adoro te devote

adoro te devote, gregorian chant Danilo Pagotto
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Im the singer, I was religious of simple vows of the institute Toca de Assis from Brazil. I work with sacred art

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Author Richard Clifford (3 months)
And I wonder why the sign language interpreter is having trouble
translating the hymn.

Author spasjt (3 months)
You were the singer! Great job Danilo!

Such peace. Such devotion. Such things does the True Presence bring to
those who believe.

Author Steve Blanco (4 months)
Is'nt amazing you can trawl through YouTube and then come across such
wonderful chanting . I am an atheist but beautiful music like this blows me
away.They do look a devout bunch ,I hope they are all as peaceful and kind
as they look? If so then there's hope for us because when I look at the
Islamic bunch all I see is hate!

Author Tomas Kempis (4 months)

Author Anasta Romana (4 months)
who know where is this? first time i see such kind of fratres minores- with
such kind of habits and tonsure

Author Carol Carroll (1 year)
This is beautiful.

Author Robert Mokwa (3 months)
"You will not round off your hair at the edges or trim the edges of your
Leviticus 19:27

Author Sebastian Lizak (24 days)
Co to za zakon franciszkański? Jaki to odłam? 

Author estius אור (5 months)
Wau best

Author pawel zwykly (5 months)
I like it!!!

Author Marc Collingwood (2 months)
The beauty of devotion

Author Eddie Wong (8 months)

Author Sara Nevalainen (3 months)
my favourite video on youtube! :) 

Author Mike Lechner (6 months)
Tonsured Franciscans...I love it! And what a beautiful rendition of Adoro
te Devote!

Author MyMuziKfav (8 months)
adoro te devote

Author lincolncity9 (6 months)
Always be proud to be Catholic, and pray for those in error who attack the
truth. Amen

Author Ambrose Amituanai (4 months)
Amazing voice. Beautiful hymn.

Author Thach Sinh (3 months)
Adoro Te devote - et portugallice cantum, nisi fallor. Clare in re,
suaviter in modulamine! ;-)

Author FACATURA TARANU (7 months)

Author David Maxwell (4 months)
Beautiful. Simple. Inspiring.

Author Lance Enad (3 months)
what kind of friars are these? what are they called? what is their
congregation/order called?

Author Neviealle Henry (7 months)
Does anyone know what community the brothers belong to?

Author usoltzev (8 months)
What's a function of this female in black shirt???

Author Frans van Berkum (2 months)
this is true devotion and brings me to tears.

Author Steven Ching (7 months)
This is heaven on earth! 

Author Nilton Antônio Correia (8 months)
Adoro Te Devote!

Author Stephen Medza (6 months)
Very beautiful hymn, sung so well by the Franciscan Friar. There are
several families in the Franciscan Order of families, I wonder if anyone
knows which particular Franciscan Order these Friars belong to ?

Author Lourdes Dodge (8 months)
adoro te devote

Author Michael Brooks (3 months)
Love to see Religious like those wonderful Friars in the United States of
America. Would they come if a Bishop from a US Diocese invited them?

Author murilo maia (7 months)
The brothers belongs to toca de assis... brasilian comunitty based on
spiritually of Saint Francis. They do a very beautifull work with homeless
and poor people of the streets. To know better, please visit:
Like Jesus said, they are the salt of land and light of world.
God bless them forever.

Author RicOshayed1 (4 months)
Danilo, gratias tibi.......magnificum !! Benedicite

Author Henrique Sebastião (5 months)
Grandes toqueiros. O vídeo me levou às lágrimas...

Author Dj ziga (2 months)

Author philippe bis (1 month)
pray for the homeless despise and reject 

Author david tracey (3 months)
the vocal cords of this man are spun gold and sweet cream

Author Mi Picasso (2 months)
Isn't it amazing no matter what the language, music like this is so truly
beautiful. And the guy has such a smoothing voice and I love the reaction
of the "monks." They are so humbling, for sure. 

Author Duro boyss (3 months)
PRECIOSO! Where is this place? PROUD TO BE CATHOLIC!

Author Allan Robinson (1 year)
Yazan it is doubtful that Our Holy Father Pope Francis actually said that.
The phrase was attributed to Pope John Paul 2 but, most likely not said by
any Pope at all

Author Armando Taddei (1 year)
God Has Blessed The World With The most Beautiful Church! (The Holy
Catholic Church) Just look at this video! God will always Bless this Church.

Author lippertism (1 year)

Author Eduardo Alfonso Reyes Cabezas (11 months)
¿Qué congregación u orden es?

Author Brother Sean Bradley (1 year)
Beautiful x

Author Osni Oliveira (1 year)
Es la Toca de Assis, de Brasil. La canción está en portugués.

Author Jackson Woginiack (10 months)
Fraternidade dos Filhos e Filhas da Pobreza do Santíssimo Sacramento,
popularmente conhecida como Toca de Assis.

Author lippertism (1 year)
God Bless u bro!

Author Pido Rico (9 months)
en la ultima cena, los apóstoles y las apostolas que también había, no se

Author cosmin mihai (10 months)

Author Ronaldo Canina (8 months)
Comunidade Canção Nova..

Author PhiloAmericana (1 year)
Gorgeous music.

Author omgbcn (1 year)
Laudetur Iesus Christus. Amen. Dame fuerzas para encontrar el camino. Orad
por mi. Ludetur Iesus Christus.

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