Poet Builds Better Than Wolves - Episode 11 - Hopper and Dung


We work on the dung farm by integrating a working water channel and hopper. Next we will have to add dispensers and get the redstone power cranking!

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Better Than Wolves (BTW) mod for Minecraft

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Author Andrew Bloomfield (1486 years ago)
14:50, so hilarious!!! :)

Author Scotie Otley ( ago)
I believe you poet because all the stuff in the world and I have to go to
church every morning. And I get board 

Author Christian Serpentini ( ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahwhahahahahahaha poo farm

Author samanthamunoz11 ( ago)
I love purple too! :D

Author samanthamunoz11 ( ago)

Author Kompayaa Miner ( ago)
Having sucha poo farm, talks about caring of animals... Did i miss somthing?

Author destroyerjob1 ( ago)
im dutch

Author amy wright ( ago)
never seen pewdie? not a bro? you belong to the barrels?

Author Zephron22 ( ago)
well im just saying the bible is some evedince so there is not no evedence
just some

Author Zephron22 ( ago)
u um u need to 1 not cuss 2 learn to spell 3 know she will see this 4 be

Author Zephron22 ( ago)
learn to spell

Author pipsiguy ( ago)
Poet almost explained the meaning of life.....genius

Author Azuresolaris ( ago)
Poet, If you could change sny one thing about Minecraft, what, and why?

Author Azuresolaris ( ago)

Author Azuresolaris ( ago)
You don't have to believe in Jesus, you can experience other religions, and
see which you like. Just a thought, you don't have to. I'll respect you if
you still stay an aetheist.

Author solan svihlik ( ago)
my mom wunts me to bleve in god its like coom on for f*ck sake i hope she
doesent see this :() :)

Author Riper Deamin ( ago)
I don't believe in god or all that either, the people at school try to
convince me to believe, but I say I can believe in what I want to .

Author lookmyhouse Sloot ( ago)
Witch music for intro

Author Jordan Salmi ( ago)
My brother's little sister: I don't believe in Jesus. I agree with
Meness62, there is no evidence, I find the story has some logic and some
not at all, I have such a hard time believing in Jesus that I stopped. I do
get picked on at school because almost everyone there believe in Jesus.
There are me and five other students that are outcasts. My friends are
nice, they stuck beside my until I decided for them to go, they were picked
on too, even if they believe in Jesus. I stand up for myself.

Author zums123 ( ago)
i agree with poet toby is way better than pewdiepie

Author Molly Eness ( ago)
i don't believe in Jesus because there isn't evedince. poet ur kinda like
my dad i i saw ur 10,000 subs vid and u kinda look like my dad he is kinda
geeky he teaches at a university so i suport u in any thing u say.

Author jim bones ( ago)

Author jim bones ( ago)
poet i have a chrome book i cant get minecraft but my cusin daneil will
bring his flash drive so i can play minecraft!

Author Gabe plays ( ago)
good job standing for what u believe about Jesus but sorry not to be a jerk
i don"t agree with u

Author jesusluvswaffles ( ago)
I still respect you, doesn't matter what you believe, just that you are a
nice person

Author kettlemypedals ( ago)
hey poet if u read this, great if not, whatever. i am a believer and one of
my reasons is because it does make me a better person and u know what i
understand what u mean it doesn't matter what u believe in all that really
matters in life is how u act towards others and out of just watching ur
videos i can say that u seem like a really nice person, even to animals. i
just wanted to say that.

Author Blade -of-Death ( ago)
You should believe in Jesus because hi s father created you

Author A_diva16 ( ago)

Author XTYXminin ( ago)
Hey Poet! I'm back! sorry been grounded...(And still am =)

Author vortexon99 ( ago)
im 2223rd subscriber!...i think

Author Hector Figueroa ( ago)
Fuck you

Author Josh Mountain ( ago)
poet your the best person on youtube i wish i had more time to watch

Author siennawitte ( ago)
When you out of that house I get scherd

Author whackasnake ( ago)
you should do vids for just questions

Author jacob tunnah ( ago)
poet wach lets play fossils and achoeolge day 1

Author jacob tunnah ( ago)
poet name yore dino in the nether devil

Author Bram Vanhoutte ( ago)
Hey i have a Q&A: is harumei you're girlfriend?

Author Walter Wombat ( ago)
Im belive in Christ and im fine with gays,diffrent religons alot of people
hate me for liking gays and atheist but i dont give a fuck

Author jimmyfaltin (518 years ago)
poet i got a Q&A how do you look? and can you ever show your face?

Author destroyerjob1 ( ago)
Watchpewdiepie or jou die

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
Yes it was...

Author badger bajor ( ago)
how does poet suck he rocks you suck

Author Valerie Weber ( ago)
I keep pressing done every body should respect your religion

Author Valerie Weber ( ago)
After every body should respect your i didn

Author Valerie Weber ( ago)
Every body should respect your no body should hate on you just because you
believe in christ like me or other people you should be respected by your

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
Usually by suggestion from viewers :P

Author Sammy yo ( ago)
poet you know i said do you beileve in jesus christ sorry are you mad at me
now ... the guy below said you SUCK

Author Sammy yo ( ago)
guys I said do you beileve in jesus christ ok

Author Cynthal ( ago)
er... i thought the slime thing was b/c of the "Pretty Scary Update" of
minecraft o.o?

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
haha yeah I enjoyed making it. For some reason the quality took a shot and
I lost the original footage, so the quality looks terrible unless you watch
in HD but... yeah I like it too :)

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
Probably went to the limits of your brain capacity to think of that zinger,

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
Is Minecraft a religion yet? I believe in that pretty strongly, though I
have my doubts.

Author theshaddii ( ago)
So you don't believe in Jesus. What is your religion?

Author theshaddii ( ago)
Have I ever told you I love your intro for this series.

Author tyranno662 ( ago)
Ok... forget that then

Author badger bajor ( ago)
poet i got a Q how do you find all thes mods for the frist time ?

Author Mell Souza ( ago)
I mean aether I hate spell check

Author Mell Souza ( ago)
I miss the anther

Author Mell Souza ( ago)
Poet q&a what's your favorite dog breed

Author vivianloilv ( ago)
Poet Q&A If you can design your own mod,What would you do?

Author TheHalonguyen ( ago)
Q&A what is your favorite animal and pleeeeese answer it

Author TheHalonguyen ( ago)
Poet why did u not answer my q and a? U never even answer my q and a please
just answer this question

Author LaxMan1010 ( ago)
The Jesus question I think you answered it properly because life is all

Author LaxMan1010 ( ago)
Try playing Feed the Beast without watching videos...(it's tuff)

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
I did use mcpatcher.

Author Walterr ( ago)
Q&A: How were you able to patch Minecraft without optifine? I try mc
patcher, but it just removes the mods.

Author Emkarow ( ago)
Can you do face cams. I saw your video and am definitely subscribing.

Author ShadOW Trixster ( ago)
The Hellboy thing ok

Author marc justin ( ago)
poet q and a if you could add a new mob in minecraft what would it be and

Author ShadOW Trixster ( ago)
Q&A What do you look like,Do you like Hellboy, and What is your XBOX 360
name? P.S YOU ARE EPIC!!! Email me at, my YouTube
is well I am the guy who did not like haru cussing on that island series
A.K.A. Ten year old here that

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
:P No, I never did...

Author StableW Gaming ( ago)
I remember one time, you came on one of Haru's stream's, and we were all
talking about PewDiePie, and you said "Who is this Pew and why does he want
Pie's to Die?" That was funny.

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
weird.. never heard of him :P

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
Well let me clarify that being taught it isn't necessarily bad.. it's when
that's the only reason you believe that it's bad. Thinking about it and
questioning it can either make your believe in it stronger or weaker...
which one is entirely up to you. Questioning something is the first step.
Finding the answers is the goal. Some people search their entire lives for
the answer. Ultimately though, the decision must be yours... not your

Author Theboneclltr ( ago)
Poet I am a Catholic and you really got me thinking. I'm always questioning
my religion about certain things and I feel like maybe you are right, maybe
I was just taught this by my family. Boy, you have gotten me thinking quite
a lot this video and last video!

Author katzrule13 ( ago)
Why do you say perfect s much? Q&A It doesn't bother me at all. Just find
it interesting in a sense lol.

Author Emiralp TheManWhoPlaysGames ( ago)
are you brother of tehpauleh please can you awners my Q and he is sound is
just same as yours?

Author RedstoneDragonVids ( ago)
Oh, Ok, i see what you're saying now. You said it like BTW was to be
blamed. (Plus I've got a Cold/Flu/Black Death, so im not entirely lucid

Author tyranno662 ( ago)
You... said it was from BTW

Author Arvidius ツ ( ago)
You russian w

Author ali alsammak ( ago)
PoetQA would you do any facecam vid or vlog?

Author LevelChannel Roel ( ago)
#PoetQA What is your real name?? (you don't have to asnwer this question)

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
I realize that. I'm asking BTW to FIX it....

Author Poet Plays ( ago)
Yeah I know... They're new as of 1.4.2. What's your point?

Author 10Zaltech ( ago)
my fav color is see through :D because it is all colors

Author tyranno662 ( ago)
Don't worry Poet we like you philosophical (at least I do)

Author RedstoneDragonVids ( ago)
Eh, Poet, that slime issue is a vanilla MC problem, not BTW.

Author Captaincockypants ( ago)
By the way love your vids

Author Captaincockypants ( ago)

Author Captaincockypants ( ago)
Hi yes 4th comment!

Author 10Zaltech ( ago)
:d first to say first and first on someones rape list :D come get me baby
come at me brah

Author tyranno662 ( ago)
Plus cut corner with a saw>two gears

Author tyranno662 ( ago)
Wooden button is a part of vanilla MC Poet. -_- (You can activate it with

Author 20100vincent3 ( ago)
The best way to start a day? Waching Poet's vids when waking up! ^^

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