy
Catholic Church) Just look at this video! God will always Bless this Church.

Author lippertism (1 year)

Author Eduardo Alfonso Reyes Cabezas (1 year)
¿Qué congregación u orden es?

Author Benedict Xavier (1 year)
My apologies. Thanks for the correction

Author Brother Sean Bradley (1 year)
Beautiful x

Author Osni Oliveira (1 year)
Es la Toca de Assis, de Brasil. La canción está en portugués.

Author Jackson Woginiack (1 year)
Fraternidade dos Filhos e Filhas da Pobreza do Santíssimo Sacramento,
popularmente conhecida como Toca de Assis.

Author Bruno Fialho (1 year)
its portuguese

Author lippertism (1 year)
God Bless u bro!

Author ThierryLR1973 (1 year)
"je t'adore profondément...."

Author Pido Rico (1 year)
en la ultima cena, los apóstoles y las apostolas que también había, no se

Author cosmin mihai (1 year)

Author Ronaldo Canina (1 year)
Comunidade Canção Nova..

Author lairmiter (1 year)
Adoro-te ó Cristo, Deus no santo altar No teu sacramento, vivo a palpitar
Noite sem partilha vida e coração, pois de amor inflamo na contemplação.
Tato e vista falham bem como o sabor só por ter ouvido tenha fé vigor,
creio que disseste ó Jesus meu Deus dentro da verdade vindo a nós dos céus.
Tua divindade não se viu na cruz, nem a humanidade vê se a que Jesus,

Author PhiloAmericana (1 year)
Gorgeous music.

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